The Dog Gnaws All Toys

The Dog Gnaws All Toys

Dog toys. the same necessary attributes as the collar and leash. If your dog is nibbling, it means either she doesn’t have toys, or you haven’t taught her to play with them. It is common for any pet to gnaw everything, only some do it rarely and in early childhood, and others throughout their lives.

Why is the dog nibbling?

If a dog gnaws everything, it means that it has a lot of motor potential, which for some reason it cannot satisfy during walks or classes with the owner. In this case, it is worth considering how you walk with your pet, what he does at home during your absence. Such animals are capable of making a pogrom at home, destroying the owner’s things, and even harming their health, because when a dog nibbles, it can swallow sharp and dangerous objects.

Ideally, of course, a puppy in an apartment should be taught right behaviour from the very beginning, so that later there would be no questions why the dog gnaws everything. For this and need toys for dogs. They allow you to take a pet in the absence of the owner. Many dogs are sad when they are left alone at home, and chewing activity reduces this negative state. Therefore, the owner must take care before leaving the house what his pet will be busy with.

Gnawing everything – a symptom of a dog?

The dog bites everything, not only when it “ has nothing to do”, there are also veterinary prerequisites. Problems with teeth and gums often cause pain and discomfort in pets and chewing, in turn, weakens them. In such a situation, the teeth will have an unpleasant smell, and in some cases, there will be bleeding gums. It can be seen on the gnawed objects. In this case, the assistance of a veterinary specialist is necessary.

A similar situation occurs in puppies, only discomfort caused by the growth and change of teeth. It is enough to provide such a puppy with the available means to “scratch” the teeth. These can be special toys made of hard rubber or other safe material, or vice versa. bones from cartilage. It is important to ensure that the material from which toys for dogs are made is sufficiently durable, excluding splitting and biting off the pieces, is not covered with paint from the outside, and does not have a strong or unpleasant smell.

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A deficiency in the body of the animal minerals, can also lead to the fact that the dog nibbles. Pay attention to what the pet "loves". If it is stones, chalk, walls or plaster, consult your veterinarian. Perhaps adding to the diet of vitamins and minerals will solve the problem. In this case, it will be necessary to change the diet. Optimally, of course, feeding dogs with balanced ready-made food.

The presence of an unnatural appetite may indicate helminthiasis in a dog. In this case, it is best to pass a stool test and consult a doctor. As a preventive measure, anthelmintic drugs are given to animals once a quarter.

Lack of load and activity in the dog

If the pet has no health problems and the dog gnaws everything, it means that it is not walking enough and does not have the proper load. All this leads to the destruction of master’s things, problems with neighbours and the health of the animal itself. This behaviour is characteristic of active hunting dogs and service breeds with an excitable, nervous system. Such breeds include Dobermans, terriers, hounds and many others, with whom you need to walk at least two hours a day at a fast pace, and up to four hours in the mode of a normal walk. Only with such a load, fulfilling the owner’s commands, in the presence of toys at home, the dog will not feel abandoned. Often such a pet gnaws everything to get the attention of the owner at any cost. It looks like this: the owner does not pay attention to the pet, the dog starts to gnaw things from boredom and receives a reward from the process itself, or from the attention of the owner, who takes this thing. Then everything repeats.

The Dog Gnaws All Toys

Dog toys. the same necessary attributes as the collar and leash. If your dog is nibbling, it means either she doesn’t have toys, or you haven’t taught her……

What if the dog nibbles?

If you made a four-friend, do not forget that he is alive and requires not only the satisfaction of natural needs but also communication. Walk quite actively, even with a small dog. Give your pet not only attention but also toys with which you periodically play together. Dogs love when their toy is taken away or hidden, sending to search again and again. Choose the game that your dog likes! Apportionment brings an abandoned toy. love almost all pets.

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And never play with your dog with your things. Not all things can be nibble safely! Electrical wiring connected to the mains may cause electric shock. Medications and pills can cause serious poisoning. Be sure to protect your pet, make these things not accessible to him.

On the street it is better to play with your toys brought from home. Because, a stick found on the ground, as a rule, splits and clogs the stomach, causing later vomiting. And besides, before your pet, another dog could have gnawed it, perhaps not quite healthy … Plastic bottles found on the street by a dog may contain residues of poisonous liquids inside, for example, for a car washer. Better not to risk it!

If you need to leave the dog at home for a long time alone – prepare for this in advance. It is necessary to walk the pet most actively, if possible, to work out or consolidate the teams that he knows or is trained. At home, remove all dangerous and valuable items, prepare toys and bones from cartilage that can take it for a long time. Feed the dog, wait a while until it calms down. The best toys in the absence of the owner are ropes of rope, various rings and balls made of thick rubber, and, of course, delicacies of lived and cartilage.

Periodically practice bury the dog alone in the room, and not let out the whole apartment.

The Dog Gnaws All Toys

How to wean a dog to gnaw things?

Even if the dog gnaws everything, you should not give it your old things. It should be a hard and fast rule: what is forbidden – should always be forbidden! Because your pet is unlikely to understand the difference in the old and the new sneaker.

If the dog gnaws things. this is usually a habit formed in puppyhood. It is not necessary to indulge yourself with the illusion that the puppy will grow up, mature and cease to spoil the owner’s things. On the contrary, the longer the negative behavior is fixed, the more difficult it is to wean an adult animal from it. Therefore, from the first day of finding a puppy in your house, watch him carefully, provide him with the maximum number of toys, and most importantly. play with him.

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If you notice that the dog is nibbling things, stop it immediately, and immediately replace it with a toy that can be nibbled. You can use a special spray "Antigryzin", usually they are treated with items that are difficult to remove. Spray is completely harmless to the health of dogs, but it has bitterness, making things "tasteless." When a problem arises and the dog gnaws things, it is important to take immediate action, without waiting for the formation of a bad habit.

It happens that a dog nibbles on shoes of only a certain family member or only shoes in general. In this case, it is desirable to involve this person in the elements of dog training. Usually dogs are attracted to the smell, so these shoes are best made inaccessible to the pet. But periodically create provocative situations, leaving these shoes in plain sight, but under control. For additional warranty, pre-treat it with an anti-sprinkler spray.

Whatever the dog gnaws, you need to understand – the process of chewing is natural for pets, and it is unlikely to be able to prohibit it. Therefore, you need to teach your dog to gnaw some things and not touch others. For this purpose, toys for dogs are created. It is enough to make furniture, shoes and other personal belongings of the owner unattractive in the eyes of the dog. But at the same time, to provide the most suitable for chewing toys and treats, from cartilage and cow veins. Use toys to play with your dog outdoors and at home.

Periodically remove some toys and reach others. And, of course, do not forget to wash them promptly, especially when bringing them from the street. Do not forget that adult dogs also love to play and gnaw. They are engaged in training and play not only with puppies but with adult dogs. An adult dog that is active on the street is quieter at home, and it does not interfere under your feet. So that the dog does not gnaw, you need firmness and consistency in the actions of the owner, following the daily routine and active walks. The dog must know. when she sleeps, and when she plays! Where she sleeps and what she plays with!

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