Were Chainsaws Invented To Cut Trees or Help with Childbirth. Chainsaw invented for childbirth

Were Chainsaws Invented To Cut Trees or Help with Childbirth?

Ask anyone why were chainsaws invented and they will tell you for cutting wood. But what if we say you are wrong? Embrace yourself because you are about to learn some weirdest things about chainsaws and Chainsaw Baby Delivery!

Why was the chainsaw invented? Chainsaws that we use for cutting wood were originally invented to help with childbirth. No, we are not kidding!

No matter how weird or brutal it sounds, that’s the truth. Chainsaw Baby Delivery became an afterthought due to the need to provide safe health care for pregnant women.

If you are intrigued to learn more about the chainsaw original use. then you should give this article a read.

History of Chainsaw and Its Original Use

Originally, the chainsaw was invented in the 1780s by two Scottish surgeons named James Jeffray and John Aitken. They designed this device to help them cut human flesh and bone.

Childbirth is itself a painful experience that’s why the Chainsaw Baby Delivery was introduced. Nobody in the right sense of mind will ever say that it is a pleasant experience. In the 18th century, before the development of anesthesia and other modern surgical tools, child delivery was a dangerous process.

If the bodies of babies were trapped in the birth canal or they came out feet-first, doctors would have to widen the pelvic area. This was done by cutting into the bone and cartilage. Back then doctors relied on sharp knives to get the job done. However, it didn’t make things easier. This is when Jeffray and Aitken invented a shocking device called the chainsaw. According to them, it was a more precise and humane option.

This particular procedure was known as a symphysiotomy. Back then it was considered to be a safe process for child delivery. Thankfully, Chainsaw Baby Delivery is no longer in use. Today, we have advanced surgical tools and anesthesia that help make child delivery much safer and easier. But we still have the chainsaw, which is now used for cutting wood and trees.

Well, now you know the original use for a chainsaw. Many of you must be shocked after learning this interesting fact. But that’s how things were back then.

Evolution of the Chainsaw

It was in the 1830s that another version of the chainsaw was invented by a German orthopedist named Bernhard Heine. This was also meant to be used in surgeries.

He called his chainsaw the osteotome, which is derived from the Greek word osteo meaning bone, and tomy meaning cut.

It was not before the 20th century that people began to realise that chainsaws could be used outside of medicine as well.

The first patent for an electric chainsaw was granted to Samuel J Bens, a man from San Francisco in 1905. The first electric chainsaw was produced in 1926 and was patented by Andreas STIHL.

Most of the early chainsaws were huge. They were so big that it took at least two men to handle it. But chainsaws evolved dramatically after the Second World War. This was possible due to improvements made in the engine and aluminium design that made them lighter. Today, we have chainsaws available in different sizes.

What is symphysiotomy?

Symphysiotomy is a procedure that was carried out on pregnant women before, during, or after birth. This is an old procedure performed by doctors before Caesarean Section.

This procedure involves slicing through the ligaments and cartilage of a pelvic joint to widen it. It was done, so the baby could be delivered unobstructed. But this was a risky procedure as it involved the risk of bladder and urethral injury, pain, infection, and other long-term difficulties.

Symphysiotomies was a routine procedure for women experiencing obstructed labor in 1597. But with the rise of maternal death, it became less frequent in the late 20th century.

According to estimates, around 1500 women without consent underwent symphysiotomies in Ireland between the period 1944 and 1987.

Why was Chainsaw used for childbirth?

You must be wondering why were chainsaws invented for childbirth. Before the use of the C-section, all babies had to pass through the birth canal. But sometimes babies get obstructed there if they are too large. The Chainsaw Baby Delivery machine was an option for consideration.

When babies would get stuck in the pelvis, parts of cartilage and bone were removed to widen the passage. This process, as you already know, is called “ symphysiotomy.”

This process was originally performed by hand using a small saw and knife. But the worst part is that it was done with anesthesia in the middle of giving birth. It was not only painful for women, but it also took more time. It is needless to mention that it was a messy procedure.

In the 1780s, two doctors named John Aitken and James Jeffray invented the chainsaw. They wanted to make the process of childbirth easier and less painful and that’s how they came up with the chainsaw invention.

Back in the day, chainsaws were small in size. It looked like a modern-day kitchen knife with little teeth on a chain. You will be surprised to know that this tool was a success. It continued to be used till the 19th century.

Besides childbirth, this tool was also used for amputations and other bone-cutting operations during surgery. This continued until medical surgical tools were invented.

Later, the chainsaw evolved into a wood cutting tool. As people started realising how easy it was to cut trees with it, they increased the size of the tool. The chainsaw was made bigger and more powerful. It eventually evolved into a dangerous tool that we use today.

In the modern world, symphysiotomies are no longer performed. However, it still happens in some of the “Third World” countries where they don’t have an operating room and the right tools for carrying out caesarian sections.

When did they stop using chainsaws for childbirth?

Now that you know the original use for a chainsaw. you would want to know when they stopped using it for childbirth.

They used the medical chainsaw for childbirth in the West and it continued till the late 1800s. The 1830 chainsaw was an improved version of what was used in the 1700s.

The medical chainsaw is no longer in use. It is replaced by modern surgical tools that make child delivery much easier and safer. However, there are still some countries in the world, where you can find them using this brutal tool for childbirth. Yes, we are talking about Third World countries where cesarean is not possible. The Gigli saw mostly overtook the use of the original medical chainsaws.

Both the Gigli saw and the chainsaw were also used for amputating limbs. But they were originally invented for helping out women having trouble delivering their babies.

Tik Tok Video on the First Chainsaw

If you have TikTok, then you can try and search for the video that shows the original use of a chainsaw. This video went viral on TikTok as people were both shocked and amazed to learn the real use of a Chainsaw Baby Delivery.

This video turned the invention of chainsaw into a huge trending topic on the platform. For most people, it was a horrific truth that they learned through this video.

This TikTok user who shared the video also talks about Bernhard Heine who designed another version of the chainsaw in the 1830s. It was an improved version of the 1780s chainsaw.

Final Words

Well, now you know why were chainsaws invented. Since the 1780s, the chainsaw has come a long way. It has been dramatically improved and evolved into a powerful wood cutting tool. Except for a few Third World countries, medical chainsaws are no longer in use. Modern-day chainsaws are available in different sizes and are used for cutting woods and trees.

When did they stop using chainsaws for childbirth?

The use of a medical chainsaw for childbirth was dubbed a symphysiotomy. This procedure lasted through much of the 19th century until C-sections grew in popularity.

When was the 1st chainsaw invented?

The first-ever chainsaw was invented in the 1780s by two Scottish surgeons named John Aitken and James Jeffray. John Aitken was a surgeon in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and also gave medical lectures and demonstrations to university students. James Jeffray was a professor of Anatomy and Botany at Glasgow University.

What are chainsaws used for?

Chainsaws were once used for childbirth and amputations. But in the modern days, it is treated as a gardening tool and is used for chopping wood and trees.

How do chainsaws work?

A chainsaw works by spinning a chain of teeth or blades around a guide bar quickly to tear through the wood. It has high speed and delivers a powerful performance. Together, the guide bar and the chain are referred to as the chain assembly which is powered by a motor.

What is the origin of the chainsaw?

The first chainsaw was invented in the 1780s by two Scottish surgeons named John Aitken and James Jeffray. Back then it was used for medical purposes like childbirth and limb amputation.

When was the gas-powered chainsaw invented?

It was a German mechanical engineer, Andreas STIHL who developed a gas-powered chainsaw version in 1929. But Emil Lerp, founder of Dolmar Chainsaw Company, had already begun manufacturing gas-powered chainsaws in 1927.

What is the best Husqvarna chainsaw ever made?

The best Husqvarna chainsaw is the Husqvarna 445 Gas Chainsaw. It is a powerful device powered by gas.

Chainsaws were initially developed to assist in delivery, not for the purpose of chopping down trees. In 1858, an inventor named Andreas STIHL developed the first powered chainsaw.

The first chainsaw was invented in the early nineteenth century by a man named Samuel B. Graham. At the time, most saws were large and unwieldy, and it was difficult to cut through thick tree trunks with them. Graham’s saw was much smaller and more maneuverable, and it quickly became popular with lumberjacks and others who needed to cut down trees.Since then, chainsaws have undergone a number of improvements and are now one of the most common tools used in forestry. They are used to fell trees, harvest lumber, clear brush, and perform other tasks. Thanks to their versatility and power, chainsaws have made a huge impact on the forestry industry.

In the 1700s, two Scottish doctors came up with the idea for the chainsaw as we know it today. They were looking for a way to speed up symphysiotomy (a childbirth procedure) and the excision of diseased bone.

The original design was based on a watch chain with teeth. It was moved using a hand-crank. This design was later improved upon and became the standard in the timber industry. Today, chainsaws are used all over the world for a variety of purposes. They have come a long way since their humble beginnings in Scotland!

A chainsaw is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, from cutting down trees to trimming branches. But how does a chainsaw actually work? At its most basic, a chainsaw consists of two parts: a chain and a bar.

The chain is made up of a series of small metal links, each of which has sharp teeth. The bar is a flat piece of metal that the chain runs across. When the saw is turned on, the chain begins to rotate rapidly. This causes the teeth to come into contact with the wood, resulting in cuts. As the chain continues to rotate, it pulls the bar forward, allowing the saw to make deeper and deeper cuts. With its Rapid cutting action and portability,

The gas-powered chainsaw was invented in the early 1900s by Andreas STIHL, a German engineer. STIHL designed the saw as a way to make forestry work more efficient and less labor-intensive.

The saw quickly gained popularity among loggers and other professionals who worked in the woods. Today, gas-powered chainsaws are used for a variety of tasks, including tree removal, storm cleanup, and landscaping. Although they are typically more expensive than electric chainsaws, gas-powered saws offer more power and flexibility, making them the preferred choice for many users.

Why Chainsaws were invented? How Chainsaws were used for Childbirth

Have you ever thought of the question that why chainsaws were invented, what was the main purpose of the chainsaws? It might be shocking but chainsaws were actually invented to assist childbirth, Yes you read it right. Maybe you thought that chainsaws were invented to cut woods but actually, that’s not the truth. We will discuss the evolution of the chainsaws.

Why Chainsaws were invented for Childbirth?

Before the common use of cesarean delivery all babies have to pass through the birth canal and sometimes they might become obstruct if they are breech or too large. It was used to widen the pelvic areas and create more space for the baby.

Earlier when the baby gets stuck in the pelvis or couldn’t get through “symphysiotomy” was performed. Symphysiotomy was actually performed by a small knife and saw to remove the bone and this all was performed without giving anesthesia to a woman in the middle of the childbirth. This took a lot of time and was very painful.

Earlier chainsaws were very small and just like a modern day kitchen knife. Nowadays, Symphysiotomies is no longer performed in the modern surgery, now the time we have much safer way.

That’s it for why chainsaws were invented.

How was Chainsaws invented?

The first prototype was invented by the two Scottish doctors – John Aitken and James Jeffrey for symphysiotomy, in the late 18th century.

In 1780s these doctors find out that it is very difficult to cut with knife and took a lot of time and it was very painful method, so they developed the first prototype of the chainsaw that was operated manually and has hand crank and had teeth on a chain.

This was all about how chainsaws were invented. Let’s discuss about the evolution of the chainsaws.

Evolution of Chainsaws

In 1830 Bernhard Heine, a German orthopedist designed another version of chainsaws and called it osteotome. By the starting of the 20th century people realized that this tool can also be used outside the medical field.

Samuel J Ben, In 1905 opted for the first patent of the electric chainsaws, which he used to cut huge redwoods. Later in 1926, Andreas STIHL produced the first produced and sold electric chainsaws which have got patent.

This was all about the evolution of the chainsaws.

Who invented the Chainsaws?

If you ask about who invented the chainsaws then, Robert P. McCulloch was the person who made the chainsaws.


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Why Were Chainsaws Invented Fact Check? Amazing Facts

When you think about chainsaws, what comes to your mind? Of course, the long trees, or you may imagine the loggers chopping the wood. But what if we tell you that the chainsaws were invented for childbirth, not felling trees? Though it may sound creepy, this is why chainsaws were invented!

Scottish doctors James Jeffray and John Aitken invented the first medical chainsaw. It was small and resembled the chainsaw you use today for cutting wood. The chainsaws were invented for childbirth and used in different medical procedures where this tool has helped cut bones. The chainsaw was considered a real success in the medical field as it made many procedures easier and was used till the 19 th century.

The medical use of a chainsaw is horrifying for many, but it is a fact, and the right answer to your question of why were chainsaws invented fact check! To find the real journey of your favorite tool, let’s read this article!

Why Were Chainsaws Invented Fact Check

So, you are here to know why chainsaws were invented; let’s look back at history to discover why this amazing tool was invented. Chainsaw was invented in 1780 by James Jeffray and John Aitken, and the tool assisted in various medical operations.

If you don’t know the chainsaw’s original purpose, let’s find it out here. The story starts in 1700 when saving the woman and her child after childbirth was nearly impossible. Births are safer, with a global rate of 211 maternal deaths per 100,000 live infants. But an alarming number of women and babies have succumbed in the past.

If you look back, when a mother in labor could not give birth naturally, a surgery known as a symphysiotomy was performed. During this surgery, the birth canal was widened to ease childbirth.

Initially, this procedure was done with a knife, making it incredibly unpleasant and dirty. Later, in 1780, John Aitken and James Jeffrey, two Scottish physicians, invented an instrument for that specific purpose. Hopefully, you will have learned what the first chainsaw was invented for and who invented the first chainsaw.

Both doctors suggested using a rotating blade instead of a sharp knife, which has been used for many years. As a consequence of this suggestion, the world gets the very first chainsaw. It is tricky for many doctors to handle this newly invented tool. Also, they find it challenging to use it. Therefore, many of the doctors did not use this tool. Additionally, it has a great impact on the mothers as well.

chainsaws, invented, trees, help

Invention of Osteotome

After so many years, Bernhard Heine, a young boy from a medical family, introduced a new invention. The boy was studying orthopedics under his uncle Johann Heine’s supervision.

Bernhard Heine has also studied medicine and orthopedic surgery, and with his expertise in both fields, the young boy introduced the bone saw, also known as the osteotome.

The bone was used to cut through the bone. The hand-operated saw had a sharp blade on the chain, and a metal surface the size of a knife was wrapped around it. The newly invented tool had a crank handle for the operation. For the invention of this incredible tool, Bernhard Heine also won an award in France and another award in Russia for the practical demonstration of the osteotome.

Later, Bernhard Heine made a few changes to make it safe for different surgical procedures. For instance, to make it safe for skull surgery. The man added guards at the edges of the chain. One can easily use it for surgery without damaging the brain’s tissues.

The tool underwent various changes over the years and improved with every day. Consequently, you now get a powerful, sharp, and efficient chainsaw.

chainsaws, invented, trees, help

So, it was what the chainsaw was originally used for. But, with time, the changes this tool has gone through made it possible to get you the best buddy for your garden. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the ancestor of the modern-day chainsaw has a different structure and purpose.

Chainsaw And Childbirth

If, like many other people, you are curious to know what a chainsaw was originally used for; the facts may surprise you. The very first chainsaw invented was similar to the present-day chainsaws but was smaller in size. But do you know how chainsaws were used after their invention? The chainsaw was used to enlarge the pelvis during childbirth.

The patients who went through the procedure described it as “butchering.” Unfortunately, this technique, which made many women unable to walk after giving birth and had other long-lasting effects, was brutalizing.

What Were The Issues Which Made The Intervention Of Chainsaws Necessary During Labor?

Here are the reasons why the chainsaw gets invented and used:

  • When the baby is coming out with feet first, which you may also know as the Breech Birth
  • There are several reasons the baby’s head may not pass through the birth canal; it was made possible with a chainsaw.
  • Shoulders stuck are risky for both the mother and the child, so doctors used the chainsaw to make it easier for both.

The original surgery method involved no anesthetic and the possibility of shattering bones. Therefore, it was terrifying. Later on, anesthesia made the operation less painful after it was invented. Thankfully, the chainsaw of birthing has been replaced by the cesarean section. A very modest and less invasive abdominal incision is used to extract the baby rather than attempting to enlarge the pelvis.

What Was Chainsaw Originally Used For?

Don’t you know what chainsaws are made for? It originally served as a tool to aid in a symphysiotomy surgery during birthing. The pelvis was cut to widen the birth canal to facilitate a natural birth. The surgery had long-lasting negative health effects and was risky and challenging.

Consequently, it lost popularity after a few years. Numerous innovative and cautious procedures were developed and used during birthing. But Heine’s bone saw was surpassed in surgery and medical amputation.

Samuel J. Beans, in 1907 found that a chainsaw could be useful for clearing land, chopping fuel, and trimming hedges. With that, the chainsaw went in a new direction, made amazing strides, and now there is a sizable market with lots of competition.

Evolution Of Chainsaw Over The Years

For now, you have learned what the original use of a chainsaw is; now, let’s find out how chainsaws have evolved over the years. Complications with labor in the 18th century had extremely few treatment options. Most procedures use hands or scissors to cut the abdomen. Both failed to act quickly to save the baby’s life or the mother from any discomfort. The likelihood of saving even one of them was low, much less both.

Doctors John Aitken and James Jeffrey created a chainsaw that resembles a knife and rotates as it slices through bone to address this issue. Instead of cutting the abdomen, the pelvis was to be opened up to allow room for normal delivery by widening the birth canal.

The chainsaw was first used in childbirth. Later on, a different chainsaw model was created in 1830 by a German orthopaedist, Bernhard Heine, to be employed in surgery. From the Greek words osteon (bone) and Tomi (cut), which translate to “bone cutter,” he termed it an osteotome.

Lately, people have realized that chainsaws could be used outside of medicine. So, towards the beginning of the 20th century, Samuel J. Bens of San Francisco utilize it to cut down enormous redwoods. After that, the man received the first patent for an electric chainsaw, also known as the “endless chainsaw,” in 1905. Andreas STIHL received a patent for the first electric chainsaw he manufactured and sold in 1926.

Many of the first models were so big that two men had to operate them. Following World War II, chainsaws significantly improved due to aluminum and lighter engine construction advancements. Modern chainsaws are available in many sizes, from tiny electric chainsaws suited for indoor and outdoor use to enormous “lumberjack” saws!

Why Did They stop Using Chainsaw For Medical Procedures (Childbirth)?

Due to the development of medicine and technology, chainsaws were mostly used for amputations. Though the chainsaw had been improved throughout the 1700s, the medical use of a chainsaw during childbirth persisted in the West into the late 1800s and early 1900s. Also, new methods were adopted for childbirth.

Remember that the chainsaw and the Gigli saw were used to amputate limbs, dead flesh, and bones. Their original intent was also to assist mothers who had difficulty giving birth. It is assumed that Gigli saw replaced the first medical chainsaws. Also, it is rumored that this saw is still occasionally utilized in some regions today when a cesarean is not feasible. But, the chainsaw is not more useful in the medical field.

How Was The First Wood-Cutting Chainsaw?

The first chainsaw to cut wood instead of flesh and bones was created by Andreas STIHL, the founder of the STIHL Company. The first invented chainsaw was electric-powered, which might be surprising for many people.

The chainsaw was brought to the market back in 1926 for the first time. Two men were required to handle this giant tool as the chainsaw weighs 105 lbs. The first gas-operated chainsaw came into the market in 1929 and weighed 101 lbs.

Why Were Chainsaws Invented Fact Check: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the few frequently asked questions by chainsaw users who are curious about chainsaw invention. Let’s have a look at them.

What Did The Original Chainsaw Look Like?

It had tiny teeth and a metal frame similar to modern chainsaws, making it look like a kitchen knife. It had a crank handle to turn. The earliest chainsaw resembled a manual egg beater but had chains attached instead of whisks and was approximately the same size as a modern kitchen knife.

Who Created The Original Chainsaw For Cutting Down Trees?

The first chainsaw for cutting wood was patented in 1907 by Samuel J. Beans. James Shand continued his work in 1918, and Andreas STIHL, the owner of the STIHL firm, introduced the first electric chainsaw in 1926.

Who Invented The Portable Chainsaw?

Charles Wolf 1920 invented the first chainsaws, which were pretty usable and portable. But, before that, Harvey Brown invented a chainsaw, but that tool was slow, heavy, and delicate.

What Was The Chainsaws Original Name?

Osteotome was the first name used for a chainsaw. Bernhard Heine created it for medical use. The tool was used for cutting bones and various other medical applications.

Which Chainsaw Brand Is The Oldest?

The oldest chainsaw dated back to 1926 and was made by the STIHL Chainsaw Company. So, STIHL is the oldest and the leading chainsaw manufacturer in the US.

Who Invented The Chainsaw?

The chainsaw was developed in the 1780s by two Scottish physicians, John Aitken and James Jeffrey. The tool was like a knife and was used in many medical procedures, including childbirth.

Why Do Chainsaws Exist?

The chainsaws are used in various activities, including limbing, pruning, and cutting trees and firewood. The incredible combination of chainsaw bar and chain and powerful engines make these machines capable of falling into big trees in seconds.

Conclusion: Why Were Chainsaws Invented Fact Check

So, why were chainsaws invented fact check is all you need to know for now. It may sound scary, but it’s a fact that the chainsaw was invented first to aid in difficult childbirths. The small-sized tool similar to the one you now use for cutting firewood was once used in various medical procedures and cutting bones. Also, once these tools were considered the success of the inventors, they made many difficult surgical procedures easier.

Please think of the horrifying loud sound and sharp blade a chainsaw has and then relate it to the medical procedure. Isn’t it terrifying to imagine? Yes, it is; you might have goosebumps. But, it is what once these incredible tools were used for.

Why Were Chainsaws Invented? From childbirth to Internet memes, the story that will shock you

For most, a chainsaw is just a tool used to cut trees and branches. The term also makes people think of lumberjacks at work chopping wood.

It has even been associated with a popular horror movie series, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The franchise, which started in 1974, saw the release of nine movies.

The most recent one debuted in February 2022. The series amassed over 252 million at the box office worldwide.

However, chainsaws are used for different things. For example, they are very useful when cutting ice.

This is undoubtedly true in countries like Finland, where winter sports like ice sculpting and winter swimming are popular.

In addition to the technical side, the chainsaw has a very compelling origin story. Interestingly, this history has a link to surgery and even childbirth.

So, why were chainsaws invented? This question has been going around social media for a while. The answer is always shocking and surprising for those who do not know.

The search for the truth took a life on its own. Memes and jokes about chainsaws are now just a big part of the whole thing. over, TikTok brought things to a different level, and a new generation joined in the conversation.

It has become a whole part of the Internet lexicon. To get the complete picture, it is essential to understand why chainsaws were invented for childbirth.

After that, the jokes and memes will make more sense.

Why were chainsaws invented for childbirth?

The direct link between chainsaws and childbirth is what got the Internet interested in this topic in the first place. However, the connection is not as clear-cut as some on social media make it to be.

To make things simple, the first chainsaw was invented for childbirth. However, the so-called “flexible saw” had very little in common with the modern chainsaw. It was just a link chain between two wooden handles.

chainsaws, invented, trees, help

Did they really invent the Chainsaw for CHILDBIRTH?

First of all, it was way smaller in size. Secondly, it had to be operated manually. Scientists at the time believed this was a good thing when compared to what they had to use before for surgery, a knife.

Two doctors, John Aitken and James Jeffrey came up with the prototype in the 18th century. Their goal was to make symphysiotomy and bone excision less painful.

Symphysiotomy is a procedure that involves dividing cartilage from the symphysis pubis. In clear, it meant widening the pelvis to facilitate childbirth when there was a mechanical issue.

It is no longer common practice (in most places) because the science behind childbirth has become more evolved. Cesarean section also became safer.

In areas where C-sections cannot be carried out because of a lack of equipment, a symphysiotomy is still an option.

For close to one century, the original chainsaw was widely used in surgery. However, its popularity declined with the arrival of the Gigli twisted-wire saw in 1894.

This new tool brought a higher degree of precision to the table. over, manufacturing cost was also lower.

The evolution of the chainsaw: from childbirth and surgery to wood cutting

German orthopedist Bernhard Heine developed the osteotome in 1830. It is way closer to the modern chainsaw. It was used to cut bones.

The first portable chainsaw was patented in 1918. Canadian James Shand is the one behind this invention. German manufacturer STIHL invented the first electric chainsaw in 1926.

Over the years, they have become even more sophisticated. Cordless chainsaws are now the way to go. Smaller versions are popular with those gardening at home.

Dr. Mark Skippen, from Swansea University, has spent a lot of time researching the origin of chainsaws. He explained:

“The chainsaw is a good example of technological innovations that end up being used for different purposes to their original intention.”

Skippen continued: “Based on the design of a watch chain, the original chainsaw devised in Scotland has since led to tools used in obstetrics, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and now tree surgery worldwide.”

His assessment is correct. The chainsaw has even been able to make a transition to the cyber world thanks to social media.

Why were chainsaws invented Joke?

The “why were chainsaws invented” joke is everywhere on social media. However, TikTok is where the magic really happens in this case.

TikTok user hellomynamesjon, who has a huge following on the social networking platform, uploaded a video where he said that the chainsaw was invented for childbirth.

His video went viral, and many found the idea really scary. Therefore, the root of the joke on and other such sites is that people wished they had never put the phrase “why were chainsaws invented” on Google.

The concept behind the joke is to encourage others to never look for that information. In a way, the true story behind the chainsaw is hard to believe.

This feeling of disbelief leads to some hilarious memes.

Why were chainsaws invented Meme?

The “why were chainsaws invented?” meme that went viral is intriguing at first. Some might even find it strange a bit.

However, once the person gets over this initial hurdle, that is when things start to get really interesting.

Those, who fall for the meme, go on to encourage others to go ahead and do a Google search to get the answer to the question. The different reactions are where the humor lies.

Even the author of Hood Feminism, Mikki Kendall could not resist joining in the fun. She wrote:

chainsaws, invented, trees, help

“I have just Googled to see why chainsaws were invented I am going to bed now.”

James Moran, who is a British screenwriter known for his work on Doctor Who and Torchwood, also did his part to advance the meme. Moran chimed in:

“I did this and am horrified, so now you have to suffer: Google, why chainsaws were invented? Go on. Make sure you’re sitting down.”

A popular meme on tries to combine the origin of chainsaws with the fictional character Leatherface from the movie franchise.

The meme asks the viewer to wonder how it would feel to have Leatherface rushing into the delivery room.

The accompanying photo shows the character looking determined with his chainsaw in hand.

A second meme shows a woman trying to wash her eyes with a water cord after Googling “why were chainsaws invented?”

The memes around this theme are not slowing down.

TBSW Extras. Why were chainsaws invented?


The term “why were chainsaws invented?” has been a trending topic on social media in the past years. In 2020, it even made the year-end list of top trending searches released by Google.

It continues to attract new people every day because the information is not something that one could have expected. over, the Internet has a penchant for highlighting interesting facts that are not widely known.

In this specific case, it just led to a scary and disturbing finding for some. However, some of these trends really take the user to very interesting places.

For example, a similar meme went viral in recent months. It put the spotlight on another little-known fact about Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

It revealed that John Harvey Kellogg invented the popular cereal in 1894 as a way to control sexual impulses and masturbation.

In a world that is facing a lot of serious challenges, no one can blame those who can find notes of levity in the origins of chainsaws and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

Learn why were chainsaws invented. It’s not for what you think

Why were chainsaws invented? Well, the TLDR version is that Chainsaws were invented to help with childbirth originally ( What?! ) YES. Someone thought creating a chainsaw is a good idea to help precious little and very gentle babies during the birth.

Before you scream, hear us out. In the old days, before C section surgeries were performed, if a baby was too big to pass through in a natural birth, they used a sharp knife to cut some areas or the pelvic to make room for the baby to come out. This process is called Symphysiotomy.

When a woman is giving birth and for some reason the baby can’t pass through the birth canal naturally, a surgical procedure is performed to widen the pelvis by cutting cartilage of the pelvic symphysis and when no caesarian section is manageable.

This was a messy, painful and not so accurate process that involved many mistakes and a lot of blood.

So, two doctors in 1780 decided the process needs to be better, so they actually invented the chainsaw to make the process more quickly, and easier.

In the old days the original chainsaws were powered by hand crank, and as you can imagine, it was much more difficult and required more human intervention.

  • Chainsaws were invented to help with childbirth
  • Two Scottish doctors named John Aitken and James Jeffray invented the chainsaw
  • Before 1780 doctors used small knifes to cut pelvic bones to make room for babies to come out.

Why were chainsaws invented – The full low down

Now, we hear you, the first few paragraphs of this article already made me clinch, I’m sure most of you as well, sounds crazy right? But remember that back in the day, a lot of stuff happend that seems crazy today.

So getting back to childbirth, before technology, and C sections all babies had to be born the natural way, meaning going through the birth canal, which makes a lot of sense right? How else would they be born?

And as we all know, babies come in many different shapes, and sizes, and a lot of situations can happen during a birth that can complicate it. In those days, if a child could not pass through the canal, you had to do what ever you can to help him or her, or the baby would not make it.

So doctors in these times used small knifes and saws to cut pieces of the pelvis and cartridge to make room, and yes, this was done without any anaesthesia and while the woman giving birth wide awake. Oh my, just thinking about it gives me the chills.

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The whole thing was a mess. it took a long time, was done manually, and was very very painful and bloody as you might imagine, but people did it, and that was the way.

The chainsaw itself

So like mentioned before, two Scottish doctors named John Aitken and James Jeffray decided this can’t go on and invented the chainsaw to be used to cut pelvic bone when needed. It looked something like this:

Image via Sabine Salfer/WikiCommons | First version of the chainsaw invented in 1780

It was powered by hand, as you can see it had little teeth and a chain moving around it, with a handle you can turn to make the chainsaw work. Luckily, while this still looks very scary to me, it’s still somehow looks like a medical tool and not something you would want to cut a tree with.

The spread of the chainsaw

Once other doctors noticed that this little chainsaw can cut bone pretty quickly, they stated using it for other medical situations like amputations and eventually it made it way into the wood-working industry as people learned this tool can cut pretty much anything.

Over the years it became larger and more powerful to be able to cut down bigger and stronger things and this is where you might know it from best.

This tool is not being used today in developing countries and only in third world countries where a operation is needed and no other tools are available.


That was the history of the chainsaw and it was shocking for me to learn why were chainsaws were invented and more shocking to learn that they were NOT invented for cutting down trees.