Using Bosch Diamond Drill

Drill is a tool that can be found in almost every home master. It is used to create holes in a solid surface, such as a concrete wall. For everyday needs, a medium-power device is enough, but if more serious work is ahead, you should pay attention to a drill designed for diamond drilling.

What are the benefits

A diamond drill is by far one of the most highly efficient tools for making holes in durable materials. It is used to make recesses of various diameters in materials such as:

  • Reinforced concrete surfaces;
  • Brick walls;
  • Natural stone.

A diamond drill is distinguished from its “colleagues” by the presence of a special diamond crown.

Using Bosch Diamond Drill

Different and her principle of operation. An ordinary drill, as a rule, acts immediately over the entire surface, in our case only a thin cutting edge is used. This can significantly reduce the level of noise produced, reduce friction, reduce dust generation and achieve improved productivity. The holes made in this way are smooth, with perfect edges.

Usage history

The original diamond drill was designed to mining industry. It was assumed that it will be used solely to create tunnels in the rock. The crown of such a drill belonged to the class of deep drilling, and had the ability to lengthen due to additional pipes. A similar principle was later transferred to the construction industry.

Speaking about the construction site, it is necessary to clarify that they recently began to use a drill for diamond drilling in it. Tasks that lie on the diamond crown during repair work:

  • Creation of a channel for gas and technical communications;
  • The formation of a trench when laying electrical networks;
  • Cutting out niches for sockets, etc.

Diamond crown configuration

The new generation of diamond crowns has not changed much since its inception. As before, the main elements are:

  • Cylinder part with a connecting part, the so-called shank. It is intended for connection with drilling equipment;
  • The main cutting edge. Fixed diamond segments.

Cylinders are found for particularly delicate work, in which spraying covers the edge with a continuous layer. They are intended for work on:

  • Ceramics;
  • Tile;
  • Shingles and other fragile materials.

The diamond layer on the drill bit provides protection and, consequently, savings during operation.

New generation allows replace worn segments, As a rule, this procedure is difficult to carry out at home, so the owners turn to specialized centers. Such innovations seriously reduce the average market price, since a small segment, not a whole cylinder, is to be replaced. The crown body is practically not subjected to mechanical stress, and if properly handled, it can last for many years.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a snap, pay particular attention to shank view. The bulk of manufacturers make it suitable for all types, universal. It can also be equipped with a set of adapters.

If you have a standard diamond drill, then a crown whose diameter does not exceed eighty millimeters is best.

The tool for other cases is selected specifically for a specific type of work. Experts advise choosing a drill from the same manufacturer as the crown. This is due to greater compatibility of parts. All tests and measurements are carried out by the manufacturer with its own equipment. Therefore, the use of crowns and drills from different companies can lead to results that are beyond the scope of the instructions.

Using Bosch Diamond Drill

The final decision on the choice should be made by checking the amount of work ahead. A standard crown will be sufficient to create several small holes. And when engaged in construction work on an ongoing basis, it is worth thinking about acquiring professional equipment.

Well-known manufacturers

Choosing a tool for work, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the list of the most famous manufacturers of diamond tools. The following brands have established themselves in the global market as producing reliable equipment for construction work.

One of the well-known representatives is the company AEG, founded in 1887 by Emil Ratgenau. The company produces parts both for industrial drilling, focused on laying deep tunnels, and for small construction works. Crowns from this company are compatible with the tools of most manufacturers. This was achieved through the use of special adapters. Fixtec. The same system allows you to quickly replace equipment, without the use of additional tools. Adapters are divided into two subspecies:

  • With dust removal system;
  • Standard kit.

Elements are produced using sintering technology, the main part of the crowns belongs to the universal class.


Crowns from this reputable company are made using two innovative technologies at once. Sintering diamond edge segments and spraying using galvanism. The pointed shape of the edge gives added comfort and ease of use. The improvement gives greater stability to the drill and significantly increases the speed of work.

One of the main distinguishing features of the new generation of crowns is reduced vibration. The manufacturer presents several types of cylinders:

  • Wet drilling;
  • Dry drilling;
  • For standard work.

Diamond crown Bosch Dry Speed ​​68 mm

In addition to the core set, the following is provided:

  • Extension;
  • Various fixtures for fasteners;
  • Additional systems of exact installation during manual work;
  • Special adapters for fluid supply;
  • Heads for dust extraction.

It is possible to “renew” the segments by means of a grindstone, as well as a ten-liter storage tank that delivers liquid under pressure.


One of the most respected companies in the construction equipment market, actively promoting diamond drills. Cedima successfully exports its products to dozens of countries. The unique technology in the manufacture of the drill allows you to deepen it into the rock by five meters.

A wide range of specialized tools can satisfy the needs of both private enterprises and large organizations. The range includes manual dry drilling units and massive complexes of drilling trailers. A special system of segment selection, the synthesis of suitable-sized diamonds with a given face configuration makes it possible to process almost all known hard surfaces.

Diamond crown Cedima


One of the leading places in the construction equipment market belongs to this particular company. Founded in 1941, it still develops and implements the concepts of new diamond crowns. Hilti’s pride is unique principle of high-speed rotation of the crown, Bred by the best engineers of the enterprise. Built on special principles, the system facilitates the work with any material. The secret lies in the pressure distribution mechanism. By feeding it selectively to individual diamond segments, the system forces them to work more efficiently. At the same time, the cylinder speed can reach eight thousand revolutions per minute.

Hilti drill rigs are compact and have high productivity. Their use is relevant for a large amount of work.


Russia also does not lag behind its foreign colleagues in this race and has successfully taken its place in the market since 1997. Splitstone designs and manufactures diamond tools using De Beers powder elements.

When repairing equipment, one of the most advanced methods is used. Induction soldering. This method of restructuring damaged segments is recognized as the most sparing in terms of temperature. Artificial diamonds are carefully processed, carefully returning to their original shape. Russian equipment is famous for its reliability and adaptability to the conditions of our country.

Diamond drill 037х16х3х7х5х300 Splitstone granite


It can be concluded that a diamond drill is a very effective construction tool. Of course, its application requires certain skills, because the device has just recently begun to be used in our country, but the opening prospects overlap the routine of training. Learn how to control the unit, and you will not regret the time spent on it.