Tuning the Chainsaw Partner 350 Carburetor

Modern chainsaws are quite different from their predecessors. New models from leading manufacturers are already equipped with more reliable and powerful engines that allow work to move faster, excellent anti-vibration systems that do not give fatigue to hands and do not tire after the first hour of work. It is easy to work with similar units, it is easy to look after and repair them. But the price, respectively, is an order of magnitude higher.

Good chainsaws can’t cost too cheap and that’s a fact. But it is not always necessary to overpay rabid money for the supposedly distinctive advantages of the model, if such are not so critically necessary. Today there is a huge selection of such equipment, among the names of which are both time-tested brands and new ones that have not yet managed to loudly declare themselves models (see the article which chain saw to choose). If you look at the Russia chainsaw, the price of these chainsaws is an order of magnitude lower.

The best option among the many available (see the rating of chainsaws) is the Partner chainsaw. Its price ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 rubles. This option is the most convenient and useful, does not require additional equipment and is an excellent solution to many economic problems.

Briefly about the manufacturer

Partner brand began its history more than 50 years ago. In 1950, the first development saw the light. A special Swedish saw “Be-Bo”. Throughout the period of the 50s, this chain-type file stubbornly withstood competition and even became one of the most popular in all of Europe. With the help of Be-Bo, they began to improve the process of logging in Scandinavia.

A few years later, the products were re-released under the name Partner C6, and after this debut release all the products of this company came out under the brand marked with the Partner badge. Pile was prophesied a particular success. This new product just stirred up the whole world market! Immediately after the first models, the release of analogues like Partner R11 and also X21 followed.

Soon TM received a new name, known to this day around the world. This is this AB Partner.

In the 60s, the company developed rapidly and increased its production. Export volumes grew by leaps and bounds, and the popularity of chainsaws reached unprecedented heights.

Since 1961, this organization began the production of engines for gas cutters and go-karts.. And a decade later, in 1971, a new factory came into operation, which contributed to the expansion of the product range.

Beginning in 1990, Partner began production of a number of gasoline-type garden equipment, among the product names there were new chain-type saws, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.

In 2006, when Electrolux, which has owned Partner production since 1979, began overproduction of products at Husqvarna AB.

Description and specifications of the device

The Partner 350 chainsaw is an example of an excellent saw workshop, suitable for performing various kinds of work on a personal plot, harvesting firewood, etc. When compared with the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw or Patriot chainsaw, the Partner 350 is very necessary when it comes to the periodic scope of use at low load levels.

It is important to note that the unit has a chrome-plated inner surface of the working cylinder, which allows to significantly extend the life of the device. This chainsaw has a good air purification system, CCS marking. In other words, it will be said that an air purification system is involved in the unit, which is based on the principle of a conventional centrifuge.

After cleaning, the air prepared for work will enter through a special filter into the carburetor. If you are interested in setting up the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, then we inform that it is easy to disassemble and clean it yourself. To adjust the carburetor just add to the air system and let it work for a minute in the empty. Then gaz a few times in a row, but slowly. Watch a on how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw here.

If there are “failures” in dynamic operation, then you will need to unscrew the L-screw L by ΒΌ of its revolution and re-check everything. As you can see, adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands is possible and it is of particular difficulty.

Partner 350 chainsaw device is quite simple to understand. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to cut trees with a chainsaw, go here. In order to fully understand the operation scheme of this unit, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the user instructions in detail.

Partner 350 Chainsaw Features:

  • Household type saw;
  • Equipped with a two-stroke engine of a single-cylinder type;
  • The specific power of the system is 1.8 hp. (1.3 kW);
  • Cubic volume of the engine. 36 cm;
  • Start type. Manual;
  • Fuel volume. 400 ml;
  • Oil volume. 200 ml;
  • Type of cooling system. Air;
  • Maximum idle speeds up to 4000 rpm are characteristic;
  • Working tire length. 0.4 m;
  • Chain step. 3/8;
  • Type of fuel used for work. Gasoline oil;
  • Nominal weight about 4.7 kg.
Tuning the Chainsaw Partner 350 Carburetor

DIY Partner Saw Setting and Adjusting Instructions

Before starting the saw, it is necessary to check how the cutting headset is adjusted, namely the tire, chain, sprockets, etc. This is necessary for good grip.

Using the device for the first time, it is necessary to initially “run it” into idle. For this, 20-30 minutes of work at minimum speed is enough. About how to run a chainsaw see here.

Remember, that first check the saw at light load, trimming small twigs and branches. After developing one tank of fuel, it is worth stopping the saw and turning it off. In this mode, you need to check the chain tension, as oversight in this aspect threatens injuries! If the chainsaw does not start, the causes and solutions can be found here.

Poor care of the unit can result in damage or personal injury. Be sure to check the sharpening of the chain and its level of tension. It is advisable to purchase a machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws, you can see how to choose it here.

Poorly sharpened chain. Load on the chainsaw engine, poorly tensioned chain. The possibility of injury to the operator due to its assembly

Partner Chainsaw User Manual

In order to use the chainsaw correctly and at the same time not harm your health, you need to read the instructions for use and water in operation.

Partner 350 chainsaw instruction manual is quite simple.

First you need to remove the fuse and tire cover. Then put on the chain and saws, turning the tension bolt until the weakest chain links touch the bottom of the tire. Tighten the tire bolts tightly. It is also important which oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chains.

To check the correct installation, you must manually pull the chain. It should move smoothly along the guides. Next, it is necessary to fill the chain oil in the hole provided for this purpose and check the progress of the saw. After that you can carry out a test run of the device.

Remember, that its further operation largely depends on the correct commissioning of the unit. Unlike a goodluck chainsaw, Partner 350 requires a special approach to adjusting the ignition, since the power of a two-stroke engine with a rating of 1.3 kW often does not give a smooth start and “shoots” with early ignition, which is not just inconvenient, but also contraindicated for a crane operation of the saw.

You watch an example of work on:


Summing up, I want to note that the excellent technical characteristics, together with an acceptable price range, make the Partner chainsaw an excellent option for working on a personal plot. The device has a good anti-vibration system, characterized by easy access to the air filter and automatic chain lubrication. There are also various nozzles and accessories for chainsaws from this manufacturer.

Thanks to the mechanical brake chainsaw safety is up to standard. There is also a quick start device that allows you to easily start a saw in different climatic conditions.

If you do not know what to do if the Partner 350 chainsaw starts up and stalls when you press the gas, then this article is for you.

The equipment is standard: it includes the Partner 350 chainsaw itself, one tire and chain, an accessible user manual, a specific set consisting of all the necessary keys, a watering can and a container for mixing fuel with oil.