Trimmer Patriot Pt 4555 Es

  • Type: trimmer
  • Cutting Width: 46 cm
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 9000 rpm
  • Mulching: no
  • Fuel tank: 1.1 L
  • Displacement: 45 cc
  • Engine Location: Top
  • Power: 2.50 hp
  • Engine type: petrol, two stroke
  • Bar: straight

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Trimmer Patriot Pt 4555 Es

Specifications PATRIOT PT 4555 ES

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Advantages and disadvantages of PATRIOT PT 4555 ES

Price. No questions to the engine, as long as the norm.

Used in the garden. There were no problems. Starts with half a foam. The line is manually refueled without removing the reel. Conveniently.

Powerful, inexpensive, starts up with a half-turn, it is clear that the manufacturer reads comments and corrects defects. After 2 seasons, there are drawbacks such as poor protection and elastic of the tank tube.

All is well with her. Started up quickly, works well, read the comment.

It is easy to start, always from the second or fourth jerk (we fix the gas trigger, then first with the suction until it dies, then in the middle of the air damper) Already more than 5 tanks burned and never stalled. Powerful, simple grass can be easily mowed with 70% of gas Yes refueling the fishing line indiscriminately, although not very convenient With a knapsack belt, mowing is not difficult, the load is almost not felt The gearbox has enough lubrication from the factory, all the connections on the engine are well stretched

Ekanamichna works, everything is convenient, the spolpink starts up

Acquired the Patriot 5555 EU country model. 52 cm3. Powerful and quite economical. The wound was a Kraft Tech 3300 watts trimmer. Germany. There is something to compare. Fishing line mows tall grass and nettles. The disc was not required. Weight and maneuverability are determined in a correctly adjusted unloading vest. In the craft there was a shoulder strap that pressed the shoulder. Feels the powerful work of a 52cm3 engine. In a word, SONG. You work and rejoice. I use oil in a ratio of 1 to 50, on the recommendation of the oil manufacturer. Acquired at a trimmer price for 6,340 rubles. Against 7 560rub.

Powerful, fully consistent with the description of the braid.

Stopped working on the third day. Voracious

The fishing line is constantly stuck in the reel! During the mowing of a plot of 10 hundred parts, it is necessary to sort out the reel 3-5 times and rewind the fishing line, which significantly increases the time of work and general hemorrhoids. After the purchase began to mow “native” fishing line after

15 minutes of any work of increased complexity: mowing nettles, dumplings, raspberry shoots, fishing line is ground and a new one does not leave. Failure to solve the problem by buying other lines. Same. It seems the only solution to this problem. Purchase “alien” coils of famous brands, which negates the effect of saving the purchase of this device. Another of the minuses: the gas tank is flowing (they wrote earlier), the cold engine does not start from the first time.

For this price, no.

For the money, no.

The fishing line in the reel is 3mm, although according to the instructions up to 2.4mm The gas handle is made poorly and cheaply, the spring quickly flies from the rear trigger and now does not pull the trigger back The coil has a soft button, often releases the fishing line on its own The fuel tank neck is not conveniently located, the starter handle interferes Heats up quickly , after 15-20 minutes of work, you need to take a break, otherwise the vibration intensifies. The plastic protection is frankly weak, it bends when you put the braid