Technical Specifications of the Stiga Sb 1000 J Trimmer And Its Less Popular Models

The Stiga SB 1000 J trimmer is manufactured by a Swedish company, today its products are popular in many countries around the world. Products are of high build quality and long life.

Technical Specifications of the Stiga Sb 1000 J Trimmer And Its Less Popular Models

Stiga SB 1000 J

Stig Lawnmowers are safe for people and the environment. The mower can mow lawn, shrubs, grass on sports fields.

Advantages of Stiga electric trimmers:

  • Reliable motor;
  • The body and cutting device are made of durable materials;
  • Effective way to mow grass.

Lawn mowing is a lightweight tool. Work is done using the trimmer head of the Tap Go series or a nozzle in the form of a steel knife with teeth. The device has a split rod, so it is easy to transport and store.

The handle is made in the form of a loop, which facilitates the work. A coil with a cord with a diameter of 2 mm is intended for mowing soft grass. For the bush, a steel knife with 3 teeth is used. The unit is equipped with a 1 kW engine. The operation of the device is silent. The engine is located on top of a straight boom. The metal rod has a detachable design. For comfortable operation, the device is equipped with a soft shoulder strap.

  1. Type of bar. Straight split.
  2. The diameter of the rod is 25 mm.
  3. Power. 1 kW.
  4. Power supply. 230 V.
  5. Mower weight. 5 kg.
  6. The handle is loop-shaped.
  7. The diameter of the fishing line is 2 mm.
  8. Cutting width. 38 cm.

Less popular models

A less popular model is the non-self-propelled gasoline mower Stiga Collector 46 B. It is equipped with a four-stroke Briggs Stratton 450 single-cylinder engine. The unit is maneuverable, lightweight and small in size.

The device can work on an open lawn or inaccessible areas. The device operates on AI-92 gasoline and engine oil. The unit has:

  • Steel casing with corrosion protection;
  • Plastic grass catcher;
  • 5-step mowing height adjuster;
  • Steel knife with two blades.
  1. Coverage. 0.44 m.
  2. Power. 4 HP
  3. Weight. 21 kg.

Another model. Stig Combi 44 E. Is a trimmer of low weight and good balance. Suitable for summer cottages and small personal plots. It has many functions.

  • Strong case;
  • Setting the cutting height through the control unit;
  • The presence of the mulching function;
  • Ergonomic control lever with locks.
  1. Cutting width. 450 mm.
  2. Dimensions. 74x49x49 cm.
  3. There is a grass catcher.
  4. Weight. 17 kg.

Self-propelled gasoline mower Stig Collector 48 SB is a household power level device that can work even in wet weather. Maneuverability and wide grip allow you to process a large area in a short time.

  • Engine with air cooling system;
  • Stainless case;
  • 5 positions of haircut height;
  • Rear wheel drive;
  • The possibility of mulching and accumulating grass in the grass catcher.
  1. Engine power. 2.9 kW.
  2. The width of the cut is 46 cm.
  3. Cut height. 2.7-8 cm.
  4. The tank for mulch is 0.06 m³.
  5. Weight. 28 kg.

The Stiga Turbo 53 SE4Q B is a self-propelled lawnmower equipped with a 5 hp engine. It can work on an area of ​​up to 2 ha.

The cutting system is increased in size, this allows you to process a half-meter strip in one pass. The machine may be used as a professional lawn mower on a soccer field or golf course.

  • The presence of the mulching function;
  • Electric starter;
  • Grass cutter height adjustment in 6 levels;
  • Folding handle with control panel.
  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 1 liter.
  2. Carter for lubrication. 600 ml.
  3. Cut height. 2.5-9 cm.
  4. Weight. 39 kg.

Reviews and prices

Vasily Nikolaevich, senior citizen, Kopeisk

I bought a Stig lawn mower for processing a summer cottage. The device has a light weight, maneuverability, perfectly handles the lawn.

Leonid, 39 years old, summer resident, Mytishchi

For processing the plot, we purchased a Stiga SB 1000 J. Mower. This unit works perfectly, copes not only with soft grass, but also with shrubs, and can work near the fence and in other hard-to-reach spots.