Trimmer for grass bosch replacement of a spray coil replacement. The choice of fishing line

How to remove a trimmer head from an electrimmer

In this article, we will describe in detail the procedure for how to remove the coil of the trimmer for the grass. instructions with the attached video will help a beginner and an experienced user to independently remove the element of the system and clean it or replace it with a new. Before you remove the trimmer coil for the grass, it must be drowned out. for gasoline samples or disables power. for electrimaters. We will demonstrate one traditional dismantling scheme, but in different models of trimmers, the method of attaching the coil to the tool may vary. With your own hands, you can not only remove the old sample of the coil, but also change it to a new one, if such a need arose. So, a script:

  • Disconnect the tool from the network or turn off the engine (for benzos).
  • Carefully remove the cap of the coil, holding a spiral spring in place.
  • Click on clamps symmetrically located on both sides with one hand, and the second carefully remove the lid.
  • We are looking for a hole in the gearbox cup located on the side or from above, and combine it with the same hole in the shaft hub.
  • Using a playground key or a metal rod-we spread it into the gearbox hole, excluding the possible enlarge of the shaft.
  • Remove the mowing bobbin on which the fishing line for the trimmer is wound.
  • A slightly drowned screw will be visible in the depths. It can be unscrewed by a cruciferous or slotted screwdriver.
  • With one hand we hold the body of the head, and the second, counterclockwise, unscrew the screw.
  • Light swaying. remove the mowing head. Even if it acidified a little, we make delicately more efforts and with the same swaying. we remove it. Often movements are produced at the watch arrow, but coils are also found that are unscrewed in the other direction.
  • The assembly takes place in the opposite sequence.

Removing the bobbin has to be removed in cases of damage, winding of the fishing line (which is undesirable and indicates an illiterate selection of gear), and also when you need to wind a new cord with a new coil or replace the cutting tackle. Buy a coil for a trimmer for grass will always be inexpensively offered by the Kosikosa store.

How to remove the head of a trimmer for grass: Basic rules

It is necessary to remove the trimmer head, adhering to the elementary rules in working with a motorcycle and an electric counterpart, and the main ones we will call:

  • Jam the gearbox for unscrewing the head with a special hexagon or neatly screwdriver, immersing it in a special hole. The latter can greatly clog with grass and merge with a common color, therefore. delicately clean and find it;
  • It is necessary to jam so that the shaft does not turn;
  • Especially carefully work with the dismantling of a broken or cracked coil. its elements can be everywhere;
  • Many users of a benzo.wrap today are looking for a “trimmer for grass to remove the head” today, and in instructive articles and videos we also make Accent on different types of threads. take into account the nuances of your tool;
  • For ease of work, it is practiced to turn the tool down down the engine, laying on a horizontal surface;
  • Shock and sharp efforts attached when removing the mowing head are inappropriate, since the plastic delicate case can be damaged;
  • Install a new coil or old, if it is still suitable, you need to be a cleaned tool.
  • The new tackle must meet the parameters of the old. Installation of another component, the characteristics of which do not meet the power of braids for grass, can negatively affect its elements and the operation of the mechanism as a whole;
  • We recommend working with a cleaned tool to avoid getting garbage and small particles of grass into the holes;
  • Blocking the gearbox by threading into the groove of the screwdriver is a mandatory procedure when installing a new coil or removing the old;
  • Remember the prevailing of the left thread on the gearbox of most trimmers;
  • Do not forget to remove the screwdriver from the groove groove at the end of the installation of the coil in place;
  • All fixations and removal must be carried out delicately, remembering that the coil is made of thin plastic;
  • It is not worth it to tighten the new coil (or the old one in its place), since after the working hours it will be impossible to remove it at the next time withdrawal. It is also not necessary to fix too easily. weigh the load laid on this node during operation and the resistance of the cutting material;
  • If you need to determine a knife or spool instead of a trimmer for a trimmer for grass. analog cutting tackle, then the gearbox block is also carried out, twisting is carried out according to the same scheme, but the installation itself is slightly different due to the specifics of each individual gear. Mount the knives on a trimmer for grass with a coil if the tool functionally works with different types of gear.

If you need to buy a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass, then you can do this in the vastness of our site, and how to mount and replace it correctly. we will tell you joy in our articles.

How to choose a model?

The market mainly presents plastic modifications. They are produced with steel cores. First of all, you should pay attention to the diameter of the fishing line. For one.year.old grass and small weeds, the size of 1.5 mm is suitable. The height of the coil should not exceed 80 mm. The wrapping system is most often used in the semi.automatic type. However, there are models that work only when touching the ground. Thus, the fishing line for the trimmer wears out much slower. There is such a modification in the region of 800

Types of semi.automatic heads

Semiautomatic.type mowing head. As a rule, it consists of a case, inside which several springs and a spool are located. Shpuli, in their execution, are divided into:

Many owners of household trimmers remake single.sectioned spills for two.section. To do this, you need to find a strong metal plate, and apply a circuit with a spool diameter on it. After that, the plate is cut along the contour so that the thickness is located near the cord winding area. As a result, the resulting circle must move freely around its axis. Further on the resulting ring you will need to make a cut and put the spool inside the ring. Both parts must be interconnected using a tape or fast.drying glue. As a result, the manufacturer gets a spool, a fishing line for a trimmer in which can be wrapped in two sections.

Types of coils

3 types of coils are installed on electric trimmers for grass, namely:

Automatic and semi.automatic devices are made in the form of a drum (foundations), into which they insert a spool or a bobbin, that is, not the entire coil is attached to the electric cost, but only the drum, while mechanical are both whole and collapsible.

Therefore, replacing the coil and replacement of a spray with a fishing line can be either one or two different operations.

Any types of trimmer heads are installed on electric ships with the upper engine, however, only semi.automatic coils are suitable for apparatus with the lower engine location.

This is due to the design features of such trimmers, because a full.fledged replacement of the head at home is not provided, and the price of a good coil is often not much less than the cost of the electrimmer.

In addition, the coils for electric core with a straight and curved bar are not interchangeable, because they have different threads.

How to remove a trimmer head?

Methodology for removing a trimmer head on devices with an upper motor is the same for any model. first fix the output shaft of the device using any suitable tool, for example, a standard hexagon, then unscrew the drum or fixing nut.

The drum can be unscrewed with your hand, because its diameter is large enough to efficiently grab it with your palm, and unscrew the nut with a regular key that is supplied with each electric shock.

Here is a detailed instruction, following which you can remove most types of coils from a trimmer for grass, the engine of which is installed on top:

  • Make sure the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Clean the space between the protective casing and the reel;
  • turn the head so as to combine the fixing holes;
  • Insert a standard hexagonal key or any other suitable tool into the combined holes;
  • Grasp the body with your palm or put on a standard key on the nut, then turn in the appropriate direction (clockwork for devices with a straight bar, against the sentry on those whose rod is curved).

On some devices with a curved rod, there is no hole for fixing the shaft, instead the base is fixed on the shaft using a bolt.

If you have just such an electric cos, then act like this:

  • Make sure the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Squeeze the fixers with your fingers;
  • Carefully remove the lid;
  • Get the rogue and other details;
  • Holding the base with your hand, unscrew the fixing the bolt, turning it counterclockwise;
  • Remove the base, shaking it slightly from side to side, if you can’t remove it, turn it 45–90 degrees and shake it again, trying to remove it.

On devices with the lower engine, the principle of attaching a mowing head is different. it is attached to a slotted shaft with heating the latter or other fixation methods, so we recommend that we independently remove this part only who are well familiar with such work and owns the appropriate tool.

On some models, the shaft is equipped with a cut for fixing, but to get to it, you often have to drink the removed coil removed.

How the head with a fishing line on a motorcycle works why you need to know the principle of work

Depending on the manufacturer, the heads differ structurally not only externally, but also inside. Most drums have a clamping spring inside (semi.automatic and automatic). The instruction is presented above how to disassemble the head of the trimmer for grass without a spring, t.e. on a manual.type head. The principle of dismantling a semi.automatic head with a spring inside almost identical above described instructions.

The principle of operation of the semi.automatic coil of the trimmer for the grass is as follows:

  • Inside the head is a coil, which is planted on slots that prevent its free movement
  • The coil is affected by a spring that presses it to the slots located in the design of the lid
  • A fishing line for a trimmer is wound for a tip, the length of which depends on the tool itself. Usually this length is from 1 to 4 meters
  • During the work, if it is necessary to increase the length of the fishing line, the protruding part of the drum occurs, through which it comes out of the hook with the slots. In this case, the fishing line for the trimmer is wound from the drum, increasing in the length
  • Having released the required amount of fishing line, you should release the pressing, and continue to perform work on the injection of the grass

The advantage of the tool with a fishing line is that this consumable does not require sharpening compared to metal disks. In addition, if a stone or tree comes across the way, then the fishing line for a trimmer simply breaks off, without having a negative effect on the gearbox and the engine engine, as is the case with metal cutting discs.

Knowing the design and device of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, it is necessary to proceed to the consideration of the process of refueling the fishing line into the coil of the trimmer for the grass. After all, it is precisely this moment that most owners of the Special Instruction causes difficulties.

How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer: Features of replacement depending on the type of removable coil of a trimmer for grass

To figure out how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer in a removable trimmer head, the following recommendations and video instructions will help.

How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer coil for grass with one osm

Most often use a thread up to five meters long. The procedure consists of the following stages:

  • Bend the cord with a loop and insert the head into the groove.
  • Wind the thread in the direction opposite to the launched marks on the case. They indicate the direction of movement of the head.
  • The end of the thread up to fifteen centimeters long to leave free to increase centrifugal force.
  • Pass the free end through the output of the coil.
  • Collect the head of a trimmer for grass.

How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a removable coil of a trimmer for grass with two antennae

You can watch the video before work, and also take into account the following recommendations.

  • If the path is one, both threads are wound in parallel.
  • If two paths, each segment is wound in a separate groove.
  • Wind the threads in the direction opposite to rotation of the head.
  • The length of the free ends should not exceed fifteen centimeters.
  • Pass the ends to the weekend.
  • Collect the head and check the performance of the trimmer for the grass.

Trammer for grass with automatic feed: how to wind a fishing line for a trimmer into a removable coil

In some models of trimmers, a coil is installed, the line of line line in which occurs automatically. It is enough for the owner to fix the ends in the head, after the equipment is turned on, the mechanism will perform all manipulations on the winding on its own.

The structure of the inertial coils

It is necessary to fix the coil to represent its structure and the principle of work. All subservients are collected in industrial aspects from the same units that differ depending on the dimensions of the mechanism with their sizes. The main components are the following parts and details of the product below:

  • frame;
  • toothed drive;
  • brake friction;
  • rotor;
  • renefter’s support;
  • rear.direction switch;
  • rogue mounting rod;
  • Lesko.laid with an arc and a roller;
  • gear with an arc.

Based on the modification and the purpose of the inertia, in other words, what the fishermen of the grinders also call it, it can be supplemented by the specific functionality inherent in a certain model.

There are fishing lines with advanced aerodynamics with appropriate dentes, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but they use it only on benzos, since the output from the reel is difficult, they use it almost always with the discs on which the segments are inserted. This video is devoted to how to change the air filter on the trimmer (motorcycle) Husqvarna. The shortcomings of this product are its fragility.

The device is a trimmer head

Semi.automatic trimmer heads are considered the most popular in the market. A typical representative of the mechanisms of this type is a universal semi.automatic head, which is equipped with electric trimmers for grass and lawn mowers such well.known brands as Bosch, Huter, Husqvarna, etc. Its device is shown in the figure.

  • Corps (pos.6) with a lid (pos.1), equipped with special eyes (poses.5) through which the cutting cord is displayed;
  • Shpulya (pos.3), on which a fishing line for a trimmer is wound (pos.7);
  • a pressing spring (pos. four).

There are other simpler heads.

Trimmer coil device for grass

Cassyle heads for trimmers come in different designs. both simple and complex. The figure below shows a semi.automatic trimmer head from the Husqvarna motorcycle (Husqvarna).

This type of head is present in the configuration of most benzocosyles and electrimmers such as Stihl (Stihl), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The device of the braid head is quite simple. It includes the following details:

  • the base of the mowing head;
  • button for semi.automatic supply of the cord;
  • Spulk (coil), into which a fishing line for a trimmer is refuel;
  • spring;
  • eyes. through them a fishing line for a trimmer goes outside;
  • trimmer head cover;
  • Trimmer fishing line (cord).

There are also simpler trimmer heads shown in the next photo.

Classification according to the charging method

Another important factor is the principle of charging fishing line into a mowing head. On this factor, coils of the following types are found on the market:

  • Fast. to charging devices of this type that uses them the operator does not need to remove the headset from its base. At the same time, it is enough to carefully stick the cord to the center of the coil and wrap it around the base several times. It is convenient and, moreover, saves a lot of time;
  • collapsible. to replace the cord of the coils of this type, you need to disassemble. Beginning gardeners may have problems with this procedure, however, having received the necessary experience, in the future, the head of the head will occur much faster.

As practice shows, for a novice gardener, a quick coil for a trimmer for grass is best suited. It is distinguished by strength and can be actively used in areas with a large number of solid barriers.

Review: electric trimmer for the grass Bosch Art 23 Easytrim. Easy and convenient. exactly what is needed!

The second plus. Bosch Art 23 Easytrim Trimmer has a very low weight. total 1.75 kg. Whether it is a woman, an elderly person or even a child. Anyone will cope with such a trimmer easy.

The handle is comfortable, not slippery (in the picture you can see the relief preventing gliding). The switch is bright, easily pressed when captured with a hand.

The third plus of a trimmer for the grass Bosch Art 23 Easytrim. Ergonomicity. A competently verified center of gravity of the apparatus and the presence of comfortable handles make the operation of a trimmer for grass comfortable and comfortable. The balanced weight of the device allows your hands not to get tired.In the photo below you see the leading handle and bracket for fixing the cable (below).

The network cord at the device is very short, but this is for safety precautions so that the connection place to the network is under your constant control and does not lie on the ground.

The fork for connecting to the network is monolithic, which also makes the operation of a trimmer for grass safer.

Ventilation slots are necessary for engine cooling. Engine power 280 watts.

The protective cap protects the launched grass running. Below photo of a protective casing from different angles.

Bosch Art 23 Easytrim’s haircut diameter is 23 cm.

Right on the case you can see the inscription with the main technical parameters of the trimmer for the grass. The model, weight, power, noise, manufacturer and other important characteristics of the apparatus are indicated.

Bosch Art 23 EasyTrim Trimmer is designed to work with a 1.6 mm thick fishing line. It is experimentally established that with neat handling, the device perfectly perceives the fishing line for a trimmer up to 2 mm thick., Which, although it is a violation of operating conditions, greatly facilitates the mowing (if there are thicker and stronger stems in the grass). Be sure to adopt this advice with primary mowing! There is no need to buy a coil every time, just replace the fishing line for a trimmer in it with a new skein.

Bosch Art 23 Easytrim Trimmer was sold in such a beautiful and compact box.

The completeness in the box was as follows: operating instructions, a protective casing and a trimmer for grass (consisting of two parts).Halfs easily and quickly gathered in a holistic apparatus.

It is written in 27 languages! That only confirms that the model is very popular in many countries and is in constant demand for many years.

In the instructions, as expected, a table with technical data.

Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them are very accessible.

A lot of attention is paid to safety precautions.

For those who understand, the measured parameters of the noise and vibration of the trimmer for the grass Bosch Art 23 Easytrim are indicated.

And now. The most interesting! See how our plot looked a year ago. The land plowed and not busy with plantings overgrown with weed.

They began to bring the plot to the “Divine View” according to the following scheme: 1. Manually a secateur, I cut out the thickest stems closer to the ground.2. Replaced a complete fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer for a fishing line for a thickness of 2 mm. A year later, our clearing looks much more pleasant.

We begin to mow grass that grew up this spring. In the photo below, the process is very clearly visible. The half is mowed and the second. not yet.

trimmer, grass, bosch, replacement, spray

Here is a processed meadow. Not so, of course, perfect, like a lawn, but already very good. And most importantly. Quickly and almost free))).

I would like to note that a trimmer for grass with its small weight and small size is powerful enough for use on unprocessed lawns. Bosch Art 23 Easytrim is optimal for small areas.

The device is very maneuverable, it is convenient to use it when mowing grass in pits, on bumps, near fences, around bushes and trees.

With a trimmer Bosch Art 23 Easytrim, a lawn processing for us is no longer a complex and tiring occupation. I think the purchase of a trimmer for Bosch Art 23 Easytrim is a successful acquisition!

Frontation self.tightening

The self.tightening of the freez, to the very regret of the fisherman, should be attributed to the category of malfunctions at which it is not possible to fix the spinning coil for spinning. A malfunction often causes a rupture of fishing line, especially if the fishing is carried out on delicate tackle with small cord diameters, unexpectedly manifesting at the moments of pulling the thread. When fishing on heavy tackle with thick cords, spontaneous click of friction can leak into a breakdown of the gear ratio itself. An incorrigible defect is the lot of low.quality assembly of a cheap product, which, if possible, should be returned under the warranty obligations of the manufacturer and purchase a new product.

Types of trimmer heads

A mowing head for grass is a cylindrical case in which a coil (bobbin) is inserted with a fishing line in it (cord). This design can be installed both on gasoline and electric trimmer. The heads differ in the method of refueling and supplying the cord and there are 3 types.

trimmer, grass, bosch, replacement, spray
  • Automatic. The cord is supplied after the user reduces engine speed. Although the automatic supply of the fishing line is convenient if large volumes of work are performed, such rods have one drawback. a large thread consumption.
  • Semi.automatic. Using this type of head does not require complicated manipulations from the user. The principle of their operation is arranged so that the cord is automatically lengthened at a time when the device works at full speed. It is enough to slightly hit the trimmer’s head for the grass on the ground (this removes the cord lock), and the fishing line for the trimmer, due to the centrifugal force, moves out of the bobbin, after which it is cut to the desired length with a knife located on a protective casing.
  • Manual. For lengthening the cord, the device is required, after which the fishing line for the trimmer is handed out manually.

Based on the above, semi.automatic bobbins are the most optimal option. It should also be borne in mind that the coils for a trimmer for grass are one.built (used only to trim the grass) and two.string, which are used to mow high grass and small, with thin stems of shrubs.

The first way

To correctly determine how many meters of the fishing line are required for a specific coil, it is necessary to wind it on the bobbin so that the skein does not exceed the diameter of the sides. If the fishing line for the trimmer will look out beyond the edges of the coil, you cannot insert it into the casing. After you have decided on the length of the material, it must be tucked in a bastard, so do the following.

It is necessary to fold the fishing line for double so that one end is 10-15 cm longer from the other. Please note that the bobbin is divided into 2 parts by the central side, from which charging begins

Find a groove on it and insert a cord into it, bent twice, putting a slight effort

It is very important to determine in which direction the fishing line for a trimmer is wound on the reel. If you look closely, you can find an arrow on the bobbin or an inscription with an arrow indicating which direction the winding should be carried out

There are times when there is no arrow on the coil. In such a situation, you can look at the arrow drawn on a mowing head, and wind the cord in the opposite direction. Winding should be carried out carefully, a turn to the turn, with maximum thread tension. After laying the cord is completed, you will need to fix it first the short end of the fishing line, inserting it into the groove suitable in diameter on the side of the coil. The second end, the one that is more authentic, is attached into the groove on the opposite side of the squash. After fixing the fishing line, cut its ends, leaving the allowances about 10 cm. Next, it is necessary to install a refueling coil in a mowing head. To do this, alternately inserting and pulling the thread into the weekends of the head, place the bobbin in the casing, after which, by applying the required force, pull the fishing line for a trimmer from the fixing grooves and tighten it. Now you can put on the lid and fix it with the help of latches.

The cord is not served, the coil does not spin

Automatic or semi.automatic head should serve a fishing line for a trimmer without stopping the unit. But if it does not come out, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • The fishing line for a trimmer in a coil is incorrectly wound, which is why the latter does not spin;
  • The cord is wound unevenly, and the thread can get stuck between the turns (the thread should be wrapped neatly, the turn to the turns, without distortions);
  • Too short ends of the threads come out of the holes, as a result of which there is not enough centrifugal force to extract them, and the fishing line is not supplied for the trimmer (it is recommended to always adjust the length of the cord before starting the unit, slightly pulling it up);
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is sticking together (it will be considered later).

Gasoline trimmer device for grass

In order to lay out everything on the shelves of the entire design of the trimmer for the grass

Three components are conveniently broken: engine, drive parts and control system. We will stop each item in more detail, and then we will call the action to the action to the action.

Engine and its system

any technical device.Internal combustion engines are used in many tools of domestic and professional levels, because with proper attention, such aggregates differ in a large resource by instability in work.

The greatest spread in motorcycles

Getting.water engines. These ICE are well acquainted with gasoline saws.

a two.stroke engine is their work not on pure gasoline, but a flood mixture. consisting of gasoline and oil. Many consider this a disadvantage, but for garden technology it is more likely to. Since the mass.body characteristics of the engine are reduced behind the accounts of the gas distribution mechanism and the autonomous lubricant system.

It consists of a cylinder, a head where a candle, piston, crankshaft and a crooked-shaped mechanism are injected. In the cylinder, the channel is provided. one is responsible for the intake of fuel, the second for the removal of combustion products.

It is connected by a coat. In trimmers, ICE with a capacity of 0.8-2.5 liters can be used.With. The unit is mounted with a rubberized plastic case.

The combustion system is responded to the combustion chamber. It consists of a fuel tank, a filtering element, trunk tubes, a primer (manual pump) and a carburetor.

The fuel mixture and the direct supply of its fuel is reduced to the bell of combustion. To launch the engine to work, the starting system is used. which includes a cable starter connected by extension of the clutch of the Idrosselic barrier.

fuel mixture occurs as a result of the ignition system. It consists of a flywheel with magnetic elements, the ignition module (coil and high.voltage wires), as well as the spark plugs.

performed by the porch and at the same time performs the task of the engine. On the needle case, you can see plastic ribs. these are also a cooling elements.

Drive parts

the engine is connected by an inventory shaft. Depending on the model of the tool, it can be disassembled from two parts with orzel. The first option is more convenient for the tutransportation. since it is always possible to play the tool for two parts.

For this, a special connecting coupling is used

The second design is considered more reliable due to lack of filling wear in the places where.The shaft is mounted by the bar.

, representing a konical pair. Due to this, the elimination of the rotation of the cutting tool changes

It is important to know that the core refers to the ktizho loaded node. Therefore, it should be periodically added to it. To do this, a special.sized hole with a threaded industry is mounted in the gearbox

An executive cutting element is installed on the gearbox shaft

It can be a reel with a fishing line, a propeller knife or asterisk. Everyone is good for the task. Small grass squints perfectly. Roughlypropeller. A wood.type shrub. The cutting element is protected by a decorated casing. to re.solve the user’s legs of injury.

Varieties of electric trimmers

As already mentioned, manual electrical trimmers for supply grass can work from the network or from the battery. The former are limited in motion, and the latter are designed for a certain charge, that is, have time restrictions. In addition, existing devices are divided by the location of the engine:

  • An electric trimmer for the grass of the lower trimmer for grass is automatically released from a rotating shaft or cable. As a rule, this design has low.power tools or batteries. The battery in this case is located on top to maintain the required balance.
  • The upper lawn mower has great power. This design is better distributing the mass.

When the use of knives is relevant

When using motorcycles in summer cottages, the most popular nozzle is a fishing line for a trimmer. It has a small price, suitable for different trimmer heads, is safe when working. The minus of the application of the fishing line is that it is convenient only for the bevel of low shoots. In other situations, the string is immediately clogged, regardless of whether the gasoline or electric model of the trimmer for grass is used. In addition, vegetation is wound on a spindle, which creates significant resistance on the shaft and leads to its breakdown. It can also provoke a failure of the piston system in benzocos or burning out the motor in electrimmers.

Therefore, for mowing high or hard vegetation, various nozzles are used. So, for harvesting tall and rough grass, thin shoots of trees and shrubs to install and use it better. This nozzle clogs much less often, which contributes to the greater wear resistance of technology.

Asseting device and common malfunctions

The easiest way to give the lawn mower for repairs, allocating a certain amount of funds from the family budget, operational and high.quality repair with your own hands is no less simple and convenient to understand the design of the lawn mower and fix all the problems.

The massive and piece manufacture of trimmers is based on the use of generally accepted technology, the typical design scheme consists of certain elements and parts, it is important to know them when carrying out independent repair work:

  • top part. The basis of the entire structure, where all important elements are collected, such as the starter, carburetor and the engine of the lawn mower;
  • middle part. Hollow rod, inside it is a cable connecting the engine and gearbox, which sets the cutting fishing line for the trimmer. In this part there are mounts for the distribution of weight of the entire structure and a belt for fixing a trimmer for grass on a belt of a person using a trimmer for grass for its intended purpose;
  • Bottom part. It has a gearbox and cutting elements that are hidden under a practical casing, which protects the user. The casing provides an increased level of safety, preventing large fractions of garbage, pebbles and glass in a person while working with a gas station.

Knowing the internal device and the principle of operation of the trimmer for grass, you can independently carry out repair measures for the design or replace individual unusability of the nodes using the repair instructions.

The most common and often encountered, subject to independent correction of the breakdown of the unit can be called the following problems:

  • engine malfunction, due to which the lawn mower is not started and does not work;
  • enhanced vibration of the bar motorcosa, which complicates its targeted use;
  • increased overheating of the gearbox, its accelerated heating during operation;
  • slow and weak functioning of the cutting fishing line at insufficient speeds;
  • the clogging of the starter grill causing the engine overheating and its refusal to work;
  • rapid and frequent clogging of the carburetor due to the use of poor.quality fuel;
  • clogging of the air filter in case of non.compliance with measures to care for the device.

All these problems can lead to the fact that the device will lose its ability to work before ordering the necessary spare parts for non.bosomeds should be carried out by a visual inspection and diagnosis of the device.

Special attention is required by individual spare parts and assemblies of the device, to verify them, you will not have to turn to a professional master, a complex of diagnostic measures will help to identify a consequence of the occurrence of a loss of performance.