The nozzle on the electric screwdriver for cutting tinplate

Drill bits for cutting metal, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

Performing construction or repair work, it is often necessary to cut the metal workpiece. To do this, you should use special equipment in the form of a cutter, angle grinder or hand scissors for metal. But it’s not always at hand. The task can be accomplished with a metal-cutting drill attachment that will cut a small thickness of the product.

With a wide range of different drill attachments, this versatile device can replace many other tools

Drill bits and accessories

Many craftsmen are accustomed to using the drill for its direct purpose, namely, to drill holes. But not everyone knows that this tool can be turned into a multifunctional device, supplementing it with special attachments, devices and stands, which will make the drill universal and indispensable in any work.

Angle drilling accessories and attachments allow you to make a hole where a regular drill is impossible to approach

With the help of special accessories for the drill, which you can buy at any specialized store at an affordable price, you can perform drilling of holes of various diameters, cutting, grinding, polishing, screwing, mixing and milling. There is also a pump nozzle on the drill, designed to pump liquids. The attachment for plucking chickens is simply indispensable in the household. With the correct and competent application of additional attachments, the result will not be of worse quality, as well as when using a special single-purpose device, but the cost of such a universal tool will be many times lower.

According to their purpose, all existing nozzles are divided into:

  • drill bits and core bits;
  • shear heads for cutting metal;
  • stops;
  • angle jigs;
  • sanding and polishing nozzles;
  • jigs for milling wood and metal;
  • sharpening attachments;
  • quill bits.

The drill pump attachment is used for pumping and pumping liquids, such as releasing water from rain barrels and children’s pools

When working with any attachment to the drill, it is necessary to observe the rules of safety:

  • accessories must be securely retained in the tool chuck;
  • The drill must be held with both hands, which is especially important for powerful models;
  • permanently adjustable tool pressure;
  • Wear personal protective equipment;
  • Do not touch the drill for several minutes after completing the work to avoid burns.

Drill attachment for cutting sheet metal: the scope of application

The main purpose of such an accessory is to process metal workpieces, mainly sheet iron. The variety of options and types available on the market makes it possible, with proper practice, to make not only straight cuts, but also shaped cuts, which is necessary when:

When choosing a particular type, it is necessary to decide on the front of the future work. On sale, there are tools for cutting round holes, which resemble a milling machine in the principle of operation. It is also possible to obtain metal sanding attachments using the attachment, which is important when edges or seams need to be treated, especially after welding or cutting work.

All the fixture models on the market are divided into certain types according to their application. They come in:

  • For the implementation of angular drilling;
  • performing grinding work;
  • for drilling;
  • allowing you to polish the surface;
  • used for sharpening;
  • Directly used for cutting.

The difference of accessories to the power tools for metal cutting consists not so much in the features of functionality, but rather in the allowable thickness of the processed sheet, which must also be considered when choosing the best option.

Drill bits for cutting profiled sheeting. design and peculiarities of work

All available models are essentially a splint (punch). A die inside, which makes multiple reciprocating movements, pierces the metal. Such a device provides an opportunity to create a strip in the workpiece, which has the desired size and shape.

The nozzle itself has a long enough shank, which is required to be fixed in the chuck of the hand-held power tool. It is fixed by means of nuts, holding in normal state, a drill bit or a bit. Clamping part has a rounded shape, which simplifies the process of turning the device to the necessary angle for the work.

Through the use of this accessory, the user is able to process the following materials:

  • Aluminum sheets up to 2 mm thick;
  • Stainless steel, which has this index up to 0.8 mm;
  • iron, copper, brass or galvanized sheets with thickness less than 1.5 mm.

It is worth noting that to cut metal workpieces with a special nozzle is recommended only when providing a rotation speed of at least 2700 rpm.

Drill bits for cutting trapezoidal sheet. design and operation features

All available models are essentially a spline (punch). Inside the matrix, which performs multiple reciprocating motion, pierces the metal. This device makes it possible to create a strip of the desired size and shape in the workpiece.

The nozzle itself has a long enough shank, which must be fastened in the chuck of the hand-held power tool. It is fixed by means of nuts that hold in a normal state, the drill bit or bit. The fastened part has a rounded shape, which simplifies the process of turning the device to the required angle for work.

Through the use of this accessory the user is able to process the following materials:

  • aluminum sheets up to 2 mm thick;
  • stainless steel, which has this parameter up to 0.8 mm;
  • Iron, copper, brass or galvanized sheets up to 1.5 mm thick.
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It is worth noting that to cut metal workpieces with a special attachment is recommended only when providing a rotation speed of at least 2700 rpm.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cutter head for cutting metal and metal tiles

Using a special attachment for hand-held power tools to cut metal has a number of advantages over other machining methods:

  • Achieve the right cut quality through repetitive reciprocating eccentric motion.
  • No need for frequent consumable changes.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Versatility, because only by changing the nozzle, it is possible to carry out all the necessary manipulations with the material.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • The nozzle can be used with pneumatic and electric devices.
  • Getting the cut of any shape.
  • Affordable price.

Metal accessories have only two disadvantages. The first is the need for skill and practice to obtain a smooth cut and increase the efficiency of use. The second drawback. the ability to work only with two hands, which is inconvenient for some types of work.

For your information! Instructions for use of metal tile establishes a ban on its processing angular grinder, so the purchase of the nozzle will be the only option to keep the warranty.

Advantages of using drill bits

Drill bits, when compared to such a popular tool for metal cutting as a angle grinder, have a number of advantages.

  • The quality of the cut is outstanding.
  • No need to purchase additional consumables when using a metal cutting bit, which saves considerable financial resources.
  • Using such an attachment ensures a high performance cutting process.
  • The power tool bits are highly versatile.
  • Because it is equipped with a special handle, the cutting process using this tool is very comfortable.
  • These attachments fit both electric and pneumatic drills.
  • The convenience of these power tools is undeniable, both in application and maintenance.
  • This type of tool can be used to cut almost any shape.

Despite the simplicity of the design of such nozzles, their use requires certain skills and dexterity from the user.

Popular Models and Applications

Modern models of the nozzles on the drill can cut sheet metal not only in a straight line. With such a handy and easy-to-use device can also perform curved cuts, which is often required for installation of roof structures, ventilation ducts, and gutters and other elements of the drainage system.

Using this drill bit, cuts can be made in almost any spatial position. No less important advantage of these nozzles is the fact that they do not require presetting.

This accessory turns the drill into an electric shear, making cuts rather than chisels

Among the most popular models of drill attachments for metal cutting, presented in the domestic market, stand out the following:

EDMA NIBBLEX DASER cutter head for cutting metal and plastic

The differences in the models of nozzles on the drill consist not in the principle of their work, but in the maximum thickness of the cut metal and a number of other technical characteristics. Modern models of drill bits produce smooth and accurate cuts with sharp, even and unbroken edges. In this case, the protective coating applied to the surface of the metal sheet is not damaged and fully retains all its functions.


One of the popular nozzles on the drill, which is a compact cutting (punching) scissors, is a device called “Cricket”. This smooth and accurate cutting head can be used to cut both flat and profiled sheet metal.

Nozzle-cutters “Cricket” is designed to work with pneumatic or electric drill (electric screwdriver) power of at least 420 watts

nozzle, electric, screwdriver, cutting

With the help of cricket cutter head you can cut not only the metal sheet, but also thin sheet products made of polycarbonate and other polymeric materials. At the same time, the thickness of products for cutting which can be used these compact cutters can be up to:

With the help of a drill bit “Cricket” you can cut sheet material in the horizontal and vertical planes, and also make inside cuts on the surface of the sheet.

The “Cricket” works on the principle of a nibbler

Please note that in the area of the sheet where the inside cut will be made, a hole must be drilled beforehand.

“Cricket”. it is a good nozzle on the drill for cutting metal tiles and corrugated board. When using this device to cut metal, the surface of these materials is not deformed, and the cut itself is obtained smoothly and accurately. The nozzle “Cricket” can easily cope with such complex tasks as artistic cutting and creation of holes in sheet material of large diameters.

“Steel beaver”

Another popular drill attachment with which to perform metal cutting is a fixture called a “Steel Beaver”. The principle by which such attachments on the drill, similar to how felling scissors function. When using this device in the zone of cutting no sparks are formed and the metal sheet has no thermal effect, respectively, does not burn the protective coating that is applied to it.

The Steel Beaver metal cutting head is equipped with a replaceable die and punch

Among the technical characteristics possessed by the nozzle on the drill of this type, it is necessary to emphasize the following:

  • The effectiveness of such a nozzle is ensured by the rotation of the drill chuck at a speed of 1500-3000 rpm.
  • Maximum workpiece thickness is 1.8 mm for normal steel sheet, 2 mm for copper and aluminum sheet, 1.2 mm for stainless steel sheet.
  • Angle by which the direction of cut can be changed. 360°.
  • The minimum cutting radius is 12 mm.

Deciding which tool to choose for cutting sheet metal. a jigsaw, an angle grinder or an attachment for a drill. you should first evaluate the tasks for which they are needed.

Drill bits are a good option for home craftsmen and small construction teams. When the amount of work on cutting sheet metal is small, the use of such a nozzle is the best solution. Choosing this device, you should pay special attention to the fact that the characteristics of the drill, in the set with which it will be used, correspond to the characteristics of the tool itself.

The main types of polishing and grinding nozzles for electric screwdrivers

Polishing and sanding nozzles for an electric screwdriver is a large group of removable accessories, including many varieties. In this category, you can pick up tips for a variety of tasks:

  • polishing metal, wood, and glass surfaces, as well as varnished products;
  • Corrosion and old paint residues can be removed from metal parts;
  • sanding of wooden and metal surfaces.
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Thanks to the huge variety of sanding accessories on electric screwdrivers, it is possible to select tips for operations that cannot be performed by standard methods.

Varieties of accessories on the electric screwdriver for grinding

There are more than ten varieties of electric screwdriver bits with which you can sand the surface. Removable devices of this type consist of a rod, on which the abrasive material is fixed:

Electric screwdriver bits for grinding consist of a rod with abrasive material attached to it

The most popular among craftsmen are the following types of removable tips:

  • Plate. these products can be rubber or plastic. Complete with fixed and adjustable pins.
  • End sockets. made from hard and soft materials, they can have different shapes (drum, washer, cone).
  • Cup. brush heads on an electric screwdriver with fibers of brass or metal, as well as tips with a soft filling of foam rubber or felt.
  • Disc. removable fixtures with soft padding or bristles made of brass or steel wire.
  • Drum type. using sandpaper as abrasive, suitable for work in bores and glass areas.
  • Fan sanders. composed of several elements covered with sandpaper. Used for machining surfaces with complex geometry.

There are many varieties of sanding tips for the electric screwdriver

Note! If you want, you can use a compact electric screwdriver with an end cap to work on your jewelry. The tip is so precise that it allows you to grind fine details on precious metal jewelry.

Features of polishing attachments on an electric screwdriver

After processing a product with a polishing nozzle, its surface is perfectly smooth. For this purpose an end disc is used, which removes a microscopic upper layer of material. This does not change the thickness of the workpiece.

Drill bits for different applications in the home workshop

Main types of accessories for cutting, grinding, polishing and other tasks. Nozzles for metal, plastic, wood.

The bits on the electric polishing screwdriver for polishing various surfaces have a stop ring with fasteners for fixing the polishing material. This element is held in place by a threaded tip. Since the tool shaft can rotate both to the left and right side, you can find fixtures with connections of the corresponding type on sale.

The polishing disc on the nozzle wears out during use, so it must be periodically replaced with a new one. Replaceable products have a small thickness (only a few millimeters). They are usually made of polyurethane. Although there are other variants. made of felt or wool of natural or artificial origin.

There are variants of polishing nozzles for an electric screwdriver made of felt or wool

Some types of tips can be used for polishing auto body and glass, as well as products made of polycarbonate. Such nozzles in the process of work should be held parallel to the work surface.

Basic types of electric screwdriver bits for cutting metal and wood

To perform many construction and repair work requires a jigsaw, nozzles for an electric screwdriver in the form of special scissors or a saber saw can be almost a full-fledged replacement for this tool.

There are several types of detachable metal cutting scissors:

Each of them has its own principle of operation and is designed for cutting sheets of a certain thickness.

The electric screwdriver’s main function when working with wood is drilling holes

Overview of multi-tool bits for cutting sheet metal and plastic

Circular shears are equipped with two steel discs. One of them rotates due to the rotary motion transmitted from the chuck on the tool. The cutting disc for electric screwdrivers is designed so that metal can be cut in a straight line even without marking.

Disc shears are used in sheathing and roofing work with the use of:

Take note! Disc scissors are maneuverable enough to create shaped cuts, but they will not cope with the manufacture of complex parts from metal.

The metal cutter on an electric screwdriver is an attachment that is highly maneuverable and allows you to get a very precise cut. The edge is as straight and neat as possible, and therefore the risk of cutting your hands when working with metal is practically eliminated.

How to use an electric screwdriver with a strip nozzle

The strip nozzle cannot be called a universal screwdriver, because it is used exclusively for tightening self-tapping screws for assembling gypsum plasterboard sheets. Many manufacturers have taken care of user convenience, equipping some models of screwdrivers with the ability to work without a belt. Such a tool allows you to screw single screws. To do this, you need to remove the tape, and then install an adapter and a bit of the appropriate size in its place. The process of installing a tape nozzle is somewhat more complicated.

How to change the nozzle on an electric belt-type screwdriver? To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • The tool is equipped with an extended bit. It must be inserted into the removable head before it is mounted on the electric screwdriver.
  • The nozzle is fastened in the chuck of the electric screwdriver.
  • Next you need to set the “magazine” on the tool. It must be done in such a way that near the muzzle there is not a self-drilling screw, but the band’s projection. The fastener is fed in automatic mode, which is activated after pressing the start button.

This completes the preparation of the tool for work. During operation, the electric screwdriver is pressed against the drywall. This is done so that the sheet was tacked and securely connected to the profile. Before starting the work, it is advisable to mark out the drywall. In the appropriate places on the material with a pencil or marker you need to put points.

Move the electric screwdriver with a tape nozzle in the right direction, pressing it to the surface of the drywall

Mounting work with the use of a belt electric screwdriver has a high speed and efficiency. All self-tapping screws are driven in to the same depth, so the result is accurate and of high quality.

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It is desirable for an electric screwdriver to have a locking function for the start button. The tool then works continuously. From the master will only need to move the electric screwdriver in accordance with the marking in the right direction, pressing it to the surface of drywall. When the fastener is screwed in, the knot is snapped off, the band with other self-tapping screws is moved.

The list of attachments that increase the functionality of the electric screwdriver does not end here. This article discusses only the main ones. To get a quality tip for your power tool, you need to pay attention to such nuances as the manufacturing material (molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, chromium), the protective coating on the bit (titanium, nickel or diamond spraying) and reliability of the manufacturer. According to consumer reviews, the best brands recognized by the following companies: Torx, Slot and Pozidriv.

The nozzle is fixed in the chuck of the electric screwdriver

When you are in a specialized store, make sure that the seller has certificates confirming the quality of products, because the lifetime of the nozzles depends on it. In addition, the customer should be given a warranty.

  • The rest of the disk of the angle grinder.
  • Bolt.
  • One washer the size of the inner diameter of the bore of the angle grinder disc.
  • Two washers with a diameter greater than the inside diameter of the disk hole of the angle grinder.

Making a cutting nozzle

Unscrew the disc. As you can see it must not be completely ground. If you do not have an angle grinder. Ask your neighbor or a nearby repair shop, they still throw out such discs.

Put a large washer on the bolt. It does not have to be rectangular. Since it is hard to find large diameter washers, I made them out of the ones I had on hand. The outer diameter of the washer must be larger than the hole that holds the disc.

Then put the disk on the bolt. In order to make sure that it is perfectly centred, we place a washer with a diameter roughly equal to the diameter of the blade’s attachment hole.

It cuts perfectly. There are no sparks at all, like with an angle grinder, because the speed of the drill is very low compared to the angle grinder.

Of course, in no case should you neglect safety precautions at work. At least safety glasses should be on you necessarily. The cutting tool is not any less dangerous because of low RPM and all safety regulations must be strictly observed.With such a nozzle you can clean the metal surface from paint or rust, cut the pipe in a hard-to-reach place, and much more. It’s a useful tool, make one for yourself. you will not regret it.

Cutting nozzle on an electric screwdriver

Hi all! If your angle grinder’s cutting wheel is broken, don’t throw it away right away. I show you how to turn it into a cutting-off nozzle for a drill or an electric screwdriver. With the help of which you can easily cut plastic or thin metal. For example, you need to cut a PVC pipe or saw a straight bolt off. In general, the necessary thing and quickly come in handy at home.

Making a cutting nozzle from a disk

We remove the fragments of the disk from the angle grinder, first removing the plug of the power tool from the socket.Then, you need to find a small circle as a template. I’ll break out the ring from the disc. You can also use the clamping ring of the angle grinder for this purpose.

You can also cut with metal scissors. A metal disc, it’s not that thick and is quite good to cut by hand.

Take a long screw to the diameter of the hole. We put a washer, put the discs on, put another washer and clamp it all with a nut.

If you cut plastic, then the nozzle will not know demolition, but the metal working period is small, because of the low speed of these tools.

Such a thing can cut the board of a textolite, for radio amateurs is the best.In general, do not throw away your ruined angle grinder discs and reuse them! Good luck to all!

Nozzle fabrication

The eccentric mechanism is the base of the scissor design. For it should be turned on a lathe from a steel round bar the shaft for the installation of 2 large bearings.

On one side of it is ground a shank for the possibility of its jamming in the drill chuck. It is necessary to leave thickenings on the second shaft end to limit the bearings.To the long shaft, from the side of diameter enlargement, with a small offset is welded a short shaft, corresponding to the planting diameter of the smaller bearing. The result is an eccentric, on which the bearings are mounted.

It must hold the part of the shaft with the bearings, while the shank remains on the outside. If you cannot find a tube with a suitable inner diameter, it can be partially counterbored.Next, the inner bearing shells must be welded to the eccentric. Also the outer ring of the outermost large bearing is welded to the tube.

In the next step, a sliding shear knife is cut out of thick sheet steel. A fork is made at one end of the fork with the same width as the diameter of the smaller bearing.

The fork is placed between the lugs on the bearing. To allow it to move as the eccentric shaft rotates, a longitudinal groove must be made in the tube. According to the results of measurements, the lugs and the blade itself are drilled, and then it is cut to the right shape.

The second fixed lower blade is then made. Unlike the first, the escapement is brought out and the sharpening is carried out on it.