Trimmer Conversion Attachment Into Motorcycle

Велосипед з таймера, як будувати самостійно, крок за кроком

Motor-drill trimmer attachment

trimmer, attachment, motorcycle

If you need a motor drill and you have a petrol trimmer with an engine capacity of 33 cc or more, then you can easily assemble a working model. The more power the trimmer has, the more auger you can use.

Standard shaft fit. 20mm.

Get the most out of your trimmer without overpaying.

A motorcycle or ice screw is one of the simplest devices assembled on the basis of an economic trimmer. The equipment practically does not need any radical alterations. All that is required from the operator is to include several additional elements in the device, and strictly follow a certain algorithm. As a result, the designer will be able to assemble a motor-drill, which will be able to make holes equally successfully, both in ice and in soil.

Self-assembly of a motor-drill

For the sequential manufacture of a motor-drill from the available parts, the designer will need a diagram. which should indicate the installation location of the components.

The assembly order should be as follows:

  • First you need to disassemble the trimmer by removing the barbell from it with the cutting bodies installed on it;
  • Then a gearbox must be connected to the motor by connecting the motor shaft and the shaft of the installed mechanism;
  • After that, the operator must install the working body of the home-made motor-drill from the trimmer, attaching it to the gearbox with bolt clamps.
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After assembling the equipment, you need to test it. To do this, fill the fuel tank and start drilling in soft, loose soil. If during this, no extraneous sounds come from the engine compartment of the motor-drill from the trimmer, then you can start drilling hard ground or a thick layer of ice.

The trimmer is a reliable assistant for the owners of garden or summer cottages. But few people know that such a tool can be used not only for mowing grass. From it you can create a drill and use it for earthwork.

A do-it-yourself motor-drill from a trimmer is an economical option for those who want to make it easier for themselves to do land work. In terms of its parameters, the tool is no different from a purchased drill. It is as powerful and powerful as it can be used in any environment.

Trimmer ice screw

A drill for working on ice works on the same principle. It is equipped with a sturdy driller that is attached to the mower. But in order for all tasks to be performed efficiently, it is recommended to use more powerful lawn mowers.

Homemade TRIMMER Scooter / DIY

In this case, it is better to assemble an ice screw from a lawn mower, which is considered more productive than, for example, electric models. The operator will be able to drill holes at a long distance near the house and not be afraid that the motor will freeze.

By their design, a motorcycle and ice screw from a trimmer with their own hands do not differ in any way from each other. Therefore, you can collect them according to the same scheme.

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Rules for the manufacture of auger mechanism

To make an ice screw from a trimmer with your own hands. its device must be equipped with an auger. In its shape, this element resembles a screw required for a homemade product to cut a layer of ice or soil.

To assemble a screw mechanism for a motor drill from a trimmer, the designer needs a core, a tip and a pre-made screw blade. The core should be made of the most durable material possible. Most often, a thick-walled metal pipe is used to create this element. In order for the motorized drill from the trimmer to withstand drilling in hard soils, the metal for the manufacture of the core will need to be hardened. this will prevent its deformation during twisting.

To make a drilling blade, the designer will need 65G steel. In addition to its high strength, this metal can be easily processed with a pipe bender.

Assembling the tip for a power drill from a trimmer should be done using carbide metal. The operator must apply grooves to the profile of the created part. this design will allow the motor-drill to plunge freely into any soil or ice, regardless of its thickness. On the back of the tip, you will need to install a shank, which will serve as a link between the drive gearbox and the coupling.

How to make an ice screw from a trimmer?

The whole process of making a motor-drill from a household trimmer consists of several stages. Their sequence determines the chances of assembling high-quality and durable equipment that will regularly serve its owner for many seasons.

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Features of the choice of a gearbox

To assemble an ice screw from a lawn mower. the designer will need a reducer. It plays one of the most important roles in the device device. with the help of the gearbox created by the internal combustion engine, the force is transmitted from its standard shaft to another shaft, which is characterized by a reduced initial angular velocity and a previously increased torque.

In the direction of continuous rotation of the built-in factory working element, built-in gearboxes for motor-drills are divided into the following types:

  • mechanisms with a shaft rotating in the direction of the clock hand;
  • gearboxes with a factory shaft rotating against the direction of the arrow;
  • reverse or reversible mechanisms;
  • inverse cast gearboxes. their second name is planar.

A do-it-yourself motor-drill from a trimmer is best equipped with a reversible factory gearbox. This mechanism can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. Thanks to this feature, when the working auger gets stuck in the soil, the operator will be able to retrieve it without any problems.

Motor-drill from a trimmer. model features

The peculiarity of the drill is that it can be used to make deep holes very quickly. The operator does not have to waste his power energy, and the time for earthwork is reduced several times.

The trimmer drill consists of the drill itself, the scythe motor and the handles. The operator holds the device by the available handles, and with the help of the motor it is set in motion.