The lawn mower does not start in Garyachi. Injector

The trimmer for the grass does not start hot

Trammer for grass, both electric and with an internal combustion engine (ICE), is an indispensable tool in the summer and autumn period for owners of cottages and private houses.

With its help, weeds, small shrubs are easily removed and the lawn is trimmed. But, like any technique, trimmers for grass fail at the most inopportune moment.

To eliminate the malfunctions with your own hands, the user of this technique first needs to determine the reason for their appearance.

The main malfunctions of gasoline and electric trimmers

In the lawn mower and an electric trimmer for grass, if you do not consider breakdowns associated with the bar and the mowing head, the malfunctions mainly happen in the engine area.

Damage of gasoline trimmers

Typical breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass, which are most often faced with the owners of this unit, are as follows:

  • engine breakdown;
  • problems with the carburetor;
  • problems with the supply of fuel;
  • muffler malfunction;
  • gearal breakdown;
  • The starter broke;
  • Air filter problems;
  • Broken a buckshot on a gas tank.

Malfunctions of electric trimmers

Since the device of an electric coser is much easier than a motirmer, then there are few reasons for its failure.

It should be noted that the elimination of some of them is best entrusted to the specialist.

Basically, the trimmer for the grass ceases to work normally in the following cases:

  • Electric cable malfunction;
  • The control button is faulty;
  • burned engine winding;
  • Contact joints break on the engine.

Why is the gasoline trimmer not starting for the grass

The reasons why the gasoline trimmer for the grass stopped starting is different, therefore, a phased diagnosis of the apparatus is required.

Fuel tank (fuel quality)

Remember that always before starting the unit, a check of the presence and quality of fuel is required. In this case, you should not be greedy and save, as well as “clever” about the amount of oil added. Everything must be done according to the management attached to the apparatus, since when the piston group fails, its replacement will cost about 70% of the total cost of the trimmer for the grass.

Pour fuel due to the fact that you will fully conside it when performing work. After a while, the gasoline remaining in the tank loses its properties and can harm the engine. Therefore, do not prepare the mixture for the future and in large quantities. If the lawn mower starts poorly, try to drain the “old” fuel from the tank, and season it with a freshly prepared mixture.

Important! To refuel the device with fuel, the origin of which is unknown, fraught with negative consequences. Gasoline should be of high quality, bought at a gas station, and its brand should be not lower than AI-95.

Candle and candle channel

So, you changed the fuel, but nothing has changed, and the trimmer for the grass still does not start. In this case, it is worth checking the candle channel: whether it throws it with a combustible mixture.

Often users transfer the air damper to the “OFF” position when starting, and when the engine started, they do not transfer it to the “ON” position, after which it stalls.

Further, an attempt to start the internal combustion engine to again leads to the fact that it floods the candle with gasoline, and the start becomes impossible. To diagnose and eliminate the possible problem in this node, do the following.

  • It is necessary to unscrew the spark plug, wipe it well and dry it. When installing a candle in the ICE cylinder, it should be dry.
  • Draw from the combustion chamber the fuel accumulated there. This is done through the hole from which you twisted the candle.
  • In the presence of soot on the electrodes of the candle, it must be removed either with a thin file or a nail file.
  • Do not forget to put the gap between its electrodes before installing the parts in place. The gap on the candle should be 1 mm. As a probe to check the gap, you can use a coin.
  • Next, collect the block, read the start instructions and try to start the engine again.

If the engine does not start, then you will need to check the spark. For this:

  • unscrew the candle;
  • put on it a cap of a high.voltage wire;
  • Touch its metal part to the cylinder body (to provide contact, you can insert a tubular key) as shown in the figure below;
  • pull the launch cord so that several engine speeds occur.

Normally, with each piston roll between the electrodes, the candle should slip a spark. If there is a spark, then the reason that the internal combustion engine is not launched should be sought in other nodes of the device.

For a better understanding of the process, how to test the candle for the presence of a spark, you can use this video where the check is shown by the example of the Lawn Mushiel “Soyuz”.

If there is no spark, then in the beginning check the cable connecting the candle to the coil. perhaps the reason is in it. You can call it with a tester. In case of detection of the rupture of the chain, a high.voltage wire will require a replacement.

Also the reason that the spark has disappeared is a malfunction of the ignition coil (magneto). The figure below shows what the coil (magneto) looks like from the gasoline trimmer for Patriot grass (Patriot).

To exclude the malfunction, it will be necessary to use a tester to check the Magneto trimmer for the grass, namely, its primary and secondary winding. On the primary winding, the resistance should be in the range from 0.4 to 2.0 Ohms.

If the device shows 0. this means that there is a short circuit in the winding, and if infinity is a clear sign of a chain break. The resistance on the secondary winding should be in the range from 6 to 8 kOhm.

On some coils, it can reach the value of 15 kOhm.

Air filter

If your lawn mower does not start well or stalls immediately after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, since it can be clogged, as a result of which the air does not enter the combustion chamber, and fuel ignition does not occur.

To check if the filter is the case, remove it and try to start the engine. If he earned, then the reason was found. The filter needs to be replaced or rinse well and dry before installation.

Why and what to do if a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start

If a benzotrimmer does not start, the breakdown can be caused by several reasons. Most often, the failure occurs:

  • due to clogging of air or fuel filters;
  • because of the exhausted old gasoline in the tank;
  • due to damage to the fuel hoses;
  • due to damage to the ignition system;
  • due to a short circuit of the wires responsible for inclusion.

Also, the launch of the primer and the saapon, the clogging of the carburetor and the air damper drive clogged.

The most difficult thing is to repair a benzotrimer with a malfunction of the engine, but such a breakdown is rare

Exhausted gasoline in the tank

Many trimmers left fuel in the tank after using the unit. If the cover is not closed not, gasoline can exhale and absorb moisture from the air. As a result, the combination of the mixture is reduced, and the motor does not start.

It is very simple to fix the situation. you need to remove old fuel from a gasoline trimmer for grass. Do it like this:

  • Pump up new gasoline primer.
  • Twist the starter cable many times.
  • Pump the old fuel through the combustion chamber until the tank is empty.
  • Dry the candle.

You can also simply remove and disassemble the carburetor to drain the remnants of exhausted gasoline. But it is more difficult to do this, you must have minimal ideas about the device of a trimmer for grass that does not start.

A short circuit of wires

The wires suitable for the engine are responsible for the engine. they are connected by the switch, and as a result, the gasoline trimmer for the grass is launched. Due to poor-quality isolation or permanent vibrations, the cables can be wiped out.

If a short circuit occurs, the engine is not started by pressing the button. You can eliminate the problem according to this scheme:

  • The wire departing from the start button is removed from the terminal terminal of the ignition system.
  • Using the tester, check the cable resistance in “Inclusive” and “off” modes.
  • If there is a malfunction, a working handle of a gasoline trimmer for grass is disassembled.
  • Cut or solder suitable to the motor, ignition system and wire button.
  • Extract the remains of cables and set new in their place.
  • Collect the hilt back.

If the gasoline trimmer for the grass starts again, the repair was successful.

Attention! In good wiring during testing in “inclusive” mode should give resistance striving for infinity.

Flowing the air filter

If the trimmer for the grass has not stalled and does not start, the problem may consist in clogging an air filter. To diagnose a breakdown, you need to extract a candle from the unit case and inspect it. If there is clogging, it will be black.

To eliminate the problem, you need to disassemble the motorcycle and pull out the filter from the body. It is cleaned in accordance with the instructions for a specific trimmer for grass, and then set to place. To prevent the problem, it is recommended to conduct preventive maintenance of equipment from time to time.

Falf in the spark plug

If the benzotrimer does not start, the failure can be caused by a candle breakdown. Diagnosis is carried out as follows:

  • Twist the element from the cylinder block head.
  • Carefully examine. if the contacts of the candle will be covered with a malfunction, will be covered with a black coating.
  • Soak the part in vinegar solution 20% for half an hour to clean.
  • Sprinkled with soda and washed with water after another 30 minutes.
  • Dry with compressed air and installed in place.

In some cases, after cleaning, the candle comes into an efficient state, and the gasoline trimmer for the grass starts again. If this does not happen, you need to replace the element with a new.

If a black fog quickly appears on the new candle, the problem may consist in re.enriched fuel

The ignition coil malfunction

If the trimmer for the grass is jerking off and does not start, it is worth checking the ignition coil. Do this as follows:

  • All wires turn off the block and remove them from the candle.
  • Measure the resistance of both coils-in the primary it should be 2-3 Ohms, in the secondary 4.5-5.5 ohms.
  • With a strong deviation of the indicators, the ignition unit is replaced with a new.

You can check the knot in another way. Instead of a candle, the tip of the discharge is inserted into the appropriate wire and the latter is connected to the motor. Then you need to set a gap with a size of 0.5-0.8 mm and twitch the starter cable. The ignition unit requires replacement in the absence of a spark, but if it is, then the malfunction lies in the candle.

Recommendations and preventive measures

It is quite difficult to start a benzotrimer with malfunctions, sometimes repair requires a lot of costs and applies of efforts. Avoid breakdowns allows compliance with prevention rules. In particular, it is recommended:

  • Timely clean the ribs of the starter and channels on the housing of a gasoline trimmer for the grass;
  • Before a break in the operation of the unit, drain the remaining fuel from it;
  • After cleaning the gas tank, start the engine at idle to eliminate the last traces of the mixture;
  • use only high.quality fuel when operating the unit;
  • load a gasoline braid in accordance with the instructions;
  • Before cleaning for storage, disassemble and thoroughly rinse the trimmer for grass with solvents.

It is recommended from time to time to subject the gasoline braid to be careful to identify mechanical defects. Regular preventive cleaning requires air and fuel filters of the system.

Attention! Before cleaning the gasoline trimmer for storage grass, you need to lubricate the piston group with motor oil.

The more intensively the benzotrimmer is used, the more often its individual working nodes clog

How to prevent sudden breakdowns during the operation of a trimmer for grass?

So that the unit is always in a functional state, it is worth observing several simple rules:

  • Carry out timely, regular technical inspection of the main mechanical nodes of the device.
  • Refill a trimmer for grass with exceptionally fresh fuel, the quality and origin of which is not in doubt.
  • Check after each use of the tool, whether oxides and soot on the surface of the ignition system were formed.
  • Avoid the strong load of the trimmer for grass during work.

In order for the unit to remain in a working state, it is necessary to properly prepare it for storage in the winter period. First of all, you should completely disassemble the tool, and then perform washing and cleaning the constituent elements

It is also important to examine the functional blocks for damage, with the need to eliminate the deformation of the parts, all kinds of distortions, gusts of materials

Placing a trimmer for storage grass, it is worth filling the gearbox with a sufficient amount of oil. Then you need to clean the air filter. partially disassemble, blow and rinse the unit engine. Having dried all the mechanisms, lubricate moving elements. To carry out the processing of the piston system with oils, it is necessary to first extract the spark plug. Then you need to move the piston to the extreme position, then pour a small amount of oil into the candle hole and make scrolling the crankshaft. If the gasoline trimmer for grass in the offseason is not planned to be stored in the house, it is recommended to tightly wrap the engine of the unit with an oiled rag. This will avoid the development of corrosion on the surface of important components of the mechanism.

The most common reasons why the lawn mower will not start

It is these devices that often become an obstacle, due to which a classic trimmer for grass does not start. The filter provided by manufacturers is responsible for the high.quality cleaning of air entering the carburetor. The clogging of the cleansing node is fraught with the fact that oxygen enters the internal compartment of the unit in a smaller quantity or its supply is completely stopped. You can determine the air filter malfunction in a rather simple and affordable way:

  • Dismantle the device and carefully inspect it.
  • If clogged clogs were not found with the naked eye, then try to start a lawn mower without a filter. This detail needs to be replaced only if the trimmer for the grass has successfully wound up.
  • To clean the air filter, you can use a stream of compressed air. But if the cleaning device has long been used, then it is more advisable to replace it.

It is worth noting that the trimmers for the grass do not start due to clogging of the air filter in the most rare cases. Most often this device affects the stability of engine functioning. A more real reason lies in the clogging of the fuel filter. This node is located in the aggregate tank. If the trimmer for grass is used for more than two years, then it is necessary to check the filter, which may prevent fuel supply to the carburetor.

If the user is sure that the main problem lies in the cleansing element of the fuel, then you need to perform the following actions:

If the device has started quickly enough, then the problem lies in the fuel filter.

Long.term storage of fuel in the instrument.involved tank can significantly reduce the life of this node, as well as a random hit of fine debris and dust into a trimmer tank for grass. But if the filter is working, and the lawn mower still does not start, then you need to check the fuel hose. There are often situations when the hose together with the filter is disconnected from the trunk tube, which necessarily leads to the impossibility of starting the engine.

Cycle: why the piston may not move inside the cylinder

The flywheel of a trimmer for grass, aka Magneto’s rotor with magnets, is fixed on the shaft with a key.

This is usually a reliable connection. Under the flywheel there is a sealing oil seal that does not pass the oil from the crankcase out. But when he wears out, the craftsmen have to remove the flywheel and change the oil seal with a new.

Otherwise, the oil flies everything, including the air filter.

At the same time, it is not so easy to remove the key: people make special pullers.

When looking for information on trimmers, I came across a video of one master, who was brought into the repair of the lawn mower, where the flywheel gap was absent. Perhaps a factory marriage. Naturally, such a motor will not start.

A similar reason should also be borne in mind.

Cycle: malfunctions of the sparkling spark

Когда поршень достиг верхней мертвой точки и сжал правильно подготовленную рабочую смесь вместе с воздухом, то ее поджигает электрическая искра, проскакивающая между контактами свечи.

Iskra is a category of electric current among gases. He must have a certain force and power. Weak spark of candles is not able to ignite the fuel mixture.

The causes of a bad spark should be sought in the electrical and kinematic scheme of its formation. magneto. This is the name of a device that transforms the mechanical energy of rotation of the shaft into a spark: current discharge.

Trimmers for grass and chainsaws are now supplied with a contactless electrical circuit of Magneto: it creates less problems in operation than a system with an interrupt. With her, the gas outlet starts more reliable,

  • flywheel or rotor magneto with constant magnets;
  • high.voltage coil with wires and electronic circuit;
  • spark plug.

During the repair, it must be borne in mind that the electrical electronics and candle design details can differ in various parts of the electronics, although manufacturers try to unify and standardize them.

The following picture will help to understand the principle of their work.

Diagnosing a Lawnmower that Won’t Start

The constant magnetic field of the rotor rotates next to the high.voltage coil having control windings, power and charger. Each of them introduces its own electromotive force, which is the source of energy of electricity.

The output winding of the high.voltage transformer, running electronics, gives out the pulses of the discharge current to the spark plug, between the contacts of which the spark rides.

I used to see an old specialized device for checking the spark plugs in a sealed transparent case. Inside the unit, a pressure was created, a screwed candle was connected to an electrical circuit and checked on a spark.

However, each owner can check the power of a spark and the operation of a candle with a sparkling coil right on the trimmer:

  • The candle is twisted with a candle key from the cylinder block;
  • A high.voltage wire with a dielectric tip needs to be connected to the candle head. we restore the contact contact of the output winding of the transformer;
  • The metal part of the candle body is laid on the cylinder block. You can use a conductive conductor. the same candle key. Only it cannot be inserted into the cylinder: you can damage the piston head;
  • with a free hand it is necessary to pull evenly, but not pull, the starter cord. Visually observe the state of the spark on the contacts of the candle.
  • contacts of the spark plug and the state of its insulation;
  • the integrity of the high.voltage wire;
  • serviceability of a high.voltage coil;
  • the degree of wear of the permanent magnets of the flywheel;
  • air gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil.

If the spark is weak or absent, then most often the causes of the malfunction lie in contaminated contacts or violation of the factory clearance of the candle. Other factors appear less.

When purchasing a trimmer for the grass, you need to take care of the reserve candle of the same brand. She, like spare parts, is needed when the motor does not start.

I recorded the brand my factory candle: l7t. You can use counterparts in case of breakdowns or damage when repair is required.

The candle gap of the non-contact ignition of the trimmer for the grass should be maintained in the interval of 0.7-0.8 mm. When examining and diagnostics, I recommend cleaning the contact electrodes from the carbon. Voronilo will help. a type of fine.grained file.

It is necessary to take into account the causes of malfunctions of the high.voltage coil and insulation of the wire. But they happen less often than that of a candle. If you noticed cracks, cuts, damage to the insulating layer, then wrap it with electrical signs, put on a heat shrink, or preferably replace it completely.

Magneto’s most overstated air gap can also be greatly affected by the lawn mowed. When it does not start, it should be reduced on its own to 0.2 mm.

This question clearly explains the owner of the video repair Nick TV in his video “A lawn mower or chainsaw, first prevention” is poorly started “. I recommend to see.

If you look at the lower part of the ignition coil, then a rectangular metal plate is visible in the middle.

It should be located on the central line of Magneto. Displacement forward or backward: it will be early or later ignition. The best performance is in the center. Seek minimal deviations. The settings are simple.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at uninterrupted operation of the gasoline pump. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work facilitates the removal of unexplored residues and dirt. Clean only chilled nodes. This method contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

For refueling, you must use fuel with recommended oil in the instructions. If the fuel mixture remains in the fuel tank, the oil will swim and, when starting, land on the damper, worsening its adjustment. The mixture may besiege and clog fuel in the carburetor.

When saving the equipment for the winter, inspect, lubricate the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in a lubricated rag and store it in a dry place.

This is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mower, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gear and the engine increases. A worn piece of wire flies at the speed of a bullet during disconnection. Effective mowing can lead to the rapid wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Asterisk” line.

While leaving the personal plot, sometimes people have to face the fact that their lawn mower is not started. There are several reasons for the refusal of this tool.

The lawn mower will not start. the reasons

Incorrect storage, a long break in extreme, untimely maintenance and other factors lead to the fact that the lawn mower may stop starting.

Diagnostics of the reasons should be started with checking the main nodes. fuel tank, candles and candle canal, air and fuel filters, saopan, graduation channel. Most often, problems are associated with one of these nodes, and their thorough inspection will help to decide why the lawn mower will not start.

If you use low-quality fuel (below AI-92), this can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston system, the repair of which will result in about a third of the cost

In addition, it is important to observe the correct ratio of gasoline and oil specified in the operating guide to your specific model

The operation of the engine can also prevent fuel filter pollution. If this problem is detected, you need to replace the filter. Air filter also does not hurt to check also. When contaminating it, it is necessary to dismantle it, rinse in water with detergents, dry, grease in oil and put in place. Spark plugs that do not show signs of life must be replaced with new.

Sometimes the lawn mower starts up normally, but then stalls. This is mainly due to incorrect tuning the carburetor or its reservation. Determine that the reason is precisely in this, you can by vibration that are noticeable during operation. You need to configure the fuel supply adjustment, following the instrumentation instructions.

The lawn mower is poorly started on hot

When the lawn mower worked properly, and after a short break does not want to start again, you need to press the gas trigger and sharply pull the starter cord several times in a row, until the engine starts and only then release the gas trigger.

The lawn mower is not started on a cold

At the factory, cold motorcycles are pressed for gas, on the contrary, is not recommended. It is necessary to tilt the lawn mower so that the air filter is at the top and click on the leak button 5-6 times, then install the function of switching the functions to the Start position and pull over the cord several times before the engine factory. After a few seconds of operation, braids for the grass, the start system can be turned off.

What to do if the lawn mower does not start ? In this article we will consider the main reasons for this breakdown.

Most often, the lawn mower refuses to start because the fuel fills the candle. This can happen due to the fact that worn nozzles serve too much fuel in the combustion chamber, and its excess flies a candle, which is why it cannot generate a spark. If the candle is always wet, then this may indicate the wear of the gaskets, which is why the flowing oil prevents the formation of a spark. If the candle is dry, and the lawn mower still does not start, then, first you should replace the candle itself.

Another common reason-a 4-step lawn mower refuses to start “on hot”. Here you can recommend a simple test: by clicking on the trigger, twitch the launch cord several times. If after that the engine has not started, then your tool needs a more detailed diagnosis with subsequent specialized repair.

Carburetor adjustment and configuration

The maximum and minimum engine speeds, even idle is regulated by the carburetor. The stable operation of the lawn mower depends on the amount of fuel mixture and air. The lawn mower is not started with disturbed adjustment of the carburetor. The procedure for setting up the device for supplying fuel at low speeds (L), high speeds (H) and idle (T) is regulated by the same vints:

  • The chainsaw should work for at least 10 minutes, since the adjustment is carried out in hot.
  • The screw n is flooded smoothly to maximum speed, then turning on ¼, counterclockwise, reducing the speed of rotation of the engine shaft.
  • The idle stroke is regulated by the screw T, ensuring that the braid for the grass does not rotate.
  • The screw l is regulated, first opening the throttle as much as possible, and then smoothly reducing the speed to stable minimum.

After adjustment, a proper carburetor with cleaned filters should ensure the operation of the engine. In the event of a malfunction of the carburetor, after its repair, it will again need to configure the supply system before starting the lawn mower.

Rare breakdowns that prevent the operation of the lawn mower can be:

The most important malfunction, the elimination of which is associated with the replacement of the engine may be the failure of the piston group of the engine. The cost of repair will cost about 70% of the cost of the product. To figure out the reasons why the lawn mower is not starting up will help

How to disassemble a carburetor and which valve to clean

Having removed the carburetor lid (unscrewing several bolts) you will see the first valve. the fuel feed needle. And in the center of the carburetor (formed by a kind of circle) there will be the opposite end of the lever, connected to the needle of fuel supply. You can check the fuel supply by clicking on the lever. the needle should move freely. If it hurts or is difficult, it is best to clean and grease the part with special means and a cylinder with compressed air.

The inlet valve is also located there. It can only be checked with a small tube, trying to blow the air in both directions. it should pass the air only in one direction, from its concave side. If the air does not pass, then it is necessary to clean the valve. There are two ways to do this, but we will only consider safe. To do this, take a screwdriver and carefully unscrew the small screw next to the valve needle. do it on a flat surface, otherwise, if you lose the screw or needle, you will have to replace the carburetor completely.

By unscrewing the screw, carefully remove the needle and spring, and then with a blunt end of a match or wire, remove the membrane. All parts of the valve must be washed with gasoline, dried and assembled the valve again, and then the carburetor itself. When assembly, it is necessary to inspect once again and if necessary replace all damaged membranes, gaskets.

After assembly, it is necessary to check the launch of the trimmer for the grass. if it does not happen, then you need to check all the systems again. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to independently clean the carburetor for people without experience.

The air damper drive is faulty

A sign of this malfunction is a “heavy” launch of a trimmer for grass after downtime, especially in cold weather. You can eliminate the breakdown by removing the air damper case and disassemble it, check the fastening of the lever and the damper. If there is a backlash, then the part is definitely replacing. These details are easy to find in a store of spare parts for gasoline trimmers, and replacing them will not be difficult.

This is the most difficult problem in the solution, which can only be caused by the use of incorrect fuel, so it is best to contact specialists. But if you decide to engage in the replacement of the rings yourself, be prepared for complex diagnosis. you will have to sort through the entire motorcycle to exclude all other breakdowns, only after that proceed to the bulkhead of the engine.

Most popular lawn mower Makita PLM4626

The main signs of rings of rings are a heavy start “on cold”, a trimmer for grass does not hold idle speed in an unheated state, and also has increased fuel consumption. The speeds are stabilized after the engine heated, and the trimmer for the grass can work relatively normal. but dumping in the speed set there is.

Before disassembly, check what type of engine is used in your motorcycle. The engine can be two.stroke. its disassembly is simple and subject to anyone, and maybe four. such an engine must first be disconnected from the chain drive of the gas distributor, and then completely disassembled. We will not describe the disassembly of the engine. there are many models in the market, as well as ways to disassemble them, we will immediately move on to the rings. Remove the pistons from the engine and carefully inspect them for damage.

If the rings are not torn, but lay down, they can be restored with a gas burner, they warm them well. If the rings are torn, they need to be replaced, also with the help of the burner to heat the old ones and wearing new ones according to the instructions. After that, the engine can be assembled by previously cooing the pistons.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at the operation of the lawn mower. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work contributes to the light removal of not hardened residues and dirt. You need to clean only cooled nodes. This technique contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fuel with oil recommended in the instructions. If you leave the combustible mixture in the fuel tank, the oil will float and dies on the damper when starting, worsening its adjustment. The mixture can give a sediment and score fuel supply in the carburetor.

When preserving equipment for the winter, make an audit, grease the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in the oiled rags and store in a dry place.

It is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mowing, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gearbox and the engine increases. A demolished piece of wire when separating flies at the speed of a bullet. Effective mowing can lead to a speedy wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Star” fishing line.

Checking the fuel mixture

Suppose you don’t start a trimmer for grass. In this case, the first thing is to check whether the fuel is enough in the tank, as well as evaluate the quality of the fuel mixture

To refuel a motorized unit, it is necessary exclusively high.quality gasoline. It is recommended to use fuel, the brand of which is not lower than AI-95. Refueling a trimmer for grass with fuel of unknown origin, not bought at a gas station, is fraught with frequent failures in the work of the tool. This can cause a breakdown of the cylinder-piston system. Repair in this case often exceeds the cost of the device itself.

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Incorrect preparation of the fuel mixture may also lead to this, which consists of oil and gasoline. The proportions in which the specified components are connected are indicated by manufacturers in the guide for the operation of a trimmer for grass. Preparing the fuel mixture is extremely not recommended in large volumes, that is, for the future. Indeed, with prolonged savings, there is a loss of the determining properties of the substance. Therefore, if a trimmer for grass does not start, it is worth draining the old fuel and use freshly prepared fuel mixture.

Elimination of the reasons why the lawn mower is not started

The fuel mixture should be prepared with accurate observance of gasoline and oil proportions. In this case, you cannot use another brand of fuel. To exclude dirt, gasoline should stand in a glass or metal dish 2 days. Cannot be used for storage of fuel plastic dishes. Distribute the oil with a medical syringe without a needle. Use only a freshly prepared mixture, without leaving an unexplored fuel in a tank. If the engine is capricious, the lawn mower stalls, when you press gas, it may be guilty of fuel.

The lawn mower does not start hot. press the gas trigger and pull the cord abruptly several times until the engine earns, then lower the trigger. Not starting. specialized repair is required.

Checking the ignition system, if the lawn mower is not started, is carried out sequentially:

  • Clean the removed candle from soot and dirt, dry, set a gap of 1 mm;
  • Connect to a high.voltage wire and check on a spark, twitching a few times;
  • In the absence of a spark, check the high.voltage wire for integrity;
  • replace the candle;
  • dry the candle channel;
  • At the same time, the operation of the ignition coil is checked, it is faulty if the working candle does not spark.

It is in the case of a malfunction of the ignition coil that the lawn mower does not start hot, stalls, works with interruptions.

Sapun, a hole for air intake into a gas tank. If it is clogged, discharge is created in the tank and the mixture does not enter the carburetor. The hole can be blown with air or cleaned with a needle. Clean the exhaust channel, remove the anti.icper mesh of the muffler.

The chainsaw is stalled and not start

If the tool is stalled and not starting to start, it is worth checking the presence of fuel in the tank. Oddly enough, it sounds, but many people forget about this and, if such a situation arises, they immediately try to repair the tool, which can lead to serious breakdowns.

In a situation when I drank it stalled, and there is still gasoline in the tank, you need to evaluate how the saw worked until this point. Maybe when working at the last moment there was an extraneous sound, rattle, ringing, power loss, or the tool stopped abruptly. All this will allow to pre.assess the situation.

The engine jammed

Quite often there is a situation when the saw worked and sharply stalled, the cause of which was the jamming of the engine, which in turn occurred as a result of a break in the piston skirt, destruction of the crankshaft bearing, the outbuilding ring of the piston fingers or the break of the piston ring.

The engine jamming is easy to determine if you pull the starter cord. In the case when the starter does not turn, most likely, it jammed, and further repair is possible only in the service center.

The cliff of the fuel wire

During the operation of the chainsaw, vibration occurs, which can cause damage or breakthrough of the fuel line of the chainsaw. In this case, the chainsaw will stall and it will be impossible to start the launch. To diagnose a malfunction, you need to conduct an inspection and determine the presence of fuel fuel.


Overheating of the engine during operation may cause the saw to be stalled and will not start. Overheating is quite dangerous, as it can cause melting the piston in the cylinder and jamming of the engine. In the first cases of overheating, it is worth diagnosing the tool for the availability of extraneous air leaks to the engine, and adjusting the carburetor.

Air leakage, as well as the correct adjustment of the carburetor affects the maximum number of engine speeds and its lubricant, which in turn causes overheating and shaking the tool.

serious causes of malfunction

If, after a thorough inspection of the base nodes of the trimmer for grass, the cause of the device malfunction was never found, then you need to carefully inspect the engine and carburetor. In this case, three key problems can be distinguished at once, which are most often found:

  • Natural wear of the installed carburetor laying. The only logical exit from this situation is to replace a faulty part.
  • Cluster of garbage and soil in jettles or channels. For cleaning, you can use exclusively factory flushing or a regular stream of compressed air from the compressor. It is forbidden to use wire and sewing needles, since one incorrect movement can seriously damage the passing section.
  • Loss of the previous tightness. For a thorough check of this indicator, a classic household tonometer should be used, after installing a suitable pressure gauge. It is necessary to monitor the indicators: if any fluctuations were not recorded, then everything is fine, but when the pressure gradually drops, then some part in the carburetor failed.

If the carburetor used is serviceable, then the gasoline trimmer for the grass is not started due to the fact that the piston group was out of order. If during the inspection, characteristic chips, curvature or scratches were found, then the detail must be replaced. Experts recommend replacing piston rings. If a small backlash occurs when swaying a mounted connecting rod, then rings are subject to replacement, but this procedure is best entrusted to professionals.

Floods the candle on the benzos what to do the video

The owner of a summer cottage will not do without a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass. However, during its operation, of course, situations appear when this unit ceases to start for some reason. And the circumstances of this you will like a lot more. Let’s find out why the gasoline trimmer for grass does not start.

To find why the gasoline trimmer for the grass is poorly started or stalls, you need to check the work of all the main components of the unit in turn. In particular, it is fundamentally done after a long storage of the lawn mower. What you need, the main prerequisites for such a trimmer’s behavior for the grass are as follows:

Not starting on a cool trimmer for grass. We eliminate the cause

Use to clean the carburetor and special washing.

  • If the gaskets of the carburetor are worn out, you need to change them. And in case of violation of the density of this device, you will have to find a faulty part of the carburetor and change it.
  • A trimmer for grass may not be launched due to wear of the piston group. But to change such parts of the lawn mower is better in a car service. a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass. which one to choose?

Immediately after buying a trimmer for grass for grass, we are faced with a lot of questions. how to use it, how to refuel it (if we are talking about a gasoline tool), well, it is clear which fishing line is better to choose for a trimmer. The answer to the last question is looking for the text of the article.

How to quickly remove the stump without uprooting?

lawn, mower, does, start

Some gardeners at a certain moment are faced with the need to cut down trees that increase in this area. As a result of this, stumps remain, if the trees were of significant size, it is very problematic to uproot them. The text of the article is told about other methods of getting rid of stumps.