Trimmer Petrol Choice

The main criteria for choosing a grass trimmer

Today, villagers and owners of their own houses or summer cottages have a large selection of tools for dealing with high-raised grass on the site or mowing the lawn. The most popular and highly demanded of them is the trimmer. Its advantage over other types of lawn mowers is its high maneuverability, which makes it possible to mow grass where it is very difficult to get close with other devices.

Grass trimmer, its structure and principle of operation

A grass trimmer is a tool that works like a normal scythe but has a motor to rotate the cutting element. There are two types of trim tabs, depending on the type of this engine:

  • Lawn mowers powered by a gasoline engine, a distinctive element of their design is the presence of a fuel tank;
Trimmer Petrol Choice

A distinctive feature of trim tabs on a gasoline engine is the presence of a fuel tank. In this model of lawn mowers, it is located under the engine

The power scythe with an electric motor has a lighter design

Electric braids, in turn, come with a mains power cable for connecting to the mains and battery.

Battery powered trimmer. In this model, the electric motor is at the bottom and the battery is at the top.

Each of these types of trimmers has its own design features that affect the energy block. Otherwise, their device is very similar. Grass trimmers consist of the following elements:

Lawn mowers device diagram. The electric trimmer has an electric instead of a gasoline engine and no fuel tank

  • An engine located above or below, in the area of ​​the mowing head;
  • A bevel gear, installed only in models with a straight rod, with a bent rod as a connecting element between the cable (flexible shaft) and the trimmer head, the main bearing protrudes, consisting of two bushings;
  • An intermediate shaft located inside the boom of the powered scythe (the shaft is available only in trimmers with a straight bar, in scythes with a curved bar instead of it, the rotation from the engine to the mowing head is transmitted by a flexible cable);
  • The rod itself, often of a telescopic type (which is convenient for adjusting the tool to the operator’s height) with a handle fixed to it;
  • Mowing head with cutting element;
  • Control panels;
  • Head protection cover.

In mechanized braids, a sharp fishing line (cord) is used as a cutting part, with any shape of section, most often round or spiral. It is wound on a spool that is inserted into the bobbin, leaving two ends of the line free. It is with these ends that the grass is cut when the bobbin rotates quickly.

The line spool is inserted into the spool located on the mowing head of the tool

Instead of fishing line, other cutting elements can be used, plastic and steel knives and discs. The tool can be adapted for the use of a cutting part of one or several types. This is convenient when you need to work with grass of different hardness.

The use of a steel disc for the trimmer allows you to cut not only tough stems of weeds, but also vines and small tree shoots

The principle of operation of grass trimmers is quite simple. Rotation from the motor shaft is transmitted to the intermediate shaft or a cable connected to it on splines. The other end of the shaft enters a bevel gearbox, which changes the direction of the axis of rotation, and forces the output shaft to rotate at high speed, on which the cutting element of the scythe is mounted.

The section of the bevel trimmer gearbox clearly shows how the direction of the rotation axis changes and the torque is transmitted from the intermediate shaft to the output shaft of the gearbox

In curved bar trimmers, the rotation from the engine to the cutting head is transmitted by a cable through a connecting piece consisting of two bushings.

Photo Gallery: Using the Trimmer to Trim Grass in Hard-to-Reach Places

The range of grass trimmers themselves on the market is also quite wide. To find the perfect version of this tool, you need to adhere to certain rules. And the very first thing to do is to decide what kind of work and in what volume you need a trimmer. Larger areas will require a more powerful scythe, as well as to deal with thickets of tall grass and weeds. Low-power devices are suitable for leveling and mowing the lawn. The solution to this issue will allow you to opt for one or another type of gasoline, electric or battery scythe. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered when choosing a trimmer.

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The main advantages of a trimmer running on a gasoline engine (lawn mowers) are the highest power, the ability to work for a long time without interruption and absolute freedom of movement. With this device, you can mow grass anywhere without stretching the carrier there, and without being tied to the household power supply points. A lawn mower usually treats large areas, including those that are far from home.

The petrol engine trimmer can be used to clear grass thickets in large areas away from home

But, in addition to the advantages, gasoline trimmers have significant disadvantages:

  • Too high level of engine noise during operation;
  • The presence of exhaust gases that have a negative impact on the environment and hinder the work of the operator;
  • The need for regular refueling with gasoline and oil;
  • Higher cost of all types of trimmers;
  • Heavy weight, the bulk of which falls on the 6.58 kg gas tank for medium power devices.

The electric trimmer, unlike lawn mowers, has:

  • Low noise level;
  • High environmental friendliness;
  • Lower weight, which ranges from 1.1 to 6 kg (for high power braids), a woman, a teenager, and elderly people can work with such a device;

The electric trimmer has less weight, and it can be easily operated by a woman, teenager or elderly people

Electrocos also have their own drawbacks, the main one of which is the need to be tied to the electricity connection points. This often requires a rather long extension cord, which is inconvenient. In addition, electric trimmers are less powerful than their gasoline counterparts and are not always suitable for dealing with dense weeds. Most often, trimmers with an electric motor are used only in the courtyards of the estate with a plot area of ​​up to 6 acres.

To increase the autonomy of the electric scooter, battery models allow. The charge of their lithium-ion batteries lasts for 35-40 minutes of operation, but their full charge takes quite a long time, sometimes up to 24 hours. In such models, a low power motor is usually installed from 200 W, which allows you to trim the mowed lawn on the lawn.

Electric trimmer with battery has small dimensions and power. Its battery lasts 35-40 minutes of operation

When choosing the most suitable trimmer for working on a personal plot or giving a trimmer, the following parameters and characteristics should be considered:

  • Engine power;
  • Instrument weight, its ergonomics;
  • Engine location;
  • Rod type straight or curved;
  • Type of cutting element;
  • Handle view.

Trimmer power depends on engine power and can range from 200W to 1.8 kW. The weakest braids are only suitable for trimming a lawn with delicate grass stalks. For home and summer cottages, a trimmer with a 1 kW engine will be enough, if there is no need to cut off too thick stems. The larger the amount of work to be done and the area of ​​the treated area, the more power and trimmer will be required..

The weight of a powered scythe affects the ease of working with it. But, it must be borne in mind that lighter trimmers have less power. Their ergonomics are mainly influenced by the balance of the design, so that the scythe sits comfortably on the belt, allowing the operator to easily control the tool.

The location of the motor can be top or bottom. Bottom engine trimmers are more maneuverable and less expensive, but they should not cut wet grass as water can enter the engine and damage it.

With the engine down, there is a risk of water getting into it when cutting wet grass after rain or dew, which can lead to engine damage.

Top motor trimmers have some advantage over bottom motorized trimmers, although they are more expensive. Among their advantages are:

  • High power;
  • Longer operating mode before the technological break;
  • Better ergonomics due to more balanced design.

Overhead motor units have more horsepower and better balanced design

An important characteristic of the trimmer, which must be taken into account when choosing a tool, is the type of its rod. In braids with a straight bar, a shaft is used to transmit torque from the engine, and with a curved cable. reliable are braids with a shaft, which have higher power, and can use knives instead of fishing line, although the ergonomics are higher with a braid with a curved bar.

The trimmer with a straight bar has great reliability, in which rotation is transmitted through the shaft

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Influences ergonomics and grip type. It can be D-shaped or in the shape of the letter T. The T-shaped handle is better suited for work in open space, when performing large volumes of grass mowing on a large area.

T-handle trimmers are ideal for mowing grass in confined spaces

When choosing a power scythe, you need to consider what type of cutting element is installed on it. It is better to buy a trimmer in which you can use both fishing line and a knife, setting the most appropriate tool, depending on the stiffness of the grass and the thickness of its stem.

Trimmer with replaceable cutting elements of different types (line and knife). It is more versatile and can use both tools, depending on the stiffness and thickness of the stems.

When choosing, do not forget about the quality of the trimmer itself. On the modern market, there are models from different manufacturers, and it is best to choose the tool that has already proven itself well. Among the most popular models of mechanized scythe are the following.

Bosch Art 26 Combitrim electric trimmer for short grass and small jobs. The ideal tool for trimming lawns and mowing in tight spaces. Tool power 450 W, weight 3 kg, cutting diameter 26 cm.Thanks to the lower motor placement, this trimmer has a high performance.

Bosch Art 26 Combitrim the most convenient tool for mowing low grass in hard-to-reach places and trimming the lawn


Petrol trimmer Patriot 4355. This is a fairly powerful lawn mower (1.8 kW) with an engine speed of 8000 rpm. The tool supports work with a line and a steel knife. It has a comfortable T-grip with controls and a comfortable ergonomic suspension. The trimmer is well balanced, and even with large mowing volumes, the operator does not get tired of the weight of the tool itself, which is 7 kg. Cutting width with this trimmer 46 cm.

The Patriot 4355 Gasoline Trimmer is the ideal tool for cutting difficult thickets of grass, vines and weeds


The trimmer with a 1 kW Makita UR3502 electric motor is the ideal tool for trimming lawns and mowing grass without tough stems. Line cutting element with a diameter of 2 mm. The weight of the braid is 4.9 kg, but the presence of a shoulder strap makes working with it convenient and comfortable. The cutting width with this tool is 35 cm.

Trimmer with Makita UR3502 electric motor. Tool power 1 kW, weight 4.9 kg, grass coverage 35 cm


In addition to these brands, good quality and inexpensive trimmers are produced under the well-known brands Husqvarna and Stihl, Alpina and Oleo-MAC, Efco and GardenLux. When buying products from unfamiliar manufacturers, you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials from which they are made and assembly.

: how to lubricate the lawn mowers gearbox. : how to clean the trimmer carburetor

The gasoline engine can also stall if the fuel filter becomes clogged with grass and dust. It, like the air filter, must be removed from the lawn mowers and rinsed with gasoline. After drying, the filters must be replaced.

Often in trimmers with a curved bar the shaft of the mowing head overheats or stops turning. This happens when the main bearing is not properly lubricated or damaged. It consists of two bushings located one inside the other. This part must be lubricated or replaced with a new one if the bushings are broken and the shaft is seized. This requires:

  1. Remove trimmer head.

To replace the main bearing, you must remove the trimmer head

To replace or lubricate the flex shaft trimmer main bearing (cable), remove the mowing head and guard.

To remove the main bearing from the rod hole, you must first unscrew the retainer screw

: how to replace the trimmer main bearing

To eliminate other trimmer malfunctions, including a broken shaft or engine failure, you will need the help of a qualified technician, which can be provided by a specialized repair service.

The best professional gasoline trimmers


One of the best professional designs, equipped with a 1.9 hp two-stroke petrol engine. In addition, there are easy start systems that will not cause kickback. Despite the fact that the model belongs to the professional class, it is allowed to use it, including in the adjoining territories, in the garden and in the garden. Thanks to its high power level, the trimmer does an excellent job in dense thickets. A reliable reel with a fishing line designed for soft lawn grass, or a knife for working with dense and dense vegetation, if desired, they even process trees and bushes, acts as a mowing tool.

The capacity of the gas tank is 0.84 liters, the fuel consumption is very economical, so there will be no need to refuel this device regularly. Product weight is 6.78 kg. The set comes with a three-point adjustable strap to reduce stress on the shoulders, spine and lower back during work. The handle is adjustable, it can be adjusted to suit you.

  • The air filter is fairly easy to access;
  • One of the highest indicators of maneuverability;
  • Superb easy start system;
  • The trimmer is ideal for tough areas;
  • The engine features low fuel consumption.
  • Noisy enough model.
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Top models of low-cost price segment

Makita EBH253U

This equipment belongs to the latest generation of dacha equipment. This is the first model in our roundup of the best petrol trimmers to feature a four-stroke engine. It is characterized by high environmental performance, reduced noise and a range of state-of-the-art control systems. The handle is of a bicycle type, a special unloading vest is provided in the design, which allows the device to be operated for more than one hour, besides, the lawn mower itself does not weigh too much. With its help, you can process large enough areas. For work with lawn grass, there is a slot for installing a special reel with nylon tape. To remove tall and thick weeds, trim small trees or shrubs, you can use the special knife that comes with the kit. It is equipped with 4 blades, the power of which is quite enough for cutting branches up to one and a half centimeters in diameter.

The boom is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, straight, which greatly increases the maneuverability of this equipment. In particular, the trimmer is very convenient to work even on rough terrain, including in hollows or ravines. The power is quite enough and for professional use such a lawn mower is allowed to be used for treating roadsides, railways, parks and so on. It is worth noting that the handle has an adjustment function, so it can be adjusted for yourself. The grass can also be cut at a certain angle. Rubberized handles, absolutely non-slip in the palms, help to additionally dampen vibration.

  • Excellent workmanship and build quality;
  • Doesn’t make too much noise;
  • Together with the gas tank, a reservoir for engine oil is provided, you do not have to prepare a special mixture.
  • There are certain requirements for storage conditions;
  • Line reel not included;
  • expensive than other models.

Top best gasoline trimmers

Gasoline trimmers are one of the indispensable helpers for amateur gardeners, summer residents and owners of cottages and private houses. With this device, you can tidy up the lawn, prepare large amounts of hay, process shrubs, and so on. One of the main advantages of such equipment in comparison with electrical products is absolute autonomy and independence from the presence of an electrical power source.

If necessary, they mow the grass with such products even in hard-to-reach places near capital buildings, near trees, curbs, garden paths and so on. Grass mowing is carried out using a special fishing line of a certain diameter and stiffness, however, a special knife designed to work with branches up to 1 cm in diameter and thick grass can also be included with the device.

Bort BBT-230

The model is distinguished by excellent workmanship and assembly, even though it is one of the cheapest of all the designs in our today’s review. Some of the elements are metal, some are made of reliable plastic with increased rigidity. A special disc with victorious teeth is supplied with the device. They practically do not become blunt during operation, with the help of this cutting element it is very easy to process both shrubs and young trees.

The model is also equipped with a knapsack suspension, so that the weight of the product is evenly distributed on both shoulders. The engine is two-stroke, runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline, unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide for a measuring cup for mixing these things. The motor is of high quality workmanship. The rod has a telescopic mechanism and is made of anodized aluminum. The shaft is made of steel, rotates on bearings that are able to be in working condition much longer than bushings. When cutting grass, you can use a line with a maximum thickness of 3 mm. You can assemble the product and bring it into working condition on your own without assistance.

  • Attractive appearance;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good build quality
  • Works great with thick grass and branches.
  • The quality of the translation of the instructions leaves much to be desired, there is no visual assembly guide.