Trimmer Petrol Champion Non Rotating Disc

Trimmer Petrol Champion Non Rotating Disc

The country where the head office of the manufacturer is located. In the context of modern globalization, large companies are placing their production capacities not only in their own country. Factories can be located anywhere in the world.

  • Fishing line
  • Knife

The more powerful the trimmer, the thicker the diameter of the fishing line can be set. Never place a line with a diameter higher than recommended on your mower. This will increase the load on the engine and tool shaft. There is also a risk of damage to the trimmer head. A fishing line with a large diameter allows you to mow harder and thicker grass, weeds, dead wood.

Some trimmer models have a collapsible drive shaft. This allows you to use the tool not only for mowing the grass, but, using various nozzles, use the trimmer as a cultivator, a garden hacksaw, etc. The necessary nozzles are purchased separately. In addition to increasing functionality, the mower collapsible shaft facilitates storage and transportation. A small drawback of this design solution is the additional connection on the shaft, which can result in breakage.

On modern trimmers, manufacturers install handles in the following forms or types: first. G-shaped; second one. D-shaped; the third. P-shaped; the fourth. Cycling. The first 3 options differ only in the form of execution. The fourth type of handle is more commonly used on lawn mowers. The bicycle handle provides a comfortable grip, the gas trigger / power button mounted directly on the handle.

In modern gardening and construction equipment, depending on the type of engine, three types of fuel are used. For two stroke engines. This is a fuel mixture of AI-92 gasoline and 2-stroke oil. For four stroke engines. Just AI-92 gasoline. For diesel units. Diesel fuel (diesel fuel).

Power is one of the main characteristics of any tool. This parameter for gasoline technology is usually evaluated in horsepower (l / s). 1 horsepower is 0.7355 kW. The harder the conditions, the more work to be done, the more powerful the tool should be. Improving the power characteristics does not always lead to an increase in the size and weight of the engine. Thanks to the latest technologies, leading manufacturers achieve the best performance without significantly changing the weight and dimensions of the tool.

Power. This is the most important characteristic for any power tool. The more powerful the tool, the higher its capabilities: increased productivity; increases the time of continuous operation. Please note that on the nameplate of an electric tool, usually, the indicated power is not transmitted to the drive shaft, but consumed from the network.

Engine displacement is the most important characteristic that determines its power and other operating parameters. Engine capacity is the sum of the volumes of all its cylinders. The higher the working volume, the higher the tool power.

The size of the fuel tank directly affects the runtime of the tool. Fuel consumption depends on engine power. It is made of plastic or metal. When choosing a fuel tank, pay attention not only to its volume, but also how easy it is to track the degree of filling.

Mega Lawnmowers, Model 25 HT. A productive and reliable tool designed for intensive use in a small enterprise or in a large household farm. This model can be recommended to the employees of the green plant.

The gas trimmer has a compact four-stroke carburetor engine manufactured by the Japanese concern Honda. This tool is notable for its economical fuel consumption, low level of vibration and noise, and a huge reserve of resource. The tool is equipped with a forged shaft, which helps to increase the strength of the entire structure. There is also a convenient shoulder strap, thanks to which a large load is removed from the hands of the worker, a T-shaped wide handle for controlling the trimmer. The model works with both a knife (3-blade) and fishing line.

Mega petrol trimmer, model 25 HT. Is lightweight and easy to operate. The tool is well balanced, has convenient handles, an excellent engine that starts from a half turn in any weather.

  • Straight aluminum bar. Gives increased rigidity.
  • Protective cover. Protects the operator from flying shredded grass.
  • Convenient shoulder strap. Allows you to adjust the trimmer position that is optimal for mowing.
  • Fuel pumping system (primer). Provides easy trim start in all conditions.
  • Knife and fishing line included. A reel with a semi-automatic line feed and a metal knife are used.
  • 4-stroke engine. The manufacturer guarantees 1,500 hours of operation.
  • Steel forged shaft rotates in plain bearings. Eliminates vibration and provides increased torque.

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