The Stop Button On The Trimmer Does Not Work

The Stop Button On The Trimmer Does Not Work

Iphones purchased over 200 days ago begin to seize at some point home button. Not all devices, of course, but mine was out of luck. Either the grease on the contacts prevented the current from flowing, or the former moisture inside the case is responsible for the absence of signs of life, but the most important button on the phone stopped responding to pressing.

The exact formula of the product is still a trade secret and is carefully guarded. The product is not patented to avoid disclosure of manufacturing technology.– Wikipedia

So, we take an iPhone, scroll through the WD-40 jet on the Home button, press it several times through a napkin, then scroll through and press again. After two minutes, the button comes to life. Specially filmed video below, the tip itself was spied on by a life hacker.

What to remember:1. Do not allow WD-40 to come into contact with the mucous membrane;

2. Make sure that do you understand the risks, because there are different opinions on the network how the WD-40 acts on electronics. Some say it’s okay. Opponents in every possible way convince from spraying liquids on any schemes, because the wedge draws moisture from the atmosphere and contributes to even greater oxidation contacts.

3. Wipe the phone well with a damp cloth to remove the oily coating of the WD-40.

I had no other choice, because it was already evening in the yard, I had to go far to the service center, and I needed a work phone now. Who is right. Time will tell. In two weeks I’ll write off how my phone works.

Thanks for the tip, ToyoDjUa.

Update by Dengerous: calibration sometimes helps.

1. Launch any native application on an iPhone: notepad, weather, safari.2. Hold down the Power button so that a red bar appears on top Slide to Power Off.3. Release Power, press and hold Home until the strip disappears and the application closes.

Update 03/19/2012 The button works.

Update 05/09/2012 The button works.

Update 07/05/2012 The button works.

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A modern car can be started not only with a key. The Start-stop button is a small product that is installed instead of the ignition switch or in another part of the passenger compartment. To start the car, just one click. Everything is simple and convenient. How to install the “Start-stop” button with your own hands will be discussed below.

How the Start-Stop Button Works

In most cases, the principle is this: you remove the car from the alarm, get into the car and press the brake pedal, then once press the start button of the car. After about half a second, the starter will start the engine. Often, buttons are equipped with LED indicators that indicate a successful start. Need to turn off the engine? No problem, just press the brake pedal and button again.

What are the pros and cons of mounting in a car

What are the benefits of using a button?

  1. A light touch is enough to start the engine.
  2. You no longer need to carry the ignition key with you.
  3. The button is installed anywhere, including right at hand, which increases usability.
  4. A number of options are combined with car alarms, immobilizer and other security systems.
  5. You can close the car by simply pressing a button on the door, without having to put it on the alarm. This saves time if you leave the cabin for a short time.

In the absence of elementary skills in working with an electrician, it is better to seek services at a service station

Are there any disadvantages? Alas, yes.

  1. To start the car, you need to get into it and press the brake pedal. Out of habit, many drivers forget about it.
  2. There may be difficulties in installing an alarm with heating. So, you need at least two key rings. One of them must be given to the masters. They will take it apart, take out the microcircuit and install it in the car. Power will only be supplied at startup.
  3. Installing an alarm on a car with a button is usually more expensive.

It is believed that if the battery in the key fob sits down, the car cannot be started with a button, but this is not so. It is enough to bring the product to the button, and everything will work. If the battery runs out, you can open the car with a key.

DIY installation options

There are many schemes for installing the product, each has its own characteristics.

  • Option with ignition key. In this case, you will need a key to start. Turning it will turn on the ignition, and to start the engine, you will need to press a button. The option without a key is possible. It is simpler, you just need to press the button.
  • “Short” and “long” press. In the first option, you need to press the button for a short time. The starter will spin until the engine is activated. The second involves holding the button. The starter rotates only while it is pressed.
  • Different ignition options. The first option is to turn on the ignition when the button is pressed. The second is the ability to activate it only with the starter.
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This is what installation instructions usually look like.

Experienced motorists combine different options to get interesting patterns. To install the Start-stop button, you do not need to be an experienced auto mechanic. Just ordinary knowledge in the field of car operation is enough. But if you want to implement a complex scheme, with a timer, delayed start-up and other nuances, it will take serious efforts and a large number of additional components.

How to install

Regardless of the option selected, you must first prepare the installation location. To do this, either remove the ignition switch or cut a separate hole on the dashboard. This can be done with a soldering iron, drill, stationery knife and other devices. To access the wiring, disassemble the console. If you plan to install the button not in the ignition switch, do not forget to hide it with a cap.

Consider the installation option on the VAZ 21214 (Niva). The system used will work this way: the first time you press the button with the brake pedal held down, the engine turns on, and the second time, it turns off. If you press it without the brake pedal, the power unit starts and stops. When pressed with the engine running, the motor stops.

Tools and consumables

The following components will be required:

  • The button itself without a latch;
  • Three four-contact relays with open contacts;
  • One five-pin relay with closed contacts;
  • Rear fog lamp relay;
  • Wires and terminals.

Here’s what you need to install the button

Wiring diagram

  • The working contact of the relay “” is connected to the 12V battery (painted brown).
  • The enable signal “” is connected there.
  • The total “-” is for mass.
  • The working contact of the load relay is set to 12V with the ignition on (blue wire).
  • The control signal “-” is connected to the Start-stop button.
  • The enable signal “” remains empty.
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In the car, 3 connection points are created: to the ignition lock block, to the brake pedal limit switch and the control wire. Due to this, the starter will not work after engine activation.

How to install a button

In other cars, the installation principle is approximately the same. The button wires are painted in different colors, so you need to focus on the gamut. Difficulties sometimes arise with orange wires, since there are usually several. Thin, on the harness, is responsible for the brake. It must be thrown to the appropriate place in the car. Paired. On the “plus”, they are responsible for the ignition. There is also a purple wire on the harness, which is responsible for starting the engine. We place it on the gasoline pump. Red rushes to the negative battery, black. To the plus. Blue is used to connect the alarm and is connected to the “plus”. Yellow is responsible for connecting the button to the starter and goes there.

Start-up button installation diagram

Universal button sets

It is not necessary to search for components separately. You can purchase a ready-made kit. It includes a control unit, wires and a button.

All you need in one box

The installation process is simple:

    Remove the larva of the castle and the castle itself;

We remove the larva and the castle

Need to cut the wires

Partially isolate the wires

on how to connect a device

How the mechanism affects the protection of the car from theft

Many drivers are afraid to use this component, believing that it violates the safety of the car, but this is not so. The key in the key fob will be needed in any case. If the door is not opened with a key, the button simply will not work, so that the protection against theft is not reduced.

The start-stop button is an interesting alternative to a conventional key. With it, you can start the engine much faster and more convenient. To install it or not is a personal matter for each driver, it is more a matter of habit and desire to try something new.