The lawn mower does not pump gasoline during operation.

Why does a gasoline lawn mower do not start: 4 reasons and launch methods

If a gasoline lawn mower starts and stalls immediately, do not rush to contact the service center. It can be a breakdown of a mechanism or something else. Consider several small malfunctions that lead to engine failure. The tips in the article will help you find out at home why the lawn mower will not start.

4 reasons why the lawn mower stalls:

Dirty air filter

After prolonged operation, the air filter is polluted. This impedes uninterrupted work, leads to the fact that the mower stalls. Dirty air filter must be cleaned or replaced.

The reason for the stopping of the engine can be a malfunction of its parts. The lawn mower with a dry or flooded candle will not work. Remove it, clean it, check on a spark. If the part is working, get to work. If it is broken, replace with a new.

How a two.stroke engine works: briefly, but it is important to know for a clear launch of a lawn mower

Lawn mowers are produced with two.stroke or four.stroke internal combustion engines. The difference in the design is significant, but each model starts on the general principle. I show on the example of the Chinese trimmer for Eco grass.

The engine is called two.stroke because the full.time cycle is two tacts: the stroke of the piston from the upper dead point of the VMT to the lower NMT. In this case, the launch occurs with the second achievement of the upper position.

Similarly, chainsaws, boat engines and gasoline tools of another similar technique work. Consider the procedure. We are supposed to figure it out.

Identify your Mikuni style fuel pump ports. Input, output, and pulse.

To start a trimmer motor for grass, we pull the starter’s cord. Its stretching is spinning a crankshaft with a flywheel creating the moment of inertia. The rotation of the crankshaft shaft is converted into the reciprocating movement of the piston.

The two.stroke motor has 4 working cycles:

  • The first movement of the piston from the VMT to the NMT is accompanied by the injection of the fuel mixture (gasoline with butter and air), when the carburetor inlet valve opens under the influence of the created vacuum;
  • The movement of the piston from NMT to the VMT: the intake and exhaust valves are closed, and the working mixture is compressed in a sealed volume;
  • Both valves remain closed. At the upper dead point of the piston through the contacts, the spark slides through the contacts.There is an explosion of compressed gases. Its strength with an impulse throws the piston down and rotates the crankshaft through the connecting rod;
  • The force of inertia of the flywheel directs the piston from the NMT up: the exhaust valve opens and through it the combustion products are pushed into the exhaust pipe.

All stages are performed automatically, but they are prepared by a person with his actions. When making errors it is made, the benzotrimer does not start and may break.

I try to make out all these points in more detail.

Cycle: what mistakes of beginners lead to breakdown of the engine of the trimmer for grass and exclude its normal operation

6 common mistakes with fuel

The manufacturer in the instructions clearly indicates the brand of gasoline with an octane number, oil and their proportions.

The first three errors are that the user of motorcycles violates all or one of these requirements. The motor will most likely start and work, but its resource may decrease sharply.

A small amount of oil, like its absence, will lead to the fact that the walls of the cylinder will not grease normally, and the piston rings will scratch them, and not slide.

Excess oil will simply burn, forming soot. She will pollute everything, including the piston and cylinder.

Failure gets into the valve, blocks their work, after which the motor will not start.

Will have to disassemble and clean the carburetor, or even put a new. Of course, you can try to wash the piston and the cylinder: it may be possible to bring them into working condition, but it is better not to bring them to.

The fuel mixture must be prepared with high quality and in strict proportion. The repair of a spoiled engine is expensive, about 70% of the price for a new gasoline trimmer for grass.

Electric Fuel Pump Conversion On a Lawn Mower. Does it work?

For the preparation of high.quality fuel mixture, I have a special container with a factory division of divisions in a set of trimmer for grass. Gasoline is neatly poured into it to the level of 500 ml, and then the oil to the required label.

An alternative method is the preparation of a fuel mixture with filling gasoline into a calibrated container, for example, a liter canister or a plastic bottle to a label, and an oil additive with a medical syringe according to its divisions.

The dosage with a syringe is more convenient, is considered the most popular way.

I recommend filling gasoline through a funnel with a narrow neck that has a filter: a metal mesh. protection against small garbage.

The prepared mixture should be well shaken and mixed until a uniform color appears. Only after that it can be poured into the tank.

If the mixture does not blame, then it will remain in the tank, and through the carburetor will enter the combustion chamber in portions with different ratios of gasoline and oil.

Fractions of clots of oil clog a candle. The motor stops, stalls, does not start. This is the fourth mistake of beginners.

It should be borne in mind that gasoline is hazardous. The risk of fire exists. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the mixture at a safe distance from the buildings, and in the case of the strait, which often happens to eliminate the causes of a possible fire. Violation of fire fighting measures. error

After pouring the fuel into the gas tank, the latter closes with a screw plug and the lack of leaks is checked. The trimmer for the grass is raised up so that the gasoline fills the cork. There should be no subterations from under the lid or from the fuel hoses.

Lack of such a check. an error can cause a fire.

There is one technical cunning that can cause a benzotrimer motor is not started due to the cessation of fuel supply. If you look carefully at the center of the traffic jam, then a round hole is clearly visible.

We turned Motokosa. Gasoline filled the cork, but does not flow through the hole: there is a sapphone inside. He is working.

On the inside, its design is clearly visible: a valve system of plastic and rubber is built.

In the usual state, the valve is pressed to the hole and the fuel does not flow. Когда бензомотор работает, то топливная смесь расходуется через карбюратор. A vacuum is created in the tank. The vacuum opens the valve of the saapon, the pressure is restored.

You should know the two consequences of a malfunction of the sapuna:

  • Constantly open hole. fuel pours out of the tank during its inclinations (excess consumption and the probability of fire).
  • Contamination or sticking of the valve channel is the reason that the lawn mower does not start or stalls.

Check the soundtress is easy: you need to blow it in both directions.

All about the gas tank cover, including the repair of the saapun, is shown in the video of Bogdan Shabanov.

3 additional advice associated with limited chemical resistance of a mixture of gasoline with oil:

lawn, mower, does, pump
  • Do not create an excessive fuel supply. Use freshly prepared fuel mixture. In a maximum of a couple of weeks, she will lose her useful qualities;
  • Prepare as much fuel as it will go to one mowing during the day. At the end of the work, drain the rest from the gas tank and burn the last drops from the fuel canal with a neglected engine;
  • It is especially dangerous to leave the mixture in the gas tank for a long time. winter. In the spring, you will make sure that the engine does not start without cleaning the carburetor (gasoline evaporated, the oil thickened and glued the valve).

In more detail, the technology for eliminating these malfunctions shows in its video video “Chinese lawn mower is not started” Sergey Lesnik. Pay attention to the fuel filter.

To adjust the work of the carburetor allows a special screw, but it is not worth it to twist it without need: the factory adjustment is accurately exhibited. It is better for novice users to contact the service center.

Breakdowns associated with a chainsaw and possibly a huge amount, and to solve some is quite difficult. If you have been working with this benzo tool for a long time, you have an inconsistent when gasoline does not enter the carburetor or enters, but it is very difficult and does not even give a chainsaw to start normally. Modern, specialists have long found the prerequisites for such breakage in this regard, we compiled the main methods of repair.

We check the obvious prerequisites, for example, the presence of gasoline in the tank. If this is available, check the supply of fuel from the tank along the wire. It is enough to disconnect the gas pipeline from the carburetor and try to upload fuel. It will be correct to serve fuel through the hose with jerks, this will allow you to make sure that there is no trouble with the gas tank. If the fuel is not even served with jerks or it is very slowly dripping, the prerequisites will be subsequently:

The fuel filter clogged with dirt and dust;

Breathtakingly, but the presence of a full tank is a prerequisite when a fuel does not act. So try not to fill the tank completely. A crowded fuel tank can squeeze the tube with a pressure that connects to the carburetor.

Who knows the experienced chainsaw user that fuel in the tank of the instrument cannot be left forever. It exists that with prolonged storage of snurs of the tank, unnecessary processes will occur with the formation of resin and polymerization of different components. Do not leave a fuel in the tank duration of the crescent, and in addition, if your tool starts up on such fuel, this leads to the formation of soot on the details of the CPG (rings, piston).

If the chainsaw does not enter the carburetor, carefully examine the type of air filter. Due to its inconsistent work, the unbalanced operation of the chainsaw begins, which further starts to start differently during operation. The air enters the device more difficult and makes the mixture very rich. You can doubt it doubtfully, and the premise of this is the formation of dust.

It is necessary to remove the air filter neatly, because if it is stored dust, it can crumble at the carburetor. The air filter is quite perfectly cleaned with water and detergent. Be sure to dry the filter before installation.

The needle of the carburetor. On cheap chainsaws, the needle in a carburetor often sticks a needle, which does not allow me to act. From time to time it is quite easy to move the needle and correctly install it.

Basils. Chinese and sometimes branded chainsaws have bad oil seals with bad density. The fuel ceases to act when through the seals it begins to squeeze the fuel mixture. Through the seals, the leakage of gasoline is completely likely.

Specifically, the sapun plays a severe role in the establishment of a chainsaw, find such a part of course near the gas tank cover, and more precisely in the area of ​​the air hole. The sapun makes an ordinary role, however, it does not allow the fuel to flow out and sets the correct air pressure. Thanks to this air, the fuel enters the carburetor, and the malfunction of this element is a frequent prerequisite when the fuel does not enter the chainsaw. The impaired the work of the soundtress will serve the formation of negative pressure, from which gasoline will not be able to enter the carburetor when trying to start a tool.

lawn, mower, does, pump

Check the operability of the soundtress simply, turn off the gasoline of the carburetor tube and check how the fuel flows. If gasoline flows a small stream, which remains to make our client in order, if it does not flow at all, the soundtress is clogged faster faster. With the right execution, of course, clean the part, if it is easier to replace it with the latest. The cleaning procedure is performed either manually, or by supplying a strong air jet of high pressure.

Rules for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower

Like any technique, the mower needs some features of care and compliance with the basic principles of use. These rules are simple, but will help maintain the performance of the unit for a long time.

General operating rules:

  • To familiarize yourself with the instructions for the use and care of the lawnical mower, study the basic rules of work, storage and safety precautions.
  • After each use, clean the housing, channels, grass collector, knives, preferably using special liquids.
  • Do not clean the lawn mower with a hot engine.
  • During operation, monitor the state of the engine, do not let it overheat, take breaks.
  • With large intervals in the operation of the lawn mower (about a month), drain the fuel. At the same time, when the work is completed, the device is given the device to work at idle and stall.

Rules for the preparation of technology for winter:

  • A visual examination of the mowing is carried out, the main parts are removed, cleaned, dried, damage is corrected.
  • The fuel is drained.
  • The air filter is cleaned.
  • Oil is poured into a gearbox.
  • Cleaned, all mobile parts of the engine are lubricated.
  • The motor wraps up with an oiled fabric.

Gasoline gasoline MTD Smart 51 BO

  • Before starting work, a working area for the presence of foreign objects is checked: stones, branches.
  • The presence of outsiders at a distance of at least 5 m from the lawn mower is not allowed.
  • Work is carried out in special glasses.
  • A visual examination of the lawn mower is carried out for damage, untouched parts. The malfunctions are eliminated.
  • You can mow grass, not higher than 20 cm, no more than a third part at a time.
  • When working on the slopes, you should move along the slope, not up and down.
  • Before changing the height of the bevel, the engine stops.
  • When foreign elements get into the knife of the mower, the work stops, the knife is cleaned.

Gasoline lawnmands have earned the respect of users with power and quality of work. In order to extend the durability and efficiency of the unit, you need to study all the subtleties of care and maintenance of the lawn mower, follow the safety rules, adhere to the instructions for the operation of this equipment.

If your lawn mower does not start after winter downtime, this article will be useful to you. Our service center has prepared for you several useful tips for repairing a garden tool that will help to avoid expensive repairs.

How to act if the lawn mower does not start?

The lawn mower is not started if the ignition lock is not removed

Check the position of the locking handle and the serviceable of the cable.

Candle faulty: the electrode was polluted or burned out

Clean or replace the candle, set the gap between the electrodes by a size of 0.75 mm

Air damper regulator in the wrong position

Check the position of the regulator at the first launch. Depending on the air temperature, it can be in open, medium and closed positions.

Press the tip to the candle and fix it properly

Check the fuel tank, if necessary, pour fuel.

If your model has a primer for pumping gasoline into a carburetor, then you need to do this operation. You need to start carefully, without jerking.

Turn off the tool, unscrew the lid and remove the filter. Clean it or replace the elements.

If none of the above tips helped to return the performance of your garden assistant, the lawn mower has not started, we advise you to contact the service center. The presence of professional equipment, knowledge and experience of mechanics, a large warehouse of spare parts. all this is offered by the company “Technodid”.

Lawn mowers based on internal combustion engines are the most convenient and popular in everyday life. Unlike electrical units, they are autonomous and do not limit the area of ​​operation the length of the power cord.

However, like any complex mechanical devices, gasoline lawn mowers periodically fail or simply fail to fail. Below we will consider the most common breakdowns of lawn mowers operating from four.stroke internal combustion engines.

The lawn mower is not started? Eliminate the most common reason

Chinese motorcycles headache for the owner, but still without them nowhere. The main problem is the difficulty of starting after a long downtime. If the lawn mower worked as a clock in the fall, but it does not start in the spring, then you must most likely disassemble the carburetor and clean its valve.

Necessary tools:

If the motor motorcycles refuses to start, then first of all you need to check the candle. If it is completely dry, then this means that the fuel is not supplied to the combustion chamber and the reason is in the carburetor. Immediately it is worth checking the candle and for the subject of a spark in order to exclude it from the reasons on all fronts.

You can also make sure that the motor itself is serviceable. To do this, having twisted the candle, you need to pour a syringe into a combustion chamber of several milliliters of gasoline. After this, the candle is twisted and the lawn mower is started. If everything is in order with the motor, then it will work for a few seconds. This will once again confirm that it makes sense to disassemble the carburetor.

Next, a plastic protective cover is removed along with an air filter. After that, 2 screws are twisted with a cross.shaped screwdriver, holding the air damper and the carburetor on the engine. Fuel tubes immediately break down.

From the side of the cap of the suction, you need to twist 4 screws with a screwdriver, and divide it into 2 halves. We are interested in half with suction. There is a valve from its inside in the center.

He often sticks out, because after evaporation of gasoline, with a simple on it, a viscous oil works as glue. To check it, you need to put a short thin tube and try to blow the air through it. If he is stuck, he will not be able to blow out in any direction.

Caliping of the valve is eliminated by a conventional match. Toothpicks are better not to use, since they are sharp and can harm. A match must be slightly rested on the valve and stir it. After cleaning the match, it will be blown up.

Fuel will be able to act, so it will work. Cleaning the valve is not a panacea for all motorcycles that do not start after downtime, but this helps in 8 cases out of 10. The remaining 20%, as a rule, are also associated with a carburetor, usually with a needle.

What to do if gasoline does not enter the motor?

All work on the definition and elimination of the reasons is divided by 2 parts, that is, what can be done:

In the field

If the trimmer for the grass stalled or has become incorrectly working, and you suspect that the reason for this is the lack of fuel in the motor, then in the field act like this:

  • Turn off the ignition and remove the device from the shoulder.
  • Make sure that there is fuel in the tank, if it is over, then you find the reason, so pour new fuel, pump the primer and continue the work.
  • If there is gasoline in the tank, then wait for the cooling of the motor and pump the combustible primer, and then carefully inspect and sniff the entire fuel system. The appearance of a wet spot or drops, as well as a sharply intensified smell of fuel indicates a malfunction that cannot be eliminated in the field.
  • If there is no gasoline leakage, pump the fuel with a primer, clicking on it 3-5 times, then transfer the trimmer for the grass into the start mode and several times smoothly, but pull the tame starter cable strongly.
  • If this did not help, then unscrew the candle and make sure that it is dry (a wet candle speaks of a problem that cannot be solved in the field), pump a primer 10-15 and transferring a trimmer for grass to launch mode, 20-30 times slowly, slowly, but gently pull the hand starter cable. The lack of a positive result indicates a defect that can only be eliminated in the conditions of the workshop, even if the home.

Using a special tool and equipment

To determine and then eliminate the cause, act from simple to complex, that is, first conduct those checks that require a minimum of equipment and efforts, that is, test:

After making sure that all the actions described above did not find the cause of the malfunction, disassemble the fuel system, then check each part separately. If you do not know how to do this, contact the workshop.

Sapun on a gas station what is and where it is

The need to study the device of a lawn mower occurs when the first breakdowns occur. These breakdowns arise in any case, regardless of who is the manufacturer of the tool. Motokos malfunctions can be divided into two categories. simple and complex, requiring the replacement of parts or mechanisms. Simple types of breakdowns include a malfunction of a benzocos. It is about this device that on the trimmers will be discussed in the material.

Features of the use of garden technology

It should be remembered that grass can be mowed with a height of not more than 20 cm, by 1/3 part, at a time. Before changing the height of the bevel. be sure to turn off the car. You need to work especially carefully on the slopes, move along the area.

So that there would not be a stuck in the blades of foreign objects, before the span, inspect the site for the presence of stones, sticks, all that may interfere with the ennoble the lawn. If, after all, the device is jammed, turn it off and check the knives for the presence of something superfluous.

lawn, mower, does, pump

We will summarize if you are faced with the problems of the functioning of the lawn mower: it does not start or off, here is the algorithm of what to do:

Unfinished engine instruction how to start equipment (gasoline lawn mower):

  • Disable the transmission, ignition system.
  • Scroll the motor shaft with a starter, launch cord.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Close the air damper.
  • Run the engine.

If the lawn mower is not started:

The first engine launch may require approximately 15 jerks.

With a successful engine start:

Work with an engine that is not warmed up, leads to a decrease in the performance, durability of the device.


The most popular models for 2019 are:

  • Lawn mowed gasoline pro Husqvarna lb 553se. Speed ​​of 5 kilometers per hour. Country manufacturer Sweden.
  • GAMPION LMH4412 lawn mower. The gasoline type of engine. The birthplace of the brand
  • Gasoline gasoline Bear Cat Echo WT190. Fuel tank volume 1 liter. The country of production of the United States
  • STIHL FS 40 Autocut Lawn mowed with 5-2. 38 centimeter processing width. The country of production of the United States.
  • Gasoline gasoline McCullock M51-150R Classic. Power 2 500 W. The homeland of the US brand.

The main malfunctions of gasoline and electric trimmers

In the lawn mower and an electric trimmer for grass, if you do not consider breakdowns associated with the bar and the mowing head, the malfunctions mainly happen in the engine area.

Where to start diagnostics motorcycles

If the lawn mower does not start or immediately stalls after starting, it is necessary to sequentially check all the main nodes and assemblies. The test algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and candle channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Graduation channel.

The lawn mower of the lawn mower is not started after winter, gasoline is not supplied to the fuel repair

These nodes are most often source of basic problems, which can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

Recommendations for storage of gasoline trimmer for grass in the offseason

Placing a trimmer for storage grass, it is worth filling the gearbox with a sufficient amount of oil. Then you need to clean the air filter, partially disassemble, blow and rinse the unit engine. Having dried all the mechanisms, lubricate moving elements. To carry out the processing of the piston system with oils, it is necessary to first extract the spark plug.

Then you need to move the piston to the extreme position, then pour a small amount of oil into the candle hole and make scrolling the crankshaft. If the gasoline trimmer for grass in the offseason is not planned to be stored in the house, it is recommended to tightly wrap the engine of the unit with an oiled rag.

This will avoid the development of corrosion on the surface of important components of the mechanism.

Malfunctions of electric trimmers

Since the device of an electric coser is much easier than a motirmer, then there are few reasons for its failure.

It should be noted that the elimination of some of them is best entrusted to the specialist.

Basically, the trimmer for the grass ceases to work normally in the following cases:

  • Electric cable malfunction;
  • The control button is faulty;
  • burned engine winding;
  • Contact joints break on the engine.

Insufficient compression

If the compression is insufficient, then starting the engine, in most cases, will not work. To check the compression, you can use the car compressometer.

  • Twist a candle from the ICE cylinder.
  • Screw in its place a compressometer.
  • Start pulling the launch cord as you do when starting a lawn mower. Do this until the shooter on the measuring device stops moving towards the increase. This value will show the compression force of this engine.

What compression should be? Normally, the compression should be at least 8 kg/cm2. Although even at 8 kg/cm2, some engines do not have idle and stall, since the fuel does not pump in a sufficient way. If your gas station does not pump above 8 kg/cm2, you will have to check the cylinder, piston and rings.

Poor compression can also be due to a slightly screwed carburetor. Check if he is staggering. If so, then tighten the fastener that holds it. Also, if the carburetor is poorly screwed, you can notice that gasoline is dripping during operation.

The trimmer for the grass is very hot

Overheating of a trimmer for grass can occur for many reasons:

  • Gasoline has not the same octane number indicated in the instructions for the unit;
  • the proportions of gasoline and oil during the preparation of the fuel mixture are not observed;
  • A mixture of fuel with butter has long been prepared (the mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks);
  • The trimmer for the grass works more than the time instructions;
  • A low.power trimmer for grass on thick and hard grass is used, the device works with overload and quickly heats up;
  • shifted towards the bar or the cassette lid clutched.

The latter occurs if you install a mowing head inappropriate for this unit, or when the axis shifts inside the bar. These changes make it difficult to rotate, the load on the engine increases, and it overheating.

Diagnosis of the graduation channel

The stable functioning of a trimmer for grass can be impaired as a result of laying dirt in the graduation canal or the formation of a blockage on a muffler grid. This problem most often occurs during the operation of older generation trimmers. The issue is being solved by dismantling the anti.diploma mesh and its cleaning.

Air filter

If your lawn mower does not start well or stalls immediately after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, since it can be clogged, as a result of which the air does not enter the combustion chamber, and fuel ignition does not occur.

To check if the filter is the case, remove it and try to start the engine. If he earned, then the reason was found. The filter needs to be replaced or rinse well and dry before installation.

In the case when you find the oil in an air filter, it must be washed with gasoline, squeezed well and dry at least 2 hours before installing in place.

If the unit does not start with an air filter, it is still recommended to check the fuel filter.


This mechanism is an important node of the benzotrimmer. In order for the carburetor to work properly, several conditions must be met:

Carburetor Motokosa does not pump fuel.

  • at times to disassemble and clean it;
  • regulate idle speed according to the instructions;
  • Turn to the help of a master when adjusting.

In the case of a breakdown of this unit, it can be renovated by yourself, but only in the presence of certain knowledge.

One of the reasons for the poor operation of the carburetor is a relaxed cable. To eliminate the problem, first you need to disassemble the entire node, and then, thoroughly washing all the details, grease and tighten the cable, but not very much so as not to take care.

Important! Other malfunctions can negatively affect the operation of the carburetor: failure of the intake needle, deformation of the membrane, wear of the adjusting lever, pollution of the adjusting cavity, wear of the shutters.

Reasons why the lawn mower does not develop momentum

There are five main reasons why the trimmer for STIHL grass does not develop turns:


For problems with a candle, it is sometimes enough to dry or clean it with sandpaper and return to its place, properly putting the gap. it should be 1 mm. If the candle is strongly covered with soot, it is better to replace it with a new. With the optimal operating mode of the trimmer for the grass, candles do not fail so often.

Air or fuel filter pollution

There is a lawn mower does not gain speed, the reasons may be polluted by the filter element: air or fuel.

When blocking the air filter, there is a lack of oxygen in the combustion chamber, so the fuel is not fully produced, which prevents the desired speed and power.

To check if the cause is really in the air filter, you need to remove it and turn it on. If the lawn mower still does not gain momentum, the reasons are not in it. So you should check the fuel filter element. Everything is similar here, only gasoline acts as oxygen. If this filter is damaged, there will be a lack of fuel, which inhibits the development of revolutions.

External factors

Several factors that are not related to its breakdown affect the reduction of revolutions:

  • filter pollution due to the hit of particles of dirt and dust in it;
  • use of poor.quality fuel;
  • incorrectly prepared mixture (relevant for trimmers with two.stroke gasoline engines);
  • pollution of the muffle of muffler particles of vegetation, soil elements and other objects.

In this case, in the second and third cases, the formation of a soil in the combustion chamber is formed, and the elements of the carburetor are clogged.

technical issues

The technical problems of the lawn mower mainly occur in the fuel and ignition system. You can cope with them yourself.

  • Когда ручная косилка не заводится или глохнет, проблема может быть связана со свечой. The dark cargo speaks of poor carburetor adjustment and low gasoline quality.
  • The reason for the incorrect operation of the trimmer for the grass may be clogged fuel hose. Filters are also often clogged.
  • Another internal problem. the muffler is covered with soot. From this, the turnover of the grass for the grass falls strongly. Output. you need to clean the muffler.

Important! If the unit does not work due to breaking up the engine, serious problems may occur. In this case, the malfunctions that can be eliminated with your own hands include only the destruction of piston rings. With more serious problems with the motor, if there is no warranty, you should be prepared to visit the workshop.

Low quality fuel use

Benzotrimmer does not gain momentum in case of low quality fuel. He may stall or not start at all. To check the quality of the fuel, you need to inspect the candles. They are the main indicators for problems with the combustion chamber.

In the presence of sediment, plaque formed on the candles, the old fuel is drained and flooded another, high.quality.

It must be remembered that a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower should be refueling good quality gasoline and those fuel brands that the manufacturer indicated in the technical passport of the device.

Note! Candles should be thoroughly cleaned of plaque, and only after that place again in the combustion chamber of fuel.