The benzogenerator does not work out the reasons for the voltage. Why a gasoline generator…

The main causes of a malfunction of benzoge generators

The principle of operation of the gas generator is the transformation of the internal energy of combustion of fuel into electrical. Actually, these devices can be considered mini.electrical stations. The components are an internal combustion engine and the electric generator itself. During the rotation of the shaft of a 2 or 4-stroke gasoline engine, the required amount of voltage occurs, which passes through the filters.

A variety of gasoline devices are inverter gas generators, the distinguishing signs of which are the presence of an inverter and a block of latitudinal-pulse modulation.

But, like any equipment, power plants also break. The following are the most common generator malfunctions and recommendations for their elimination.

Problems with an internal combustion engine.

Problems in the operation of an electric generator usually arise due to lack of voltage arising due to a number of reasons. This may be the lack of contact, a malfunction of the brushes, burnout of the capacitors, shim blocks, etc.P. If there are voltage surges with constant indicators of the engine speed, then, most likely, the matter is a malfunction of the excitation regulators. It is necessary to disassemble the device in order to find out the exact reason for the refusal of his work.

Difficulty starting the engine usually indicates its malfunctions. Timely detecting the cause is to prevent its further development and suppress the negative impact on the work of the unit.

Often, the cause of the malfunction is several interconnected factors at once. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate them comprehensively.

Most often, the circumstances that prevent the normal launch of the engine are:

Poorly working ignition system. The following options are possible here:

  • Problems with the light of the ignition: too large or too small the distance between the electrodes (it is necessary to arrange the electrodes at the optimal distance), a violation of the insulation (the replacement of the candle with a new one will help), the formation of a strong carbon car (carefully cleaning the candle is necessary);
  • Problems with the ignition coil: violation of insulation or rupture of the winding (replacement), improper connection of the elements of the circuit or interruption in its work (if it is impossible to eliminate the malfunction of the microcircuit, it is necessary to replace it).
  • Lack of fuel in the tank (it is necessary to season the tank);
  • Clogging or pushing the fuel hose (a thorough cleaning or complete replacement of the hose is necessary);
  • Air that fell into the fuel hose (check the strength of the joints, if necessary. tighten);
  • Low quality gasoline or diluted with water (pour better fuel);
  • Problems with a carburetor: breakdown, fuel or garbage entering it. The problem will solve the analysis and cleaning of the carburetor. Also, the reason may be in an incorrectly established throttle, which is solved by a thorough adjustment of this part.
  • Poorly tightened bolts of fastening of the cylinder head (tighten densely)
  • The piston, piston rings or cylinder worn out (you need repair or complete replacement)
  • Poor contact between working chamfers and sodams (repair is required)
  • Jerking valve (you need repairs)
  • The gap between the valves, the value of which differs the size of the clearance provided for this model (a thorough adjustment of the size of the clearance is necessary);
  • The gasket of the intake manifold does not prevent air passage (twist the bolts; if the air continues to pass, it is necessary to replace the gasket)
  • Poorly tightened spark plug (tighten the candle stronger)
benzogenerator, does, work, reasons, voltage

Low voltage, and power circuits are serviceable.

If the output power circuits are serviceable, and the gasoline generator still gives out a low voltage, you should go to the next step. the diagnosis of the voltage regulator of the AVR generator. You should start diagnostics again with a visual inspection of the voltage regulator unit. If traces of a fragrance are clearly visible on the AVR unit or the bloating of the capacitor is clearly noticeable. with a high degree of probability, the reason for the absence or underestimated voltage of the generator is hidden here.

What needs to be done: replace the voltage regulator unit with a new or working. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase or take at least for a while, a deliberately working voltage regulator, you can read how to repair AVR with the help of improvised means.

If the generator AB is working and the voltage is still low.

If even after replacing the voltage regulator, the gas generator still gives out a low voltage, then you most likely have the most unpleasant option for a breakdown-an interval closing of the generator windings. You can finally verify this by calling the windings by a multimeter or tester.

What needs to be done: it is necessary to rewind the generator stator. If the resource of your engine has not yet been exhausted, it is possible economically advisable to buy a new generator. In Chinese online stores, you can very inexpensively purchase an alternator of the necessary capacity for mere pennies.

I would like to dwell separately on the issue of acquiring good spare parts for your generator. Since the most problematic and expensive part of the gas generator is still the internal combustion engine, there are a lot of offers inexpensively or even very cheaply to sell gas generators that have problems with the engine or fuel system. Do not pass by such ads if someone sells a faulty benzogenerator of the same model as yours. If your gas generator does not give out the nominal 220V or 380V at the most inopportune moment, then such a donor is a gas generator with which you can rearrange the desired part in a few minutes can help you great, reducing the time and cost of repair to a minimum!

We hope that our article helped you, and now you can independently figure out what to do with the gas generator if the generator gives out lowered stress at idle or nominal speed of engine operation.

We remind you that using the necessary spare parts for a gasoline generator and a set of gas work, you can independently redo the gas generator into a gas generator with the possibility of working on gasoline.

A gas generator, it is a gasoline power plant one of the most complex tools of small mechanization. Consists of two components, it is an engine and generator part (alternator). The engine rotates an anchor that pairs with the rotor gives out voltage. But over time, malfunctions of a particular nature occur with both components.

The gas generator does not issue voltage

If you are faced with the problem of issuing voltage by a gas generator, then this article will be useful to you. Below are frequent breakdowns and methods for solving them.

benzogenerator, does, work, reasons, voltage

One of the reasons why the generator does not issue voltage can be a disconnected protective machine or a corny burned wire in an outlet. These problems can be attributed to the most harmless.

In order to test the voltage, you will need a tester for voltage measurements and frequency.

Make sure that the protective machine located on the generator panel is turned on, in some models it is closed with waterproof protection.

2.Unscrew the instrument panel from the generator (4 screws at the edges), remove the protection and look visually at the power wires that go to the sockets. Visually evaluate their condition. If you see that they are black or unscrewed from the outlet and t. D., Return them to the factory state

3.You can use another diagnostic technique by removing the rear cover on the generator. Among all the wires you will see a terminal block with which the wires come out and enter the control panel (they are visually thicker than the rest), there you need to check the voltage by the tester (single.phase or three.phase, depending on the generator model). If there is a voltage on the cloud of the generator, then the problem is not in the generator, but in the control panel.

There are several types of generators in benzo and diesel generators. Consider the anchor excitation system using the AVR module (black box with a crescent or rectangular).

How to determine the malfunction of the voltage controller of the gas generator?

Before checking, conduct a visual inspection if the stator or anchor is blackened, the varnish.D. So he burned. In this case, rewinding is necessary.

four.In order not to burn out a new ABR, it is necessary to simulate its work on the generator, for this it is necessary to start a generator

and apply a constant voltage for anchor (brush) 20-30v, depending on the generator, you need to monitor that the voltage in the outlets was 220-230v.

When the voltage appears, let the generator work for 5 minutes., If you didn’t go smoke, then AVR fail. Before imitation, completely disconnect the avr.

The principle of operation of the ABR is to measure alternating voltage at the status and the issuance of constant voltage for anchor.

5.After replacing the ABR, you did not have a tension, which means that the problem is to close.winding with power winding on the stature. In this case, the stator rewind is necessary.

Бензогенераторе отсутствует ноль

If you have questions, call: 063 202-90-70 097 023-42-42 buy AVR

The most popular issues related to voltage issues. Does not give out voltage or poor voltage, high voltage, low voltage:

one.The gas generator does not issue voltage, the reasons

The gasoline generator does not issue voltage

There is no voltage at the exit

The gas generator does not give out the desired voltage

a gas generator does not give out a voltage of the cause of the video

The diesel generator does not issue voltage

The gas generator works, but does not give out voltage

Why does not the gas generator give out voltage

does not issue voltage gas generator UD 25

DIY repair benzogenerator no voltage

Repair of the voltage regulator of the generator curtain

The gasoline generator does not give voltage

The gas generator stopped issuing stress

gasoline generator repair of voltage regulator

Answer: Read the text above if you don’t find an answer write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев your generator model and breakdown

The gas generator gives out low voltage

Why does the gas generator give out low voltage

The gas generator gives out small voltage

Answer: Look at the engine speed, as well as at the voltage frequency, the frequency should be within the limits of 50-53Hz, if the frequency is not significantly overstated, it can be adjusted by the control screw for the avr.

3.The gas generator gives high voltage

a gas generator gives an overstated voltage

Why the gas generator gives high voltage

a gas generator gives an increased voltage

The gasoline generator produces increased voltage

The gas generator produces high voltage 306 in

Answer: overstated engine speeds, look at the voltage frequency, it should be 50-53 HC, AVR fails, the dopes with a power is closed, if you highly can adjust the adjustment screw on the ABR

four.Voltage adjustment of the gas generator

Voltage adjustment of the gas generator

Answer: There are two ways, the first is to raise or lower the engine speed (the correct engine speed at idle is 51-53 Hz) if

The voltage still does not suit you, there is an adjusting screw for avr.

5.gasoline generator frequency adjustment

Answer: The frequency is regulated by the adjusting bolt, which is located above the engine closer to the carburetor.

Preventive measures

From time to time you should clean the device. We are talking about cleaning the tank for pouring fuel, as well as elements of the cooling system from soot and dust. This will keep the device clean, and blockages will not cause its overheating and subsequent failure.

In addition, it will not be superfluous from time to time to disassemble it and check the performance of various mechanisms.

It will be especially carefully necessary to check the ABR and the performance of the control unit. If possible, the internal elements will not be superfluous to clean from dirt and dust. Given the design features of this device, there are no large-scale preventive measures for it.

To this, you can still add control over the level of fuel and oil, checking the strength of fixing various elements using bolts, as well as periodic cleaning of the air filter from dirt and dust.

Users that have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge can use the instructions for the repair of a gasoline generator. Usually in such materials you can find information on how to correct the most common problems of certain devices. That is, a person himself will be able to repair the gasoline generator, which will save him money.

And the main advice of specialists will, of course, be that any breakdowns should prevent the occurrence of.

This is realistic if you serve such a technique in time, controlling the level of oil and fuel in it, as well as check the strength of the bolted type and clean the air filter from dirt. As a result, repairs may not be required at all during the use of a benzo generator.

In general, it should be said that the repair of a gasoline generator with your own hands requires certain knowledge, due to which not every user will be able to conduct it. In this case, it will be better to contact a specialist. But if you own the theoretical base, then you can repair the main malfunctions of the gasoline generator without much difficulty.

In the following video, you will find out that, first of all, you need to do if a gasoline generator does not work.

Symptoms and solutions

The facts speak for themselves: most of the problems of gasoline generators arise either due to the negligence of users who did not have the maintenance of the devices, or because of technical breakdowns caused by a number of reasons, including obsolete any details or a factory defect.

The gasoline generator does not start, what to do?

Yesterday, your faithful friend and assistant generator started with half a turn, and today it is suddenly not clear why it doesn’t want to start up? Familiar situation? What to do in this case?

Let’s look at the typical malfunctions of gasoline generators.

Three whales on which the operation of the gasoline carburetor engine of internal combustion is kept, this is gas, air and spark. As you have already guessed, we need to check all three components of the proper operation of the engine.You can do this in any sequence, but we recommend starting by checking the presence of a spark.

The sparkling of this check is unscrewed by the spark plug. Inspect it, clean it from the carbon, check the gap. The gap should be about 0.8 mm (cm. Instructions for your generator). Now we connect a high.voltage wire to it. We apply the threaded part of the candle to the engine body and try to start the generator. When trying to get a spark between the central electrode and the skirt of the candle.

If there are no sparks, then there are several options: the low level of oil in the engine. in order to protect the engine, the oil level control system (OSU) blocks the engine ignition. We look at the oil level, if the level is low, then it is necessary to add oil. Safe oil. check the spark. There is a spark. excellent! Twist the candle and start the engine.There is no spark. perhaps flood the oil sensor or the ignition system is faulty. You need to contact the service center.

If there is a spark, but the engine does not start. we look at the air filter.

Remove the air filter and short! Trying to start an air filter engine.If the engine starts, then it is necessary to clean or replace the air filter.

To clean the air filter, refer to the corresponding chapter instruction to your generator.

, as an option, the mechanism of closing the air damper can be faulty. And it seems like the craving of the damper walks as it should, but by removing the air filter it can be seen that the damper is standing still and does not close (or is not closed but not enough). It is necessary to find and eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

If the engine does not start, we look at the fuel system.

Possible fuel system malfunctions: fuel does not enter the float chamber (the fuel filter is clogged, the needle is flooded, the tap is not open) or the fuel has lost its properties for a long time (the volatile fractions have evaporated and the octane number has decreased).

To check, you need to find a drain screw on the float chamber of the carburetor (usually the screw is at the very bottom, see. instructions from the generator) and using a small container, drain a little fuel from the float chamber (approximately a little more than the volume of the float chamber). Make sure that the fuel enters the chamber. If the fuel does not enter the float chamber, look for the cause. If you act, try to start the generator again.

You may be interested in: electrical circuit schemes of gasoline generators

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Malfunction of the electric part of the gas generator

The engine starts normally, but there is no current. The reasons are banal, AVR burned out (the generator is not excited), faulty diodes, problems with electrical wiring, problems in the stature or rotor, and individual modules (on some generators) are out of order). On inverter generators, the main malfunction is an inverter fee.

The gas generator gives the current, but too strong or weak

DOES NOT pulling or burning. There are two reasons: the engine does not work at 3,000 rpm (3000 about.

220 volts), electronic components are faulty (ABR, inverter board, capacitors, diodes)

When connecting devices, the engine stalls or does not pull

What can a kettle do?

Thus, in this article we analyzed what the user of the generator can do without special repair knowledge if he does not start a generator. Naturally, these actions can be applied to any technique that has a gasoline engine.

The gasoline generator does not start or start and immediately stalls

The reasons for the smoke of the tanning engine are: wear of the piston group, oil entering the combustion chamber, excessive amount of oil. A knock in the engine is caused by wear of the crankshaft, connecting rod, bearings.

Gasoline flows from a crankcase for oil in a gas generator

The reason for this problem is the carburetor malfunction that arose due to severe wear or the presence of dirt in it.

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There is a spark, but the gas generator will start

If the spark is present, but the power station does not start or start and stalls, or functions with a closed damper, this means that the carburetor is clogged.

The engine starts, but the generator does not give out the current

The reasons for this may be: a malfunction of diodes, electrical wiring, failure of individual modules. In inverter models, the inverter board most often fails. If the current is generated, but it is too weak, then the reasons for this can be: insufficient engine speed or failure of electronic components.

Why the gas generator works with jerks?

The most common causes of this malfunction are: a malfunction of a high.voltage wire, a contaminated carburetor, problems with the spark plug. You can determine the nature of the malfunction by soot on the electrodes of the spark plug. Dry Black Nar indicates that the carburetor is faulty and/or contaminated air filter. A dense black fog appears with a significant wear of piston rings. The emergence of a white carbon fiber is a consequence of work on a poor combustible mixture, red and red-green-the use of poor-quality fuel.

Reasons why oil enters the air filter

The ingress of oil into the air filter indicates serious problems in the engine. The reasons for this phenomenon can be: damage to the key units of the engine, clogging of the oil refiner, significant wear or mechanical damage to the rings, severe clogging of the air filter itself.

With most problems arising during the operation of a gasoline generator, only a specialist who has the required knowledge, experience, and skills can cope with.

Problems with the ignition system

The spark plug fails for several reasons: increasing the distance between the electrodes due to natural wear, mechanical damage to the candle. In such cases, the candle will have to be replaced. Electrode lawships are a consequence of work with poor.quality or old fuel, as well as non.optimal loads on the engine. The coined candle must be twisted and thoroughly clean the electrodes. Another reason for the non.discharge of the engine can be a poorly worn a cap of a candle.

Most often, the gasoline generator of the budget and medium price segment is equipped with a brush synchronous alternator, which perfectly copes with the loaded loads and relatively cheap. However, it has some shortcomings:

Untilimately replaced brushes can disable the entire alternator, which will entail additional costs. Also, the alternator can lead to the operation of the device in contaminated conditions.

The cause of the malfunction of the gasoline generator may be wires exposed to mechanical and temperature influences during operation. contact loss, close, strain, rupture. Diagnostics and repair of electrical wiring should be carried out by qualified specialists.

The gas generator works with interruptions

The situation signals the situation when the gas generator is swimming under the load, there are interruptions in the launch of a cold and hot engine. If you do not take measures, the situation will aggravate the premature wear of internal nodes and the failure of the device.

The frequency of the frequency of a gasoline generator can solve the problem, but it must be carried out competently. The work will require a frequency tester and a long screwdriver with a cross tip. Compliance with the given algorithm of actions will allow you to perform maintenance of the power plant quickly and safely:

  • First of all, you need to disassemble the carburetor in order to gain access to the fuel jetting. Then, using the compressor, neatly blow the nozzles, channels and the emulsion tube.
  • The next task is to find a screw of quantity and set the throttle so that the minimum value of the gap is 1.5 mm. Upon completion of the manipulation, the output parameters are checked. The value should not go beyond the range of 210-235 in. Optimally reach the balance between the number of revolutions issued and the voltage.
  • Next, you need to work with the quality of the mixture quality to eliminate interruptions during the idle. It is found in a special opening, twisted to the stop, and then slammed to two or three turns. In the process of adjustment, the functioning of the device when the engine is cold or idle without problems.

Repair of a gas generator

Got a single.phase synchronous gas generator for 2 kW for a small amount.Such:

The problem was that the previous owner burned the stator with the rotor of the overload. Then he gave it to repairs, where he was rewinded the whole thing. Old AVR (voltage regulator) burned down. Put a new one. at the exit 15 volts. The generator was thrown into a corner and forgot for a while, after they came to the conclusion that it was unprofitable to restore it, and they were safely sold.

Steps for bringing the generator to the vigorous appearance.T. To. I was engaged in such a work on the revitalization of the generator for the first time. I read topics on the Internet. The theme on the master of the Master “How the ABR of the Basigner” works “.

Accordingly, with what he started: 1) replaced the oil2) started and looked that with the tension. On a voltmeter 15 volts. Connected by a tester and became convinced that the problem is not a voltmeter.3) removed the ABR from the generator. He was this type:

A power supply of a voltage regulator is 2-3 kW: a) Two wires with terminals of blue and yellow (sometimes red)-connect to the rotor brushes. The plus wire is marked with plastic horseradish with the sign “”. If you look closely at the picture is on a blue wire.Connect observing polarity! Described as OV.b) chip 4 contacts. two yellow wires. this is a measuring winding (about 18 volts), the remaining two wires are blue and brown. the winding of excitation (voltage of the order of 130 volts). I indicated the voltage very conditionally. On some models of generators, these data differ.

4) Actually clarifying the cause of the malfunction. We connect the battery from the car to the generator rotor (observing polarity), with the generator. We measure the voltage measured by the tester from the outbuildings of the generator. We look at the readings of the voltmeter.

In my case, from the battery (12 volt we apply to the rotor), the voltmeter readings were in the region of 160 volts on the power winding. On an exciting winding of about 90 volts, on a measuring about 12 volts.

5) Actually about the windings of the generator. As a rule, a single.phase synchronous generator has the stator windings:. 12 volts (for recharging batteries, may be absent);. a measuring winding of 18 volts (goes to the ABR chip);. an excitement winding 130 volts (goes to the ABR chip);. 230 volts power winding 230 volts (Working winding for nutrition of the necessary equipment/tools).

benzogenerator, does, work, reasons, voltage

Rotor winding-voltage with the ABR comes to it (which changes within certain limits to maintain stable 220-230 V.

Accordingly, the whole problem of the crossed generator is the ABR. Ordered with Ali. came faulty. Spat and bought ABR in the place of stay.I put it like this:

The colors of the wires were different. Instead of yellow (measuring winding 18 volts), the Chinese installed white. Instead of blue and brown (on an exciting winding of 130 volts). blue.

After starting on a voltmeter, the readings are 160 volts. On the ABR unit there is an adaptive resistor. we set the necessary voltage to them. In my case, the adjustment range was enough to install 200 volts.

Accordingly I will put my ABR homemade.

Check showed that my entire tool works fine. The generator did not load hard, launched a 750 watt peorator, an angular grinder 600 watts. And the refrigerator. The refrigerator started without any problems. The generator practically did not feel it. Emergency is enough to write a house.

Which was very pleased. the generator stood for one year without factory and wound up from one starter jerk.

P.With. The generator is already used often, the Nevalux 8224 gas boiler works with it