Trimmer Patriot Tr 340xl Review

Cordless grass trimmers are an attractive alternative to conventional wired models, significantly limited in their range of application. This type of equipment is able to work even in areas where there is no access to the electric network. But how effective is the battery-powered technique in gardening? How to choose a manual trimmer, and what to look for when making a purchase? The variety of trimmer models can be confusing even for technically savvy people.

It is worth considering all the selection criteria in as much detail as possible before making a final decision.

Device and principle of operation

The cordless trimmer is an electric hand-held braid with an autonomous power supply included. Such models are not very different in design from those that use mains power. Equipment of this type is compact, mobile, but limited in its scope. It is suitable for grass without thick stems, soft lawn cover.

It can be used when mowing the sides of the lawn, the edges of the plot along the fence, in furrows or on walkways.

Models of trimmers on the battery do not imply the possibility of processing large areas, cutting stems, shrubs, weeds. This is an auxiliary garden equipment that helps to maintain order in the territory, without gasoline fumes, excessive noise and complicated maintenance. The design of the battery trimmer includes:

  • Electric motor;
  • Cutting element;
  • Barbell;
  • Battery;
  • Control block;
  • Protective pad.

In some models of cordless trimmers there is an additional support with small wheels, which facilitates the movement of equipment around the site and relieves tension from the arms and back of the person controlling the mower.

Trimmer Patriot Tr 340xl Review

When buying the selected model, you should pay attention to its configuration. Some manufacturers do not include the battery and charger in the package, they have to be purchased separately, which significantly increases the cost of garden equipment.

The principle of operation of the trimmer with replaceable batteries is quite simple. The force is transmitted from the electric motor to a rotating cutting element with a fishing line or a plastic cutting disc. The motor in such models is usually located in the lower part of the rod, but there are also options in which it is mounted at the top. In this case, the connection between the elements is carried out by means of a shaft.

Rods are integral, detachable and telescopic, made of chrome steel, plastic or aluminum. This structural element simultaneously carries out supporting functions and helps control the trimmer. When transporting, detachable or collapsible bar options are more convenient. Telescopic versions allow adjustment to the user’s height.


What performance indicators should a cordless trimmer have? Among the important technical characteristics, the following can be noted.

  • Mass device. Lightweight mowers weigh from 1.6 kg, the most powerful trimmer models. Up to 7 kg. If you plan regular and systematic use of equipment, this is worth considering.
  • The width of the mowing strip. It completely depends on the diameter of the disk, varies in the range of 230-400 mm.
  • Type of battery. The most common lithium-ion, some manufacturers produce nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride versions.
  • Battery operating voltage. It can vary in the range from 14.4 to 36 V.
  • Battery capacity. It determines the duration of battery life, is from 1.3 to 4.5 A / h. So, a technique with a 2 Ah battery can mow for about 20-30 minutes without recharging. The most energy-intensive options will last for 1 hour.
  • Power. There are models from 250 watts, but seriously consider options for 800 watts and above, the rest, at best, is enough to mow small stems of grass around the flowerbed.
  • Charging time. It can be from 1 to 24 hours. It is worth clarifying this point in advance.

Rating of the best models

Choosing a manual mini-mower on batteries, you should pay attention to the top models on the market. Not every small trimmer with an autonomous power system will meet the expectations of customers. Among the models that have earned the trust of consumers, the following are noted.

  • Husqvarna 536LiLX. Lightweight. Only 3 kg. And a powerful cordless trimmer with a top engine and a swath width of 40 cm. The model uses a fishing line as a cutting element, the bar is straight, the handle is D-shaped, and it is convenient to use for long-term use. Shoulder strap not included.
  • Makita DUR364LZ. The cordless trimmer model with a 5 A / h Li-ion battery, top motor, shoulder strap and mowing width of 35 cm. A powerful technique with high performance allows you to install a nozzle on it to cut bushes or knots. The convenient D-shaped handle has an adjustable height, the weight of the device is 4.5 kg.
  • Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BSC. Top trimmer motor, straight barbell, shoulder strap. The model comes without a battery, weighs 5.46 kg, a standard battery is designed for 4 Ah. The cutting width reaches 35 cm, the trimmer is suitable for use with nozzles. Delimbers or brush cutters. The standard cutting element is a fishing line, the swath range of the knife is less than 24.5 cm.
  • Black Decker STC1820CM. Wheel-mounted cordless trimmer for easy movement and safe use. The mowing width is 28 cm; it is possible to process using this technique up to 2500 m2 of area. The battery has a capacity of 2 A / h, the cutting element is a fishing line, the rod is straight, with an adjustable height. The equipment is equipped with a four-wheeled platform, an engine with a lower mount, a rear discharge of grass.

The equipment is equipped with a four-wheeled platform, an engine with a lower mount, a rear discharge of grass.

  • Ryobi OBC 1820B. A lightweight cordless trimmer with a swath width of 30 cm and an overhead engine. The handle is T-shaped, a direct bar, there is a height adjustment. A shoulder strap is included in the package, cutting grass is possible with a fishing line or knife. The equipment weighs 4 kg.
  • Dewalt DCM571N-XJ. A compact cordless trimmer with rich equipment and fairly high technical characteristics. The model runs on a 3 A / h battery, has a swath width of 38 cm, and an engine with a lower arrangement requires additional ventilation vent protection. The package includes a shoulder strap, fishing line, knife, delimber and brush cutter.

The trimmer comes without a battery or charger.

  • Patriot TR 340XL. Cordless trimmer weighing 4 kg with a straight bar, swath width of 30 cm and the bottom engine. Battery capacity is rated at 2.5 A / h. In stock D-shaped handle, height-adjustable, the model supports axial rotation for mowing the edges of a lawn carpet.

The recently accuMaster AccorMaster series trimmers, recently popular, have been discontinued and, despite the attractive technical specifications and price, can hardly be considered an actual option for purchase.

How to choose?

When choosing a battery trimmer It is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

Subtleties of operation

Choosing cordless trimmers, you can mow the lawn in the country at any time and at the desired distance from the house, without falling into dependence on the length of the equipment wire. But there are certain subtleties in working with such a technique. After the purchase, you should carefully study the manual that comes with the model, and assemble the equipment.

It is usually recommended that the battery is completely discharged during the first start-up and then fully charged for at least 12 hours. But it all depends on the type of battery.

Before starting work with a trimmer, it is worth checking the mowing area for hazardous debris, large snags, stones, electrical wires and live cables. It is recommended to pre-isolate pets and poultry while working with an autonomous electric braid. People are not recommended to approach the operator during the operation of the equipment. The optimal distance is at least 10 m.

Checking the attachment of the nozzle needs to be done regularly. In this case, it will definitely be quite reliable. Just making sure that the plastic cutter or fishing line is in place, you can start the engine technology. At first use, it is recommended to check the efficiency of turning on the motor several times. It should start easily.

The standard duration of continuous operation of the trimmer should be 20 minutes. Then the equipment is given time to cool, overheating is dangerous for the engine. For prolonged mowing, it is better to take care of acquiring a special belt mount to reduce the load on the back.

To correctly and evenly trim the lawn, it is worth initially dividing the entire front of work into sectors. The movement is made clockwise, square by square. This allows you to leave already mowed grass on the left, it does not interfere with further processing of the site.

When cutting stems under the root, the angle of inclination of the cutting element relative to the ground should be 30 degrees. This technique is relevant for haymaking.

On a model with an engine below, it is recommended to pull a simple home-made filter from a thin nylon cap in advance. So ventilation will not suffer from cut stems.

The battery tightness of the battery technology is higher than that of models with power from the network. Most of these trimmers are suitable for working on wet or very juicy grass. An autonomous execution of the technique allows you to crop the most difficult sections with it: with lowlands, ravines. Those where a wire braid or lawn mower will be useless. Attention is also paid to the ease of maintenance: even an elderly person can cope with the replacement and charging of the battery.