Trimmer Patriot Pt 3555 Es Assembly

Trimmer Patriot Pt 3555 Es Assembly

The Patriot PT 3555ES Country is the perfect tool for small areas. The fishing line is able to easily cut young grass, and if necessary to remove more dense vegetation, you can install a knife.

For ease of operation, a bicycle-type handle was installed that provides comfortable coverage for the operator.

Adjustable belt length reduces fatigue during extended use.

Basic equipment

The scope of supply for the Patriot 3555 gas trimmer is as follows: trimmer coil, cutting knife, shoulder strap, protective cover.



  • Owners of the Patriot 3555ES lawn mowers note a convenient backpack equipment.
  • To reduce the transmitted vibration, the lawn mower is equipped with an anti-vibration system.
  • Fuel is pumped using the installed primer. Together with Easy Start technology, the engine starts as easily as possible.


The Patriot 3555 petrol trimmer is designed for private use.

Before each start of operation, it is imperative to make sure that the bolted connections are tight. They have the ability to unwind during work. At the same time, it is possible not only to damage the machine, but also to harm the health of the operator.

When operating the mower, protective equipment should be used: glasses, gloves, boots, headphones and a special suit.


This machine runs on a mixture of fuel and oil in a ratio of 32: 1. The manufacturer recommends the use of specially developed Patriot lubricant, which provides a minimum amount of soot on spark plugs.

User’s manual

The operating instructions describe the lawnmower devices, operation and maintenance in detail.An electronic version of this document is here—

Advantages and disadvantages

The Patriot 3555ES Country petrol trimmer is a typical representative of low-cost grass harvesting equipment. And it has typical advantages and disadvantages:The pluses include:

  • Low cost;
  • Sufficient power;
  • Organic appearance
  • Ease of management.

But these points relate to the minuses:

  • High fuel consumption;
  • Low quality trimmer;
  • Fast consumption of fishing line;
  • Not the best build.
  • review

    Here’s how the engine starts and works on the Patriot PT 3555es Country trimmer:

    Alexander:“There are no analogues to this car in its price category. After the purchase, I mowed about 30 acres of grass mixed with weeds. Sometimes there were trees up to 4 cm in diameter, mowing everything in a row. The factory line immediately into the scrap, it is very difficult for her to mow something. During operation, the vibration is not felt, it starts easily “