Variable Speed Sander

How to choose the best polishing machine. Service Center Tips.

To obtain a surface mirror finish on a part or any object, a different tool is used. Depending on the number of workpieces, volume and cost of work, this can be: a hand polisher, an electric drill or a sharpener with an installed felt wheel, specialized equipment.

For paintwork and car headlights, Venetian plaster, stone, furniture facades, stainless products use angle polishers and grinders.
By fixing natural fur or synthetic foam rubber equipment and reducing the diameter of the abrasive grain in the paste, scratches and microroughnesses are removed from the surface layer, bringing it to a mirror state.


Polishing machines are of two types: with an electric motor located vertically above the nozzle and angular, resembling an outwardly angle grinder.
Models oriented to work with cars have a rubber coating on the end face and parts of the gearbox housing, as on DeWalt DWP849X.
At Vega Professional VK1600 along the axis of the body, in front, there is a rubberized additional handle, and on the rear main handle there is also a rubber pad. When the tool is turned over and placed on the car, scratching is excluded

variable speed angle grinder or polisher?

When choosing a hand-held power tool of this type, it does not matter, for domestic use in a garage or professional for a service station, requirements are imposed on it:
– Possibility of quick change of attachments on the support platform with Velcro.
– Optimal weight. A heavy model, when working on a vertical surface, puts a heavy load on the hands, and on a light one, when working horizontally, you will have to press and spend efforts to hold it in a given position.
– The presence of a soft start so that the polish does not fly off the equipment at the moment of switching on.
– Convenient controls.
– Adjustment of revolutions and a system of counteraction to changes in revolutions with pressure or power surges in the network.
However, do all these possibilities exist on both angle grinders and polishing grinders? Then which is better to choose?

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BISON angle grinder-125-1100 TM3

Variable Speed Sander

An excellent smooth start angle grinder at an affordable price. Its power (1100 W) allows you to perform even rather complex and lengthy work. The model has an ergonomic body, it is simple and easy to operate. The additional handle that comes with the kit can be fixed in two positions, which makes its operation even more convenient.

In addition to adjusting the rotational speed of the disk, the device is equipped with a button that blocks accidental activation, as well as overload protection.

  • Good power.
  • Smooth start.
  • Convenient ergonomics.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Tight power button.
  • Short network cable.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

Reliable, functional unit. Its price may confuse the buyer somewhat. However, it is well worth the money spent. The user will never regret the choice made for a long time of operation.

The model is characterized by high performance due to the incredible engine power of 1550 watts. At the same time, the angle grinder fits perfectly in the hand, since it is small in size. It is easy to operate thanks to a comfortable body and an ergonomic detachable two-position handle.

  • Safe to use.
  • Reliability
  • Good build.
  • Long network cable (4m).
  • High price.
  • Flimsy speed control mechanism.
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Bort BWS-905-R

The compact 125 mm angle grinder that attracts attention with its low cost and high power. Light weight (1.8 kg) allows you not to be distracted by fatigue and work for a long time, without rest and respite.

The model is variable speed, you can install a spindle. The angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, a key for changing discs. On the case there is a button designed to block the inclusion when accidentally pressed.

  • A light weight.
  • Convenient one-handed operation.
  • Low price.
  • Strong body.
  • Short network cable.
  • Heats up quickly.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Great tool in compact size. It is moderately priced and powerful. the angle grinder perfectly copes with the tasks set, equally good at sanding surfaces and cutting off materials.

A feature of the model is a simple replacement of equipment (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the casing, without the use of keys and other additional tools. The handle included in the kit is convenient to use, it does not vibrate and is securely fixed on the body.

  • Good power (1300 W).
  • Low noise level.
  • Comfortable to hold in hand.
  • Easy to change attachments.
  • Fairly heavy (2.4 kg).
  • Heats up quickly at low revs.

TOP 10 best variable speed angle grinder of customer choice

Dewalt DWE4257

The angle grinder is equipped with an active dust removal system, a reinforced gear structure, and unique graphite brushes. It has a function of blocking accidental activation of the button, protection against overloads. The kit also includes an additional removable two-position handle, a key, a protective cover.

  • Convenient to use.
  • High power (1500W).
  • Convenient location of the speed control.
  • No gaps on the body.
  • Reliability.
  • High price.
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Convenient and inexpensive angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm and adjustable speed. Despite its very small size, it impresses with its power (900 W). The tool is quick and easy to handle the task at hand, be it grinding or cutting materials.

The ergonomic handle ensures safe working with the angle grinder. The discs can be easily removed and, conversely, fixed on the unit. It provides speed control. The tool does not overheat. The cord length is 2.5 meters.

  • Convenient to operate.
  • Good power.
  • Low price.
  • Small size.
  • Flimsy bearings.

Grinder Bosch 125 with speed control

An angle grinder or simply an “angle grinder” is one of the most demanded and irreplaceable tools in everyday life. It can be used to cut or process surfaces of various materials: brick or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. When starting home repairs, it is advisable to stock up on this tool in advance.

There are more and more manufacturers of such equipment in the world. And each brand strives to make its models as convenient and functional as possible for users. Therefore, it is often very difficult to choose a specific model. Consider the best, according to buyers, 125 angle grinder with speed control and smooth start.