The Chain On The Chainsaw Is Stretched What To Do

Range of saw chain repair machines

A special machine for riveting chainsaw chains is included in the list of working equipment of specialized workshops. The offered assortment includes several budget and branded models of imported production.

Riveting machines of Stihl, Husqvarna and Champion brands are characterized by increased capabilities and comfortable level of work.

Technically sophisticated devices ensure high quality riveted joints, saving labor time and material costs.

Long-term storage nuances

If the chainsaw is not going to be used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the bar and chain, thoroughly clean and treat with any neutral preservative. The above fully applies to spare headsets.

Regardless of the type of packaging, it is advisable to store dismantled parts in dry rooms with a stable temperature. If these conditions are observed, the formation of condensate moisture and the appearance of pitting corrosion is excluded.

Pro tips for preparing a new chain for use

Practice has proven the effectiveness of stabilizing the internal structure of the saw chain metal. Sufficiently prolonged heating of the product in an oil bath with a constant temperature of 60-70 ° C, eliminates internal stresses, contributes to the restoration of the crystal lattice of the metal.

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The optimal heating time of the tool steel from which the cutting links are made can vary for 7-10 days or more.

Post-repair restrictions

The problem is that a hastily repaired part has one or more “weak links” in its composition. In this state, the operating time of the headset is significantly limited under heavy loads, increased requirements are imposed on the full operation of the lubrication system.

It is possible to use the restored chain in working mode, provided that the repair was performed by an experienced riveter who has a riveting machine and other special equipment at his disposal.

Rivet setting machine

After disassembling and removing the chain element, the working links must be reconnected. For this purpose, a riveting machine is used. The assembly process takes place using a special work roller, which is driven by an electric motor.

The rivet is clamped between the stationary anvil and the work roll. The operator independently sets the pressure of the work roll using the adjusting screw. During the rotation of the roller, the edge of the rivet is gradually crushed, which makes it impossible to detach the links from each other.

Reference: using machines to shorten the chainsaw chain allows you to bring the build quality as close as possible to the factory sample. However, these devices are quite expensive, and their purchase for home use is unprofitable. In addition, it is not always possible to use specialized devices right at the workplace. In this regard, shortening can be performed with improvised tools.

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External and internal factors of accelerated wear

The reason that the chain is intensively stretched on a chainsaw may be the wrong choice of chain oil or the replacement of the recommended material with an oil substitute, a malfunction of the lubrication system or inaccurate adjustment of the oil pump with variable performance.

Filling the lubrication system with material of substandard density and viscosity negatively affects the lubrication and cooling efficiency of the working surfaces, the performance of the pump supplying chain oil to the saw headset.

Filling with summer oil can create a lot of problems when operating a chainsaw at a low air temperature of 10 ° C. As a result of an oversight, a breakdown of the oil pump drive is possible, a decrease in its performance to the level of oil starvation.

How and how to shorten the chain on a chainsaw: recommendations of professionals

Situations are not uncommon when, when installing a shorter bar on a chainsaw, you also have to change the saw chain. This information will tell you how to shorten the chain on a chainsaw in such a way that the part is fully used up. Alternatively, it is possible to fit a long chain to a shorter standard guide rail.

For repairs, non-stretched chains with a relatively small resource development are used, which received partial damage when breaking or hitting cutting links on metal inclusions contained in the wood.

Possible causes of spontaneous saw chain breakage

If the chain on the chainsaw breaks, it is necessary to find out the cause of the malfunction, establish the expediency of repairing the damaged part or installing a new one.

The Chain On The Chainsaw Is Stretched What To Do

Typical reasons for saw chain breaks are unfavorable external factors:

  • Excessive tension;
  • Wear of the guide bar or inconsistency of the shanks with the width of the working groove;
  • Operation of the saw set with large constant loads;
  • Overheating of the headset due to lack of lubrication;
  • Inconsistency of the chain with the type of tire and configuration of the crown of the drive sprocket.
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How to reduce the chain length on a chainsaw yourself

The technical condition of the chainsaw must meet the operational requirements, otherwise, working with such a tool is very dangerous to life. The chainsaw is a highly efficient tool for cutting wood and wood-based materials. Over time, wear of parts and tool elements occurs. To maintain the condition of the instrument in proper condition, it is required to periodically carry out appropriate diagnostic procedures. With the passage of time, not only the dulling of the chain teeth occurs, but also the stretching of this element. To avoid the chain slipping off the bar during work, the craftsmen resort to shortening it. We will find out in detail how you can shorten the chain on a chainsaw.