The difference between a red Makita and a blue one

Makita M6002 budget drill

Hello Drive! Happy New Year to all!Before the new year my old Chinese drill from Arsenal burned out (it worked for a long time, about four years. drilled points with a two-peripheral cutter, stripped the paint with a hedgehog, drilled metal and turned self-tapping screws). In general I have never had any regrets. Its power was on the passport of 500 watts, it was enough for me.As a gift for the new year, my favorite decided to present me this drill Makita M6002 (she uses tools of this company at work). This is the new budget “red” series, only costs 40, but the warranty is like everything else 3 years. Power 450W, no shock, quick-action chuck.The tool looks good, the quality of assembly is felt, if anyone has worked with this write reviews. Health to all!

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The red Makita is made in a factory in China, the green one I understand is in Japan

The difference in price and quality, the red one is like a household drill and not a professional one. But the Makita

I think what’s being made in Japan is coming to us. Both Bosch and Makita are made in China, judging by the bar codes and inscriptions

Great unbreakable drill, I still use it and no problems. The chuck is good for clamping and holding the drill bit.

The drill is a cheapened and simplified version of Makita, in the recent past Makita, some parts are interchangeable with the usual turquoise Makita, and very good quality, this drill has six years myself, but with the inscription Maktec, and below the handle in small print Makita changed only once a bearing, works up to now!

cool. I have a Makita one and only one of those Chinese things in my garage. And the color is the same

I’m looking and “not clear”, the color seems to be Hilti, the first letters of the inscription looks like Milwaukee, it says Makita. )))))

Took a similar one, only when it was a division of Makita. McTek. Only, I have an 800W percussion tool for 2.5 meters. The quality is very good. It is a Makita. Took it apart, looked at the stuffing. All very well made. In the budget drill test, beats the competition without a glance.

Gave my brother a Maktek peorator from the same series. Been using it professionally for two years now. Very robust. Like a lot of things Makita makes. Three years warranty. All parts are not expensive and in stock.

Also since then I have been using a Maktek circular saw for two years. Now it is 1.5 times the price of a Makita. Not so interesting.

Only, the new “red” series of Makita, which replaced the Maktek, is not much cheaper than the usual Makita tools. On this price-performance ratio is not as interesting as the Maktek at the end of 2018

Thanks for the info, we have a Makita like this for 40, the green one is the same format 110. All Arsenal or Elprom from 20, the quality is noticeably better, I hope to be satisfied.

I at the end of 2018 on sale bought a bunch of these Maktek. In two years, not once have I regretted it. The tool is good. It’s 100% Makita. Only it cost half as much.

difference, makita, blue

The Makter is a so to speak household Makita. Took the reliable makita models, removed all the gadgets, replaced the bearings in many drills with bushings, reduced power. I have a drill, planer, vibratory sander and wet milling machine. Bought everything for a penny (10000) was a clearance sale of stock, sorry I did not have time to buy slicer (6000) and impact rifle impact wrench Impact (3500) and the batteries at nah were new fresh Makita. Now in our town a red Makita sells a little cheaper than a Makita blue, and that’s very expensive for this tool.

It’s a McTek brand, it has nothing to do with Makita! Unfortunately. It does not matter where you bought itbut the important thing is that it drills holes.

McTek used to be a brand from Makita. A cheaper version of Makita (where the cord is shorter, somewhere the button is simpler, the lack of constant electronics and soft starters), otherwise it is the same as our usual Makita. Then the brand Maktek abolished and just started adding the letter M to the name. All basic units are the same as the blueblue Makita. Accordingly, in terms of reliability, everything is OK. Let it work long and enjoy it. The main thing is to run the tool without load, so the brushes lapped

Stupidly written. who encountered it write Комментарии и мнения владельцев and feedback.

It is not a Makita. But how long it will not know, the question

The passport is stamped and the warranty is the same as for all Makita 36 months. Bought in an authorized store.

I understand. Came across this. According to the seller, not a frntan

This is not a Makita. But how long will it live, dunno, the question

It’s on the dealer’s website. Just a budget series.

Yes, technically it’s a Makita, I agree, but in terms of the endurance I’m used to, it’s not a Makita.I’ve recently bought an angle grinder, and found a very good store where the seller is competent not only in terms of selling, but technically knows how to arrange inside the angle grinder (the store they have a repair shop for power tools), so here, I saw a different color angle grinder (and the price was also cheaper than others) asked about it, to which I got the answer that the machine only cuts metal, and then no thicker than paper, and that not for long because technically it is made very poorly, saving on everything, up to lack of varnish on the windings)), hence the price. But technically yes, it’s a Makita, and maybe even such a Makita will be better than any Interskol and the like chinese junk

Yes, it’s the same as the green Bosch, it’s just the big name brands want to compete with the Chinese in the low price range.

And in my opinion it is a total dud! But has the right to life though short!

Even for a dud, I think a three-year warranty is better than the old one.

don’t the manufacturers understand that nobody needs a kick in their drill but a sleeve on the output shaft dangles like shit in an ice-hole??

this drill, since there’s no impact, what’s the output? Sleeve or bearing?

Haven’t seen a bushing in a long time, even my old cheap one had a bearing.

all impact drills have a sleeve: there’s a longitudinal shock, you can’t put a bearing in. As a result, after a short time, the bushing breaks and the shaft dangles like shit in a hole. No precision drilling is out of the question.

and, in turn, the manufacturers stubbornly shove an unnecessary shock into almost every drill. Finding a drill that doesn’t have a hammer is a problem.

Used to be a problem, now there are a lot of these drills with no impact, at least in our area.

easy to say, I had a couple of weeks to dry my head with these Makita, it was necessary to Makita to keyhole chuck 13 mm, and that the body could be used with a side handle andeee if without a blow, it is worth like a cast-iron bridge, I had to take the model HP1640 with a blow

Well, I have easier tasks, large drills with a chisel, and drill mostly thin metal

then it’s fine ! The main thing is the speed more, the red series windings are lighter to overheat, it is necessary to give the revolutions to cool. Come to the guarantee in two months, and they will wrap on the wording “violated the operating conditions, overheating this entire guarantee is bullshit shorter.

All impact drills have a sleeve: there’s a longitudinal shock, you can’t put a bearing in there. As a result, after a short time the sleeve breaks and the shaft hangs like shit in a hole. Any fine drilling is out of the question.

And, in turn, the manufacturers stubbornly shove an unnecessary shock in almost every drill To find a drill without a hammer is a problem.

Store All Tools.278 shock free models from 1800 to 10000r.And there’s no problem.)))) You can also look in other stores))))

All impact drills have a bushing: it’s a longitudinal impact, you can’t put a bearing in it. As a result, after a short time, the sleeve breaks, and the shaft hangs out like shit in an ice-hole. No precise drilling is out of the question.

and, in turn, the manufacturers insist on putting this stupid punch in almost every drill. Finding a drill without a bump is a problem.

I see your point, colleague ! they’re fed up with this punch !, One consolation. if a Makita, then the problem with the availability of bushings will not be, took myself 1640, no runout so far, all clean three times a puff

now more knowledgeable members suggest that many non-impact drills are on sale.

And 5 years ago, you had to look for them: manufacturers put that stupid bump everywhere, like in the early 90s., when there were no home-made pens at all.

There’s no point in buying a hammer drill now. Even the weakest Ketai pen with a paltry 1J impact energy can beat these drills like a bull’s sheep. So my vision of the issue for domestic tasks handy man:

Screwdriver. Absolutely powerful with 2 gears and automatic shaft lock. Overlaps (me) at least 95% of all work on the drilling.2. Impactless drill. Must be powerful at least 700W and with 2 gears. It covers the work where the screwdriver is no longer able to, not enough power. For example, drilling with large diameters, cleaning large surfaces with a dick brush, drilling holes in metal with large-diameter cups, t.п. power-intensive work3. Pe. You can even use a low-powered. Drilling in concrete.

What is the difference? Red Makita M9508 angle grinder from LEROA and Maktec MT963

Good afternoon Eugene, I want to buy an angle grinder red Makita m9003, advise how they are at the moment in quality?

Gennady Goryanny

Thanks for the review!McTek is not so different from the Chinese, and the better Chinese are more seriously made.

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Doctor Who

A toggle switch is much safer than a button


Eugene prompt, I want to buy a Makita m9511, and it is my 1 angle grinder in general, or buy and try to Metabo w 650-125 which you have shown recently, but I understand that this is very low power, thank you if you answer.

Igor Milukevich

What can you say about the red milling machine Makita MT M3601, is it repairable or is it a type of Bosch green? the price now in the red store is nice or better to get a Makita RP0900?

Raich Aus

What can you say about the mill Makita m 3601?

Sergey Bandysh

Hello Eugene can you show the disassembly saber saw Makita?

Volodymyr Porokhnia

Compare the MT362 and the M3600. The red Makita is what used to be called a Maktec, no soft start, speed control, made in the Chinese Makita factory. And how do I know 80% of the parts fit a Makita? The Makita warranty is a Makita) Makita gives out, it’s not fake, just a line of products for amateur use.

GoPro-ha. Yriyovich

I heard that the Makita special Makita line for sale in chain stores, thus Makita line can not be the same performance as the Makita and of course is cheaper.

Vladislav Goncharov

Today at Wildberries bought myself a Makita m9511 for 2800. Hopefully for a long time ))

Dmitry Viktorovich

I would like to see a review on the Makita GA 5021 C


maktek not seen but the red Makita is somewhere chatterbox body with a burr.Makita blue is different if you take it once and then do not know when you will use it, I think it is a good choice for a red Makita, better than an unknown what Chinese and the price is 2 times cheaper and even in 2.5 times more than the blue Makita

Alexader Grunin

As always good, but why? Just for Комментарии и мнения владельцев? “Why” to the fact that you can not buy a Maktek already.

Andrey Ivanov

Two years using this model MAKTEK MT963, the bomb if not overloaded, its 570 W is working on a full, lightweight metal plaster profile tile on hurrah, and it is professional

I bought some MACTES tools on sale.

For those who don’t know, I will say a few words about this brand.

Maktec is a division of the famous Japanese company Makita. The brand was created by Makita in the 90s, to produce and sell their tools in Asian markets. There was an economic crisis in Asia at the time and expensive brand-name tools didn’t sell well there. Makita executives decided that they couldn’t afford to lose such an enormous potential. You just have to adapt some of your tools to meet the needs of the not-so-rich mass buyer. They developed an inexpensive tool range based on their most successful models from the inexpensive and popular Makita. And they located production in China. That’s how Mactech came about.In addition to cutting costs by using Chinese assembly, some of the “secondary” features found on similar Makita tools may be missing in the Makita line. For example:. there may be no backlight or laser line;. there may be no soft start and speed regulation;. the mains cables may be shortened;. there may be simplified versions of cases or no cases at all;. spare brushes, jigsaw blades and circular saw blades are not included;. batteries and battery chargers with lower capacity and power;. protective covers are not metal, but plastic;. simple handles, without vibration protection.But, at the same time, they kept all the basic components that affect the reliability, durability and safe operation of the tool. That is, body materials, gears, bearings, bushings, motors, buttons, cables, all are exactly the same as in Makita. And correspondingly the whole service, spare parts, components and consumables are from the original Makita.On the Internet I’ve come across opinions of different experts that the slightly different features of the McTek from the similar Makita tools are more a formal declaration than the real actual difference. For example the difference in motors power of Makita is declared 1600W and the analogous Maktek has 1500W. The number of revolutions may also be slightly different. For example, a Makita has 12,000 rpm, and a similar Makita has 11,000 rpm. Weight may differ by 100-200 grams (moreover the McTek is heavier)!). This is done only to formally show and justify the difference in the cost of the instrument. After all, if we leave all the features absolutely identical, then who would buy Makita itself??After several years of sales in China, India and other countries of South-East Asia Maktek became very popular and established itself as an accessible, hardy and reliable tool. Makita made the decision to go further and, in 2003, entered the rapidly growing Russian market. At first, the range of Mactech tools was not big (several drills, cordless screwdrivers and a circular saw). The were significantly lower than for Makita, and this tool started to be purchased from us, including professional builders, finishers and small private workshops.Gradually the popularity and range of MakitaKeek grew in Russia as well. and more tools were being sold. In 15 years of sales, the brand has established itself as simple, affordable and very reliable. Some models, such as the 362 milling machine is not expensive reliable, 100% analogous to Makita, and have become just legendary.In 2018 Makita decided it was time for another rebranding and closed the Mactech project. And instead of Maktek they began to produce the whole same range under their main brand. Makita, leaving the former Maktek color “ochre black” and adding to the numerical index of the models the letters MT. And they started positioning Makita’s new “ochre-black” budget line as a “domestic” series of tools, for individual construction, repair and other private handicrafts.And now (November-December 2018) the last Maktek sales are going on. Most of the models are already sold out and are over. That’s how I got hooked on Maktek when I found their MT691 rifle online for 2700r only. But, there are still some things you can find and buy.

I do not seem to have any particular need, since everything I need has been there for a long time. But, come to think of it, I have been dreaming of a good mitre saw for a long time. Normal handsaws, I can not afford for 20 rubles. Т. к. I still do not make money with this tool and need it in the economy is extremely rare. But, at this price for a saw Maktek MT230. 5720r, I could not resist and took. After all, a similar Makita LS1040 is with all discounts on super sales from 15500r, and its regular price of 18-20r In this case, the kit that Makita already has a decent Makita saw blade, which costs 4000r separately (Standard 255h30h2.3mm wood Makita B-29228)

Next, I was going to change my handheld circular saw Zubr-1300 with 160 wheels. It has adequately endured all the construction and finishing of the house and is still in operation. But, the saw is not the best and already pretty tired. I want something more convenient, grippy and cool, for more accurate and delicate work. Maktek has such a model. MT582 very successful, under 190 discs and for only 4483r. In this case, the kit already has a normal Makita disk for 1000r. (185×30/16/20 mm Makita D-45923)

Next, as if I do not really need a saw on the stone/tile. I took it just on the principle of “yes, for such money. let it be” as a spare 125-wheel angle grinder. The characteristics of a decent: 12000 rpm and 1300W for 125 circles, for only 1280r! Too bad the disk is not included and the fitting is sparse 20mm. But this saw can cut everything. metals, plastics, glass and other sheet materials, but with special high-speed blades.

Peorator MT 870 took the rest, for 3744r. 2 Joule blow. I have them anyway, there are 3 pieces: fierce foreman, green Bosch and Makita. But, my brother needs. A similar Makita costs 7Tr or more. Chumodan included. The cord is thick rubber 4m(!)

Well, and added a jigsaw mt431, also for my brother. He has his dying. Costs only 2080r. I have a little more powerful mains Hitachi and Accumaster cordless. I have enough of them “above the roof”. And myself would take for 2 rubles with pleasure. Normal jigsaw, medium power, with a pendulum.

Well, and brought me all this. Printed, looked, twisted in the hands and decided to dosazakazha more:- router edge MT372 2800r. The same 100% Makita costs 5200r. Simply, let it lie just in case.- Then I think you can upgrade your great angle grinder Bosch-230 to which I recently put a soft starter. And instead of her take a Maktek MT903 for 3600r. This is a clone of the legendary Makita 9069, which costs about 7tre.- Impact drill MT815 710W for 1600r. Let it lie. Give it to one of my friends. Similar Makita from 4,5 rub.- cordless 18V power drill MT065 in a suitcase with two batteries and a charger, a total of 3r.- and just for the collection, “in return” took a vibratory sander VSM925 for 1tn.

There are also leftovers of planers and all sorts of impact drills, mixers. But, I have a great planer Zubr-1300 in perfect condition. I do not want to change it.

Anyway, guys! Who needs to add or replace, look Such a freebie is not often in our time. And the goods right in front of their eyes. With me ran out of cordless screwdrivers 14V-18V MT961, 960, which cost only 2720r This is for a set of cartridges with charger and two batteries (!) I would myself and friends at once took 3 pieces.

П.С.Link to the store is not given. Local small shop, there are a lot of them in every town. Look for the store nearest to you through the market_andex.If you are from other towns and going to our Ekaterinburg stores to order delivery, I can write in a personal note characteristics. I have dealt with many, many where I bought.In a pinch, if it really burns, I can help you buy and send /- by mail or package. Myself so in other cities, through friends. And sent a lot of in different cities.

How to distinguish a fake Makita torch 2450, 2470 from the original

The special popularity among Russian amateurs do-it-yourselfers deservedly enjoy the Makita 2450, 2470. This popularity is underpinned by a high degree of reliability of the tools, their long service life without forced failure, simple design and accessibility of repair. As you know there are also knockoffs of the popular Makita tools, consider what the difference is and how to distinguish the original tool.

Сравниваем лобзик MAKITA синий-4350CT и красный-M4301. Нужно или нет платить в 4 раза больше?

The Makita MT (red) range is 22 types of tools that have been designed, developed and manufactured in the production facilities of the Japanese brand. The new lineup is an opportunity to get quality products at a bargain price for home and amateur use.

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the tool is designed for continuous professional use, where a domestic tool has a bushing or plain bearing, a professional tool has a ball or roller bearing, and besides the closed front end is designed for continuous professional use.

A quick rundown on power tools. sold in Russia. Part 4.

I will continue my post about popular tool brands in Russia. But after reading the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to tell a little about global brands as well. The previous part about most popular brands. here and here and statistics on the Russian and global markets. here

Before I do that, I want to make an important clarification: If you are comparing tools of different brands. do it for the tool of the same year of manufacture / purchase and under the same operating conditions. Let me explain: a peorator with a retail price of 4000 in 2013 and now are two different peorators. the cost of the first one at the factory will be 40-45. The second one is 25 at the most (approximate figures given for Russian STM).

So. One of the biggest and youngest players on the world tool market: TTI group (China). Milwaukee, Aeg, Ryobi brands are included. The brands themselves have a long and illustrious history. and have been repurchased by the new owner.

11) Milwaukee is a really cool brand. The main competitor of DeWALT on the native american market (which accounts for the majority of sales). Don’t count as advertising. the brand almost doesn’t come in. and if they are found from time to time. then the price is clearly above market and often the point of buying for such a price is gone. For those who live in the States, the big local chains often have Milwaukee sales and the price can be just chocolate.

12) AEG. inferior in status to Milwaukee. But on some models of AEG individual parts are interchangeable with Milwaukee. The brand has a difficult fate. imported limited and often the cheapest range of products. Which at the same time puts a shadow on the reputation. and the price tag should be lower (and certainly not higher than Makita and Bosh). There are often problems with the parts. Here it is worth explaining. That AEG household appliances and AEG tools have absolutely nothing in common. besides the brand. They have different owners. Now the brand is being withdrawn from the range of a number of chains. and it can be bought profitably.

13) Ryobi is another good brand. famous themes. that he was one of the first to suggest the use of universal batteries for the entire line of tools. and in general has done much to popularize the cordless line of power tools. The main problem on the Russian market is even less adequate price and lack of spare parts. Savvy retailers will often offer you a Ryobi at the same price as a Makita, or a little lower. telling. that it is also a Japanese brand. Why ? Because the product should cost at least 30-40% cheaper than their Makita counterparts. and sellers are motivated to sell marginal products. And it is because of the greed of the sellers. Key models and top of the line cordless range can now cost more than Bosch, Metabo and even DeWALT. At the same time in the States, Ryobi can be recommended for purchase. especially in kits ( sets) with a cordless system one There you can easily find a similar set of electric screwdriver. angle grinder. circular grinder. lantern. Two 3Ah Li.Ion battery packs and charger for only 11-12 thousand We sell a similar set of Ryobi twice as expensive.

14) Hitachi. Hitachi power tools no longer have anything to do with the parent Japanese engineering company. is owned by an American foundation, which in turn owns the Metabo brand. Hitachi is no longer available. The remaining tools can be found in stores at a pretty sweet price. Starting next year, the brand will be called HiKoki, and will increase. The tool itself was quite innovative. But with the rise of the dollar in 2014, most of the technological innovations do not come in. Budget series are marked SS at the end. But remains a pretty good tool. Especially angle grinder and woodworking. As for the prospects in then most likely. The concern will focus on promoting its 2 brand. Metabo.

I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and wrote out a list of brands. about which I also need to tell you. But it is difficult to answer all questions in 1 post. In any case. ask. I will answer all questions in the near future.

How to choose a professional power tool?

First, a professional tool, whether it is a drill or an electric screwdriver, a saw or a planer, is designed for continuous professional use, t.е. for several hours every day, with occasional short breaks (mainly to rest the worker, not the tool).

Amateur power tool works not more than 2 hours a day or twenty hours a month in the mode twenty minutes of work. the same amount of rest.

The first difference for professional power tools is therefore their durability and reliability, resulting from improved design and quality materials. Where domestic power tools have a sleeve or plain bearing, professional tools have a ball or roller bearing and a sealed bearing.

Professional tools use higher-quality and often reinforced plastics for their housings. Alloyed, heat-treated steels are used for metal parts. Household power tools generally use standard constructional parts without any additional machining.

power tool/ scheme

The lubrication system is also strikingly different. The closed bearings work for years without maintenance, the grease flows out from overheat and the tool breaks down in a matter of weeks if you do not give it a rest every 15 minutes.

For reliability and thus a long service life, the professional tool is equipped with a soft-start mode to reduce the current inrush when switching on. It is equipped with an automatic switch-off of brushes at their wear limit, as well as an automatic switch-off at overheating.

Has release clutches in case of jamming of the tool (drill or saw blade). Professional tools have better dust protection, especially for the most vulnerable parts, like motor windings and bearings.

Secondly, professional tools, designed for long and continuous work, have better ergonomics, i.e. a comfortable body shape, non-slip handles and shock absorbers.

Thirdly, a professional tool is better suited for low temperature operation. The power cord usually has a rubber outer sheath, unlike the chlorvinyl sheath on household tools.

Fourth, for professionals there is a wide range of accessories, extras, usually developed by the same company and designed specifically for specific models. Example. tools and accessories of Hilti, Bosch, DeWALT, etc.

HILTI Professional Tools

DeWALT professional tools

Makita professional tools

Pains of choice angle grinder Makita “Bulgaria”. “Russia”. “China

A Makita is a Makita. Bosch is very expensive to repair.I’ve seen a lot of them.And in general, if you do not abuse the tool, any tool will last a long time.

angular grinder does not happen a lot, here on the brand does not matter, only the power / weight adjustment of speed))

I have long been accustomed to dialing in the RPM for different types of work, it’s handy.

great tool.but Makita is better. Makita’s disadvantage is that it has no soft start. I also have a head and it’s nicer but a Makita is more has only one brush with twice the surface and height and so the header blades in the motor and also a helical gearbox and my head is straight. Makita like 9558 and the head gws 850 se. makita has a cool 5030.But it is a little weak for me, but it is wonderful in the hand

All the garage tools, only Makita. Price-performance I can not complain, low noise, no vibration and a perfect grip. Brushes change on the angle grinder for two minutes, without disassembling the body, it’s just a balm for the soul after the Soviet tool!

difference, makita, blue

I use one myself, 3-4 years ago I bought it for 3 and a penny, made in Romania. Well, there is a legend that China walks less than Romania. For fun, before buying a Makita bought a no-name for 400 rubles., died after 10 minutes of grinding the bar with a petal wheel :))

GA5030 good size, comfortable hand grip. But a little weak for me. Bought a combo set in Polish Kastorama with GA5030 and GA9020 for 400 PLN net (about 105-110). I gave a small angle grinder to use the cousin, tile. In the end, he bought it back. I got myself a 9565HRZ 1100W to replace it. Much more fun than 5030, but not as comfortable in the hand for a long time. But it’s not a basic angle grinder. DeWALT dwe 4257 1500W. that’s power.

Look at the Bosch 7-125s or Bosch 9-125s. A little more expensive, but with adjustable speed, which for such a low-power angle grinder will be very handy.

You just have to understand that it’s not an angle grinder for everyday use. And the fact that it will not be able to work long hours in a row.

in the garage at the cottage (shed is not heated). At a certain time of year it’s pretty wet and store a good tool is “so-so”) Chinese X-rings. at home (every time I lug from the third floor even to the entrance, and not only the angle grinder, and in general the tool. So in the dacha the second set, simpler that is not sorry to throw out if rusty, all but the drill press). at home, the fitolent mshu 2-9-125e. I haven’t even changed the brushes in either one of them yet. I’ve been using it for over 5 years now. On the “Philenta” except that the protection (fell off from the mount) has been changed. on a chinese I have a mask and need a shield like a hedgehog needs a baseball cap 😉

photo “fitolent” thrown, sorry for that not washed and wiped with a rag. I work with it, not to admire it / show it off on the Internet.

Seal the switch with sealant (contacts). it will last longer. Or do not forget to blow. metal dust does its job. conductive.

Year of manufacture 2007, speed from 4000, up to 10,000min¹, power 1400wmade in Japan.I survived the construction of the house and everything that can be in the workshop!99% of the time it replaces the big and small angle grinder.For all the time of operation, I only changed the grease in the gearbox.

I think that the country of production is better than the EU, or Japan, something I do not trust our assemblers, in a country where even the rubber from the underpants and those from China, what can be the assembly? Exactly.

I completely agree, but alas now made in japan can only be found in the ads on the AVito and then b.у

Technics of this brand and good that if a good level thattoprepairable up and down, changing supplies and ok, work on)), I recently handed over to the repair peoratorom Makita 2450 seems, 15 years he served me faithfully, and his house helped build and shabashkah figachili (heating, plumbing) and here tired 3400 for repair, changed a lot of things, and he was back in line. And the new one is almost 9 grand a piece of wood.

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Hitachi rules))) 2 angle grinder 8 years of brutal work, auto repair, water, dirt, dust from the paint. Brushes lasted 7 years, changed them and keep working.It’s expensive, but it’s worth it

Do not overpay for the brand name, get cheaper reviews and that’s it

than a year of hard work, everything’s great! The sanding disc is included.

And the drive from the kit is great)) Grizzet metal for sure

I think you can take China. At least they don’t steal it like they do in Russia. The main thing is to be official and not a gray (fake).

That’s where you get such geniuses In the head of a mess of rumors, gossip and misunderstanding of the words that are uttered.

And what does it have to do with rumors, geniuses, ? Makita a good professional tool and if you have a choice of manufacturers, I would choose what I wrote, if you have your own opinion on it! But you call it out and justify it. # Others will read it and think #. And the phrases: geniuses and gossip, you have not shared much information here.

I also have a 720w Makita. A friend bought the same one for himself, but with a girth grip, not the usual thumb on/off button. Super comfortable.

Took a Bosch in the garage. Works great. No problems.

This angle grinder (assembly China) half a year at the site every day, works fine and is not going to die, recently purchased the same thing to replace bosch. By the way, the peorator from Bosch after 7 months, the armature burned out, to replace the Makita took

And what’s more indestructible) I’ve been using it for eight years and even the brushes are not worn out

Buy Bosch gws 7-125 with plastic gear. Only such as in the photo, just now under that marking sell similar crap. Works in the body, already replaced by 4 set of brushes, in terms of ergonomics and comfort you can stop looking at this Makita, works quieter, even among Bosch.

I’ve had the Fiolent for so many years.And so any good except for vade in China.

DeWALT, I can’t wait for it to quack.

Why wait, send me as a gift and send yourself a new one.

DeWALT, can’t wait for it to quack already.

A matter of chance and luck. There are two Makita. 115 Romania and 125 China. The first one died after a couple of weeks, after the repair everything is ok for 3-4 years. The second one’s been working for five years without a problem.

The Romanians and Bulgarians make the worst, they’re gypsies

My workers and partners have only these maki machines, they’re all satisfied! It’s really comfortable in the hand. It’s even very handy. Compare the store sound of grinders that you have laid eyes on the noise, you’ll understand that the Makita saya quiet, which means that the mechanism works properly. Good luck!

If you come with an angle grinder brushes do not even look in this direction, it is pure bamboozle.the real Makita will be white cardboard box, the angle grinder itself, the handle, the key must be marked Makita black and a maximum of a thick grinding disc, all other stuff is fake.

It makes no difference, you can look for a Romanian build. The cable is softer there. All normal Makita machines have a rubber cable, not a plastic one. I have been using a Makita for 15 years. I have all the tools from Makita (20 years doing finishing work, now I live in Poland and have svuyu firm) pluses in Makita huge:a large selection of spare parts, you can buy any part on this angle grinder no problem, even the smallest and separately from the total unit. For fun, forget the alegro ga5030. You’ll see a list of parts and Metabo, for example. I think after that you will stop asking for advice. You can repair a Makita at home on your knees. I’ve never been in a shop in 20 years, I do everything myself. The weakest link in the 5030 is the armature, it is afraid of overheating, since 2011, I replaced 4 pcs. And the brushes are twice as soft. I think it’s a good idea to do everything myself. Use is a trifle, at alegro original with brushes is 15 in my opinion it is nothing. So I choose the Makita.

I’m something on the angle grinder Makita Ga9020, long can not find the planetary gear, and as for Makita, good quality, but before the old quality Bosch to him like a star, the other thing is now bosh is not bosh

I’m on alegro found, but I’m in Poland, one gear that costs 10 euros

I need it, and we have a bu bu or some other hat look like, but they do not go, and find the original Makita I can not

I’m something on the angle grinder Makita Ga9020, long can not find the planetary gear, and about Makita, good quality, but before the former quality Bosch to him like a star, it is different now bosh not bosh

So I do not need only a large planetary gear, the employee broke when a couple of times the blow to the angle and then bitten in his hands from the favorite place of politicians

Fakes Makita

Makita is one of the most popular power tool brands on the Russian market. Many consumers associate this manufacturer with reliability and excellent price-quality ratio. The price to pay for popularity. knockoffs. Tools with a Makita nameplate but nothing in common with this manufacturer are often found at hardware stores (especially in small towns), on Avito (just a Klondike here) and in some online stores.

How to distinguish Makita knockoffs?

Some Makita knockoffs are so “funny” that a slightly more or less savvy buyer would immediately notice a fake. For example, this one is a cordless angle grinder with a 118V 6 ah battery. Tesla rests 🙂

Allegedly Makita, supposedly 118 volts

Makita cordless appliances are powered by 12v (or 10.8V which is essentially the same), 14V or 18V. There is also a 36V line, but it implies using 2 18V batteries at the same time. A new 40V XGT line is also expected. but it hasn’t been supplied to the Russian market yet. There are 118 V and also inexpensive.

Here’s another sample. Battery 24V (and we already know that today 18V is the ceiling at Makita, if not to speak about the models with 2 batteries), thus the charger looks like charging from a phone. The power plug is inserted directly into the tool.

Fake Makita 24V battery with charging like a phone

The real Makita has cordless models, in which the power cord is connected for charging directly to the tool, but it is only a low-power cordless screwdriver, which has a built-in battery. For other models, there is a charger that looks something like this:

Makita. made in Japan?

Today the Makita brand has several factories around the world and only a small part of the range is made in Japan. China, Romania. these are the more common choices. But there are also models that are assembled in the U.S. and the U.K! Look carefully at the nameplate on the tool. “Makita Corporation Anjo Aichi Japan” should be present there. which tells us that this tool is from the Japanese Makita brand. But no more than that. Under the requirements of the Russian legislation on a product and / or its packing should be specified (in Russian!) country of manufacture. So a normal nameplate would look like this:

Note, the above requirements of the law appeared not very long ago, and if you have an old tool, the inscription “made in China” in Russian may not be. But for newly purchased tools this point is obligatory.

Makita counterfeit color

The Makita brand is characterised by its signature green color. There is also an economy line in red (formerly called MakTec). The color is the same as the tool body and the tool case. But fakes might show off a juicy blue or yellow case

This popular Makita HR2470 model also has a color problem. The back of the body is very similar to the original, but the front is light gray instead of black like the original. Also on the nameplate is the HR2470F (which Makita has never had, has the HR2470FT), well, and the crowning “Made in Japan”

A fake Makita HR2470 torch

One more thing

It’s that simple?

Alas, not always. Some of the most popular models, such as the HR2470, are cloned very well. And only the experienced eye will be able to catch small differences. Sometimes we even need to disassemble the tool to understand for sure if it is an original or a fake. That is why we recommend that you buy Makita tools only from official dealers, the list of which you can find on the official website. https://www.Makita.You can’t find a dealer.html. There you can us (VECTRUS PLUS LLC.) and other official sellers.

No warranty card = no product and no warranty?

Not really. It is obvious that fakes have no warranty card, or it will be a “paperwork”, according to which no official service center will accept the tool for repair. However, very often we hear feedback that a major store or marketplace (they are especially guilty of this) did not hand over the warranty card. This does not mean that the tool is fake. The manufacturer does not enclose a warranty card with the product, but gives it separately with each batch of goods. In large marketplaces with huge assortment and complicated structure of delivery and pickup (as a rule these are external franchise companies) nobody traces: which products have warranty card already inside the package, and which ones you have to add it to. As a result, 95% of the negative reviews in the “Makita” section of one of the leading marketplaces. “no warranty card”. And although the tool in this case is not counterfeit, the warranty without the card will be denied. This is another argument in favor of specialized official dealers who know the specifics of working with a manufacturer.

Important update from Makita!

Important news! From May 12, 2021 the warranty card will no longer be necessary when a Makita machine is taken to a service center for warranty repairs! Warranty service will be provided either by traditional “warranty certificates” or simply by check.