Tiller Review Which Is Better To Choose

What is Tiller?

Ten years ago, people did not ask themselves the question of which tiller is better, they bought primitive motor-cultivators so that they could quickly cultivate the soil. And the price was satisfying. At the end of the spring work, the cultivator was placed in the pantry until the next use.

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Tiller scheme for any soil.

In recent years, farmers, in order not to stop work all year round, have acquired Tilleri, which greatly facilitate agricultural work and are used by farmers all over the world. So what are the Tilleries? Its main function is the same as that of a cultivator. tillage (plow, loosen, huddle, remove weeds).

But the tiller is powerful, heavy, has a gearbox that allows it to work at high loads. It is these qualities (heaviness and power) that cause inconvenience when cultivating soft soil: the mechanism falls through under its own weight. the tiller is more suitable for working in dense ground.

Drawing for a simple tiller.

By combining many functions in one mechanism, he is able to take care of the garden and the plot, replacing all the equipment, thereby allowing the owners to save money.

tiller is a powerful universal machine for facilitating high-quality cultivation of the land for 4 seasons on a personal plot, in a field or in a garden.

It works on different soils, has several speeds.

Using various devices, it is used as a generator, water pump, mini-tractor, for transportation of goods. A wide range of additional equipment can be installed on it. This is a lawn mower, potato digger, mower, snow thrower. A grass chopper, a scarifier, a trailed trolley, an aerator, a reagent and sand spreader, a sweeping brush, etc. are installed.

DIY winch scheme for plowing.

A wide range of equipment plunges potential buyers into confusion. To figure out which tiller is better and choose, you need to have an idea of ​​what is the peculiarity of each of them.

Depending on the model of the tiller, the variety of accessories included in the kit varies. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable unit, it is necessary to determine the tasks facing the tiller and consider the capabilities of the selected model.

Average tillers

Holder diagram with control knob.

Their weight is 40-60 kg, power is up to 5.5 horsepower, cutter grip is from 40 to 80 cm. This increases productivity by 1.5 times. The size of the cultivated land dictates which tiller with what power and grip is needed. For a plot with an area of ​​up to 0.2 hectares, a capacity of 3.5 liters is sufficient. from. and 60 cm working width. For 0.6 hectares. power 4 liters. from. and a width of 80 cm, for 1 hectare. 5-6 liters. from. and 90 cm respectively.

The design of medium-sized units does not differ much from the design of light units. Transmission of rotation according to the same principle: from the engine to the cutter. But stronger chains and belts are used, transmitting considerable power. With a large diameter cutter, they loosen the ground deeper. And in view of the considerable mass, the machines of the middle class are excellent at milling the soil and, after some training, are easy to operate. These tillers usually have 2 forward and reverse gears at their disposal. Power train allows you to work with additional devices.

The possibilities of tillers of this class are expanded by the presence of a frame that allows you to attach various attached equipment: a cultivator, a harrow, a hiller, weed and duckfoot shares, and even a plow, which is hung from the back using a special hitch. Of course, not every middle-class tiller can handle such work, here we need heavier devices (60-70 kg), having a stronger gearbox and increased strength drive belts.

Diagram of a homemade tiller.

Such a resource is possessed by the models Solo-504, Viking-VH600, the power train of which allows working with additional equipment at a reduced speed of the working shaft. The model BL-450 of the Italian company Benassi ITALIANO-6 is good. It has no analogues: there are 4 forward gears and 2 backward.

To work with a plow, you need metal wheels equipped with lugs. Metal ingots are attached to the wheels and in front for counterweight, increasing the weight of the tiller to 120-150 kg. Such an aggregate plows with a depth of 10-12 cm due to its low ground clearance, but it can process an area of ​​land of impressive size.

Apparatus of the middle class when using attachments can plow, huddle, cultivate. They successfully dig up potatoes, carrots and beets, destroy weeds. Owners of large areas should choose tillers heavier than 60 kg. Their construction is more durable and the engine power is over 6 horsepower. This is already a class of heavy tilers.

Heavy Tillery

Diagram of a homemade harrow for a tiller.

Their weight reaches 100 kg. The models “Neva. 2K” and “Salyut” are widely known. They are made with engines of Russian and American manufacturers. These devices have 4 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, work with a cultivator, a plow, and can pull a load of up to 500 kg.

Using this technique, you can plow and cultivate, plant and dig out potatoes, carry out inter-row loosening. The pump, generator, broom, snowplow and mower, woodworking attachment are driven by PTO pulleys. It is very convenient for life in the village, because connection with a trailer is possible.

This versatility puts it in a row of professional tillers, the device of which is significantly different from amateur units. Engine power. from 6.0 HP and more. The entire oil lubrication system is made of high quality materials, which increases the engine’s service life.

The power of the engine is transmitted to the working shaft by means of a gear transmission, which changes its rotation speed. Therefore, the tiller in 1st gear is very powerful and easily pulls the plow. In 2nd gear, he deepens the cutter by 20-30 cm and digs up the soil. In 3rd gear, it loosens the topsoil and comb out weeds. In addition, there are 2 PTO shafts on the gearbox. The upper shaft is used for connection with a sprayer, pump, circular, etc. The lower one is aggregated with a trailer.

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Tiller diagram from a motorcycle.

The cutter gearbox is wide and spherical as it contains a gear train. The cutter is mounted on a 6-sided shaft, which allows it to work for a very long time. The tiller half shaft turns one wheel relative to the other. It helps a lot when turning.

On non-professional tillers, during operation, the clutch lever must be constantly pressed, the hand is constantly tense and very tired. Here, the work of the engine begins with the fact that the lever is released. The upper red lever is used for stopping, which is pressed against the handle during operation. Very convenient: to stop, you just need to remove your palm from the handle, the lever will lift and stop the engine.

Of course, a multifunctional tiller is more expensive than usual, but the cost of an hour of work is lower. Given its capabilities and self-sufficiency, the funds spent will quickly return.


Four classes of tilers are recognized. They depend on engine power and weight. There are ultra-light and light, medium (cultivators) and heavy (tillery).

Ultralight. They are distinguished by a small mass (9-12 kg), a weak engine (0.9-1.2 horsepower), the presence of one gear, the cutter captures up to 25 cm. It is difficult to say which cultivator is better, because there are no fundamental differences between cultivators from different manufacturers, the shape of the knives and the speed of the cutter are the same for everyone, so they perform the same actions: they loosen the topsoil and comb out the weeds on the beds and in flower beds from the soil to the surface.

Scheme of a tiller-cultivator: 1. cultivator; 2. roller; 3. axle extension.

Lungs. Their weight is 20-30 kg, the power is 2.5-3.5 horsepower, the cutter captures up to 40 cm.Their design is simple, but there are some differences: the drive belt is stretched for some on a fixed engine, for others on a movable engine. The way the belt is tensioned can be determined by pressing the clutch lever. Where there is no tension roller, the engine will “crawl” on the stand. The power of such a tiller is weaker, and it vibrates strongly, which is not very pleasant.

Gearbox designs are different. The most unsuccessful option is a non-separable gearbox, in which the body consists of 2 welded halves. It cannot be repaired. Collapsible gearboxes, although they are more expensive, allow, thanks to the replacement of dustproof elements, to extend the life of both the gearbox separately and the entire cultivator by 3-4 times. 2 halves of such a gearbox are connected along the perimeter either by bolts or by a removable bracket.

Distinguish between chain and worm gear in the gearbox. When using a worm gear, it is advisable to choose the cultivator where the collapsible gear housing is made by precision casting, and not stamping. A front handle is provided for carrying cultivators, it also replaces the reverse gear (just lift the cultivator by the handle and turn it). The lack of a handle guarantees a burn from a hot engine.

With the help of light motor cultivators, you can dig up the soil. It is also possible, thanks to the trailed hiller, to cut furrows and huddle the plants. These are all functions of light motor cultivators. Pay attention to the speed of the cutter. For digging a garden, the optimal speed is 100-130 per minute. Shallow loosening and weed control. at high speeds. It is necessary to choose a cultivator to perform the necessary operations.

Choosing the best tiller

Which tiller to choose?

When determining which tiller is the best, the country of origin is given great importance. The equipment presented to date can be conditionally divided into groups: manufactured in the countries of the former CIS, manufactured in China, manufactured by foreign firms.

Domestic units are inferior to equipment from developed countries in terms of convenience and ergonomics, but the advantages of technical characteristics, versatility, and acceptable cost often outweigh the scales in their favor. Therefore, they are the most demanded among consumers.

Tillers with the transmission of torque to additional devices using a belt are more popular. This feature is present in the models Salyut-5, Favorit, MB-1 Oka, MB-2 Neva, MKM-3 Lander (Plowman), Cascade. Such a device makes the repair extremely easy: most often it is enough to replace the belt. The reliability of these tillers is provided by imported engines and a gearbox, designed by engineers of the USSR.

Famous Chinese units: Crosser, Hunter, Champion, Greenfield, Kipor, Weima, Celina, Sugarden, Zirka, Centaur. are most often analogs of our Favorite, Salut or Neva, or a copy of European models. They are quite cheap due to their low cost. This is achieved by simplifying the technology for manufacturing components and using cheap labor. But such a price reduction affects the quality of products: reliability and service life are reduced.

Imported tillers: Viking, Pubert, BCS, Craftsman, Grillo, Efco, MTD, Husqvarna, Eurosystems. are much more expensive than domestic ones, although they perform the same functions. Additional attachments (also expensive) will significantly increase costs. Giving preference to imported equipment, you should find out about the location of the service center, so that the warranty repair does not take much time.

Therefore, when buying, do not forget that even the most multifunctional and expensive unit has not only advantages, but also disadvantages that must be carefully weighed before making a decision. It is better to do this: we examine several tillers and choose the option that suits you in terms of functionality, quality and cost.

Mobile K MKM-3 PRO MBK0018443

This model is a new generation machine, which is distinguished by a high level of manufacturability and an innovative approach to mechanical engineering and design.

This tiller is ideal for those who do not want to overpay and want to get everything at once.

A huge number of attachments can be connected to the unit, such as brushes, plows and hillers, trailers, snow blowers, lugs and much more.


  • Tank volume. 3.6 L.
  • Engine type. four-stroke.
  • Power. 4.8 kW.
  • The volume of the engine is 196 kb. cm.
  • Weight. 69 kg.


  • fast start;
  • excellent power;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • high build quality;
  • convenient control.


  • not identified for its class.

Weima WM1100BЕ (wheels 5×12)

This model is a tiller with a 12 hp diesel engine. from. Due to its considerable weight, the machine allows you to work even the most dense and difficult types of soil.

You can start the tiller either with an electric starter in a matter of seconds, or with a manual starter.

The gearbox is equipped with three speeds: two forward and one in the opposite direction.


  • Tank volume. 5.5 l.
  • Engine type. four-stroke.
  • Power. 12 HP from.
  • The volume of the engine is 406 kb. cm.
  • Weight. 140 kg.
  • heavy weight;
  • powerful diesel engine;
  • high build quality;
  • the presence of an electric starter.
  • the need to apply physical force when working.
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Cultivation depth

Different models can lift the soil from a depth of 20-35 cm.If the fertile layer is 20 cm, then deeper cultivation can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the soil and a decrease in fertility.

That is why, in this case, a tiller with a cultivation depth of 20-25 cm is suitable.In cases with thicker soil, it is worth purchasing a tiller with values ​​of 30-35 cm.

Attachment types

The tiller design allows the use of additional attachments, which significantly expands the functionality of the machine.

There are several types of such equipment:

  • Plows (reversible, rotary, hiller). Using a plow, they plow virgin soil and carry out deep tillage.
  • Cultivator or cutter. This equipment is one of the main ones. sometimes it can even be installed instead of the wheels of the unit. The cultivator perfectly processes the soil and at the same time does not “trample” it.
  • Harrow. a device that is used to level beds and break up clods.
  • Potato digger. is a hiller plow with dumps made in the form of rods.
  • Mower. can be rotary or segment. Rotary ones are quite effective when mowing grass, and segmental ones are used for mowing grass between bushes and trees.
  • Tedder. a device that is used to turn hay, making it easier to dry.
  • Potato planter. equipment consisting of a container, a furrow cutter and a hiller. During work, potatoes fall into the finished furrow, and the hiller covers it with earth.
  • Seeder. Works on the principle of a potato planter. With its help, you can plant watermelons, carrots, garlic and onions, tomatoes and much more.
  • Trailers. This equipment is capable of carrying loads weighing 300-500 kg.

In addition, there are attachments such as a rotary brush, snow blowers, blade-blade, etc.

How to choose and what to look for

When choosing a tiller, focus on several important parameters.

Popular brands

Having decided on the technical characteristics, you can think about which manufacturer’s tiller is better to buy:

  • The Salute company produces light tillers. They are equipped with high-quality engines with excellent power.
  • Another domestic manufacturer is Neva. Tillers of this company are equipped with engines from the world’s leading manufacturers. They are great for working on farm and backyard plots.
  • Another famous French manufacturer is Caiman. Most of these devices are semi-professional.
  • The Scout brand produces professional diesel tillers. They are equipped with powerful engines and cost about 80-90 thousand rubles.
  • It is also worth paying attention to such manufacturers as Zubr and MT3 Belarus. Their equipment is equipped with powerful engines of 9-10 liters. with., disc clutch and gear reducer.


Today, most semi-professional and professional grade models are equipped with a manual transmission.

Tillers often have several speeds: two front and one rear, two to each side, or four front and two rear.

A large number of speeds is the best option for heterogeneous soil. It is also important when transporting goods or clearing snow. Reverse is necessary in cases where the area is too tight and difficult to turn around on it.

For home use, the best option would be a unit weighing 60-80 kg. for processing virgin lands, it is better to choose models weighing 90-110 kg. Heavier devices are used for working on solid ground, transporting large oversized loads or harvesting a large crop.

engine’s type

tillers can be divided into two types depending on the type of engine: gasoline and diesel.

The first ones are distinguished by their low weight and cost, low noise level, practically imperceptible steering vibration. In addition, such models do not require special care and expensive repairs, they are great for home use.

Diesel engines have maximum stability, a high level of adhesion to the ground, reliability, the presence of air or water cooling.

In addition, they are excellent fuel economy. Their main disadvantage is the high cost. They are best used for work in the fields and in large gardens.

  • TOP 7 best Patriot trailers for price and quality
  • Kaluga M
  • Volga
  • Victory (440 10 7500)
  • Samara M (440 10 7576)
  • Ural with Extreme Wheels (440 10 7581)
  • Nevada 9
  • Boston 9DE
  • comparison table
  • How to choose the right option for a summer residence?
  • Tillers from PATRIOT are very popular with summer residents and owners of suburban areas. And their preferences are quite reasonable and understandable. The equipment of this manufacturer is of high quality, reliability in operation, durability of service life and affordable for a wide range of buyers.

    However, among the wide range of these mobile multifunctional units, it can be difficult to decide which Patriot tiller to choose. After all, they are all designed to work on a land plot and are designed to facilitate its processing. That is why we have selected the seven most popular models that are in the greatest demand among buyers and received their highest ratings.

    TOP 7 best Patriot trailers for price and quality

    When buying, the future owner first of all pays attention to the functionality of the equipment. However, for most people, cost remains one of the main parameters. Our review presents the best Tillers from PATRIOT in the best price-quality ratio.

    Victory (440 10 7500)

    Inexpensive model of PATRIOT tiller with a power take-off shaft connected by a belt pulley. The single-cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine has 7 HP, allowing the user to work quickly and efficiently even on difficult and damp soil.

    Equipped with six milling cutters, allowing for one pass to work the soil, 90 cm wide, up to 30 cm deep. The manual transmission is equipped with 2 reverse and 4 forward gears. In addition to two pneumatic wheels, the vehicle has a front wheel, which provides it with increased maneuverability on the road.

    Convenient handles with which the device is equipped allow you to effortlessly operate it during tillage or moving the tiller along the road.

    • Maneuverability.
    • Lightweight (83 kg).
    • Small size.
    • Price.
    • Front wheel brakes on soft soil.
    • It is inconvenient to fill in oil.


    Convenient and inexpensive mid-range Patriot tiller. It is suitable for various agricultural applications. It includes heavy-duty cutters for processing different types of soil. Carrying out other types of work will require the purchase of additional equipment, for example, a trailer, plow, hiller and others.

    The four-stroke gasoline engine has a power of 7 hp. Thanks to the high torque, the equipment can be operated on wet soil. Large pneumatic wheels with deep treads provide it with excellent flotation on any, even soft ground, and increase its mobility.

    The model has a moderate fuel consumption. In one pass, it cultivates the soil, 90cm wide. The tiller has a reverse, which allows the unit to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Equipped with a 3-speed manual transmission. 1 reverse, 2 forward.

    • Good power.
    • Maneuverability.
    • Low fuel consumption.
    • Large wheels with passable tread.
    • Informative instruction.
    • Fast spinning wheels.
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    comparison table

    When choosing a tiller for a summer residence, it is important to take into account the sets of a number of important characteristics, which you can compare using the table.

    Model Power, hp Number of gears (forward / backward) Tillage width, cm Weight, kg Average price, rub.
    Kaluga M 7 2/1 85 87.4 26590
    Volga 90 96 31,990
    Victory 4/2 83 30990
    Samara M 97 33990
    Ural with Extreme Wheels 7.80 4/2 107 39,990
    Nevada 9 9 2/1 110 130 50490
    Boston 9DE 125 164 63,490

    Nevada 9

    An excellent 9 hp Patriot petrol tiller, belonging to the middle class category. It includes 1.10 m wide tillage cutters.

    Equipped with a power take-off shaft, disc clutch, reverse, gear reducer, 3-speed manual transmission. Pneumatic wheels of large dimensions with deep treads are distinguished by excellent passability on all types of soil.

    Ergonomic handles make it easy to operate, make it simple, regardless of the type of work performed on the trailer. To expand the functions of the unit, attachments must be purchased additionally to it. It can be a hiller, trailer, pump, plow, mower.

    • Excellent performance.
    • Low fuel consumption.
    • Disc clutch.
    • Cutters width 110 cm.
    • Large wheels.

    Phys.Ed.Review (Beanbags Choose Your Challenge)

    • Inconvenient to work in small areas.
    • Price.

    Aurora COUNTRY 1000

    An economical gasoline tiller designed to handle large areas of land. It is distinguished by its reliability in operation, long service life. The set includes 8 cutters, divided into sections, one of which can be removed to reduce the width of tillage. The cultivation width varies between 80-120 cm, depending on the number of cutters used. The loosening depth is 30 cm.

    Has a three-speed gearbox. The gearshift lever is located on the handle for ease of operation. In addition to milling cutters, other attachments can be attached to the unit: a mower, a trailer, a plow. However, they need to be purchased separately.

    The device is additionally protected by a cast-iron gearbox housing that protects the unit from stones. The control levers are adjustable in height and horizontally, expanding the user’s ability to work with equipment. the tiller is equipped with a headlamp, so it can be operated not only in daylight, but also in the dark.

    • Adjustable handles.
    • Comfortable grip.
    • Choice of working width.
    • Reliable gear reducer.

    BISON MTB-300

    Inexpensive gasoline tiller equipped with a four-stroke 7 hp engine. It is lightweight, which makes it easier for the user to operate. However, this does not in the least affect the performance and quality of the stroke on loose or, on the contrary, very hard soil. Hardened steel self-sharpening cutters provide excellent ground handling.

    The equipment is equipped with a gear-chain cast iron gearbox, large wheels with deep treads, providing excellent traction to the ground.

    The handles can be folded, adjusted in different positions, thereby facilitating operation, increasing the efficiency of its control.

    Behind the wheels, there is one more. transport. wheel, created for easy storage, transportation, use of the device.

    The tiller has 3 speeds, of which 1 is backward and 2 is forward. In addition, you can connect to it various types of attachments: plow, trailer, snow blower and others.

    • Low price.
    • Compact dimensions.
    • Good maneuverability.
    • Sufficient power.
    • Small processing width.

    To compare all the tillers from the rating and choose the best one for a summer residence in terms of price-quality ratio, you need to compare their technical characteristics and price.

    Model Engine power, hp Tank volume, l Number of gears forward / backward Weight, kg Average price, rub.
    ZUBRMTB-300 7 3.6 2/1 78 24670
    PATRIOT Samara 3.6 95 29990
    Hyundai T 1300 3.6 93 39,990
    Aurora COUNTRY 1000 4.35 3.2 105 37,900
    Daewoo Power Products DATM 80110 8 4.5 86 39,990
    Huter MK-9500 9.5 6 130 38430
    CHAMPION BC1193 9 132 45200
    Neva MB-23B-10.0 10.06 n / a 4/2 105 58750
    CaimanVARIO 60STWK 6 3.4 2/1 72 59990

    The best heavy class tillers

    This is a technique over 100 kg, which has a large capacity for attachments and powerful power units to process large areas of land in a short time. They are used for farming activities and areas of 1.5-4 hectares.

    The best middle class tillers

    This technique is used in more spacious gardens with an area of ​​0.5-1.5 hectares. It can be used to grow sunflowers, corn, cereals or root crops.

    It is easy on the machine to transport the harvested crop, as well as harvest and cultivate the land after the season. The models have a wider passage width at a time, but the mass of the apparatus is also higher.

    Hyundai T 1300

    Compact equipment that attracts buyers with low cost and ease of use. It is equipped with a reverse and two forward speeds. The set includes 6 cutters.

    The operator’s handle is height adjustable for easy machine control. The tiller is equipped with two large pneumatic wheels with deep treads. Engine power 7 HP allows you to quickly perform any type of work with various attachments, which, if necessary, are purchased separately.

    • Good cross-country ability.
    • Forged saber cutters.
    • Adjustable working width.
    • Convenient control.
    • This model does not have a plow for sale from this manufacturer.

    When Why To Choose a Yamaha Tiller Steer Outboard

    KaDvi Oka MB-1D1M10. for the development of virgin lands

    Such a tiller will be the best when the task is to develop virgin lands. Engine power 6.5 HP allows you to strongly rotate the blades of the cutters (at a motor speed of 2500 per minute) and cut the roots of weeds.

    When it collides with thicker roots from bushes, the apparatus bounces upward, which gives a signal to uproot. At the same time, the belts do not break due to the well-thought-out shape of the pulleys, which does not catch the belt rigidly to itself.


    • the width of tillage is regulated by the number of cutters and varies from 72 to 113 cm;
    • the processing depth of 360 mm allows you to get the deepest roots, so next year the garden will become much cleaner;
    • there are 2 forward gears, where it is possible to reach speeds of up to 9 km / h;
    • attractive;
    • 3.6 liter tank;
    • 2 reverse speeds;
    • easy to start;
    • forged cutter legs;
    • Includes spare belts.


    • the engine was produced in China by the Lifan concern, so it is difficult to predict the service life;
    • weight 100 kg;
    • gears are shifted tightly;
    • difficult to turn;
    • oil leaks from the gearbox;
    • noisy operation 92 dB.