The Metabo electrical screwdriver button does not work. Replacing brushes

metabo, electrical, screwdriver, button, does, work

Device and circuit of the electric screwdriver button. revolutions and repair adjustment

Malfunctions when turning on, adjusting the revolutions or in the work of a reverse for an electric screwdriver are almost equivalent to complete uselessness. Equally unpleasant and uncontrolled engine operation. However, the circuit of the button of the electrical screwdriver is not so complicated, so it is quite possible to restore the performance of the tool.

The fundamental electric circuit of an electrical screwdriver, in particular, its buttons, is determined by the main functions:

  • starting the engine when pressing and stopping it after the owner of the device releases the button;
  • reverse, that is, changes in the direction of twisting of the nozzle, it is especially convenient to use for repeated assembly and disassembly operations;
  • A smooth speed set so as not to spoil the screw head and maintain a decorative appearance of the material where it is screwed;
  • control of the speed of rotation to drown a self.tapping screw to the required depth (for example, leave it on a flush with the surface).

Based on the device of the button for turning on/adjusting the operation of an electric screwdriver, individual modules are usually carried in various conditional compartments:

  • The button is located directly at an average level to conveniently lie down under the fingers when taking the tool in the hand. It stands on the guides, which moves when pressing. Sliding smoothness is achieved thanks to the spring that propagates it from the inside;
  • The reverse is carried up. Classically, the change of direction is inverting polarity. the engine will rotate in the opposite direction, then through the reducer inverted torsion will be transmitted to the nozzle. The wires going to the engine also go up;
  • The unit, which is responsible for turning on, is demolished down, closer to the battery or exit for connecting to the network.

Additionally, the components of the components of the electrical screwdriver may include:

  • The speed switch button is low/high speed, less often 3 positions;
  • button for activating the drilling mode, if the corresponding function is put on a separate regulator, and not integrated into the mechanism;
  • battery control module and wires to connect to the battery;
  • additional wires that are not even used.

How to repair an electric screwdriver button

Malfunctions with the inclusion and control of modes can occur due to dust or dirt stuffed into the device.

The case of the device, even quite qualitatively assembled, will gradually pass small contaminants in the places of contact with the button, getting out of the system.

Therefore, in many cases, it is enough to remove the button for repair and clean it.

Conservation sequence when checking/repair:

  • The case must be carefully disassembled by first turning off the battery (or pulling out a network cord out of the outlet, if a non.autonomous model is used). The screws are twisted with a cross blade, it may also be necessary to remove decorative elements or rubber inserts;
  • To exclude problems in the motor, you need to attach the wires coming from it directly to the accumulation terminals. If the engine has not earned during the feed, the case is in it, and not the button (or the battery has not been in a charger for a long time). After checking, the engine must be turned off again;
  • with a flat screwdriver (it is better to take thinner) should carefully disconnect the case in which the button moves. Usually they are connected by latches, which are easiest to open with a movement in a circle;
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to solder the mount holding the lid;
  • The button itself needs to be carefully removed, holding the spring. If it turns out that the spring burst or does not provide pressing, it is necessary to replace it with a similar one, otherwise the design will work unstable;
  • The dirt found inside the case must be carefully cleaned. You also need to pay attention to the condition of the contact sites. If they were oxidized, they need to be cleaned and wiped with alcohol. At the same time, it is not recommended to grind the worn surfaces with the skin, it is better to use cotton wool.

Then you need to assemble the device in the reverse order and check if the tool works correctly.

Varieties of bit for electrical screwdriver for its intended purpose

What form the working part of the bit has, it depends on what it is intended for. The heads differ on this basis:

  • professional;
  • spring and magnetic;
  • with the design “fork”;
  • for drywall;
  • with anti.vandal slot;
  • for nuts and bolts.

Experts advise buying nozzles with a set. Plowing their cost is higher.

Many fasteners are twisted with such heads. They can be screwed up and tightened about 400 screws, and after that the nozzle remains in good condition. High quality metal is used for the manufacture of professional bits. Products are protected by a special coating.

Typically, in such a set there is a torsion bat for a shock model of an electric screwdriver. It differs in appearance. The torsion product has a very narrow area between the slot and the shank. It has a special flexible insert in the form of a spring. Working for twisting. Thanks to this structure, a torsion bat is used if necessary to tighten in heterogeneous structure or very dense material. At the same time, self.extinguishing fasteners are used. Using such a head, you can drown a self.tapping screw in the metal, including the hat.

Nozzles that are designed for drywall sheets have a limiter. It prevents the damage to the material during installation. Drywall is a fragile material, so screwing screws must be screwed without strong pressure.

Bits with which you can tighten and twist nuts and bolts have a non.standard shape. The working part of these heads has a hole. Such bits make different sizes. If you have to tighten the bolts and nuts with large hats, then an electric screwdriver with high power is needed.

The nozzles that are equipped with an anti.vandal slot have another name. a snake eye. The shape of such a tip is adapted for the fork key.

Bit with a “fork” type structure refers to a variety of anti.vandal slot. In appearance, she looks like a flat head, only in the middle she has a slot. Such elements are made of high.quality steel. Therefore, they are distinguished by strength and durability.

Bits with a magnetic tip and a spring fixer are designed to perform work in places and on the ceiling coating. Climers hold the bat in the adapter. The magnetic tip will reliably fix it in the notches of the screw, does not allow the nozzle to slip, it is possible to twist the self.tapping screw deeply. The spring nozzle allows you to work with fasteners located at different angles and in places.

How to insert a bat in an electric screwdriver correctly?

Before you start using the Bosch (Bosch), Deko, Makita (Makita), whirlwind, bison, girl, AEG, they select the nozzle. In size, it should approach the fastener hat. To install the nozzle in an electric screwdriver with a fast.packed cartridge, it must be put between the open fists, turn the sleeve clockwise.

In order to fix the nozzle in a tool with a key cartridge. It is inserted into the nest and rotated clockwise until full. To make sure that everything is done correctly, the electric screwdriver is included in the beginning in idle. Check the accuracy of the installation of the direction of rotation, it must coincide with the tightening of the screw.

When removing the bit, the tool is switched to reverse

How to correctly disassemble an electric screwdriver. instructions for beginners

Before repairing the device under consideration, it must be correctly and gently disassembled. Beginners do not always cope with this task, so it will be interesting to know how the disassembly is performed correctly. Instructions for disassembling an electric screwdriver have the following view:

  • Disassembly should be carried out on the table so as not to lose your components. Initially, you need to unscrew all the screws with which the device body is attached
  • Open the body carefully so as not to damage it. To exclude damage to the plastic structure of the case, you can use a plastic spatula
  • If the case does not understand after the fasteners of the fasteners, you need to carefully examine its internal structure. The design may contain brackets that need to be extracted
  • After disassembly, you need to have the details in the order of their removal so as not to mess and collect the device back

Restoration cordless impact driver. parkside pdssa 20 Li A1

If there are signs of oxides inside, this means that water fell into the device. There is a high probability that the reason for the inoperability of the device is high humidity, which entailed the failure of the parts of an electric screwdriver. After disassembling the tool, you can proceed to its repair. Video Description of the Disassembly process below.

Breakage in the mechanical part. how to eliminate

The malfunctions in the mechanical part of the tool is easier to detect than in the electrical component. This is due to the fact that any mechanical defects are heard. The main signs of mechanical malfunctions of the devices under consideration include:

  • The emergence of extraneous sounds
  • Vibration and the battle of the clamping cartridge
  • The operation of the engine engine is heard, but the cartridge does not rotate

To fix the device, and eliminate mechanical malfunctions, you will need, first of all, to disassemble the case. Knowing the device of an electric screwdriver, it will not be difficult to eliminate the breakdown in the mechanical part. If extraneous sounds arise, which indicates the reason for the wear of bushings and bearings of the anchor of the motor, then these elements must be replaced. With wear of the bearing and bushings, they need to replace them, but first you need to buy these details. When buying, difficulties may arise, since it is almost impossible to find spare parts for obsolete tool models.

It is interesting! Before putting a new bearing, it should be well treated with lubricants, for example, lutol-24 or solidol, and even better with special lubricants.

In addition to the failure of the bearing, a gearbox may break on an electric screwdriver. A number of malfunctions of this device include:

  • Reducer shaft is twisted from the effects of large loads
  • The working surfaces of the gear wear out
  • A pin is broken off on which satellites are attached
  • The bearing or supporting gearbox wears out

Most often, it is the gearbox that comes out of the system, or rather, its components. toothed wheels. The reasons for the failure of the gearbox are:

  • Incorrect operation of the tool
  • Strong loads for which the device is not designed
  • Lack of lubrication
  • The material from which the devices are manufactured

If the electrical screwdriver of the “old hardening”, that is, its gearbox consists of steel gears (instead of plastic), then it is advisable to repair it than to buy a new. To do this, the device needs to be disassembled, an inspection and find the cause of the malfunction. When repairing the gearbox, it is necessary to clean the mechanism and parts from outdated lubricant, and apply new lubricants. If there are damaged gears, then they need to be replaced. Do not rush to dispose of faulty gear wheels, as you need to buy exactly such details (take them as a template).

It is interesting! If plastic gears are installed on the tool, then changing them to steel is not recommended. The reason is that plastic gears are broken under the influence of large loads, which protects the engine from combustion. If metal gears are installed on the device from the plant, this suggests that the engine has a large power supply.

So that with independent repair of the mechanical part of the screwdrivers, no unnecessary questions arise, below there is a table that indicates the main signs of mechanical malfunctions, as well as ways to eliminate them.

Signs of tool malfunction Ways to eliminate a malfunction
The emergence of extraneous sounds and hum If extraneous sounds begin to appear when working as an instrument, then this indicates the wear of the bearings. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to check the integrity of the bearberry bearing of the motor and gearbox. If the bearings are serviceable, it is also necessary to check the integrity of the bushings, since they also wear out. Most often, the supporting sleeve of the bearing shaft wears out
Vibration Curvature of the reduction shaft, which contributes to the occurrence of severe beat and vibration. To solve the problem, you need to disassemble the case, evaluate the breakdown and make an appropriate decision to replace the part
There is a battle of a clamping cartridge If the patron is detected, then you need to check the quality of its fixation. The part is attached with a bolt that is inside the part (to see the bolt, you should dilute the sponge). To screw the cartridge, the bolt must be rotated not in the right, but the left side, since it has a reverse thread
Jamming If the tool is jammed, which is indicated by the work of the motor, but at the same time the cartridge does not rotate, then you need to disassemble the case and check the integrity of the gearbox. The instrument jamming indicates the displacement of satellites, violation of the integrity of the gears or violation of the integrity of the bearing. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to disassemble the electric screwdriver and find the cause of the jamming
Cracks and scrolls at the position of the switch Reducer malfunction. To eliminate, you need to disassemble the tool, and inspect the integrity of the mechanism

Performance of work

The reason for the repair was unstable operation of the power button. With a full press, the engine of an electric screwdriver stopped working.

To diagnose the malfunction, it is necessary to disassemble the case of the electric screwdriver. For this, remove the battery, with a flat screwdriver, remove the decorative overlay on the housing (under it there are screws of the housing). The overlays on plastic fasteners are fixed, which are quite easy to break.

Unscrew the screws of the body mounting screws with a crucible slot (in our case 8 screws) and carefully disassemble the case.

When opening it is clear that the power transistor was melted. The transistor is involved in the smooth regulation of the revolutions of the electrical screwdriver. When the button is completely pressed, the engine power circuit closes directly, providing operation at full power. Most likely the problem is in the button.

You need to make sure that the engine is about. To do this, disconnect the two wires of the engine power from the button, pull them out and press the narrow flat screwdriver to the button’s spring contact.

In order to get to the second wire, we take out the contacts of the battery and the button from the grooves in the housing of the electrical screwdriver.

We connect the engine of the electric screwdriver to the battery contacts (polarity is not important). Check rotation.

If the engine is working, a button is necessary. It is important to choose a button for this electrical screwdriver, since in size not all buttons can become in the grooves. The button is sold with the battery terminals and transistor.

metabo, electrical, screwdriver, button, does, work

To do this, connect the engine to the terminals of the buttons. At this stage, the polarity of the connection is not important.

Connect the battery contacts of the new button to the battery.

Press the button and check the direction of rotation of the engine. We pay attention to the position of the direction of the direction of the direction. This is necessary in order to choose the usual position of the rotation direction button for you. If the situation does not correspond, it is enough to change two wires from the engine with each other.

Possible devices of devices. We carry out repairs on our own

If your tool began to work worse or completely stopped fulfilling its direct duties, it is time to diagnose and try to cope with them. First check the wires for damage and voltage in the outlet, for which you can turn on any other device. TV or kettle.

If the voltage is lower, you will have to replace the batteries with new. If the battery is working normally, the power supply is serviceable, check the availability of problems in the device. The most common malfunctions:

Knowing how the power button is connected, you can quickly solve the problem. In addition, the problem with the drill can occur due to dust in the tool, since the drill “picks up” the wood, and brick, and other materials. Therefore, caution should be taken when cleaning the device after each use. This is the only way to reduce the risk of malfunction due to instrument pollution. That’s why, after you made repairs in the apartment, immediately clean the drill.

Read what lithium batteries are needed for electric screwdriver

Signs of a cartridge malfunction

Deviations in the normal operating mode of the head of the power tool is not difficult to notice:

  • The cylinder holds unreliably on the shaft.
  • The drill began to give serious backlash.
  • Fists jam or do not come out completely.
  • The cartridge scrolls.
  • The drill cannot be clamped or pulled out.

As soon as such signs are manifested, it becomes difficult to work with an electric screwdriver, and it is dangerous for health.

How the head is removed from the electric screwdriver

The cylinder is recommended to be periodically disconnected in order to carry out planned cleaning and lubrication of parts to extend the service life of the power tool. The removal method depends on the type of attachment to the shaft and model of electric screwdriver. Read more about how to remove the cartridge of different types of mounting from the screws Makita, Metabo, Bosch.

On a note! Disconnect the cylinder from the shaft only on the electric screwdriver cooled after work.

With a fixing screw

Removing the head with a fixing screw is carried out in the following order:

metabo, electrical, screwdriver, button, does, work
  • The screw is between the clamping fists. It is necessary to completely unclench them and twist the screw clockwise with a cross blade.
  • After that, a hexagonal key of a suitable size is placed in fists. It must be sharply and strongly crank counterclockwise.
  • If the clutch of the cylinder with the shaft is very strong and the key does not help to separate it, you will have to additionally help the neat beats of the hammer.

With a cone cone

Gilses of this type are disconnected from an electric screwdriver, knocking a shank from a conical nest with a hammer. But this standard way may not be a result. Then you need to disassemble an electric screwdriver. The shaft with a gearbox and a cartridge is removed, and then the clamping cylinder should be unscrewed by a pipe key. Nuts on a sleeve with a cone of Morse. the phenomenon is extremely rare.

With a threaded mount

It will take a hexagonal G-shaped key for 10 mm. It needs to be placed between the fists, securely fix it and turn. Then it is worth starting at low speeds and immediately turn off the electric screwdriver pressed to the support. for example, a table or wall. It is about the support that the free part of the M-shaped hexagon should hit a couple of moments after the launch of the power tool. As a rule, after that the fastening weakens, and the cylinder is neatly removed.

Removing the head with a threaded mount is shown at

Advice! If none of the three options helped, the electric screwdriver must be disassembled.

Removal from a disassembled gearbox

If the gearbox of an electric screwdriver is out of order, you will need to remove the cylinder to get to it. This is done like this:

  • Twist a fixing bolt inside the sleeve.
  • Find a gearbox, put the head on its back, reliably fix it. The diameter of the head, as a rule, is 19 mm.
  • With the second hand, gently spin the cylinder counterclockwise.

The electric screwdriver button does not work

Both in the household and in an expensive professional tool, a situation occurs periodically when an electric screwdriver button does not work. This is usually expressed by dysfunction of the option of smooth start, the inability to adjust the number of revolutions and a complete refusal to work. The engine is also possible. We also offer you to buy Kawasaki spare parts.

Repair of the Makita, Bosch, Hitachi and any other brand button button, if there is no possibility of quick acquisition of a similar new element, and a working tool is necessary in the coming hours. The operation is permissible with the most common collapsible buttons, non.vegetable versions are subject to complete replacement.

Repair button launching an electric screwdriver

To carry out repair work, you will need a minimum set of the tool: screwdrivers with a pH (“cross”) for disassembling the housing and with a small flat helmet for opening the button, as well as the soldering iron.

  • When repairing the Metabo, Interskol, Skil, etc. electric screwdriver button.D. You can not solder all the wires leading to it (2 incoming from the battery, 2 exit to the engine and 3 from the transistor);
  • After removing the pressing mechanism, it is necessary to gently push the latches along the perimeter of the case and remove the lid;
  • To access the switch of inclusion, it may be necessary to solder the contact elements of the reverse mechanism and remove another lid;
  • After extracting a movable mechanism from the case, cleaning the compartment and contact plates from the car and mechanical particles should be cleaned. In the absence of visible damage. to assemble the button in the reverse order, test its functionality.

Often, if the button of the electric screwdriver has burned down, to restore its performance, it is enough to replace the blown transistor responsible for the possibility of smooth changes in the number of engine speeds, to a part with completely similar characteristics. It is profitable to buy spare parts for the power tool.

If the listed manipulations did not lead to positive changes, then it will be necessary to replace the button of the electrical screwdriver. the master of the company “Successful Service Service” will perform this work in a few minutes, impeccably high.quality and inexpensive.

How to find a breakdown in a charging block of an electric screwdriver

What is needed in order to find a breakdown in the charging unit of an electric screwdriver, few know, so let’s consider this process in detail. You should start with disassembling the charger, but this is done exclusively on the device disconnected from the network. Make sure that the plug of the device is not connected to the outlet, and only after that begin to disassemble the structure of the case.

To get to the inside of charging an electric screwdriver, the repair of which is carried out, it is necessary to initially remove 3-4 or 6 screws that fix the cover. The number of screws depends on the model of electric screwdriver and the power supply itself. As soon as the case is disassembled, a picture of the next type appears before the eyes, as shown in the photo below.

What to do with all this? It is necessary to start repairing a screwdriver of screwdriver by identifying a faulty element or node. To begin with, the following actions are performed:

  • Inspection is carried out. If there are traces of soot, then the breakdown is found, and you can proceed to eliminate it, but do not rush. After all, the presence of a carrier on one element could serve as a failure of other details. To find them, you need to do the following actions, so we read on
  • We arm ourselves with a tester, and, having set the switch in the call mode, touched the probes to the outburst of the fuse. How it looks, shown above in the photo. If the tester is squealing, then the fuse is working, and the breakdown in another. We recall our initial check of the device for serviceability. if the tester’s readings were positive (and not zero), then the fuse can not be checked, and the reason is different. If the tester’s testimonies are zero, then the fuse is checked first
  • The next in line should be checked by the capacitor. Its malfunction can be detected in shape. if it is swollen, then the repair of charging an electric screwdriver can be completed by replacing the burned element. Before falling out, it is recommended to make sure that the element is really faulty. We take the multimeter to help again, only now the switch is installed in the resistance measurement mode, and the probes touch the conclusions of the device. Shows “0”, so you need to replace the capacitor and “business in the hat”
  • Often the failure of the condenser entails burning out the diode bridge. All diodes or some may come out of order, but in any case, they should be checked. Below the photo shows what the capacitor and diodes look like. You can check the serviceability of the diodes by setting the multimeter in the mode of measuring constant voltage. To do this, we alternately touch the probes to the conclusions of diodes. In one direction, the diodes must skip the voltage, and show the corresponding value on the device. After that, you need to change polarity, and again call the conclusions. If they pass in the opposite direction, then the corresponding elements should be replaced. If no one misses, then they are intact and do not require replacement
  • Checking the throttle or resistor is also checked by calling or measuring resistance. If the call does not squeak, then the resistor is faulty, and its replacement is required. All other elements are rarely out of order (unless this is a lightning blow in the mains, after which the entire board is completely burned out), so usually the searches for faulty elements are completed at this

False elements found must be replaced, but how the charger of an electric screwdriver is repaired, the details are described below.

How to repair the charger of an electric screwdriver

Когда разобран блок питания и найдены вышедшие из строя элементы, то провести ремонт зарядки электрического шуруповерта, не составит большого труда. To do this, you will need to arm yourself with a soldering iron, as well as a flux and solder, and then get down to business.

It is interesting! It is strongly recommended to use rosin as a flux, but orthophosphoric acid, as it copes with its task much more efficiently, and is very cheap.

In order to repair the charger for a screwdriver with your own hands, you will need new elements that need to be installed instead of failed are a fuse, resistors, diodes and capacitor. These elements of a penny are worth, and if you have at your disposal old charging blocks or microcircuits, then you can fall out of there. When all the tools and elements are ready, you can start repairing.

  • First you need to fall out or remove the fuse. Depending on the model of the power supply, the fuses in it can be inserted or soldered. Even if it is an insertion of a fuse, and you managed to find only the one that is with the legs, then the inserts need to fall out of the board and instead of them to the contacts, solder the safety element
  • If the capacitor is swollen and does not work, then it also needs to be dropped out, and replace it. When falling out, do not forget to see which legs are located. This is very important, otherwise the element will work incorrectly, which will lead to a second failure. Positive contact of the plus capacitor must be connected in a chain with diodes cathodes. In order to understand what it is about, below is a scheme on which the site of interest is highlighted. When installing a new capacitor, you need to choose it according to the parameters that the element has failed
  • If a diode bridge has come out of the system, then you need to fall out diodes and solder them. It should also be borne in mind that the diodes should be soldered in the correct position. the anode on the input of the high.voltage part, and the cathode for the low.voltage part. If you focus on the scheme that is presented above, then the difficulties with soldering the elements will not arise

If the resistor, transistor or other elements is faulty, then they are also replaced. The biggest difficulty that you can meet when repairing a charger of an electric screwdriver is a failure of a microcontroller. The termistor, which is located in the design of the primary winding of the transformer, may also get out of order. Its purpose is a restriction and reduction in starting current. Thermistor contributes to the charge of the capacitors that stand at the input of the scheme. How to repair the charging block of an electric screwdriver, if the termistor has come out of the system, it is described in detail in the video.

If this element has failed, it is easier to buy a new block, since it is very difficult to find a similar element, and even if it succeeds, then for soldering you will need to use a special hairdryer.

After a simple repair of the charger of an electric screwdriver, you need to initially check its performance, and only after that you can connect the battery. How to check the operability of the renovated charger. include it in the outlet (only first install the lid in place), and connect the cartridge probes to the conclusions. The corresponding values ​​mean that the device works, and can be applied. Now your Shurik is saved, and can last you for a very long time.

It is interesting! You know why often chargers break. because unscrupulous manufacturers exclude many elements from the scheme, due to which the load on others increases, so the capacitor does not withstand, and swollen. Another reason is also the wrong choice of elements, therefore, as a result, after buying a new screwdriver, you need a repair of a charger.

To summarize, it should be noted that it is impossible to store the battery of discharged for a long time, and if your charging unit from an electric screwdriver has broken, then you need to start repairing it immediately, otherwise it will not lead to a long box to put this process to anything good, but will only contribute to the need to purchase new battery, in addition to the charger. By the way, if it is not possible to repair the charger from an electric screwdriver or the device was lost, and it is impossible to find this on sale, then making a charger with your own hands will help to solve the issue. However, this will need some knowledge in electrical engineering.

Design and principle of work of a screwdriver

It is easier to identify the cause of the problem and repair the tool in the presence of knowledge about its design, the principle of work. Shurovyrt consists of the following nodes:

  • The launch button with an electronic control unit. closes the electric circuit, starting this electric motor, regulates the speed of rotation of its spindle. stronger pressing. more speed and vice versa. As a regulator, a field transistor is used, which controls the value of the resistance of the conductive channel.
  • An electric engine is a single.phase collector electric motor, which needs minimal maintenance. Represented by a stator in the form of magnets, an anchor. a rotor and a background of graphite brushes. A gear is trimmed to the shaft to transmit a rotational moment to the gearbox.
  • The reverse button. switches the direction of rotation of the cartridge, blocks the start of the engine.
  • Planetary gearbox. a complex mechanism presented by a nearby gear of various configurations. Consists of ring, solar gears and a number of satellites installed on the axis of the drove. Twisting from the solar asterisk located on the shaft of the electric motor is transmitted to satellites. They convey the mechanical force of the ring gear. The gearbox lowers the high.frequency speed of the engine shaft, converting them into a low.frequency rotation of the cartridge. Two.stage or two.speed gearboxes prevail on the market.
  • The torque regulator or rattle controls the power of screwing fasteners into the material. Represented by a gear half.a.lumber and half a linen with balls, which are supported by an adjustable spring.
  • Three.bucked fast.packed cartridge. used to keep the nozzles: bit, core.

The delivery set usually includes a couple of batteries and charger.

The general principle of operation is simple. When the start button is clamped, the electrical circuit of the screwdriver is closed, and the supply voltage is supplied from the battery to the engine winding. His spindle or an armature shaft with a sunny gear rotates, transmitting the torque to satellites. They affect a fixed crown gear or epicycle.

The speed of rotation of the anchor shaft changes changes with a wide-pulse modulation microcircuit: the microcontroller controls the voltage supplied to the stock of the field transistor operating in the key mode. The resistance of the alternating resistor is proportional to the force attached to the button.

Torque or screwing power is installed by a circular coupling. If the established force is exceeded, the load adjustment mechanism is triggered on the cartridge: the spring efforts are not enough to hold the ring gear, and they jumps off the balls. The shaft of the electric motor begins to rotate idle, a characteristic sound of a ratchet appears.

Important! In the drill mode or drilling the ratchet is disconnected.

Battery batteries produce from 9 to 24 V supply voltage. Consist of battery cans of 1 V, connected in series.


Screwdrivers, regardless of the brand, are made according to a single principle, and their breakdowns are common. Divided into mechanical and electrical. The most common malfunctions:

  • the failure of the battery or its components;
  • wear of graphite brushes;
  • breakdown or incorrect operation of the speed regulator;
  • non.working reverse;
  • The development of mechanical components.

In the latter case, gears usually wear out, especially in inexpensive models. are made of polymer materials instead of metal, shaft bearing, supporting sleeve, pin.

A sign of a malfunction Reason for its elimination
Extraneous sounds Wear of the bearings of the anchor of the engine, gearbox, bushings. The components need replacement, the bearings sometimes save the lubricant
Vibration, beating The shaft of the motor or gearbox is curved
The beating of the cartridge Initially, poor.quality detail, poor fixation of the cartridge. it is necessary to screw the fastener bolt
Jamming, constant work of rattles Reducer damage: displacement of satellites, wear of the gears or bearings
Does not start Electronics problem: starting button, sitting or broken battery, does not work, problems with the charger

In most cases, you can repair the screwdriver yourself. Sometimes you have to replace entire nodes, because individual gears are not sold. If necessary, they can be searched in service centers. Often the repair consists in removing the old worn lubrication and applying a new high.quality. electrical screwdriver repair: malfunctions of the electric part

The main features of the malfunction in this case will be:

The diagram of the device gearbox of the battery electrical screwdriver.

First of all, you need to check the battery of an electric screwdriver. If the tool was put on charging, but this did not help, then you will need to prepare a multimeter and try to find a malfunction with it. First you need to measure the voltage on the battery. This value should approximately correspond to the one that is indicated on the body. If there is a low voltage, then it will be necessary to identify a faulty element: a battery or a device for charging. To do this, you need to use the multimeter. This device must be included in the network, and then measure the voltage at idle on the terminals. It should be several more than that indicated by the design. If the voltage is absent, then you will need to carry out the repair of the charging unit. If there is no knowledge in the field of electronics, then it is recommended to purchase a new.

If the battery is faulty, you will need to disassemble the block, inspect all the wire fastening places and check their quality. If there are no damaged connections, you need to measure the voltage on all elements by a multimeter. The voltage should be 0.9-1 V or more. If there is a part with a lower voltage, then you will need to replace it. The capacity and type of element must comply with the installed details.

Interior device diagram of an electric screwdriver.

If the charger and the battery are working, but the electric screwdriver does not work, then this device should be disassembled. There are several wires from the battery terminals, you need to take a multimeter and measure the voltage at the input buttons. If the voltage is present, then you need to remove the battery, with the help of clamps, shake the wires from the battery. The device should show the resistance value that strives for zero. In this case, the element is working, the problem is in brushes or other details. If the resistance is different, then the button will need to be replaced. To carry out the repairs of the button, in some cases it is enough to clean the contacts on the terminals with sandpaper.

In the same way it will be necessary to check the reverse element. Repair is carried out by cleaning contacts.

If the electric motor works at high speeds, while the speed cannot be adjusted, then the problem can be in the button or transistor, which is used to adjust.

The device of gears of the electric screwdriver gearbox.

If the chains are working to the engine, but the screwdriver does not work, then the problem is in brushes. If these elements are worn out, you need to replace them.

The problem can be directly in the engine. To check the electric engine, you will need to disconnect the wires that are connected to the button. Further, using the same tool, it is necessary to measure the resistance value on the contacts of the consolidation of the wires. If the meaning strives for zero, then the winding broke off. In this case, you need to perform rewinding or install a new electric motor.

How to make an electric screwdriver: malfunctions of the mechanical part

You will need to check the condition of the anchor windings, since this element can be purchased and changed by yourself. To check the anchor, it will be necessary to measure the resistance on the neighboring plates of the collector, around the entire perimeter. The meaning should strive for zero. If in the process of checking the plates with resistance, which differs from zero, will need to be repaired anchor or replace it.

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The problems of the mechanical part can be determined as follows:

  • In the process of work, an electric screwdriver makes extraneous sounds, which were not there before.
  • The tool vibrates greatly during operation.
  • Cartridge for the clamp.
  • The tool is turned on, but it cannot be used due to jamming.

If in the process of work the device makes extraneous sounds, then this means that bushings or bearing have worn out. To eliminate this, you will need to disassemble the electric engine, and then check the integrity of the bearing and the level of wear of the sleeve. The anchor must scroll freely, there should not be any friction or distortions. These devices can be bought in a construction supermarket and replaced by yourself.

The most frequent breakdowns of the gearbox design can be attributed to the following:

In all cases, you will need to replace the faulty elements of the gearbox. All of the above actions must be carried out carefully. Dismantling of an electric screwdriver must be done in a clear sequence, otherwise any of the details can be lost.

Anyone will be able to repair an electric screwdriver, you will only need to correctly determine the faulty element.