Vibration grinding machine for what is needed. How to choose the right one?

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Grinding is created in order to simplify and accelerate monotonous work when grinding various surfaces. Those who have ever faced the choice of this tool know what difficulties await an inexperienced buyer in the store! Therefore, we will advise what type to choose exactly!

The simplest and most affordable option is the vibration grinding machine. The tool has a flat sole rectangular shape, which is fixed. The anchor, in turn, transfers circular movements from the engine to the platform, due to which the sole is vibrating. The stronger the press on the tool, the stronger the fluctuations will be.

With this type, you can grind any flat surface, regardless of the material. Thanks to a quick and convenient change of sandpaper, you can carry out both rough processing and thin, finish grinding. The vibration type is most often bought for household purposes. removing layers of old paint, cleaning of rust, from soot and dirt.

The advantages of such a tool are its cost, simple design, durability. Cons. hands quickly get tired of vibration, especially from the habit. The noise level is quite high, the speed of work is low. If you have to encounter more complex surfaces, a lot of work has to be done manually.

The power of the Higher School of High School for different models is from 160 to 600 watts-200-300 watts will be enough for the house. The greater the power, the harder the tool will be, so it is best to stop precisely at an average. The smaller the size of the sole, the easier it will be to work in limited conditions, but, on the other hand, a small sole is much longer processing areas with a flat surface.

Deltas.grinders differ from the Hine, primarily the shape and size of the sole, which resembles the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. Delta, hence the name. The sizes of the sole are small, which allows you to climb the tool into places, for example, into the corners. DShM also differ in small weight, which gives them a certain advantage over other types. Consumables for such grinders need to be attached to the sole with Velcro, so you cannot do with simple sandpaper, a special.

The principle of operation is the same as in the vibrational type. However, the power of DShM rarely when it exceeds 300 watts. Additional nozzles are also available to this type, to work with different complex surfaces. The amplitude of the instrument oscillations is up to 2 mm, so this type is best to process the surfaces in the last turn, after gross processing.

The choice of grinder. views for a quick result!

Ribbon grinding machines operate on a completely different principle. a circular platform with a fixed abrasive makes rotational movements relative to its axis, tightening layers. You can work with a tape type with different materials. wood, plastic, metal. When working to them, you cannot use a great effort. however, it is unlikely that this will be needed, since the speed of the LSM is very high, compared with the same vibrational type.

To increase the capabilities of LSM, manufacturers have long allowed users to independently adjust the speed of rotation of the tape, which is needed when processing different types of materials. Most of the grinder are equipped with a smooth starting system, which allows you to smoothly disperse the tape. For a more accurate removal of layers, the tool is equipped with a support frame, which allows you to work as a machine even a beginner without fear of making a recess in the surface. The disadvantages of the tool are a very large amount of dust during operation. Okay, even when working on a horizontal surface, and what will happen when you need such a grinder on concrete, for walls, gender?

Therefore, if you buy such a tool, then only with a vacuumber, and even better provide for the possibility of connecting it to the vacuum cleaner.

The greatest maneuverability and possibilities of grinding differs a direct grinding machine. The design of the tool is quite simple. the long case ends with a spindle on which the corresponding nozzles are attached. When working, the body is held with a hand, while the surfaces are treated with a nozzle. Most often, this type is used for polishing and engraving, it is convenient for them to clean the welds.

The main nozzle for direct type is finger, but powerful tools can work with a small circle. up to 150 mm. Among the nozzles there are brushes, fan grinders and a classic skin. The weight of the machines is usually small. from 0.5 to 1 kg. The most important indicator when choosing is reserves. The more revolutions, the better the processing of the material.

The main types of grinder

In construction, the most common are:

Ribbon grinder

The first are more often used, as it is more convenient in work.

Vibration grinder

Vibration grinder is designed to grind even flat surfaces. The machine has a soft sole where a grinding grid or sandpaper is attached. Using this grinder, you can process surfaces from different materials: wood, metal, gypsum, etc.

Their undoubted advantage is that such machines have a lower cost, and in terms of quality of work and characteristics do not lag behind others. They are functional and hardy, with careless operation, a flat.grinding machine will last many years.

The most common type of sole of vibrational machines is made in the form of a rectangle. That is, they do not need special abrasive linings, and ordinary sandpaper is suitable. this is more profitable and much more convenient. However, if you like maximum comfort in your work, then it is worth buying special abrasive paper. on Velcro, such a mount is quickly removed and replaced during operation. If you use a simple sandpaper, then it is fixed using clamps on a grinder.

Typically, in the factory configuration of grinds, ready.made abrasive pads are used, suitable for this model. On them you can cut the same. This is especially true for apparatuses with soles in the form of a triangle. in these cases, the corresponding shape of the abrasive lining will definitely be needed.

Vibration grinder shows themselves perfectly in works related to the preparation of wall surfaces for decoration, wood materials, metal, concrete, various types of plastics. This device with a wide range of action can remove rust, clean the roughness, scratches, remove the old paint, can adapt the device for a wide variety of economic, construction and finishing needs.

The principle of operation and application

In the vibration grinder body above the center of the platform there is an anchor engine that rotates an eccentric mechanism connected to a grinding stove. Spindle shifted from the center of the platform. When the anchor rotates, the platform vibrates, making circular movements at high speed. The counterweight to the shaft balances the fluctuations. If you need to increase them, then you just need to strengthen the pressure on the platform.

The process of removing the material (cleaning, grinding) itself occurs due to the high frequency of moving the plate in the grinding plane.

The use of a vibrational grinding machine depends on the shape of the stove, which is of three types. The rectangular is used to process large surfaces (for example, walls of walls after finishing putting). Square is used to work with small areas. The triangular shape of the plate is not replaced in grinding inaccessible places. Such models are also called deltas.grinders.

vibration, grinding, machine, needed, choose


By their power, the devices vary from 160 to 600 watts. In most cases, there are enough 200-300 watts. over, with power growth, the weight of the machine increases. Some manufacturers equip their models with a device for adjusting the number of engine speeds. And, although this does not eliminate the problem of the weight of the vibration grinding, but it allows you to configure it for processing a particular surface.

The ability to adjust the device is important. The quality of surface processing depends on it. The best result can be achieved with a properly established ratio of amplitude and vibration frequency (vibrations). The first parameter of modern vibration grinds: 1-5 mm. Second. from 5,000 to 30,000 rpm. The frequency of vibration affects the final smoothness of the surface. Whereas amplitude. for performance.

Eccentric (orbital) grinding machines

This type of grinder is designed for high.quality processing. Delicate grinding and even polishing. this is their element, although the performance of such devices can be no less impressive than vibrational machines. They will cope with any material, most often Eshm you will meet with wooden affairs, car malear. In work with specialized, voluminous, curved objects, eccentric grinders have no equal, with the planes they also have no problems. The only thing where such a machine saves is in the corners and small recesses. the “plate” simply won’t get there.

As well as flat.grinding units, the “orbitals” have an eccentric and a counterweight by which the round grinding plate performs not only the movement around its axis, but also in the “orbit” with a small amplitude. Interestingly, the axial movement usually occurs by inertia, and in some models, it is forced (through a gear transmission. Kress 900 MPS). Such a complex movement of the working canvas, coupled with the highest speed of rotation, just allows you to get the surface of excellent quality, without recesses, waves and scratches.

From 200 to 900 watts. so much consumes motors of modern Ashm. Those that are more powerful, of course, will be more productive, they will easily pull the sole larger, up to 150 mm in diameter (for example, 400-vat bosch Gex 125–150 Ave or Interskol ASHM-150/600E).

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Bosch Gex 125–150 Ave

By speed of progressive movement, orbital machines also have differences. If we talk about rotation, then this indicator can be from 4 to 14 thousand turns of an eccentric per minute for models with adjustment (Metabo SXE 425), and about 12000 for models without such. If we talk about the concept of “oscillation”. then these numbers will be half as much. In fact, everything is simple, the higher the speed, the rude the processing will be, but the faster you can do the work.

Metabo SXE 425

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The eccentric of orbital machines may not have the same “scope”-from 2 to 7 mm (Festool WTS 150/7 E-Plus). This is called the amplitude of the oscillation. The smaller it is, the less vibration the device generates, the more compact the plate walks, the smaller the area we process, but the cleaner the grinding. In some Ashm, the operator can establish a certain amplitude, affecting the performance and subtlety of grinding.

Compared to its counterparts (lshm and PSM), “orbitals” are usually well stuffed with electronics. We have already talked about the installation of speed and amplitude, in addition to this, the professional tool is supplied with a system of automatic frequency maintenance (Bosch Gex 150 Turbo) so that it does not fall under load. this is a constant electronics. Some models have an electrodynamic brake (AEG EX150ed K), which after disconnecting the “Start” button instantly stops the work plate, preventing damage to the workpiece and reducing the possibility of injuries. For powerful professional machines, a starter limiter (Makita BO6040) can be provided, which smoothly accelerates the tool, preventing the starting jerk and protecting the network from short.term but increased loads at times.

Makita BO6040

We include very pleasant options to include a removable network cable, adjustable or removable front handle, fixing the starter, functional removal of dust.

Be sure to pay attention to the type of grinding sole. Firstly, if you need a particularly delicate processing, do not chase a large plate, it, by the way, has a dead zone more, and amplitude about 5-7 mm. The plate made of metal has stability, high strength and perfectly removes heat. Elastic plate cooles well with convex surfaces. All of them have a Velcro for fixing the emery and openings for the suction of dust. These holes for individual manufacturers can be different in size, quantity and location, on this basis you need to select a suitable equipment.

vibration, grinding, machine, needed, choose

Several general tips regarding the choice

If the financial issue has not the last meaning, then for a home workshop you can purchase a model from the category of “hobby”. Good copies are offered by Makita, BlackDecker, Skil, Sparky, Bosch. Look towards the domestic manufacturer. “Interskol”, “Fiolent” noticeably tightened in terms of the quality and functionality of their instrument.

Pay attention to the mass and dimensions of the product of interest, especially if a lot of work is planned “in place”, on weight, on outstretched hands. Give preference not a too powerful car, but more speedy, it will be lighter, more compact and cheaper. But for the regular operation of operations on the workbench, the large weight of the device will be more a plus than the minus.

Be sure to “feel” the grinder well, find the most suitable for you by ergonomics. Decide on the type of main and additional handle, most likely you will have to choose between the “mushroom” and “bracket”. See if the switches are conveniently located, and how they work, how easily the equipment changes, whether the network cord interferes with.

Check the moving parts of the product for the presence of backlash. Look at the accuracy of fitting the parts of the case. Turn on the car in the tool store, at least at idle evaluate the noise and vibration level. Take an interest in the cost, assortment and the possibility of interchangeability of consumables.

Weigh all the pros and cons, take a hurry with the choice, then all the repair will be smooth.

Rules for working with a grinding machine

Summing up, we can say that each vibration grinding machine for wood differs from other models in price, characteristics and “advertising” of the brand. The tools should be selected, taking into account the principles and tasks of its subsequent use. For professional grinding works, preference should be given to powerful and reliable models, which in equipment have affordable and inexpensive materials. For household grinding and polishing tasks, it is best to use, models that have lower power and have affordable cost.

Rating of the best devices

It’s easier to choose the most coming model of vibration grinder, focusing on ratings and reviews of owners. They have already used the tool for some time, which is enough to determine the weak and strengths of the devices.

Rating leaders include models from well.known manufacturers.

Makita BO3711

The power of vibration grinder Makita BO-3711, related to the class of professional tools, is 180 watts with a revolution of up to 10 thousand per minute. The model is equipped with a 93×185 mm work platform, fixation of abrasion sheets is carried out through clamps.

vibration, grinding, machine, needed, choose

The device is equipped with a dust system. Its weight is 1.4 kg. It is possible to connect a vibration tool to a vacuum cleaner. Changing equipment is carried out without using a special key. It has an improved double insulation of live elements, a large button with the possibility of blocking.

  • noiselessness;
  • low level of vibration impact on the worker;
  • low weight;
  • the possibility of using any sheet abrasive materials;
  • The ability to install the required revolutions.

The disadvantage is a small length of the wire: to work at removal from the outlet, the use of the extension cord is required.


PSHM-115/350 EM-one of the models of vibrational vibration grinder, which has a capacity of 350 W. Power is supplemented by high speeds. up to 13 thousand. about./min. The amplitude of vibrational vibrations is up to 4.5 mm.

The dimensions of the grinder platform are 115×210 mm, for fixing the sandpaper, the presence of Velcro and clip.

The vibration tool is equipped with a function of extinguishing vibrations transmitted to the working, as well as a dust system. The mass of the device is 3.7 kg. The working base is made of cast aluminum alloy with high strength. The presence of the power button lock makes it convenient to prolong the grinder.

The vibrational grinder Bort BES-430 of the orbital type is used for the final decoration of various materials. Thanks to eccentric connecting rod, it is possible to perform reciprocating vibrational movements and movements in a circle.

The power of the grinder is 430 watts, the sole is rounded, 125 mm in diameter. The convenience and comfort of the work is ensured by smooth speed control, the rapid replacement of the emergency worn under the vibration load is carried out through an additional handle.

Grinding is additionally equipped with a dust collector and a set of brushes.


Metabo SRE 3185. a small and light grinder with a base of 92×184 mm, equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 200 W. The vibration tool is ideal for performing final and black work on small surfaces. The frequency of vibrations of grinder is 22 thousand. about./min., amplitude. 2 mm.

The abrasive fastening is carried out using a clamping connection and Velcro. There is a system of dusting with bag filter.

Advantages of the SRE 3185 vibration device:


Hitachi SV12SG flat.grinding machine refers to models for professional use. Characterized by a capacity of 200 W, a speed of 14 thousand. about./min., The amplitude of vibrational vibrations is 1.5 mm. The sheets are mounted to the work surface of the grinder is carried out by means of clutch and sticky elements.

It is possible to connect the vibration device to the vacuum cleaner. It has a small level of noise issued.

And what kind of vibrational grinder model do you use? What are its advantages and disadvantages, what are the features of operation? Please share your experience and opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Varieties of devices

The following types of tools are distinguished, depending on the type of nutrition:

  • Network machines. Such devices work from electricity. For this reason, an outlet and cable are required to activate tools.
  • Battery machines. Such devices work from the battery. This tool can be used even in those places where there is no electric current.
  • Combined. These are universal devices that work both from the network and from the battery.

Depending on the type of platform, such devices are distinguished:

  • Ordinary tools with static sole. They are recommended for use for processing walls, ceiling and wooden foundations.
  • Eccentric devices with a rotating platform. Such a machine can be used to process various types of surfaces, including curvilinear. The tool is characterized by high speed, which increases performance several times.

How to choose?

The power of the motor

If the device is used for personal use, then the engine power up to 350 W is enough. Such machines perform their functions and at the same time do not overheat even at high speeds. powerful models are large in large dimensions and a large weight. They are suitable for industrial production.

The frequency of oscillations of the working base

The speed of the tool, as well as the quality of the base processing, depends on this. The higher the frequency of the sole fluctuations, the faster the work will be done, but less high quality. For finishing, it is best to use a machine with a low frequency of base fluctuations.

The amplitude of the working base move

This is an indicator of the movement of the sole during vibrations. It is located in the range from 1.5 to 5 mm. This value should be selected, depending on the purpose of the work. For black processing, you can choose a tool with a high amplitude of movement. For finish grinding, a device with a minimum indicator is suitable.

Sizes of the sole

If you need to process mainly surfaces in places, then it is best to use vibration grinding machines with small dimensions of the sole. In the event that the tool is required for walls, ceiling and other similar bases, then a device with a large size of the base is suitable.

Method of fastening abrasive material

The following methods of attaching abrasive material are distinguished:

This is a simple way to fix sheets, which allows you to quickly remove one material and fix another.

This method allows the use of various types of abrasive material.

The material of the sole lining

Typically, for this part of the tool, plastic or rubber is used. Experts advise choosing the first option. The fact is that plastic has a longer operational period and reliably fixes abrasive material.

The presence of a vacuum cleaner

This will maintain cleanliness at the workplace. This is especially true if you need to work in a closed room.

Let’s summarize

Grinding machines are used to prepare wood for finishing. In some cases, they are also used for grinding and polishing the paintwork. There are many types and options for the design of a grinding tool.

The most popular include:

The grinding process is accompanied by a significant extraction of dust, so it is necessary to use the means of protection. The abrasive should only be changed after a complete stop of the machine. Before starting work, you must carefully study the user’s instructions and comply with all the requirements of the manufacturer. This will increase the life of the tool and get the highest quality result.

How to choose a grinder correctly?

What is needed in order for the eccentric machine to meet all the requirements of the home master and is able to solve the tasks? There is only one answer. choose the right tool, given the important parameters. Experts recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • power;
  • rotation frequency;
  • the presence of smooth rotation adjustment;
  • the frequency of vibrations of a grinding plate;
  • the diameter of the plate;
  • the possibility or impossibility of changing the size of an eccentric;
  • the presence of dust remote;
  • the weight.

Consider the important choice parameters in more detail. The power of the machine directly affects the quality of grinding, but more powerful models are significant in weight and are less convenient to work. The presence of adjustment of rotation and fluctuations frequency allows you to choose the optimal grinding mode. The rotation frequency range can fluctuate within 2,000-13,000 rpm, but, as a rule, for home needs there are enough models with a indicator of 5,000-6,000 rpm. When choosing, you should not focus on maximum turns, since in most cases they are not required.

From a practical point of view, the presence of the functions of stabilization of revolutions, smooth start, etc.P. These additional opportunities can significantly improve the quality of grinding. It is desirable that the machine has a function of changing the size of the eccentric. Average indicators are 2-6 mm. With a smaller range, the quality of processing increases. For rough grinding, a greater course of the eccentric is required.

It should be noted right away that models with the function of changing the size of the eccentrian relate to an expensive price segment, therefore, to solve home problems, their purchase is not always advisable.

The diameter of the plate is another important parameter. On average, this value is 125-150 mm. There are models with smaller diameter. The size of the grinding part of the tool, equal to 125 mm in the diameter, is considered universal. Squiring are slices with a 150 mm sole. Before choosing a particular model, it is worth exploring the market of consumables in the region, since it is likely that it will subsequently not be easy to choose abrasive sheets.

Separately, it is worth saying about various additional capabilities and devices. If a grinding machine is rarely used, you can save on its purchase by choosing a model not equipped with additional functions. For constant work or professional application, it is better to select models with greater efficiency. Such devices include soft substrates, adapters, strats made of foam rubber, installed between an abrasive sheet and sole, etc.P.

When working with grinder, a large amount of fine dust is always formed, so when choosing it is worth paying attention to the possibilities of dusting. This can be the function of dust removal or the presence of an adapter to connect an external vacuum cleaner.

How to use the device correctly?

It is very important to take care of effective dusting during work. If there is no way to connect an external vacuum cleaner, and the model has a dust removal function, it is necessary to ensure that the holes on the grinder completely coincide with the holes on the sole. Failure to comply with this requirement significantly reduces the effectiveness of dusting, as a result of which a situation may develop when even a powerful vacuum cleaner will not help.

The mode of operation should be selected correctly, depending on the processed material, the surface features. For example, it is categorically impossible to use a machine at high speeds when processing plastic or a lacquered surface. During operation, you cannot press on the machine hard. The cause of insufficient performance may be wear of consumables or a lack of model power. Strong pressure on the tool is not able to increase performance in these cases.

In order for the tool to serve for many years and copes with the tasks assigned to it, its regular maintenance is necessary. This is especially important with frequent use of the machine. Be sure to pay attention to any changes in work. For example, the appearance of extraneous sounds suggests that the bearings are clogged with dust, and they must be cleaned with a hard brush.

vibration, grinding, machine, needed, choose

The sole of the machine has to change over time. The replacement period will depend on the frequency of using the tool. With active work, replacement may be required in the next six months, and if the machine is used from time to time, the life of the sole may be several years. A sign that the sole was out of order, there will be a flowering of the abrasive circle with rotational movements of the eccentric.

Propabula of the sole service with Velcro will allow accurate use of the tool. When installing an abrasive circle, it is necessary to carefully ensure that it completely closes the Velcro, does not shift from its place even by several millimeters. Otherwise, the edges of Velcro begin to grind and cease to perform their functions. It is impossible to fix such a problem, you have to completely replace the plate.