The chainsaw does not start the candle is wet

Chainsaw starts poorly cause

Chainsaw won’t start. the reason for the disgusting start of the chainsaw in my case was commonplace. Chainsaw.

If you see a dark soot, as it is also called a lot of fuel, then the carburetor may be incorrectly adjusting the fuel supply.

If your saw starts, but immediately stalls, then the problem must be found in the carburetor jet or fuel filter. Maybe they are clogged.

To check if the breather is not damaged, you need to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel mixture leaks out with its use.

If the saw does not start on a hot one, then there is a problem and possibly in the muffler. From time to time it gets clogged from the exhaust itself.

Quite often, a saw breakdown occurs due to a small amount of chain lubricant. This happens when the channels are clogged or the oil line is leaking.

It’s very bad when a breakage appeared in the cylinder. When examining it, of course, to find bulges, in other words, chips, this is perhaps a prerequisite for obstacles.

How to fix a flooded STIHL Chainsaw Engine

Almost all tools, both foreign ones (Husqvarna, Makita, Stihl, Partner 350), and Chinese chainsaws, and Russian ones (Druzhba, Ural), are arranged identically. Therefore, it is very easy to find the reason why the device does not start and stalls.

There are four elements where tasks happen:

  • The fuel for which the carburetor is responsible;
  • Grease;
  • Air that enters through the air filter;
  • The spark, the quality of which is engaged depends on the ignition unit.

They depend on each other and interact with each other. If any element does not work correctly, the saw stops working.

The first question is that our client has tools to start in different ways. hot to cool. Two commonly used mechanisms are responsible for this process.

To bring the quality and quantity of the air-gasoline mixture to the optimal parameter, a wide range of operational adjustments is used. The cause of fuel overflow in old chainsaws may be leaks in the fuel supply valve and the carburetor float valve.

In standard situations, after a short purge of the cylinder with the plug removed or the decompressor turned on, normal start-up is restored completely.

  • Due to the operation of the engine on an over-enriched mixture, a layer of conductive carbon is formed on the insulator of the central electrode, which can cause interruptions in sparking.
  • A white or gray color of the center electrode insulator indicates high temperature combustion in a lean mixture. Both options negatively affect the traction performance and durability of the powertrain.
  • Setting the carburetor to a lean mixture can cause the phenomenon when the chainsaw does not start hot, in another version it grabs, but does not start.

Confirmation of the normal, in a ratio of 16: 1, quality of the air-fuel mixture is the brown color of the insulator and the absence of traces of carbon deposits.

The cause of a problem start may be a clogged air cleaner filter with sawdust. If the engine starts with the air intake removed, special attention should be paid to cleaning the filter. A large amount of carbon deposits in the muffler affects the power and thrust of the power unit, but the engine should start without much effort.

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Fuel with an oil component can be stored in a metal container for no more than one month. Old gasoline / oil mixtures tend to form coking resinous deposits that limit the mobility of piston rings.

Water enters the fuel system not only with gasoline, but also forms condensation on the inner walls of the carburetor at high temperature differences.

The presence of water in the fuel is manifested by white smoke from the muffler, interruptions in the operation of the engine, its complete stop when ice forms in the system.

The Chainsaw Will Not Start! Fast and efficient repairs at no cost!

Chainsaw candles here For the development of the channel

The quality of the fuel mixture can also be one of the reasons why the chainsaw does not start. If, after completing the work, the remaining gasoline is not drained, and the tool is left for long-term storage (more than 2 weeks), then resin formation and polymerization of the components will begin to occur inside the tank.

If everything is in order with the fuel quality, the chainsaw engine may not start due to clogged fuel and air filters. To diagnose these elements, it will be necessary to perform a number of manipulations associated with their dismantling.

How to fix and start flooded chainsaw, 2 stroke engine floods, solve the problem

For the fuel filter:

  • Disconnect the gasoline supply channel from the carburetor;
  • Pump up fuel.

If there is little or no pressure in the pipe, disconnect the filter. Before that, free the tank from the mixture and remove the filter element itself. Dismantling is done with a wire hook. A clogged replacement cartridge that causes a poor starting of the chainsaw engine can be cleaned, but it is best to replace it with a new one. When using the tool in dusty conditions, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.

A clogged air filter can cause the chainsaw engine to run erratically, making it stalling or difficult to start. Dust and dirt deposited on the adsorbent material make it difficult for air to enter the system, make the fuel mixture so rich that it will sometimes be difficult to start the tool.

Checking the air filter is one of the first steps in finding the cause of a poor start.

Care should be taken when removing the air filter, as dust accumulated on the surface of the saw during operation can enter the carburetor. And this is fraught with more expensive repairs. After detaching the cartridge, thoroughly clean it from the accumulated dirt and rinse it with the addition of detergent. Dry the element and put it back in place just as carefully.

Checking for the presence of fuel in the tank is the first thing to start diagnostics with. Even if visually there is still fuel in the tank, make sure that the fuel line is lowered into it. If the fuel in the tank is at the bottom, then this is the main reason that it is impossible to start the engine. After adding fuel to the tank, it is necessary to pump the system, and only then carry out a test run of the engine.

If there is enough fuel in the tank, check that the supply hose inside the tank is not detached. On some models of chainsaws, such a malfunction is a “disease”. If the tank is full, this does not mean at all that the breakdown is not related to the fuel system. Check the quality of the fuel (oil and gasoline). Gasoline for chainsaws is used mainly of the AI-92 brand. As oil, you need to use only a special two-stroke, but not a motor or even working off.

The prepared fuel mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks, as the mixture begins to lose its properties, which negatively affects not only the operation of the engine, but also its starting. How does a poor-quality mixture affect engine starting, you ask? Everything is very simple, with long-term storage of the mixture, the oil precipitates, which leads to clogging of the channels and jets of the carburetor.

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The instructions for each brand of chainsaw indicate recommendations on the ratio in which gasoline and oil should be diluted. It is this recommendation that should be followed when preparing a mixture for a two-stroke engine of a chainsaw, otherwise it will significantly reduce the life of your tool.

If the fuel or air filter is clogged, the chainsaw will also not be able to start. First you need to check the serviceability of the air filter, which is located in a plastic case. Chainsaw air filter is very often clogged, therefore it is recommended to clean it before use. You will need to use a compressor for cleaning.

Failure detection technologies

The chainsaw does not start, as it is also called, the chainsaw does not start. The reason and how to remove.

Why the chainsaw won’t start. Reason. How to clean.
chainsaw, does, start, candle

Chainsaw does not start or does not start well. Reason and how to fix.

Why the chainsaw won’t start. Cause: How to fix.

Doesn’t start on cold and hot main reasons

Then, when the chainsaw does not start on a hot one, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of all the main units of the chainsaw. Inspection should start with the spark plug. Check the spark, look around the surface of the electrode of the candle, these actions will help to establish the direction where the problem should be found.

Chainsaw won’t start, fills candles

Chainsaw will not start. floods the candles. what to do. community:

Trimmers and Chainsaws

5 thoughts on “Chainsaw won’t start”

In order for the chainsaw to be in perfect condition, it is necessary to wash it, lubricate it, sharpen it, refuel it with good gasoline and good oil as needed, replace the cutting headset in time, carry out so. and adjustments (so that there is no such thing that the chainsaw does not start, but your chainsaw has an ideal technical condition).

The saw works only at high speeds, at low speeds it immediately stalls, and it is very difficult to start it. Tell someone what could be the reason?

I was helped by cleaning the spark plug and replacing the fuel filter, the price of the issue is 100 rubles, at first I tried to start without a filter. it works fine, then I went for a new filter

And where is the carburetor and in what position the screw or something else should be. To be sure. That the adjustment is correct.
I have a partner. I read it from you. I changed the candle. I washed my sponge.
But the chainsaw is cold and won’t start. Can tighten the carburetor screw.
Do not be surprised, I am an old woman, but I live where there is even no post office, and the service center is 50 km away.
I need to cut firewood. I don’t remember exactly at Hyundai.
The garbage on which the chain is put on and it twists it, in my opinion it has broken down. It can be rolled with difficulty, and the partner does not cling to the starter at all, and with a podgazovka too.
If it is not difficult. What to do for the old woman. To start the saw. Where to twist or unscrew.

It is better if an experienced person looks at your chainsaw. and the adjustment of the carburetor, and the leading sprocket, and the starter, will check the general technical condition of the chainsaw. And before the chainsaw started up normally?

Chainsaw spark plug replacement

Replacing the spark plug in the engine of a chainsaw or trimmer is carried out ONLY ON A COLD ENGINE (be sure to let the engine cool down):
– first remove the high-voltage wire;
– then remove dust and dirt around the old candle (with compressed air, rags or a brush);
– unscrew the old spark plug using the “spark plug wrench”
– in the new spark plug, set the gap using the feeler gauge, which is indicated in the user’s manual for your chainsaw;
– when installing a new spark plug, you can apply a little anti-seize lubricant so that when the next spark plug is replaced, this plug can easily be unscrewed from the chainsaw engine;
– when replacing a chainsaw or trimmer plug, be careful not to get debris, tools or parts into the cylinder;
– install a new plug in the cylinder (do not overtighten);
– an old candle. either discard it right away, or clean it, set a gap, rinse it, blow it out and hide it in stock.

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For the planned replacement of the chainsaw spark plug, refer to the instruction manual for your tool. But with intensive use of the chainsaw, it is better to change the candle in the spring at the beginning of the season (and not wait until the engine is “turned on” at the height of work).

The state of the spark plug determines how easy it is to start the engine of your chainsaw or trimmer, the stability of its operation at different speeds, throttle response and engine power, maximum speed and fuel consumption.

Carbon deposits on the spark plug electrodes are formed due to improper adjustment of the carburetor, if there is a lot of oil in the gasoline or when the air filter is dirty (replacing the spark plug is not necessary). With the correct choice of spark plug and a working engine, the color of the insulator is light brown.

Chainsaw combination wrench for spark plug replacement Chainsaw spark plug Probe for checking the gap between the electrodes of the chainsaw spark plug

So, if the chainsaw won’t start:

Check if there is fuel in the tank. maybe it is not there or it is not of high quality (bad gasoline, not that oil, forgot to dilute).

Move the switch “muffler” to the “Start” position.

Check if the spark plug is not “filled” (the chainsaw will not start). unscrew the spark plug, if it is wet, turn the tool over and turn the starter to blow out excess fuel from the cylinder.

Then check if there is a spark. put a cap with a high-voltage wire on the unscrewed candle, put it on the cylinder, pull the starter and see if there is a frequent and high-quality (blue) spark. If there is no spark, or it is weak, or appears occasionally, change the spark plug. Then put the plug back in place and start the chainsaw.

When the chainsaw will not start, “wash” the foam element of the air filter (with soap in warm clean water, then wring it out and dry).

Change the fuel filter in the chainsaw tank (or just remove the fuel filter temporarily if there is no sediment in the tank).

Check the fuel hoses for leaks (whether there are cracks and whether they are tightly fitted on the fittings to prevent air leaks in the fuel line).

If the chainsaw does not start, check the fasteners of the parts on the engine (especially. the tightness of the connection between the carburetor and the cylinder in order to exclude air leaks after the carburetor).

Perhaps the reason is a clogged carburetor. remove the carburetor from the engine (in a dust-free room), disassemble, wash, blow, clean the filter mesh, assemble and adjust the carburetor according to the “Operator’s Manual” of your chainsaw.

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