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9 best tillers

It is not for nothing that the tiller is called a mini tractor, because it is just such a traction device that can be used for separately dragging attachments from behind, connecting a trailer, pushing a shovel from the front or transmitting torque to a power take-off shaft (mowing grass, snow removal). In addition, the units can connect cutters for active grinding of the soil. From the rating you can find out the best tillers of various classes for small gardens, medium-sized plots and huge fields, which will help you choose equipment with optimal parameters and not overpay.

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Engine power

The power of modern tillers varies between 3-9 liters. from. It is this parameter that affects the performance of the machine even in difficult conditions.

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For work on a small area of ​​a couple of hundred parts, a 3-4 liter model is suitable. from.

For more spacious fields per hectare, a tiller with a capacity of 5-6 liters will be required. from. The most powerful models in 6-9 liters. from. ideal for working with difficult soils and huge volumes.


The power take-off shaft is an element of the tiller, thanks to which additional attachments can be connected to the machine.

The main function of the shaft is to transfer rotations from the engine to the attachment.

Models with PTO are worth buying if, in addition to plowing the land, the tiller will also be used for other purposes (transporting goods, removing snow and debris, harvesting, etc.).

Best Tillery


The model is a powerful tiller with a PTO and multi-plate clutch. The four-stroke gasoline engine allows operation at any time of the year and starts quickly even at temperatures of 25 degrees.

The unit is equipped with three speeds. two forward and one reverse.

Thanks to the large pneumatic wheels, the tiller is quite stable and has a high speed of movement when transporting goods.

The heavy weight of the machine allows you to work even on the most difficult soil.


  • Tank volume. 6 L.
  • Engine type. four-stroke.
  • Power. 6.5 / 9 kW.
  • The volume of the engine is 270 kb. cm.
  • Weight. 132 kg.


  • large engine resource;
  • disc clutch;
  • high power;
  • comfortable adjustable steering wheel;
  • large lifting capacity up to 700 kg.


  • chambers inside the tire can flip over at a sudden start.

How to plow with a tiller correctly

The engine is running and you can start plowing. To get started, the tiller is brought out to the site. The boundaries of the first furrow are marked with a taut twine. The control knobs should be turned to the left to operate the unit from unplowed ground. The first furrow is made at low speed. This must be done carefully, without straying from the orientation cord. Having reached the end of the plot, they check the plowing depth. It should be within 15-20 cm.

After that, the right wheel is placed in the furrow, the first gear is engaged and the plowing continues. It is easy to use the equipment, the skill develops quickly. If the plowing depth is not satisfactory, the plow must be adjusted. When plowing, you need to constantly monitor the wheel in the furrow, it should not go beyond its limits. The ridge of the earth should be at a distance of 8-10 cm from the previous one. A well-adjusted tiller runs smoothly without jerking. You can’t push him. With the advent of skills, the plowing speed can be increased.

Sometimes the motor overheats. In this case, it must be muffled and cooled. When plowing the soil, it is filled with oxygen. This affects the future harvest. Autumn plowing is useful. Plow with a tiller before winter. In the spring, it will remain to dig up some areas in the corners of the garden. For plowing, it is better to use products of the middle and heavy class.

How to plow with cutters

Small areas are best cultivated with a cultivator. Instead of a cultivator, tillers with cutters are also used. They are included in the package or purchased separately. They are adjusted horizontally. This adjustment prevents the formation of waves from the ground. Processing is done 1 time. After double cultivation, the soil is caked. Saber cutters are often used, sometimes in the form of “crow’s feet”. The cutters work accurately and with high quality. Their disadvantage is low strength, leading to frequent repairs.

Attaching and adjusting the plow

The plow is attached to the machine with various couplings. First, the hitch is attached to the tiller using a pivot. The mount should not be strong, with a horizontal clearance of 5-6˚. If the connection is made firmly, the tiller will deflect in different directions when plowing the land due to the uneven effect of the soil on the plow. This complicates the control of the unit.

The next step is to attach the plow to the hitch. Better to do this with an assistant. It is not recommended to tighten the nuts completely so that the plow adjustment for the tiller is correct. This is an important operation. In case of wrong actions, plowing with a tiller will be of poor quality. For correct adjustment of the cultivator, the unit is installed on supports 20-25 cm high.They can be made from bricks or scraps of boards.

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Ground hooks are installed on stands and fixed. the tiller should not outweigh it. Place the plow frame in a position where the heel is parallel to the ground. This can be adjusted with the adjusting bolts. The stands can now be removed and the control handles can be installed at the level of the operator’s belt.

In the last step, the angle between the ground surface and the end of the plow is adjusted. The adjusting screw is unscrewed until the plow blade rests on the ground. Then its back must be raised 2.5 cm above ground level. If this is not done, it will be impossible to plow with a tiller. The plowing depth is equal to the height of the stands when adjusting.

Tiller launch

Operation of diesel and gasoline engines begins with starting. Many owners of a newly acquired tiller have no idea about this process. They do not read the instructions for purchase, although they are included with each product. Check the oil and fuel levels first. This is done before each start of the engine.

If the oil level is insufficient, the entire engine can be damaged.

Two-stroke engines are fueled with gasoline and diluted oil. The proportions of oil and gasoline, the mixing technique are described in the instructions. A-92 or A-95 gasoline is poured into the fuel tank of a gasoline engine. The diesel engine runs on diesel fuel, which is available in summer and winter. The instruction gives information about the temperature at which winter or summer diesel fuel should be used.

Immediately before starting, the control systems for clutch, reverse, gas, steering are checked. All connections in these systems must move with little effort. To start a gasoline engine equipped with a recoil starter, you need to open the tap on the gas tank. The choke lever is set to the “Start” position. With the ignition off, 3-5 movements of the starter are performed. Then the ignition is turned on and the engine starts. The choke lever is set to the “Run” position.

If the engine is equipped with an electric starter, starting is easier. The ignition is turned on and the engine starts. Gasoline enters the carburetor under the action of an electric pump.

It is more difficult to start a diesel engine. There is air in its power system, which must be expelled by an electric starter. When the air comes out of the tubes and diesel fuel takes its place, then the engine will start. When starting with a recoil starter, you need to open the fuel supply valves, set the gas and press the decompressor. After several strokes with the starter, the decompressor returns to its original position and the engine starts. It is possible to work under load only after warming up the diesel.

Installation of ground hooks

Ground hooks are wheels with a diameter of at least 50 cm and a width of 18 cm. They are made of metal. First you need to cook them along with the additional axles. the tiller is installed on a level place. Rubber wheels are turned away and ground hooks are put in their place.

Typical mistakes when choosing a tiller

Many inexperienced farmers, when buying a tiller for tillage on their site, recklessly focus only on cost and appearance. This approach can lead to damage to the agricultural unit or inconvenience when using it. Consider the main mistakes when buying a tiller, and tips to help you make the right choice.

How to plow with a tiller with a plow

Today, land owners often use machinery. Plowing with a plow on a tiller is much easier and faster than digging a garden with a shovel. The tiller will plow the entire area in an hour and a half, which you need to dig with a bayonet shovel for a week. But for this you need to properly control the mechanism. The unit together with attachments you need:

  • deliver to the place of work;
  • replace rubber wheels with soil hooks;
  • elongated axles will give the mini-tractor additional stability;
  • hang and adjust the plow;
  • start the engine;
  • start plowing.

Proper plowing has advantages over other types of work:

  • during this process, fertilizers can be applied;
  • the plowed depth throughout the entire area remains unchanged;
  • the soil is saturated with oxygen and moisture;
  • weed growth slows down;
  • yield doubles;
  • saves time.

Controlling the tiller is simple: you need to walk next to it and use the handles to adjust the direction of its movement. The unit weight must be at least 70 kg. Plowing can be done on the Neva tiller and other mechanisms. A lighter implement will not pull the plow.

Such plowing also has disadvantages:

  • do not plow areas with deep roots;
  • the fertile layer gradually fades away and loses quality.

The evenness of plowing can be adjusted by the speed of the mini-tractor.

How to choose the right tiller for plowing a land plot: tips, video

About 30 years ago, the industry was not engaged in the serial production of tillers. They were not in demand on collective farms. The land was cultivated with wheeled and tracked tractors. Later, craftsmen were found who built strange units that arouse the envy and surprise of neighbors. These homemade cars were the first tilers. Today, industrial tiller plowing is no surprise to anyone, although envy remains.

Small universal units are used on the plots of farmers, farmsteads of rural residents, dachas. They replace several types of equipment by doing their job. Before purchasing a device, you need to think about its use on the farm.


The lineup of tillers of the Belarus brand is presented in different options. However, the 05, 06, 08, 09 and 12 models gained popularity due to their reliability and ideally thought-out functionality.

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Advantages of tillers Belarus:

  • the ability to connect various removable equipment to equipment;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • ease of maneuvering;
  • ease of home repair and availability of spare parts;
  • ease of use.


An important advantage of the Plowman tiller range is excellent quality and affordable price.

Tillers of this brand have received recognition from summer residents thanks to:

  • the presence of sufficient power to work with any attachments;
  • the ability to adjust the handles for the height of the user;
  • high cross-country ability due to rubber wheels;
  • simple control and high maneuverability;
  • the presence of a gear reducer, thanks to which the equipment does not overheat during prolonged operation;
  • high quality of the tiller units, which guarantees its durability.

Patriot (Patriot) Ural

This model is popular among summer residents due to its light weight and ease of maintenance. Also, attention is drawn to the universal hitch, thanks to which any attachment can be connected to the unit (for example, a plow, a hiller, a potato digger and much more).

A feature of the unit is a reinforced frame that allows it to be carried and transported without disassembling. Another advantage of the model is its seamless gearbox, which eliminates oil loss.

Choosing the brand of Patriot Ural aggregates, you should know that any model will be ideal for processing small land plots.


The Japanese tiller brand Cayman is distinguished by its high quality engine and an innovative cooling system. The unique bearing protection system requires no additional maintenance. The new transmission, developed by the Japanese together with the French, allows you to adjust the speed of the unit, gently shift the gearbox.

The entire Cayman model range involves the use of all kinds of attachments (plow, mower, hiller, digger, snow removal, utility brush), which allows you to use the unit throughout the year.

Cayman models are characterized by special handles that facilitate 180-degree turning, and 5 gear speeds, each of which can be forward and backward. Thanks to the presence of an inverter, the tiller can automatically change the direction of movement when the steering wheel is turned.

Which tiller is better to choose for a summer residence

With the onset of spring, the agricultural machinery market revives. Farmers are beginning to look for agricultural machines for their dachas and vegetable gardens, capable of cultivating large plots of land and medium-sized territories. Tilleri are especially popular among agricultural machines. And although this type of equipment is expensive, it justifies the costs, because the number of operations that he performs throughout the year pays for the purchase with interest.

Depending on the power plant, the tillers are diesel, gasoline, battery and electric. What kind of tillers are used by modern gardeners and what are their differences, we will consider in this article.


The Chinese manufacturer of the Centaur model copied it from Tiller Zirk. The main advantage of this option is its attractive price. The high quality of the unit is confirmed by a one-year warranty.

Many farmers choose Centaur units, because problems with the operation of such a tiller are extremely rare due to the fact that service centers operate throughout the country, where you can repair the unit or purchase any spare part for it.

This tiller will be an ideal option for both owners of small household plots and farmers who own large land plots.

Which tiller is better: with belts or gear

To understand which tiller is better. with a belt or with a gearbox, you should understand their advantages.

Belt driven units:

  • provides smooth transmission;
  • does not require lubrication and belt replacement;
  • make a little noise;
  • have a long service life.

In tillers with gearboxes, a chain and gear drive are used. Chain driven units ensure stability and high efficiency. An important disadvantage is the rapid wear of the chain and the high cost.

The gear reducer has a complex design that allows you to reduce the engine speed and at the same time increase the power of the unit. The disadvantage of Chinese gearboxes is that they are non-separable. Therefore, in case of any breakdown of this unit, it will have to be replaced with a new one.

How an agricultural winch works?

An agricultural motor winch is used for the following works:

  • Mold plowing.
  • Hilling plantings.
  • Planting and digging potatoes.
  • Moving loads in the horizontal plane.

The motor winch works on the principle of impulse transmission from the engine to the pulling rope, and from it to the plow or cultivator. In simple terms, the plowing tool clings to the rope and is propelled by the power from the winch motor. This significantly saves time and effort for plowing. To work with an agricultural winch, two people are needed. one controls the plow, the second controls the operation of the motor winch itself.

In addition to facilitating agricultural work, such a winch has a number of other advantages:

  • With the use of a motor winch, plowing is carried out efficiently, the soil is deeply loosened, there are almost no weeds on it.
    As a result, soil fertility is effectively maintained.
  • The winch is safe in operation. for example, when planting and digging potatoes, vegetables are not damaged, unlike a tiller.
    This is due to the fact that it is easier to control the direction of the plow or hiller in the motor winch.
  • The agricultural breaker is compact and versatile. it can be used both outdoors and in a closed greenhouse.
  • The mechanism is easy to use, repair and maintain.
  • The application is environmentally friendly, in comparison with plowing with tractors and tillers, while no less effective.

By the type of engine, winches for agricultural work are divided into:

  • Electric. with an average power of about 1.5 kW.
  • Gasoline. average power 6.5 horsepower.
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By the type of management, agricultural breakers are:

  • Manual. controlled via manual levers and buttons.
  • Foot-operated. more typical for gasoline engines.

Selection factors

In order for the motor winch to serve for a long time and to be comfortable to use, you need to evaluate when buying:

  • Engine type. if the site is electrified, the best solution would be an electric winch, since this is a more economical option.
  • Engine power. the speed of the cable movement directly depends on this characteristic, and, as a result, the productivity of the agricultural winder.
  • Stiffness of the rope and its diameter. the tension rope must be moderately stiff and elastic to withstand the loads during operation.
  • Ease of operation. Electric winches are considered to be the easiest to operate, but the latest petrol models are also optimized for ease of use.
  • Complete set. many models of motor winches come immediately with the minimum necessary agricultural tools.
  • Dimensions of the device. the winch should be easily transported and moved on the site.

Boomerang 2000

One of the most popular Russian-made electric winches. This model compares favorably with similar small dimensions and weight. only 35 kg. The frame is a welded frame, on which there are a drum with a traction rope, an electric motor, and other mechanisms. Electric motor power. 2.2-2.5 kW. High-quality tension and alignment of the cable is provided by the cable layer, which is equipped with the winch. The dimensions of the rope are standard. 50 meters long. Telescopic handles, which makes it possible to adjust the electric winch for a user of any height.

A very handy device that helps when working on the site. It is securely fixed with a grouser (one is enough), the cable unwinds evenly, plows quickly. Comfortable handles that make it easy to move the winch into an adjacent furrow. You can use it both for plowing and for hilling. it does everything quickly. In this case, the quality of the soil does not matter.

Mogilev LS-200

This is an improved model of the LS-100A electric winch manufactured by Mogilevliftmash. It has an increased power. 1.7 kW compared to 1.5 kW for the old version. The weight of the winch is reduced by 15%, and is 49.3 kg (without attachments). The speed of the rope at the initial speed is increased to 2.7 km / h. Thus, this is a high-performance motor winch, the only requirement for the use of which is electricity on the site. The owners note its reliability and ease of use.

Compact winch that is easy to move thanks to the wheels. The included one does not make noise and does not vibrate like old gasoline ones. Very easy to manage. The set included a plow and a frame for it, everything was done with high quality and conscientiously. Works quickly and does its job perfectly.


This model is also produced in Russia (“PromElectroService”). The winch is powered by a four-stroke air-cooled carburetor engine.

Possesses the following technical characteristics:

  • Engine power. 6.5 horsepower.
  • Fuel tank capacity. 3.6 liters.
  • Required fuel. AI-92, AI-95.
  • Cable dimensions. length 40 meters, diameter 5 mm.
  • Rope travel speed. 4.9 km / h at maximum speed.
  • Weight. 50 kg.

The set also includes attachments (plow frame, plow and hiller). The control is carried out using a manual starter and a foot drive. A feature of the model is the disc clutch, which is more reliable in comparison with the traditional belt.

I specially chose a powerful model with a gasoline engine and a disc clutch. Gasoline consumption is very low, a full tank lasts for a long time. In operation, the motor winch proved to be excellent, plowed even where the tiller did not pass. The length of the cable is more than enough. The foot drive is specific, it may be uncomfortable for someone, but you just need to get used to.

ML-2M BULLET-2 (Krepysh)

An upgraded version of the MLM-1M. This is a small-sized and rather powerful (6.5 hp) motor winch, which is supplied both with a set of attachments (hiller, plow), and without it.

Compared to the MLM-1M version, the second “Bychka” has the following differences:

  • Other engine. no centrifugal clutch reduction gear.
  • It is possible to adjust the mechanism in height.

At the same time, the performance of the engine remains approximately the same (the speed of the cable is about 5 meters at maximum speed). The dimensions of the cable do not differ either. standard 50 meters with a diameter of 5 mm. The device is no less popular than its first version.

An easy-to-operate unit, it can even be used in tandem with a child. The cable moves quickly, we plowed the garden almost effortlessly in half an hour. The rod is securely fixed. It does not grind weeds from the site, but pulls out, which is important for the gardener.

Mogilev LS-100A

The winch produced by the Belarusian holding Mogilevliftmash is equipped with a 1500 W electric motor. The length of the hauling rope is 40 meters, the weight of the device is 58 kg. This mechanism is equally suitable for mined plots and hard, untreated soil. Can also be used to move loads, for example, when cleaning the site.

The package includes:

  • The winch itself is assembled with a support anchor.
  • Support wheels.
  • Attachments. plow and hiller.
  • Traction cable.

How to plow and till a big vegetable garden area that’s never been plowed before

Nice silent device. Very quiet engine, unlike gasoline ones. It works the area even faster than a tiller, and certainly faster than a manual cultivator. Comfortable handles, easy control with a button, smooth start. One drawback. only suitable for an electrified site.