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Bicycle with a motor from a trimmer. Making elements and self-assembly of a moped
Bicycle with a motor from a trimmer: making elements and self-assembly of a moped, rules for operating a homemade moped

Bicycle with a motor from a trimmer. Making elements and self-assembly of a moped

Modern trimmer Is much more than just a garden tool. The high power of most lawn mowers makes it possible to use them as a basis for assembling all kinds of homemade products, not the least of which is a bicycle with a trimmer engine. This self-propelled device stands out for its simplicity of the device, high traction parameters, and ease of maintenance. The relatively low consumption of a fuel moped makes it possible to cover considerable distances on it, and a high suitability for repair. Independently eliminate almost any malfunctions of a homemade product.

Installation of the brake system.

A homemade bike with a lawnmower engine must be equipped with a brake system. To make it, you will need to use a pair of brake discs installed one at a time on the drive and driven wheel. To control the brakes, the discs using metal cables must be connected to the levers installed on the handles of the standard handle.

trimmer assembly

In addition to installing the brakes, the operator will also need to replace the standard tires on the moped wheels. Not only the cross-country ability of a self-propelled bicycle depends on this, but also the safety of the owner when driving off-road.

How to make a moped with a lawn mower motor?

Assembling a homemade trimmer begins with studying detailed drawings. The diagrams should indicate the dimensions of the parts used, as well as the sequence and methods of their installation in the general device of the moped.

Next, you need to prepare equipment and parts.

Their list includes:

  • Motor driven;
  • Reducer;
  • Brake system;
  • Welding machine;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Set of bolted connections;
  • A set of wrenches and screwdrivers.
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The further procedure for assembling a homemade moped from a trimmer must be divided into several stages. Each of them must be treated with special responsibility, since not only the quality of the device depends on this, but also the safety of the operator during its operation.

Disassembly of the starter unit

The launch mechanism is disassembled in order to install new parts instead of broken ones in the following sequence:

  • Unscrew with a screwdriver the screw fixing the pulley with the starter cover;
  • Take out the spring and antennae;
  • Carefully remove the pulley (you need to turn your head away or work, wearing glasses and gloves first);
  • Determine why the trigger has broken;
  • If the spring has collapsed almost completely, then it is replaced;
  • When the spring comes out of the hook, it is installed in its original place, bending the antennae in front of this (the photographs show the laying process);
  • After the spring plate is installed inside the groove, carefully twist it.

To change the spring, you must work carefully and carefully: it can accidentally burst under the influence of the force caused by installing it in place. Even if you carefully remove the roller, the spring strip very quickly flies off the reel and can injure your hand with its sharp edges.

Starter assembly

The assembly of the starter unit is carried out in a number of stages:

  • The coil is turned over, setting it so that the spring bend fits exactly into the groove of the body, as in the photo below;
  • Two washers are laid, between which a spring is placed;
  • Put in place the cup with the antennae;
  • Tighten the screw (photos below).

When doing the above manipulations, it is imperative put two washers. If this is not done, then the spring will damage the plastic cup over time, and when it is pulled, wedging will begin. Because of this, there is a feeling as if the spring has flown off. To eliminate this drawback, you need to install this part of a greater length or an additional washer.

When such parts are not available, you can just unscrew the screw, and the starter assembly will start working without wedging. But this option is temporary. It is better to repair it with high quality as soon as possible.

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How to repair a trimmer starter

Petrol trimmer starter repair may be required at the most inopportune moment. In this case, the problem can be solved in two ways: replace the broken part or change the entire unit. The latter option is more expensive. To repair the device with your own hands, in most cases, you only need a screwdriver with the appropriate tip from the tools. Repair work does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. It is enough to know the device, the principle of operation, the nuances of assembling and disassembling the starter on the trimmer in order to achieve the desired positive result.

Lawn technology manuals

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How do I replace or replace the starter spring?

If everything is in order with the rope on the starter, suspicion falls on the reel itself. It is activated by a ribbon spring, coiled into a roll. Certain steps must be taken to change the spring.

  1. Remove the starter from the lawn mower.
  2. Remove the starter coil.
  3. Unscrew the main bolt holding the pulley to the housing.
  4. Pull out the gripping tendrils and spring, the ribbon spring is almost fully extended or coiled into larger rings.
  5. Hold it in advance.
  6. Check if the spring is intact (there may be rusty streaks, cracks, etc.). If the hooks at its ends are broken, it will not be possible to bend new ones. High-carbon steel breaks when you try to bend it. Loose hooks are suitable for slight bending.
  7. Make sure the auxiliary (regular) spring and washers are in place. These parts protect the coil body from being punctured by the ends of the main spring. If the washers and the spring are broken, and new ones are not available, do not tighten the coil bolt tightly, but watch it. It can unscrew and get lost.
  8. If the main (flat) spring is damaged, insert the same new one. Place the hook on the end of the spring in place and bend it, inserting coil by coil into the space it should be.
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The rewinding of the spring takes a minute. Dexterity in this action is acquired quickly.

How to replace or replace the starter spring, see the following

Assembling the starter lawn mowers

When servicing and repairing the starter, it is important to assemble it correctly. As if the assembly was carried out by the manufacturer. Any part that is incorrectly installed will prevent you from fully using your trimmer or lawn mower.

  1. After winding the spring, turn the coil over and position it so that the second spring hook falls back into place. To control the correct installation of the spring, there are technological windows on the coil itself.
  2. Install the starter pulley and make sure one of the spring hooks fits into the groove located on the starter cover.
  3. Insert the spring and washers on the sides to prevent the spring from rubbing off the plastic compartment in which it is located. If the spring is broken, and the other is not the same, an additional washer is placed in its place.
  4. Insert the antennae cup into the slots on the spool.
  5. Install the coil in its place, tighten the bolt as far as it will go, but without fanaticism.

If you do not shield the mainspring with washers from the compartment where it moves when winding and unwinding the starter cord, the reel will often jam when you try to start the trimmer or lawn mower. Loosening the coil bolt will result in its loss.

How to assemble a lawn mower trimmer starter, reel in

How tight is the spring cocking?

It is possible to give the spring the necessary potential force required for a clear and fast winding of the cord, by determining the length of the cord in turns. To prevent the cord handle from drooping, add 1-2 more turns to the number of turns. So, if the cord has a length of 5 turns of the coil, then, when charging the spring, turn the coil 6-7 full turns.