variable speed angle grinder 125 1100

angle grinder (angle grinder) with speed control


Maximum RPM reflects the idle speed of the spindle per minute. Models with higher maximum rpm provide high performance, even with less power. Depending on the model of the angle grinder, the maximum number of revolutions can be from 6,000 to 15,000 rpm. over, for “Bulgarians” of a larger size, with a disc diameter of 230 mm, this figure is lower, and for models with a disc of 115 mm, 125 mm, respectively, higher.

The tool weight parameter when selected determines how much force the user will have to apply to move the device. Ultimately, this means how tired the worker will be when using the grinder.

Weight depends on the dimensions and power of the electric motor of the equipment. the higher the power, the higher the dimensions and weight.

Heavy grinders are more stable when processing flat surfaces, but they are not convenient to use if you need to spend a lot of time with the device “on the fly”.

Low weight determines not only ease of control, but also maneuverability, smoothness, natural holding by the user.

Adjusting the speed of the grinder allows you to optimally adjust it for grinding materials of different density. This is a necessary function for those who have to work not only with wood, but also with plastic and metal surfaces.

Soft start, or a starting current limiting system, allows you to limit the starting current to 16 A. This is necessary in order to connect the grinder to a household power supply without damaging it.

Concrete dust. corrosive abrasive environment for any power tool, therefore an angle grinder is used for cutting, chasing or grinding building materials only if they are equipped with an electric motor with windings in a protected design.

An electronic constant speed control system protects the angle grinder motor from overloading and related breakdowns. The system keeps the speed constant, regardless of the change in load level.

Using an optional vibrating pen helps to reduce vibration when using the tool. The built-in damper dampens vibration vibrations, which makes it much easier to work with the tool, reduces fatigue and, ultimately, protects the user’s health.

A number of angle grinder models presented on our website are equipped with an unintentional start-up protection system. In the course of working with an angle grinder, situations may arise when the tool remains connected to the mains without the knowledge of the operator: emergency shutdown and subsequent sudden turn on of electricity, violation of safety precautions. Such situations are dangerous if the tool is turned on unintentionally, which could result in operator injury and property damage. Anti-unintentional start-up function prevents accidental start-up of the grinder and related problems.

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Some models of grinders presented on our website are equipped with an SDS quick-clamping nut, which makes it possible to change the equipment (disc) to an angle grinder in a matter of seconds, by simply turning the nut along the axis (without using special keys). In addition, in the process of working with an angle grinder with a conventional nut, situations arise when the disc tightens so much that it becomes very problematic to remove it with a wrench. The presence of a quick-clamping nut is guaranteed to save you from such situations.

Superflange. supporting part of the disc clamping mechanism. Simplifies disc disassembly and replacement: Loosening is achieved by simply turning the washer radially a few degrees relative to the spindle. “,” sort “: 25,” additional “: true],” productCount “: 126,” queryString “:” “” data-category-ID = “123” data-category-name = “angle grinder (angle grinder) “data-bowed-category-name =” in Bulgarians (angle grinder) with speed control “data-rname =” bolgarka-ushm “data-tag-page-ID =” 3697 “data-make-ID =” 0 “ = “” data-reset-link = “/ instrument / shlifmashiny / bolgarka_ushm / s_regulirovkoj_oborotov / # goods” data-ab-is-expanded-filters = “”

Pay attention

When buying an angle grinder, pay attention to the following specifications, which will indicate the capabilities of the device:

  • Angle grinder power. The power depends on how the angle grinder handles the loads. For long and continuous work, give preference to more powerful devices. Thus, they will not break in the process. But for household tasks, devices with an average power, low-power angle grinders are also suitable. In addition, high-power angle grinders are designed more for professional activities and their cost is much higher.
  • Diameter of the working cutting disc. This indicator will determine the depth of the hole and cut that will be created by the device.
  • Rotation speed of the device. Affects the performance, as well as the speed of the task.

angle grinder with speed control

angle grinder is the most common name for angle grinders, which are widely used both in industrial and professional activities and in everyday life. angle grinders gained their distribution due to their versatility, convenient use, as well as additional technical and functional characteristics, which they are complemented by modern manufacturers.

Angle grinders are used for cutting surfaces and parts, cleaning, grinding (roughing and finishing), and polishing surfaces. Among the materials that the device can handle, first of all, they call metal, concrete, wood, stone, plastic, etc.

The quality of the work performed by the device is influenced by its technical characteristics and indicators.

angle grinder with speed control

Additional functions

As mentioned above, angle grinders are professional and household. Professional (like some household) grinders have additional advantages, in addition to power, in use. Among them is the ability to adjust the number of revolutions of the device. This function is important for both the professional and the home craftsman. It allows you to select the correct speed for the material, thickness and cutting conditions. So, for less durable surfaces, you can cope with the task with a small number of revolutions, but for a metal surface, select the maximum speed and maximum number of revolutions.

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Also, the angle grinder is supplemented with the functions of protecting the device from voltage surges, maintaining a constant speed, protection against repeated switching on of the device, fuses against switching on. An important addition is a smooth start-up and shutdown of the device, due to which there is no discomfort in the form of a strong shock when the device is turned on.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

Simple and reliable angle grinder with 125 mm disc, attractive for its low cost and high performance. It is easy to cope with the processing of any surfaces, cutting various materials. Discs and brushes are easy to remove and install.

The angle grinder is equipped with an ergonomic handle for even easier and more comfortable operation, and a protective cover to prevent spraying and sparks flying over long distances.

  • Small weight (1.9 kg).
  • Reliability.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Long cord.
  • No protection against accidental activation.
  • Inconvenient casing attachment.

How to work properly?

When working with an angle grinder, it is imperative to observe safety precautions, since this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using the grinder are:

  • hold the tool firmly so that it does not fall out of the hands, does not bounce off the material being processed;
  • install only those grinding wheels for the diameter of which the angle grinder is designed;
  • make sure that the network cable does not fall under the rotating disk;
  • stand as steadily on your feet to avoid loss of balance;
  • turn on the sander only if the user is completely ready to work;
  • replace the attachments only when the angle grinder is turned off and unplugged;
  • be sure to turn off the unit after performing this or that work, do not move around the room or room with the tool turned on;
  • after turning off the angle grinder, turn on the blocking of accidental pressing of the “start” button, if the model provides such a function.

The small-diameter angle grinder is equipped with 115 or 125 mm discs in the form of circles of different thicknesses. Poppet or disc equipment is used. Abrasive material. corundum, diamond grit, steel or brass wire. The tool is intended for work with thin-sheet or small-sized workpieces made of hard materials. Performs cutting, grinding or stripping operations. Subdivided into household and professional.


The angle grinder is equipped with an active dust removal system, a reinforced gear structure, and unique graphite brushes. It has a function of blocking accidental activation of the button, protection against overloads. The kit also includes an additional removable two-position handle, a key, a protective cover.

  • Convenient to use.
  • High power (1500W).
  • Convenient location of the speed control.
  • No gaps on the body.
  • Reliability.
  • High price.
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Among good and inexpensive angle grinders, the model is durable and reliable. With the help of a budget 820 W tool, you can quickly and efficiently grind, clean surfaces and cut elements from various materials. Disc travel diameter 115 mm.

The model is equipped with an easy-to-use slide switch. For long-term operation, it is fixed in the start position. An excellent ventilation system will help to avoid problems such as excessive accumulation of dust and dirt inside the instrument. Engine does not overheat due to good heat dissipation.

    convenient power button; stripping and cutting discs included; small convenient dimensions; three-position handle; low power consumption; easy to maintain; works softly; durability in operation.
    short cord; cases of overheating during long-term operation.

Household angle grinders are distinguished by a simpler design, less resource, and a longer working period.

Unboxing DeWalt dwe4257 1500W 125mm (5″) Angle Grinder with Variable-Speed. The Tool Man

They have limited functionality and a list of options that increase the accuracy and the ability to select the processing mode. The engine has less power and speed.

Caliber 125/955. simple and practical

Inexpensive angle grinder for basic operations: cutting metal workpieces and parts, deburring, blunting sharp edges, grinding and surface deburring.

It is used for home repairs, your own garage or cottage. The possibility of independent and quick change of brushes is provided due to the well-thought-out mechanism. Standard disc 125 mm.

️ Electric Angle Grinder 1100W 125mm Variable Speed 3000-12000RPM Toolless Guard for Cutting Grind

  • Convenient, practical, does everything.
  • Low cost.
  • Power, compact dimensions.
  • Sharp start, almost with a jerk.
  • The cable is short.

Best 125 Speed ​​Variable Angle Grinder

An angle grinder or simply an “angle grinder” is one of the most demanded and indispensable tools in everyday life. It can be used to cut or process surfaces of various materials: brick or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. When starting home repairs, it is advisable to stock up on this tool in advance.

There are more and more manufacturers of such equipment in the world. And each brand strives to make its models as convenient and functional as possible for users. Therefore, it is often very difficult to choose a specific model. Consider the best, according to buyers, 125 angle grinder with adjustable speed and smooth start.

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variable speed angle grinder 125 1100

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