The Better To Cut The Laminate Without Chips


In order to smoothly saw off chipboard with a jigsaw without chips, you need to choose a device with a minimum size of teeth. It is used for small areas of tiles, with smooth movements without pressure at a low speed. If you are using the jigsaw for the first time, some cracks may appear on the back of the hob. With continued use, the quality of the cut will improve.

Using a router

Milling cutter. a power tool for manual woodworking. Suitable for grooving, curving, edging and drilling. Before using it, a sheet of wood is sawn with a jigsaw, stepping back 3 mm from the marking. It is necessary to cut with a milling cutter together with a bearing, which forms the depth of cut to the required level. This is a laborious process that only experienced specialists can do. There is a high probability of crookedly cutting the board.

The Better To Cut The Laminate Without Chips

Methods for cutting chipboard without chips

You need to saw the laminated board with a special machine (format-saw). But his) when it comes to home use. An alternative can be budget options (hacksaw, jigsaw, etc.), which will take more time to cut, but require less cash investment.

Sawing with a panel saw

The workpiece is placed on the table and fixed in a stationary state. The necessary markings are made on the sheet and include the saw unit. When the disc reaches a sufficient speed, the table moves forward along with the wooden plates and hits the disc.

  • Tile position;
  • Depth of cut;
  • Sawing angle.

Chipboard cutting machines are divided into 3 types:

  • Lightweight. for 5 hours of continuous use;
  • Medium. up to 10 hours;
  • Severe. up to 20 hours.

What the cutting machine consists of:

  • The bed is the mount on which the entire mechanism rests. A heavy bed will add stability to the instrument and eliminate vibration. This is important for a quality cut.
  • Saw unit. consists of 2 flat metal discs. The first one pre-saws the slab, and the second one finally cuts through it.
  • Work tables. Three take part in the process at once. The first is for the location of the unit, the second is for feeding the sawn-off plates (movable), the third is for supporting the sawn-off parts.
  • Carriage. allows you to move the movable table. In this case, the workpiece is fixed with a stop and rulers in the required position.

Sawing rules

Before sawing, choose a method, as well as accessories and tools.

  • Scotch;
  • Masking tape;
  • Pencil, ruler;
  • Sandpaper.
  • Hacksaw;
  • Fraser;
  • A circular saw;
  • Tire;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Sawing machine.

How to cut chipboard without chips step by step:

  • Place dots on the end part of the chipboard. It is necessary to determine in advance what type of cutting will be made. straight or curly. Their cutting technique is different.
  • Connect the dots in the fishing line and stick the adhesive tape on top. It is desirable to saw laminated chipboard using adhesive tape. It will reduce cracks when cutting, as the wood board is subjected to strong pressure with increasing temperature.
  • Saw the board. The accessory is positioned at the desired angle to achieve extremely smooth edges. The process should take place smoothly, rhythmically and without strong pressure.
  • Finish irregularities and edges, if necessary, with a file and a rasp. The edges can be veneered with matching color. This will protect them and look prettier.

Only after placing all the necessary tools on the table, you can start cutting.

Circular saw

The tool is a table with a toothed disk for chipboard. Among the craftsmen, it is called a circular saw. Cuts through wood better than a jigsaw. A good chipping-free result is possible by sketching the guide lines and securing the circular saw to the board. Chips should not appear at the point where the saw cuts into the plate. But the opposite side can be cut with fragments.

Using a hacksaw

Sawing with a hacksaw at home is quite difficult. First, you need to cut the measuring line with a knife and glue tape on it. This will protect the top layer from damage. Aim the tool at an angle of 30 degrees. Gently, without strong pressure, move the hacksaw back and forth. To cut chipboard without chips with a hacksaw at home, choose devices with the smallest teeth. In case of damage, the place of cutting must be passed with a file, guiding it from the edge to the center. Finally, rub with sandpaper (fine-grained) and hide the defects under a flexible profile.

How to cut chipboard without chips at home

Chipboard. chipboard. It is used in the manufacture of furniture and decoration. Affordable price is the main feature. In modern wood production, laminated boards are used. They are made from coniferous and deciduous-wood materials. They are distinguished by their strength and ease of processing. Incorrect cutting process can lead to breakage and cracks. To avoid this, you should know what to do to cut chipboard without chips at home.

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Undercut sawing

The process requires a tire. a persistent ruler. It is fixed on the board with clamps. Trimming is carried out according to the markings. The tire is installed along the mowing line, and the cut is made 10 mm deep. The second cut is made through. With this method, there will be no chips on both sides, since the laminate has already been cut on the underside.

Some elements used in design ideas are not cut straight, but curved. In this case, a mixed type of chipboard cutting is used.

Sawing a laminate with a jigsaw

The best tool for cutting laminate flooring is a jigsaw. This is a fairly comfortable and easy-to-use tool.

The main advantages of a jigsaw over other tools are:

  • Compactness, light weight;
  • The ability to make a cut of any configuration (wavy, rounded with a different radius);
  • Simplicity, ease of use;
  • High cut quality without chips or cracks.

Cutting a laminate board with a jigsaw is carried out at high speeds, so the cuts are of high quality. both curly, and across the board, and along the entire canvas. The main nuance is the choice of a jigsaw file.

For cutting the laminate, special saws are intended with a special shape of teeth, frequency and method of divorce. The standard reverse cut laminate saw is marked T101 BR.

: How to cut laminate flooring smoothly and without chips

the cut line is drawn from the back of the laminate (usually the manufacturer indicates which side it is best to cut from). Then the board is laid on a table or a special stand so that the cut off part is outside the plane of the desktop.

The laminate board is firmly pressed against the surface by hand and the excess part is quickly cut off. The most important thing is to fix the board well so as not to damage it and avoid accidental injury. In the process of work, do not rush, press hard on the jigsaw.

Laminate circular saw

If you don’t have a jigsaw, you can use a circular saw to cut the laminate. This is a more complex tool and requires certain skills to use it. Using a circular saw, you can get the best quality cuts of the laminate board along and across the blade.

The cutting element is a disc of 16-20 cm in size. With a blade thickness of no more than 20 mm. Number of teeth. 48 pcs. When working with this tool, you must follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • Pull back the protective cover, install and fix the cutting disc on the laminate;
  • Using a protractor, align the saw blade perpendicular to the lamellae;
  • Make the markings on the front side of the panel and fix it so that nothing interferes with the movement of the saw;
  • Smoothly cut off the excess part.

During cutting, the tool should be held strictly perpendicular to the laminate panels so that the cut is smooth, cut smoothly, without stopping and jerking, since they are the reason for the chips.

This sawing method has a rather significant drawback. a dusty cloud and the smell of burnt material. Therefore, you need to work on the balcony or outdoors.

How to cut laminate: choose a tool

Laminate is a relatively new material for flooring, but it has gained well-deserved popularity due to its practicality and aesthetic appearance. In addition, it is easy to assemble it yourself by performing all the necessary measurements.

During assembly, laminate boards must be staggered to give strength to the entire structure. Therefore, each row requires correction in length, both at the beginning and at the end.

Shortening boards or cutting out pieces of a certain shape is not so difficult, the main thing is to make the right choice. how to cut the laminate at home. Consider what kind of tools you can use to cut a laminate board.

Hacksaw: nuances of work, safety

If the work area is small. one or two rooms. and there are no electric cutting tools, a handsaw is fine. The hand saw blade must have very fine and frequent teeth.

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A hacksaw for metal is best suited, since laminate is a hard, very strong, pressed material, and it is difficult to saw it with a conventional tool with large and rare teeth.

The laminate board is sawn from the front side, and in order to avoid chipping and chipping, masking tape must be glued along the mowing line of the cut. A precise line is drawn on top of the tape under a ruler or square, along which the material will be cut.

The electric chewing will greatly facilitate and speed up the process, and the cut quality will be better. Using an electric or a hacksaw for metal, you can make corner cuts in the laminate, but for rounded cuts (for example, under a pipe or an arch column), such tools will not work.

For cutting, the board must be laid on the worktable so that the cutting line is at least 20 mm from the edge of the table.

Laminate cutter

Another tool for cutting laminate is the guillotine cutter. In other words, it is a sharp knife, which, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the board and smoothly cuts it. To work with the cutter, skills and use of force are not required, the cut is very high quality, even, without chips, and the process itself proceeds without noise and dust.

With the cutter, you can easily achieve the perfect professional-grade result. But it is advisable to use this tool specifically for professionals, since it has a narrow specialization, it is intended only for cutting laminate. Therefore, for the repair of two or three rooms, it makes no sense to purchase this tool.

Another disadvantage is that it is impossible to cut the laminate panel along the canvas, but only across.

Many people, starting to repair their apartment with their own hands, simply do not know how to cut the laminate. As it turned out, the most convenient and easy-to-use tool is the electric jigsaw.

If you follow certain rules, you can quickly learn and achieve a good result. Each of the tools discussed above has some advantages over the others. the choice must be made in accordance with professional skills.

Types of working attachments

When sawing logs with a chainsaw, various attachments are used.

    Rip saw attachment. It is used for sawing a log lengthwise, the process takes place in a horizontal position. After work, the master receives the same thickness for the product. The finished materials undergo a drying process, after which the boards are used in construction.

What you need to know about a jigsaw and a file for quality cutting of laminate

In this article, you will learn about the different tools and how to fit using them.

The better to cut laminate?

A laminate knife is only suitable if you want to make a small cutout for a ledge in the wall. If it is still possible to cut the lamella across, then it is almost impossible to do it along, because you will spend a lot of time and effort, and the cut will turn out to be of poor quality and curve.

If you decide to use a knife, then check its sharpness, because with a blunt sheath you will do much more mistakes in work than with a sharp one.

Tool requirements

For laying the flooring, the material must be taken 10-15% more than the area of ​​the room. The panels will not only need to be connected, but also cut. To adjust the dimensions, use a hand or power tool. When used at home, it should:

  • Have a compact size;
  • Be light in weight;
  • Be easy to use;
  • Produce an even cut without chips.

The last characteristic when choosing a method for many repair lovers is key. But its importance is somewhat exaggerated. The presence of chips up to 5 millimeters will hide the skirting board.

Both professionals and DIYers use to cut laminate flooring:

  • Hacksaw;
  • Cutter;
  • Circular saw;
  • Jigsaw.

A circular saw

Despite the fact that the laminate is easy to saw by hand, using a power tool makes the task much easier. Sometimes a hand-held circular saw is used for this purpose. Like a hacksaw, fine-toothed blades are used here. Before cutting the laminate, markings are applied to its reverse side, since the movement of the disc occurs from the bottom up. The board is securely fastened to a workbench or table, leaving the trimmed part on the weight. Then, along the mowing line of the marking, an unnecessary piece is smoothly cut off.

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When using an angle grinder, the laminate is placed face up as the teeth move from top to bottom. This will eliminate the appearance of cracks and chips. Which side to cut the laminate on determines the direction of movement of the teeth. Among the disadvantages of cutting with a circular saw:

Dust and noise generation;
the smell of burnt wood;
availability of skill.

When using any tool to cut laminate flooring, it is important to correctly calculate the applied forces. Excessive pressure is fraught with the formation of cracks or chips on the surface of the panel. Competent calculation of the required amount of material will allow you to cut the laminate with minimal waste.

How to properly saw laminate flooring, see:

About choosing a tool
Hacksaw for metal
A circular saw
What a professional uses

Laminate is a floor covering that is increasingly found in every home. Its installation always requires adjustment in length and width, because the lamellas should be laid, observing the rule of brickwork. Accordingly, this raises the question: “How to cut the laminate at home?”.

How and how to cut laminate. the choice of tools and the nuances of sawing laminate flooring. Professional cutter

The tool works without noise and dust. The device allows you to cut the laminate quickly and efficiently. The principle of operation of the cutter is similar to that of the guillotine. The knife blade is lowered onto the panel by means of a handle, cutting off the excess in one motion. The cut is perfectly flat.

Using the cutter is effortless and effortless, allowing for large areas of flooring. The cutter is especially in demand among professional repair crews and perfectionist craftsmen. The disadvantages of the device are the high cost and limitation of cutting, because you can only cut across the panel.

How to cut laminate

In appearance, the device is a small frame, it is attached to the tire on each side.

  • Drum debarker (gummer). With the help of such a nozzle, it is easy to dissolve the log, it works due to the V-belt transmission. Attached to belts on both sides using special pulleys. The speed of rotation of the shaft depends on the size of the pulleys, so the performance of the nozzle is easy to change. This technology forces the master to carefully monitor each stage of the process; some specialists use an assistant during this cut. But this option requires increased security measures.
  • Sawing with a lightweight nozzle. The method is not very efficient, but it is used quite often. The element is fastened on one side, but the workpieces are slightly uneven. Such materials are necessary for the construction of sheds or fences.

Electric jigsaw

What to cut the laminate with, everyone determines based on the availability of tools. But, if there are no devices, the most practical would be to purchase a jigsaw. It will allow you to cut panels in all directions, including various shapes. A jigsaw is lighter than a circular saw, less overall than a cutter, more convenient and faster than a hacksaw. Everyone is capable of mastering a jigsaw, since it does not require special skills.

For a quality cut, it is necessary that the jigsaw file has the opposite direction of the teeth. Usually a blade for cutting laminate is included. To avoid defects, markings are applied on the back of the panel. It is better to cut the protective film with a clerical knife. The board is fixed face down and sawn off.

How to cut a laminate with a jigsaw without chips:

An electric jigsaw will cut the laminate with a minimum of dust. The jigsaw has a special container for collecting sawdust. For curly carving, use narrower canvases. And masking tape glued to the front of the panel before sawing is guaranteed to get rid of chips.