The Philent 125 angle grinder with adjustable speed

angle grinder Fiolent

I did not choose for a long time, as I already knew what this angle grinder. It feels good in the hand, works smoothly, no complaints. Everything is fine.

Great angle grinder, good build and quality materials. For my domestic needs is the best, I took it for cutting fittings and angles (I do construction work1)

Nice angle grinder. I have it and cuts everything from metal to concrete. The first tool for the private home. I’ll buy one for my father later

It is identical to the Makita 9558, but three times cheaper. Enough for the home. No complaints about quality. Thank you for the discs as a gift

I peorator tsieї brand. Works without narkany already two Roki when my angle grinder broke and did not sensu repair. by picking up a Kraft. Zybrana1

For me Makita is an ideal option. Have used many other manufacturers, any segment, and tried a lot more expensive were,1

Angle grinder Phiolent in the online store With Bargaining

Crimean plant “Fiolent” is one of the largest manufacturers in Eastern Europe, which specializes in the production of power tools. Angular grinder Phiolent well known to the domestic user as a device that allows you to effectively perform many functions, not only in the construction industry. Using this machine, you can easily, quickly and efficiently grind hard materials, grind dissimilar surfaces, as well as cut concrete, stone, brick, glass, etc.

Phiolent angle grinder perfectly combines weight and power, while featuring an ergonomic shape and well thought-out design. You should not forget about a very democratic price of products of the brand. It is this factor that determines the decision to purchase equipment made in Ukraine.

angle grinder (angle grinder) Phiolent MSHU 2-9-125E

angle grinder Fiolent MSHU 2-9-125E belongs to the compact and lightweight rotary tools with power supply from the network, characterized by a wide sphere of application and dovgoviciustju. Among the design features of this model would be desirable to note the possibility of accessory handle in two places for the reliability of retention of CSHM and gearbox housing rotation by 90. Rotate


Phiolent MSHU 2-9-125E characteristics and accessories can be changed by the manufacturer without notice. Check the specifications of the product without any doubts on the website of the reverse store before ordering.

Special features: Power supply: Power loss, Watt: less than 1000 Diameter of the disk, mm: 125 Spindle speed, rpm: 10000 and more

Worked mainly with a grinding wheel. First thing that came off was a pinion locking button (and it didn’t just fall off, it ripped out along with the seat, so I had to disassemble and clean the reducer). Well, the second thing that failed. There was a bearing in the gearbox where the rotor shaft sits. Now in a good way to replace the whole gear housing, but for spare parts leave much to be desired.

For the money it is just a super angle grinder. Yes, domestic production, yes. the appearance is clumsy. But: quiet, lightweight, the electronics work just fine. Smooth start, regulation and speed stabilization at a very decent level. In addition: the function to stop the disk in case of jamming and self-shutoff brushes. Cooling is top-notch. Worked on it nonstop for two hours. I realized that the heat was only three minutes after it was turned off. and it didn’t get too hot. In general, for that money (and with today’s Chinese Makita). very good thing!! I recommend! This is not advertising. I am a normal user.

They say that these same 2013 and 2014 models come with all sorts of faults. So buy either an earlier year of manufacture, or 2015. I have 2015.

Very handy angle grinder. Been using these since 2005. After (Fiolent MSHU 2-9-125E) other angle grinder in the hand do not lie. Soft start, speed stabilization, overcurrent protection, minimum weight and compact size lift this model of angle grinder to a very high level. Often, my friends, once sawed off something with my Fiolent, bought myself the same. During this time I bought two, the first one shorted the rotor. I do not work professionally, but I do a lot of work. The operating conditions are harsh. Sanding, polishing, power work at lower speeds. Withstands all. Friends got a factory defect. I’ve had a lot of luck. This is not an advertisement. It is a real review of a fan of this machine.

I bought a drill and an angle grinder Philolent. How to lubricate the gearbox, what kind of grease, how much and where to fill grease and how often it is necessary to do it? Thank you in advance.

Model MSHU 2-9-125E I have a red, as the manufacturer’s website. The previous prof. Bosch killed our brushes for stripping. loosened 4 screws gearbox and gears just ate each other, new ones cost more than 70% of the most angular grinder. Conclusion: periodically check the screws of the gearbox when working with brushes. Quality and warranty were important to me. I was fooled by the advertising: Japanese bearings, 36 months warranty. when you register the product, and even a couple hundred cheaper, so I bought a drill and angle grinder Fiolent. Anyway, three months later. Drill and angle grinder stopped working with a couple of weeks difference, I did not go inside, they are under warranty, in the service office found out that both wire perebirovalis, made. angle grinder by the way that suffers from it, once every 3-4 months. wire kinked, of the 3 Bosch grinders no one suffered from it. After communication with Fiolent servicemen ALEKS Ltd. I was, to put it mildly, very disappointed with the service Fiolent. The most interesting thing is the claimed warranty of 36 months In the service said. it is subject to tech. instrument maintenance every 3 months. in the service and every inspection 50grn. So calculate 4 times a year for 50 hryvnia. And so 3 years: (43)50 = 600 UAHmore expensive than the drill comes out. Plus the ride to give and take away, and it’s time. And so a year warranty. By the way, Bosch has a professional. Instr. 3 years without any nuances. Now about the soft start, worked from a gasoline generator at 1.1 kW, they work on the principle: idle. increase the load. increase the speed. So the angle grinder with soft start. does not give pulse elevated consumption and the generator does not feel that the inclusion of auxiliary equipment in the mixer. The machine, and does not increase the speed, and angle grinder does not turn on. I had to first plug in a regular drill, the generator speeded up, and then turn on the power. angle grinder. Worked in parallel an ordinary Bosch without a soft starter, all clear. Not long ago, I was cutting a sheet of magnesium 12mm, magnesium shavings reminiscent of the fibrous feather down, shavings settled inside around the brushes and angle grinder from a spark from the brush caught fire. Meltdown of the housing and wire insulation to the brushes, sealed, works, but speed regulation is off. I think it’s not in the angular grinder Philent, and in the structure of chips, would have worked Bosch, it, too, could “pump” and lit up, but I will not check it. Now, when cutting magnesium, put a grid on the vent. holes. Good luck.

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Angle grinder Phiolent MSHU 2-9-125E (H) Ukraine Buy Price

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Attention. Minimum order amount 150grn.

Attention! The Internet store works by the reduced schedule: Mon.-Sat. from 10:00 to 15:00

Manufacturer: FiolentPower: 900W Wheel diameter: 125mm Speed: 2800-9000rpm. Weight: 1,6 kgRPM control

The angular grinder Fiolent

Decided to buy an angle grinder, but can not decide what to choose, then you have come to the right place, we welcome you to our online store “Sea of Tools”, here you can buy quality tools at an affordable price.

To date, one of the best tools in this category are angle grinders TM Fiolent, they have the most accurate price-performance ratio. Their market price is slightly higher than the Chinese tool, but they work incredibly long time their quality can be equated to the well-known Japanese and German brands.

Angle grinders (angle grinder) fitolent

angle grinder Philent long ago earned the attention of consumers in the market of power tools, thanks to the high quality, reliability, ease of operation and maintainability. Tools of this brand have a warranty period from two to three years, depending on the class of the tool. All tools of trade mark Fiolent are classified into two categories. is a professional and master, angle grinder is no exception.

Master series has higher quality components and additional functions, that’s why warranty on this product is 3 years from the date of purchase, and the tool is made in red color case. The second line of the power tools Professional has a 2-year warranty and the color of the tool body is blue, so that it would be easier for the consumer to distinguish the tool, and not to search for articles, where it is necessary to choose.

angle grinder Philent have a wide range, which presents many models that differ in diameter used cutting circles of 115 mm and up to 230 mm, they are also absolutely different in power from 700 watts to 2.5 kW. Therefore, if you decide to buy an angle grinder fitolent, then decide on the size of the cutting wheel, the most popular models are 125 mm and 230 mm, depending on what work you will perform this tool.

angle grinder fitolent. This is a very versatile tool, because with it you can perform a lot of different works, such as cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, etc.д. And it’s all possible because of the accessories that are not included in the kit, but you can buy them when you need them.

When choosing an angle grinder do not forget about important criteria, such as speed control, soft start, which make the work with the tool more comfortable and accurate. RPM adjustment function allows you to use the tool for a variety of purposes, expanding the range of work you can do with it. A soft start function will eliminate jerk of the tool during start-up, which will ensure you a careful start of work.

Description of the Philent MSHU2-9-125 angle grinder

Angle grinder Fiolent MSHU2-9-125 has excellent technical data, is based on high-quality components and is the ideal combination of power and weight to work with a 125 mm cutting wheel.

Philent MSHU2-9-125 angle grinder has 900 watts and has an all-copper armature winding with a special layer of protective varnish. Capable of producing 11000 rpm, allowing to perform the work with high efficiency.

the angle grinder is ergonomically designed for one-handed operation. gearbox housing is made of a metal alloy and safely protects internal parts and serves as a heat sink.

Thanks to the short handle and small body, this angle grinder can reach hard-to-reach places, the on-off button is fixed in the working position and an additional handle can be set in two positions.

Characteristics of the angular grinder Fiolent MSHU2-9-125:

220 V Power. 900 W Speed regulation. no Speed regulation. 11000 rpm Diameter of a disk. 125 mm Spindle lock. yes Spindle thread. M14 Weight. 1,6 kg

  • Metal gear housing;
  • Copper armature winding;
  • Spindle locking;
  • Side handle is set in 2 positions;
  • Small case;
  • Double wire insulation;
  • Armature winding protection;

Buy a quality angle grinder Phiolent MSHU2-9-125 at an affordable price in the online store TechnoLeader.

Features FIOLENT MSHU2-9-125 angle grinder

Protective casing, instructions, cardboard box, key for blade replacement, handle

Payment methods:

Payment by cash on delivery. That is, you pay for the product after you receive it and inspect it for damage. Shipping costs are paid by the customer upon receipt of the goods. The cost of transport services according to the tariff chosen by the carrier company. This method of payment includes one-way shipping (goods) and return shipping (cash). Attention! When ordering bulky goods, spare parts or consumables, as well as during the pandemic (quarantine), the store reserves the right to ask the customer for a minimum advance payment in the amount of the shipping cost in both directions.

Payment by card PrivatBank / MonoBank. Save money on shipping. you can make an advance payment for goods by bank transfer directly to our account PrivatBank / MonoBank, thus you save on shipping.

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Delivery methods:

Delivery within Ukraine Delivery throughout Ukraine, carried out with the help of transport companies, New Mail, In-Time, Delivery or any other convenient for you company carrier. Delivery time depends on the schedule of the company you choose. Making the order till 14.00, and using the services of the New Post, the goods the next day can be delivered (adjusting for distance and force majeure situations or holidays). To do this when ordering, you should specify the location and number of post office in which, you want to get the goods. Read the terms of free delivery.


Returns are available within 14 days of purchase if. If the goods have not been used, not opened, preserved trade dress, preserved packaging. You can read more about the warranty on the Warranty page.

Angle grinder Fiolent MSHU2-9-125E M Master 311

Philent MSHU2-9-125E M Master angle grinder can be easily used in industry, construction, and for household needs, and even at all, will be indispensable. The 900 watt motor works steadily under heavy loads. Cooling perforations keep the motor cool and the magnesium housing perfectly protects it from tampering. The angular grinder FIOLENT MSHU2-9-125E M Master has a function to adjust the speed, which allows you to handle materials of different hardness. Smooth start-up avoids jerky starting of the motor. Push button protected against unintentional actuation. In the grinder Fiolent MSHU2-9-125E M Master additional handle is installed on the right or left side. Safety guard protects the user from sparks and particles. To buy the Philent MSHU2-9-125E M Master. do not think too much, because it is a professional tool for reasonable money.For more information on “Priolent MSHU2-9-125E M Master” please contact our sales-manager for price, complete data and availability. Buy Fiolent MSHU2-9-125E M Master model in Euroinstrument store, where you will get comprehensive advise.

  • Effective ventilation system
  • Gear housing made of aluminum alloy
  • Soft start
  • Convenient spindle locking
  • Locking switch
  • Self-shutoff brushes
  • Rubber insulated power cord
  • Double insulation of the drive

Wheel diameter, mm

Power, W

Speed regulation

Soft start

Tool-free changing of accessories

Maintaining constant speed under load

Vibration protection

Spindle lock at a disc jamming

Accidental start protection

Thermal motor protection

Spindle thread

Cable length, m

Case available

Voltage, V

Weight, kg

Country of origin

Brand homeland

The Fiolent

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, configuration and place of production without notice to dealer.

Angle grinder Master MSHU2-9-125E M F0073

Photos can only be added by authorized users. Login to personal cabinet or register.

  • Power: 900W
  • Wheel diameter: 125 mm
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm
  • Constant speed under load: yes
  • Soft start: yes
  • Net Weight: 1.6 kg

Discount to 2028 p. 50 bonuses

Angle grinder Master MSHU2-9-125E M F0073 is designed for cutting metal workpieces, can also be used to work with concrete and brick. A ventilation system helps to avoid excessive accumulation of dust and dirt in the internal parts of the tool, while allowing the heat to disperse. Overload protection extends the life of the machine.

Specifications Fiolent MSHU2-9-125E M Master F0073

Voltage is a characteristic of the parameters of the electrical system from which power is derived to operate the grinder. Standard voltage for Russia is 220 volts, but devices of different world manufacturers may have different values. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the value of the voltage when buying or in the process of working with such devices, which require non-standard voltage, use adaptors.

When powered by a stand-alone power source. such as a power generator. an optimal voltage rating must be maintained. This protects the device from malfunctions.

RPM (number of revolutions per minute). means how many times the removable element will rotate around the axis in a unit of time (0. 11000 rpm). Depending on the rotational speed, the intensity of impact on the material changes: the higher the rotational speed, the faster the workpiece is cut and the surface is ground. There is an inverse relationship between the speed and the disc diameter. small disc diameters need to rotate faster, large discs slower. This is required by safety regulations.

RPM can be adjusted by the user if the tool has this feature. This helps to improve efficiency and reduces the load on the removable parts.

When buying a high RPM angle grinder with a large disc, it is advisable to have professional knowledge in its use, as well as constant monitoring of the blade or brush mounting mechanisms.

The speed adjustment allows the grinding machine to be optimally adjusted for grinding different material densities. This is a necessary feature for those who will have to work not only with wooden, but also with plastic and metal surfaces.

Supelanetz. support part of the disc clamping mechanism. Simplifies disassembly and replacement of the disc: loosening is achieved by simply turning the washer radially a few degrees around the spindle.

Some models of angle grinders presented on our website are equipped with a quick clamping nut SDS, which makes it possible to change the tooling (disc) on the angle grinder in seconds, simply by turning the nut along the axis (without using special wrenches). In addition, during the operation of the angle grinder with a conventional nut, there are situations when the disc is tightened so much that it becomes very difficult to remove it with a wrench. The quick-clamping nut is a guarantee against this type of situation.

A number of angle grinder models presented on our website are equipped with protection against unintentional start. During work with the angle grinder there may be situations when the tool remains connected to the power grid without the knowledge of the operator: emergency shutdown and the subsequent sudden inclusion of electricity, a violation of safety. Such situations are dangerous if the tool is switched on unintentionally, which can lead to injury to the operator and damage to property. Anti-unintentional start function prevents the grinder from being accidentally started and related problems.

Concrete dust. aggressive abrasive environment for all power tools, therefore, angle grinders are only used for cutting, routing or sanding building materials if they are equipped with an electric motor with protective windings.

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the electronic constant speed drive system protects the motor of the angle grinder against overload and the resulting damage. The system keeps the speed constant regardless of variations in load levels.

Use of the optional vibrating handle helps reduce vibrations when working with the tool. Built-in damper dampens vibration vibrations, which greatly facilitates the work with the tool, reduces fatigue and, ultimately, protects the health of the user.

Soft start, or starting current limiting system, allows you to limit the starting current to 16 A. This is needed in order to connect the grinder to the domestic power grid without damaging it.

Grinders can be delivered in a box, bag or case. The box is the simplest and most budget-friendly option. It is suitable for those who have previously addressed the issue of storage and transportation. The bag and case are more convenient due to the fact that the manufacturer has taken care of how the consumer will store and transport the tool in advance. Inside the bag/case, there are compartments for permanently attaching tools and accessories (if any), minimizing the risk of damaging the grinder.

The weight parameter of the tool when selecting determines how much force the user will have to exert to move the device. Ultimately, this means how fatigued the worker will be when operating the grinder.

Weight depends on the size and power of the electric motor of the equipment. the higher the power, the higher the size and weight.

Heavy grinders are more stable in the processing of flat surfaces, but they are not convenient to use, if a lot of time should be spent with the device “in the balance”.

And a low weight is not only important for easy operation, but also for easy maneuverability, smoothness and natural holding by the user.

For home use, we recommend techniques of low severity, to operate heavy machines should be specially trained operators.

Complete junk, do not recommend

Bought this angle grinder for cutting tiles immediately ran into a problem.nut that holds the drive is unscrewed after turning off, a large runout of the shaft from this any drive makes chips, tried to change the discs at first thought it was them.

Good day, dear readers of Otzovik! I want to tell you about our experience using electric hand grinder angle grinder (angle grinder) MSHU2-9-125E from the company Fiolent. It is made in Russia. We have bought this angle grinder for 2 years.

How to choose an angle grinder for home?

Considering the option of acquiring a grinder, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power. The amount of work performed, the productivity depends on it;
  • the possibility of adjusting the speed, so that for each type of work to select the optimal frequency of disc rotation;
  • the length of the mains cable;
  • setting the handle in different positions (two, three) to make it more convenient to grind or cut the material;
  • The presence of a hood that protects the user from splinters, dust, sparks;
  • the ability to change the accessories without the use of keys;
  • additional functions, such as accidental start button lock, anti-vibration system, protection against jamming of disks.

how to work properly?

When working with the angle grinder is necessary to observe safety precautions, as this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using the grinder are:

  • Hold the tool firmly so it does not fall out of the hands, do not bounce from the material being worked;
  • only fit grinding wheels for which the angle grinder is designed;
  • make sure that the mains cable is not caught by the rotating disc;
  • stand on your feet as steadily as possible to avoid losing your balance;
  • turn on the grinding machine only if the user is completely ready to work;
  • make nozzle changes only with the angle grinder turned off and unplugged;
  • Always turn the machine off after completing a job and do not move around the room or room with the machine on;
  • after turning off the angle grinder, switch on the accidental start button lock, if the model has such a function.

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Angle grinder fitolent 125 with adjustment

Crimean plant “Fiolent” is one of the largest manufacturers in Eastern Europe, which specializes in the production of power tools. Angle grinder Phiolent is well known to the domestic user as a device that allows you to effectively perform many functions not only in the construction industry. Using this unit, you can easily, quickly and efficiently scrape hard materials, grind dissimilar surfaces, and cut concrete, stone, brick, glass, etc.

the Phiolent angle grinder combines excellent weight and power, while standing out for its ergonomic shape and clever design. Do not disregard the very democratic price of the products of the brand. It is this factor that leads to the decision to purchase devices produced in Ukraine.

Phiolent angle grinder: essential features

In addition, the following can be attributed to the main important qualities of such units:

  • Equipped with an additional handle, which helps to increase the level of comfort in the process of work;
  • The machines are equipped with special safety systems, preventing overloading (both thermal and mechanical);
  • cord ties protect the motor safely from ingress of abrasive dust;
  • quick and easy disc change by means of a special locking button.

Buy a Phiolent angle grinder in Ukraine. Anyone who needs a solid and reliable tool at an affordable price can do it. For this, go to our website and choose any model you like.