Two-Stroke Chainsaw Oil Proportions

The correct selection of oil for the chainsaw is one of the main criteria that determine its service life. Currently on the market you can find a wide variety of lubricants for two-stroke engines.

Two-Stroke Chainsaw Oil Proportions

And some owners of gasoline saws use motor oils of four-stroke internal combustion engines as usual. In the material of the article we will try to figure out which oil to use in various chainsaws and situations.

How do chainsaw oils work

Lubricants for two-stroke engines, despite the prevailing opinion of interchangeability for all types of equipment, are quite different.

Conventionally, one can carry out such a gradation: the highest requirements are for lubricants for boat engines.

Below. To motorcycles. The simplest lubricants are used in chainsaws, lawn mowers, gas generators and other less loaded units.

Due to the fact that a dry crankcase system is used in two-stroke engines of gasoline saws, the crank mechanisms are lubricated by oil vapors present in the fuel-air mixture.

Therefore, any 2-stroke oil for chainsaws should have the following properties:

  • Mix well with gasoline and not precipitate;
  • Have sufficient volatility for easy mixing with air;
  • Reliably protect KShM parts from wear;
  • Do not leave soot on the piston, rings and candle;
  • Have environmental qualities.

Most modern lubricants for two-stroke engines, to one degree or another, combine all of the above qualities.

Basic rules of application

Two-stroke oil for a chainsaw is most often created on a mineral base. Less commonly, this is synthetics or semi-synthetics. The oil for 2-stroke engines of chainsaws is mixed with fuel according to the technology before refueling in the tank.

Filling grease directly into the tank is also practiced, but this is not the most reliable way. Especially if the tank was completely empty. In this case, the plug is likely to partially get into the system without lubrication. And the engine will run dry for a while.

If, when using lubricant, it is found that a wet oil residue remains on the candle, and dirty running out of the exhaust pipe, these are clear signs of incomplete combustion or the use of poor-quality lubricant. It is necessary to reconsider the choice of engine oil for a chainsaw and the proportion of its use.

Stihl Chainsaw Oil

Stihl chainsaw motor oil is widely recognized today as the best option for this technique. And this is logical. Nobody knows better than the saw manufacturer what properties a lubricant should have in order to create the most favorable operating conditions.

Stihl produces several types of oil for gas saws. Two options are common.

Synthetic Stihl HP Ultra

Greenish grease. It has very good biodegradability. It contains a minimum amount of sulfur and other inclusions that can potentially form carbon deposits.

It mixes well with gasoline and is capable of not precipitating over a long period of time. This property is especially useful if the saw is not used daily, since there is no need to drain the fuel.

The cost is at a level close to the maximum for products of this orientation.

Mineral Stihl HP

It has a red tint. It has no biodegradability. This oil is not recommended for the operation of a chainsaw indoors.

The lubricant mixes well with gasoline. However, with prolonged downtime, it is recommended to completely drain the fuel from the tank, since in the diluted state the oil properties gradually fall.

Even with long-term operation of the saw with Stihl mineral grease, soot on the piston skirt, cylinder and candle is minimal. This lubricant is relatively cheap and most popular.

How to breed oil for “Stihl”?

The standard proportion is indicated as 50: 1. That is, 1 fraction of lubricant is poured onto 50 parts of gasoline. Based on the data, how much oil to pour into the Stihl 180 chainsaw (200 grams), then for 1 full tank you need only 4 grams.

How to prepare a mixture for chainsaws.

That is, for 1 liter of gasoline you will need to add 20 grams of oil. Some Stihl grease cans have a built-in dispenser for easy dilution.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Oil

Husqvarna, which is also a major manufacturer of chainsaws, produces its own set of lubricants for its machinery. Engine oil for the Husqvarna chainsaw today is officially supplied to the Russian markets only in one form: Husqvarna HP.

Two-Stroke Chainsaw Oil Proportions

Husqvarna HP gasoline chainsaw oil is a semi-synthetic product that fully complies with all requirements in force in the Russian Federation.

This lubricant is perfectly combined with Husqvarna equipment, but can be successfully used in saws from other manufacturers. It has excellent lubricating properties, does not leave deposits on the details of the cylinder-piston group.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for Husqvarna chainsaws is similar to the proportions for the Stihl equipment and is 50: 1.

How to dilute the oil for a Husqvarna chainsaw and not be mistaken if there is no dispenser on the cans with products of this company? Here, all owners of gasoline saws are recommended to acquire a measured capacity with a division price of 1 ml.

The fact is that the lack and excess of lubricant will affect the resource of the piston group of a two-stroke engine equally. Piston wear will accelerate from a lack.

What kind of lubricating fluid should I use for Husqvarna if it is not possible to purchase the original? The answer is simple: any with similar properties. Stihl products are also suitable.

Other lubricants

There are two more well-known manufacturers of chainsaws, whose products occupy a considerable market share in the Russian Federation. This is Makita and Patriot. Chainsaw motor oil from these manufacturers is also available under their own brands.

How to use Makita chainsaw oil? Ideally, of course, the original from the same manufacturer. Lubricants manufactured under the Makita brand have a balanced set of qualities and a relatively low price among similar branded products.

How to use Patriot chainsaw oil? There are also branded lubricants. It’s best to apply them. Over, these oils are available in several versions.

The branded product line also has chain lubricants. Patriot chainsaw lubricants have proven their worth. And today they are often used as alternatives in other equipment.

From domestic products, a 2-stroke Lukoil oil stands out clearly. At low cost, this product has truly impressive properties.

After its use, in most cases no carbon deposits form in the combustion chamber. Lukoil oils mix perfectly and have good lubricating and protective properties.

It is also worth noting such an immortal option as regular M8 engine oil. Despite the large abundance of specialized lubricants, many owners of chainsaws use it in the old way.

This option is valid in the short term and only for light duty. But you need to be prepared for the appearance of abundant deposits, if you use motor lubricants on an ongoing basis.

They cannot be used in the industrial sphere: they will greatly affect the saw’s resource. It is safer to use specialized lubricants.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Briefly answer the most frequently asked questions by chainsaw owners.

Is it possible to pour automobile oil into a chainsaw?

Yes you can. One-time to perform simple tasks without serious workloads. For example, imagine such a situation.

Initially, no work was planned using a chainsaw. Therefore, specialized 2T grease was not purchased in advance.

But upon arrival at the cottage, it turned out that, for example, a tree had fallen on the fence. And it urgently needs to be cut and removed. In this case, one-time motor lubricants can be used.

How much oil is needed for a chainsaw in this case?

It is recommended to add 30-50% more grease. The saw will smoke harder, but the likelihood of piston damage will decrease. For example, for 100 grams of gasoline it is better to take 2.5-3 grams of oil. The basic idea here is: improper lubrication is better for a saw than without it.

Choose synthetics, semi-synthetics or mineral oil?

Here again, everything depends on the type of saw and its structural purpose, as well as the nature of the work. If the saw works in industry on cutting thick logs or processing hardwood, and not at home (for household needs), in the long run it may well be more profitable to use synthetics or semi-synthetics.

Rules for the selection of oil for chainsaws and lawn mowers.

If the chainsaw is in domestic use, then an ordinary mineral water is quite suitable.

How to mix gasoline with oil?

The exact technology of the mixing procedure itself (not proportions), which should be strictly observed, does not exist. Usually an empty container with a measuring scale is taken, gasoline is poured into it.

For example, 1 liter. After that lubricant is added. To take the necessary portion of the lubricant, use a syringe or measuring cup with a division price of 1 ml. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and poured into a saw.

Such a method as diluting oil with gasoline immediately in the braid’s fuel tank is not recommended. Especially if the tank was completely dry before. Immediately after filling the tank, gasoline will enter the fuel line without oil.

That is, after the oil is added, it will still work for some time after starting the saw without lubrication. And this is just at the time of starting and warming up, when the engine needs protection the most.

What is the best gasoline oil for a chainsaw?

There is no single answer to this question either. It all depends on the design features of the chainsaw and the mode of its operation. In any case, a win-win option is to purchase branded oil from the manufacturer of the saw.

In general, the trend is this: the more the lubricating fluid is, the more it protects the engine from wear and forms less deposits in the cylinder.

Today on sale you can find fake oils for chainsaws, which at best are tinted spindles.

Therefore, it is better to buy push-pull lubricants, especially branded ones that counterfeit manufacturers love to fake, in large reputable networks.