There Is No Hurricane There Generally Stihl

A hurricane is a strong squally wind with a speed of more than 30 m / s. The territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan is characterized by an average wind speed of 3-5 m / s. Strong winds, the speed of which is 15 m / s, are more often repeated in the winter time period. December, January and in early spring. March.

Hurricanes in Bashkiria

In recent years, the number of summer hurricanes in Bashkortostan caused by global climate change has increased.

On June 2, 2007, a tornado swept through the territory of the republic with a wind speed of 30 m / s. A strong wind cut off in some areas the wires of power lines, tumbled down trees, damaged the roofs of buildings. During the disaster, 1 person was killed and injured. 52. Residents of the area could observe such a dangerous natural phenomenon as a tornado.

There Is No Hurricane There Generally Stihl

On August 29, 2014, a hurricane wind raged in the republic, as a result of which 2 people were killed, 76 were injured. Than 470 residential buildings were damaged, streets were littered with boards and slate, power poles and trees were tumbled down. The hurricane resembled a tornado, the wind speed reached high levels. In several areas, an emergency mode was introduced.

Many residents of Bashkiria, frightened by the Moscow cataclysm (May 30, 2017), which claimed the lives of 11 people, wondered whether there would be a hurricane in Bashkiria, whether it would reach the republic. Forecasters only forecast heavy rainfall and wind at a speed of 20 m / s. As a result, this cyclone o Bosch sided the republic, but a few weeks later the next hit one of the districts of Bashkiria.

Hurricane in the Arkhangelsk region of Bashkiria

On June 16, 2017, residents of the Arkhangelsk region witnessed a squalling gale-force wind and heavy rain. The element was very strong, the roofs of houses and farm buildings were damaged, power lines were torn down, trees were felled, many cars were turned over and flooded. About Bosch without injuries.

Hurricane in the city of October

A few weeks after the Arkhangelsk disaster, a new hurricane raged in October in Bashkiria. The cyclone originated in Tatarstan, and reached the Republic of Bashkortostan on July 6, 2017. Gusts of wind reached 30 meters per second. The disaster lasted only about 20 minutes, during which cars and stalls were damaged, trees and fences were torn down, pieces of the roof were torn from the roofs, glass was broken, wires were torn off. Electricity in many areas of the city was restored only in the evening of July 8.

The hurricane in Oktyabrsky in Bashkiria caused huge material damage to the townspeople, in addition, two people were injured during the disaster, with minor bruises and cuts, they were hospitalized in the city hospital.

Cyclone in Ufa

There Is No Hurricane There Generally Stihl

How many weeks after the October hurricane (July 17, 2017), an emergency was declared in the city of Ufa due to a strong squally wind, the speed of which reached 50 m / s. The wind broke trees, tore off coverings from roofs of houses, tumbled down pillars, in addition, he carried with him particles of dust, sand, and dirt. The hurricane in the capital of Bashkiria caused huge material damage, the losses from which are still assessed by experts and the authorities.

Tornado in the city of Belebey

On July 19, 2017, a hurricane took place in Belebey, Bashkiria. A strong wind tore the roof of houses, felled trees. Residents of the city observed an abnormal natural phenomenon for Bashkiria. A tornado that quickly dispersed and did not bring any particular harm to either the property or the residents of the city.

Hurricane in Davlekanovsky district

On August 5, 2017, residents of several areas of Bashkortostan felt a strong blow from the elements. Suddenly the weather turned bad, a strong wind blew and heavy rain began. A hurricane was felling trees, poles and advertising signs, tearing down roofs and tiles of cladding from houses, turning cars over, turning over pavilions at stops, cut off power lines, two villages were left without light. The consequences of the hurricane in Bashkiria were dozens of destroyed houses, especially Davlekanovsky district.

Interesting facts about hurricanes in Bashkiria

The frequency and frequency of heavy showers with a flurry, sometimes with a tornado, have increased in recent years. In some settlements, gusts of wind reach 35-40 m / s. The cause of hurricanes is the difference in atmospheric pressure over a small area.

In general, a tornado is characteristic of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and for the plains of the United States. They usually occur in the summer, when the sun evaporates huge volumes of water, warm moist air rises, cooler air comes from its neighboring territories, and it begins to rotate, a vortex appears that resembles a huge funnel. In the center of it, warm moist air continues to rise, but it is completely calm, and hurricane winds rage around the crater, the speed of which sometimes reaches 400 km / h. To understand the scale of the hurricane, and to be able to compare them, use the Beaufort scale. It measures the strength of the wind in points and uses a visual assessment of what is happening. Points are distributed from 0 to 12, where 0 is the full Stihl, and 12 points is a hurricane that causes severe damage.

A squally wind, tornado and hurricane in Bashkiria are formed due to the cold front, which moves from the northwest to the southeast of the republic. This front comes from the Mediterranean. High air temperature and humidity cause tornadoes. Its “body” is formed by clouds, in which one end goes up to a height of 15 kilometers up, and the lower end can be 500-700 meters from the ground. A giant funnel forms.

For Bashkiria this is an anomalous phenomenon. Such clouds form mainly in equatorial and subtropical latitudes. Similar hurricanes in Bashkiria passed in 2007 in Birsk and Dyurtyuly and in 2017 in Bilebei.

Squalls and hurricanes cover relatively small areas and often remain unsecured. Data on them is documented only if they were reported by the district administration, the Ministry of Emergencies or civilians. It is from their information that the extent, intensity and damage caused by the hazard are established. Will the hurricane in Bashkiria again, what intensity it will be, it is almost impossible to predict.

In recent years, dangerous natural phenomena of a climatic nature have become more frequent in Bashkortostan. In winter, snowfalls do not stop, in spring and summer. Strong winds, hurricanes and heavy rains. Over the past year, 13 districts of the republic have appeared in the disaster zone. Strong winds caused tremendous damage to the agricultural lands of Bashkiria (estimated at about 500 million rubles in 2017), municipal and private property, as well as public health. Hurricanes are also dangerous in that they carry dust, dirt, sand, water, which can lead to mudflows.

Hurricane Code of Conduct

Hurricanes, strong squally winds, tornadoes are deadly natural phenomena that cannot be prevented, therefore, it is necessary to know and strictly follow the rules of behavior during the elements: