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Electric screwdriver for ice discovery. which one to choose in 2020.?

Hi all! You like winter fishing, but you are tired of manually drilling holes? The life of an electric screwdriver will be able to facilitate your life. You can easily fix the ice drift into it and inhabit 100-150 holes from one charge, depending on the thickness of the ice. True, not every model is suitable for this work. About what characteristics should have an electric screwdriver in order to confidently cope with drilling, and it will be discussed in this article. Read it to the end, since below will be represented by specific high.quality models that can withstand the required load, but having the lowest price. This article is regularly updated, so it always has relevant information.

I work as a sales consultant for a power tool, so I am well oriented in the assortment. In addition, I myself sometimes go to winter fishing, so I can imagine the conditions in which a screwdriver will have to work. In general, having estimated these conditions, having experienced some models and talking with other fishermen, I realized which electrical screwdriver for ice discovery to do so that he would be honored with this matter. Let’s proceed to the description of the required characteristics.

The necessary characteristics of an electric screwdriver for working on winter fishing

Think about and imagine what difficulties you will encounter during the operation of an electric screwdriver on a frozen pond? After short.term estimates, the following three factors come to the head:

To confidently work in such conditions, it must meet certain requirements. Consider these requirements depending on each factor separately.

Characteristics for work under a large load

Agree that the rotation of the drill in the ice requires a rather great effort from the electric screwdriver. My tests showed that an unit with a torque of at least 60 nm can cope with such work. The same figure is confirmed by other fishermen who already drill the holes with an electric screwdriver. Therefore, when buying, you need to build on this value.

But in this place it is necessary to make such a reservation: not all the screwdrivers, which will have a moment over 60 nm, will suit us. Among them there are those in which a large torque is achieved due to the shock mechanism. It helps well with the screwing of nuts and bolts, but is absolutely useless when drilling ice. Therefore, for winter fishing, models reaching a high torque due to the blow are not suitable.

I note that there is another shock mechanism designed to simplify the drilling of brick and other stone materials. its presence will not have any negative effect on the use of an electric screwdriver with an ice out.

Large loads also require that an electric screwdriver be a professional class, since only in this case it can last a long time. The following manufacturers are made by a professional tool:

The household class is not suitable, so all sorts of bison, calibers, enchors and other Chinese do not consider.

If you used to drill manually, you can remember how you sometimes shave the drill during this process. Now imagine what will happen if the shame occurs when drilling with an electric screwdriver. your hands can easily break. To protect yourself from this, it is necessary that the electrical screwdriver has an additional handle, which is installed on the back of the main. So you can confidently hold the device, grabbing it on both sides. Thanks to this, the hands will remain intact.

We will summarize this part like this: a large load requires a professional unstressed electric screwdriver with a torque of 60 nm. And for convenience and safety, an additional handle in the kit is also needed. We dealt with a large load factor, we proceed to the need for continuous work without recharging.

Characteristics for prolonged autonomous work

Nobody will bring you a rosette on the pond, so the operation of the electric screwdriver will depend on the amount of the stored charge. The charge reserve is equal to the capacity of the battery and is measured in ampere hours. I think you understand that for drilling ice on winter fishing it is better to purchase an electric screwdriver with increased battery capacity, and this is at least 3 ah. And it is necessary that there are at least two of them. Although, as I already wrote, we need a professional class apparatus, and they are always equipped with at least two batteries.

Having bought an electric screwdriver with a 3 Ach battery, you can drill at least 100 holes, and if 5 Ah, then 150-170. Although this indicator, as mentioned above, also depends on the thickness of the ice.

Thus, when buying, we prefer devices with the most capacious batteries as possible. Now time to move to such a factor as cold.

Characteristics for work in cold conditions

This item is closely connected with the previous one, since it is again about the capacity of batteries, which becomes smaller at low temperatures. Therefore, such a condition again requires the purchase of an electric screwdriver with a large capacity battery.

Also in this paragraph it should be said about the types of batteries. There are three of them:

electric, screwdriver, drill, installation, bosch

There is an opinion that in the cold nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallhydrid batteries feel better than lithium-ionic. However, my tests show that modern lithium-ion batteries also feel good in the cold.

But even if it turns out that your lithium-ion batteries will refuse to work in a cooled state, then they can simply be kept warm. “And where to get the warmth on winter fishing?”. you ask. And I will answer: you yourself are a heat source. Do in your jacket, sheepskin coat (or what you go fishing there) additional internal s for batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are light, so it will be convenient to keep them there. When you need to drill another hole, take out the battery. When you sit down to fish, you remove.

And the next moment on this item is that nickel-cadmium batteries have a capacity of not more than 2 Ah, and nickel-metallhydridge no more than 2.5 ah. Lithium-ion may have 5 ah. Based on the fact that we need to have more than 3 Ah, we discard nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallidride types to the side, especially since they are gradually ceased to produce as morally obsolete.

So, having examined the three main factors that will influence the operation of an electric screwdriver in winter fishing, we found out that we will need a professional unstressed electric screwdriver with a torque of at least 60 nm, lithium-ion batteries from 3 ah and an additional handle in the kit in the kit.

What models meet these requirements?

Choose ice drift for a screwdriver

Winter fishing is not only a pleasure and excitement from the process of vighting, but also the loss of energy that occurs during the drilling of holes in the ice, as well as their purification. And if the creation of one, two or even three holes of the forces and enthusiasm of fishermen, as a rule, is enough with excess, then with the drilling of a dozen or two holes in the ice, most likely will not cope. For this reason, lovers of winter fishing are increasingly looking closely at the ice bobs combined with screwdrivers. effective and convenient tools that automate the process of drilling holes.

Advantages of ice discovery under a screwdriver

When comparing a manual tool for drilling ice with an ice discovery under a screwdriver, the latter wins the mechanical in several parameters:

  • Saving time and effort. Search for a successful place for fishing will not take much time and will require much less effort if you attach a screwdriver to the icebore. The usefulness of the tool is especially felt when drilling ice with a thickness of more than 50-60 cm.
  • Simplicity of use. strictly vertical installation of the tool and insignificant physical efforts. that’s all that is required to create holes.
  • Functionality. Using different screws for ice discovery under a screwdriver, you can create holes of the desired size in ice of any type (dry, wet, dense, loose, etc.e).
  • Low noise. the tool works quietly enough and the drilling of the holes does not scare away the fish.
  • Universality. Shurovyrt can be used not only for winter fishing, but also for its intended purpose: for repair, construction, household needs.

Iceoburov with screwdrivers has a significant drawback: with severe frosts (from.10) the battery quickly discharges and stops starting the tool. For this reason, the spare battery should always be available, and it is recommended to hold it in a warm

Unpacking / unboxing cordless drill / driver Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC L-boxx 06019F6001

Requirements for screwdriver

In addition to the side of the rotation, when choosing an electric screwdriver, it is also worth paying attention to a few more important points, without which a homemade electric fireman will not be able to cope with its task or will fail after the first ten holes.

The necessary power of Shurik

And here there is already certain frames. from 18 to 24 volts. Too weak Shurik will not cope with his task, while too powerful is installed only on professional tools, do not forget about the moment of rotation. it is not recommended to purchase a device at a speed of less than 60 nanometers, since such an electric screwdriver does not last long. The optimal indicator. 110 nanometers. such a tool copes with drilling “with a bang”.

Purchase devices with a power of above the indicated also because its weight is more than 3 kilograms. Add to this the mass of the icebreaker and get the number in the region of 6-7 kilograms. In addition, at the same time, you can purchase a tool with a capacity of 18 volts for literally 15 thousand. So what is the point of overpaying for your own inconvenience if there is almost no use from this (except that the farm is required)?

Capacity and number of batteries

There are usually enough batteries for 3.5 amperes if the thickness of the drilling is not more than 130 millimeters. For one entry, using such a device, you can make up to 20 holes, which is more than enough even for a professional fisherman. The higher the container, the longer the tool will work, so no one forbids to buy a device for 4 or 5 amperes. However, take into account that the cost of an electric screwdriver depends on the battery capacity.

The number of batteries directly depends on which capacity they have. However, even if the device is characterized by a powerful battery, we still recommend getting a spare, since the drives are charged for a long time (from a day or more). And given the fact that the winter fishing season does not last long, it takes every day. It will be a shame to miss the event simply because yesterday you spent the entire charge of the battery, and today it has not yet been charged.

What electric screwdriver is needed for ice discovery

Thinking about choosing an electric screwdriver, you should familiarize yourself with the main parameters that affect the use of the tool as the spinning force of the ice discovery. These include:

  • Power. depends on the voltage of the battery, the higher it is, the easier the tool will cope with solid ice and other obstacles. The power of 18V is installed as a minimum plan, but if financial capabilities allow, it is better to take 36V.
  • Torque. A large torque facilitates the process of drilling the hole. The minimum indicator for using the tool with ice discovery is 50-70 nm, the optimal is 80-90 nm. It is important that the torque indicator is not achieved due to the shock properties of the tool. Such an option is not useful when drilling ice, which means that the selected models should be deprived of this function.
  • The strength and quality of the materials used. When choosing a tool, it is necessary to take into account that it will be used in extreme conditions. Its fall, slight getting wet and t.D. Preference should be given to well.known brands who have long produced their products and value buyers.
  • Additional options. This includes the presence of the second handle for the stop with two hands. This will not allow the tool to slip out when biting the screw in the thickness of the ice. You can do without a handle, but in this case it should be present on the adapter, which allows you to attach ice drift for winter fishing to a screwdriver.

Types of batteries for electric screwdriver

The choice of the nutritional element deserves special attention, since the duration of the autonomous operation of the tool and its benefit from being in the fisherman’s things depends on it. An incorrectly selected battery will not allow the use of an electric screwdriver as much as necessary that it will turn it into an unnecessary accessory.

Currently, the following types of batteries are used in the power tool:

  • Lithium-ionic. Differ in increased charging speed, low weight, large volume. The disadvantages include the loss of part of the charge at minus ambient temperature. Despite the latest improvements, such a battery will still have to be hidden in the inner of the jacket in between drilling holes.
  • Nickel-cadmium. Easily tolerate negative air temperatures, but have a high mass.
  • Nickel-metallological. Are the best choice for electric screwdriver, as they are a middle ground between the two above types of batteries.

Choosing an electric screwdriver for ice discovery, the battery capacity is not the last indicator. The average value is 2.5-3 Ah. This will display more than a dozen holes. In general, their number depends on the type of ice and its thickness. Having selected a tool with a lithium-ion battery, it is necessary to select a capacity with a margin, since in the cold it can decrease by 30-50%.

Which electric screwdriver is better for ice discovery

Electric screwdriver is a useful and universal thing. Without it, it is impossible to imagine the repair of the apartment, the repair of wooden things, the car, the maintenance of household appliances, cleaning and polishing, mixing paint and building mixtures. The list can be continued for a long time, but I want to dwell on electric screwdriver as an indispensable assistant on winter fishing in more detail. When ensuring the necessary equipment, he will save you from tiring work on drilling holes. This is especially true when it is required to drill a lot of holes in search of fish or when a fisherman of advanced age does not have enough physical strength to be controlled by a manual ice discovery. If it is supposed to use a screw with a large diameter, you will have to work. The electric screwdriver simply will not notice the difference. a high.quality tool can easily cope with the largest screw. To choose the right electric screwdriver, it is necessary to take into account several important points, which we will talk about later.

For an electric screwdriver, joining directly to the ice discovery and drilling of holes is not a nominal task, so you should take the choice very carefully so as not to disable the tool and provide high performance.

Battery voltage for electric screwdriver

Here I would like to pay attention to a frequent mistake. many are interested in what power an electric screwdriver is needed for the ice.block, which is already fundamentally incorrect. The concept of power is used for wired devices, and as for the electrical screwdriver for ice discovery, such a tool should be battery and here you need to pay attention to the battery voltage. It is this parameter that has a direct impact on performance. that is, how the tool is suitable for certain tasks. The most popular battery blocks have a voltage of 3.6 to 40 volts. For winter conditions, the optimal choice will be 18 in 18 in.

electric, screwdriver, drill, installation, bosch

Torque. which is more correct to navigate?

This parameter directly depends on the design of the tool and voltage of the battery. Affects work with solid textures. wood, metal, or, as in our case, ice, or with very tightly twisted compounds. Measured in Newton-meters (NM), varies from 1.2 to 500. Choosing a battery electric screwdriver, you can safely follow the advice. the larger this indicator, the better. For a complete understanding, we give an example. this value should not be less than 60 nm.

What should be the battery capacity

Preparing for winter fishing, it is important not only to choose the right model and characteristics of an electric screwdriver. After all, even the best electric screwdriver with a small capacity battery will make you two holes and will be discharged. Therefore, pay attention to the battery capacity. Here, as in the previous case, the more. the better. True, an increase in the battery capacity will affect its weight and volume, but for us these indicators do not matter, we do not need a mobile tool, but a powerful one, with a large battery capacity. The most common accumulators with a capacity of 2 or 5 Ah. Give preference to the latter. Many manufacturers produce screwdrivers of such a design that allows you to install several additional batteries on one tool, which increases the tool time from one charging cycle.

In this matter, you should focus on the volume of work. It is impossible to say how many holes can drill this or that electric screwdriver with a specific battery, there are too many factors that affect the drilling. This is the density of ice and the temperature on the street. But on average, you can focus on the following indicators-the battery with a capacity of 4 Ah is enough to create 25-35 holes. But it is better to always have a spare.

This is the most popular topic for disputes about what type of battery is the most optimal for winter fishing. Consider the three main types of batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries. These are the most modern battery, differ in low weight and high charging speed and lack of memory. This means that when charging, even with incomplete discharge, this battery does not lose capacity. The earlier versions of such batteries had a weak place. in the cold they were very quickly discharged.

Nickel-cadmium batteries. These batteries are steadily losing popularity, despite the fact that they keep a charge well even in the cold. The reason why manufacturers gradually lead them out of production is their bulky, large weight and a pronounced memory effect, as a result of which they need to be charged extremely neatly.

Nickel-metallogide batteries. This is an improved version of the nickel-cadmium, their memory effect is much smaller, they are more compact and stronger, but there are practically no tools on the market with this type of battery.

There are literally units of screwdrivers, which are equipped with batteries of other types, except for lithium-ion-ionic. Although nickel-cadmium batteries hold the charge better, however, you can not find a spare shift block on sale.

Fishermen with extensive experience noted. that modern Li-Ion AKB models quite successfully cope with the work in the cold, and their performance when working with heavy screws at a height. Manufacturers of professional tools in their products use this particular type of battery.

Electric screwdriver engine type for ice discovery

Brush. These are standard engines that use coal brushes. Their cost is low, but they are very subject to overheating during intensive operation. The brushes will have to be replaced regularly, and although this can be done at home on your own, it still takes time.

Brightless. The name speaks for itself. the brushes in the engine design are absent. Such devices are more expensive. both the entire tool, and maintenance, and components. However, for professionals this is the best option, since excellent resistance to overheating and high performance fully justify the high price.

Additional characteristics of screwdrivers

Noise and vibration. After a long time, these aspects will begin to irritate, however, when drilling holes, there is too little time to cause inconvenience, so you can not focus on these parameters not to focus.

The weight. If an electric screwdriver was selected for repair, then the weight would be very important, because when working it is kept by weight. But we are going to drill ice, the weight of an electric screwdriver will be on the screw, so this parameter does not require close attention.

Equipment. Often screwdrivers are sold without a charger, which will have to be purchased separately. Here, focus on your own preferences, it happens that it is cheaper to purchase them separately than to look for a complete set.

Popular manufacturers of the power tool

How to remove play in the drill chuck? How to get a cordless drill repaired?

Most manufacturers of professional tools are foreign brands, but there was a place and brand.

German company producing some of the best screwdrivers suitable for fishing. They are distinguished by a high torque and high price, if finances are not an acute topic for you, then feel free to choose the drill of this brand.

A large American brand specializing in the production of a semi.professional and professional power tool. One of the first to have begun the popularization of brilliant engines.

Another German manufacturer of power tools, pay special attention to its line of products in blue. this is a powerful professional tool.

Japanese company produces both household power tools and professional. Differs in high quality and meticulously worked out details.

Domestic manufacturer of power tools for household use. Decent quality for low cost.

Remember that it is impossible to save excessively on the acquisition of such a power tool as an electric screwdriver for ice discovery, since the low power of cheap products will not allow you to fully enjoy the fishing process, and an openly cheap tool can completely spoil you with leisure, having failed in the most crucial moment.

Important! It is necessary to transport your electric screwdriver in a special bag to protect it from blows and scratches, and also so that it does not freeze so quickly. Do not wrap the tool in old fur coats or specially sewn insulated bags. after work, the electric screwdriver will be very warmed up, and if it is placed in heat, condensate is formed on the internal nodes, which, under systematic exposure, can disable the device. Buy a quality and reliable bag for carrying without unnecessary heaters.

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Zubble DB-20 A5

The best electric screwdriver for ice discovery with an additional handle today. There is an additional pen for you is important-pay attention to the model of the bison DB-20 A5 from a two-time winner of the Mark Award to a small-sized, but convenient “Shurik” lies in the hand as a glove. A powerful and reliable tool for home repair, 60 nm is felt clearly. The second speed is highly solved, when drilling the tree with “feathers”, cleanliness is ensured.

The cartridge is made of metal, clamps perfectly, the backlight is not shaded by its own cartridge, two batteries in the kit, a decent case. The warranty from the manufacturer is given for 5 years. considerable time. The battery in the case sits firmly, not play.


  • battery capacity, Ach: 1.5;
  • Battery device: slider;
  • charge time, h: 0.5;
  • Dimensions without packaging: 370x300x112 mm
  • Mass: 1.4.
  • powerful gearbox;
  • high.quality assembly;
  • guarantee 5 years;
  • balancing fee in the battery;
  • Reducer and cartridge metal case.

Makita DDF458RFE

Good electric screwdriver for ice discovery with an additional handle. Solid battery drill to solve simple repair problems. The internal mechanism is reliably protected from entering the water and dust. The number of revolutions can be adjusted. The power is high, the performance is excellent. The gearbox is made of metal (serves for a long time).

The reverse function is one of the main functions that a drill electrical screwdriver should have. Its presence allows you to change the direction of rotation of the drill, t.e. The cartridge can rotate not only clockwise, but also against what helps to extract a stuck drill. A separate operation switch is located on the case. There is a battery level indicator and spindle blocking.


  • Warranty: 1 year;
  • Max. Diameter of drilling (metal): 13 mm;
  • Weight: 2.3 kg;
  • battery capacity: 3 A h;
  • Number of batteries: 2 pcs.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2021 T03470

High.quality electric screwdriver for ice discovery with an additional handle. And again, Metabo presents to our attention a reliable and high-quality product for the performance of a certain kind of repair tasks: Drill-electrical screwdriver BS 18 LTX Impuls 2021 T03470. A powerful 4-pole engine is installed in the system, which allows the device to quickly drill holes and enter the screws. Even with long operation, the device is protected from overheating of the housing and circuit due to special protection against overload.

It is combined without problems with all 18 V batteries and CAS brands charger. You can turn on the pulse regime (with sparkling on mirror-hot surfaces to not cope otherwise, the same applies to firmly sitting screws).

You can work without using a drilling cartridge (thanks to the inner hexagon for nozzles-bit). There is a strong hook on the case: to make it more convenient to wear an electric screwdriver on the shoulder, hanging it on a belt. Built.in backlight allows you not to use additional light sources during the process. The case is made of cast aluminum. On the handle there are non.slip pads: so that hands do not slip.

Inexpensive models (up to 25,000)

When making any thing, the first thing is to pay attention to the cost. It is believed that the high price obliges the same quality. But the pattern does not always act. And this is successfully proved by models of screwdrivers for winter fishing from the budget segment.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • Moisture.proof case
  • Fasted cartridge
  • High power
  • Metal gearbox
  • 21 Twisting mode with a drilling function
  • Battery charge indicator
  • The presence of a side handle
  • compatibility with the battery for 4 Ah

Drill.electrical screwdriver Makita DDF458RFE has excellent performance. The diameter of the clamp cartridge up to 13 mm. The side handle and the presence of backlight increase the effectiveness of the work performed. Twisting indicators from 58 to 91 nm and 21-speed mode help to cope with various density material. Users noted high reliability and ease of use of the tool.

Dewalt DCD991P2

  • light
  • Durable and hardy
  • High torque up to 95 nm
  • The battery perfectly withstands minus temperatures
  • Bright backlight
  • A capacious battery charge

High.quality shock tool Makita DDF458RFE. drill. electrical screwdriver with 3 speed modes. Designed for active professional application. Equipped with electronic engine protection and an additional handle. Included 2 batteries with a capacity of 5 ah. Despite the fact that many users noted the fact of the non.metallicity of the model, recognized as the best in the category “Reformation of price and quality”.

Makita DDF451RFE

MAKITA DDF451RFE model is a reliable unstressed drill-16 steps of torque and 3-speed modes. Equipped with double backlight, a power button lock and side hilt. A durable case provides work in any weather. The peculiarity of the model is compatibility with more powerful batteries for 4 and 5 Ah. Users have repeatedly noted the reliability of the tool.

Middle segment (from 25,000)

In the average price segment are models with additional functionality and properties. The presented rating of manufacturers of power tools will allow you to choose a good electric screwdriver for drilling ice.

Bosch GSR 36 VE-2-Li 4.0ah X2 L-BOX

A powerful and serious power tool with high torque indicators of 100 nm. By purpose, it refers to unstressed drummer drills. For the convenience of the work performed, there is a lateral handle with rubberized non.losing inserts. Also equipped with a backlight, a sensor showing the battery charge and blocking the power button. Of the features of the model, a quick charge of the battery is noted. only 1 hour 33 minutes.

Metabo BS 18 LTX-3 BL Q I 5.5Ach x2 case

  • power
  • reliability
  • Compactness
  • It works for a long time without recharging
  • Great build quality
  • Fast recharging

Model Metabo BS 18 LTX-3 BL Q I 5.5Ach x2 Case is going to Germany, which already says a lot. High.quality, professional tools with a fast.packed type of cartridge and a torque of 120 nm. It has the functions of the pulse mode and electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation. Adapted for work in the rack of the drilling machine. According to numerous reviews of lovers of winter fishing, this is the best electric screwdriver for ice discovery.

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5.0Ach x2 l-axx set

  • powerful
  • light
  • qualitative
  • Not noisy
  • batteries hold the charge for a long time
  • reliable
  • the presence of interchangeable nozzles

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5 battery.0Ach x2 l-axx set, perhaps the best of representatives of a kind. Thanks to a set of 4 interchangeable nozzles, work with the tool received advanced opportunities. The presence of reverse, electronic adjustment of the speed and protection against overloads ensure maximum safety. A capacious battery for 5 Ah guarantees a long.term uninterrupted use of a drill.electrical screwdriver. Received the maximum number of positive reviews due to its versatility.

Inexpensive models

Einhell TE-CD 18

Inexpensive model is suitable for use on shallow ice. power is not enough to obtain a hole with a depth of more than 0.5 m. Two lithium-ion batteries included. At temperatures below. 10 ° C, they quickly discharge, so they must be kept warm (in the inner s of clothing). A significant deficiency of the unit is the absence of an additional handle. When drilling, you can dislocate your hand.

Makita DHP482

A powerful device confidently copes with thick ice up to 60 cm. Drilling speed is regulated by electronics. The unit is ergonomic, relatively light (1.8 kg). Unfortunately, it is supplied without a battery, charger and case. Makitov lithium-ion batteries 18 V are suitable, purchased additional. Another minus. there is no additional handle.

Zubble DAI-18-2-LIC4

Inexpensive devices with a moment of strength 60 N. m will cope with ice up to 60 cm thick. Supplied in a case with two Li-Ion batteries and a charger. Reliable, light (1.7 kg) The unit is convenient to work due to electronic adjustment of the speed, reverse, locking the launch key. The disadvantages are significant for winter fishing: a battery capacity of 1.8 ah, fast discharge in the cold, there is no handle for the second hand. Good choice for a novice lover of winter fishing.

Middle segment

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013

Professional level model. Ideal for use on the ice discovery. the moment of strength 110 N. m allows you to cope with ice up to 1 m thick. A good set is a case, three lithium-ion elements with a capacity of 4 Ah, charger. The electric screwdriver is reliably held in the hands thanks to the side handle, which increases the safety of work. The best electric screwdriver for the drill in terms of value. power.

Dewalt DCD709S2T

Reliable apparatus from a well.known manufacturer. Ergonomic, weighs 1.2 kg. Develops an effort of 65 N. m. drilling ice up to 60 cm. The delivery kit includes two batteries, a charger, a convenient case. Reverse, electronic control control. The charge capacity is 1.5 Ah. this may not be enough for the day of fishing at low temperature. Another minuses: there is no second handle, high cost.

Bosch GSR 18V-60

The characteristics of this electrical screwdriver are well suited for winter fishing. The battery unit has a rotational moment 60 N. m. when installing on ice car, it easily copes with ice up to 60 cm deep. It is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 5 ah-this is enough to drill several dozen holes even at a temperature below-20 ° C C. Sold in the case, the kit includes a charger. Cons. there is no handle for the second hand, the price is overstated.

Distinctive features

Determining to choose a shock or unstressed model of an electric screwdriver, first you should figure out how they differ.

Many consumers who have managed to evaluate the work of the shock mechanism will say that such an unit is better, and this is what they are ready to justify their point of view.

  • Due to the directed strikes, the torque of the percussion instrument rises to the range of 80-250 N/m, due to which it becomes possible to break through the most complex obstacles. It is significant that in the process there is even no need to tightly press the case against the wall. the tool bakes into it even without a significant press.
  • In the absence of the need for constant physical effort attached to the instrument, wrist and brush of the master are much less than increasing, which allows you to increase the same performance.
  • Given that even a strong wall is not able to successfully withstand the onslaught of such a tool, it usually does not deform the fasteners, which in the future will allow it to extract it without additional efforts. over, many models also include the reverse function of extracting from the walls of old fasteners, even that due to long-term operation has experienced strong deformation.
  • Electric screwdriver works not only with bolts, but also with nuts, in each case, achieving the most tight twisting. The “smart” machine usually automatically moves from an unstressed regime to a shock when he feels that the nut at a certain moment began to go more tight.

Unfortunately, such a decision also has certain shortcomings that may never allow him to finally supplant unstressed models. So, the impressive speed of twisting is observed only in unstressed mode, when switching to strikes, it is significantly reduced.

Not any cartridges for such a tool are suitable. strictly hexagonal. Most models do not have a restrictive coupling, because the degree of twisting should be carefully monitored by the operator, otherwise it will not do without damage to the wall or parts. Finally, at high speeds, such an unit is able to give out deafening construction noise, therefore, constant work with it involves the mandatory use of protective equipment.

How to choose?

When selecting a specific model of shock electric screwdriver, pay attention to the slightest details. The first thing that is usually paid to is the type of power. Pneumatic models will definitely not be needed at home, but electric ones are network and battery, as already mentioned above.

The network option is good for working in the conditions of the equipped room, it is most appreciated for almost unlimited power. After giving preference to just such a device, evaluate its cable. it should have a significant length and thickness, have good isolation and not cause doubts about the strength of the place where it is part of the unit.

In the case of a battery model, more selection criteria. First of all, you need to find a balance between the large capacity of the battery extending the battery life and the weight of the device, because the capacious battery always weighs quite a lot.

Another point is a choice of the type of battery: today lithium models are most common, but there are also nickel-cadmium. The former are good for a small mass with a significant container, they allow you to carry out charging at any time, but they are more expensive than the main competitor and can quickly wear out at low temperature. The advantages of the nickel-cadmium solution completely leve up the shortcomings of the lithium option-such a battery is cheaper and not afraid of frosts, but it is both heavy and environmentally dangerous, and most importantly-it needs to be completely discharged and then completely loaded, otherwise the “memory effect” will provoke the rapid wear of the carrier.

Batteries can give out different voltage, but for periodic homework you can choose models with a value within 12-18 V.

At high voltage, the engine power increases, but for home use it does not need sky-high indicators: 500-700 watts will be enough, otherwise the tool will be heavy and unjustifiably expensive.

Cartridges of electrical screwdriver, in which interchangeable nozzles are attached, are quick.sound and key. The first can be organized in different ways, but its advantage is that service can be produced with bare hands. The key cartridge has a characteristic whisk, it needs a special key for it, which is not always convenient.

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Since it came to a cartridge, an important criterion is the maximum diameter of its disclosure. the larger it is, the more different nozzles can be used.

The maximum torque is an indicator of the force of which the nozzle will rotate. This indicator is not always directly dependent on the power of the motor, sometimes it can be increased due to the gearbox, but it is always desirable that the maximum torque is quite high. The priority of the model with a smooth adjustment of the torque, since they are more sparing fasteners and surfaces that are drilled.

In any case, the possibility of speed adjustment is a good bonus for working with materials of different densities, and the option of reverse rotation allows the nozzle to take care of once again and remove the screws if necessary, not limited only to screw.

The last but very important criterion for choosing a tool is its weight. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create an easy, and at the same time a powerful and multifunctional device, therefore it must be decided what is more important: lightness or performance. Keep in mind that with constant daily work, the first factor may be much more important.

How to install?

If you have stocked up with all the necessary details and have begun the final assembly of an effective drill, then you should have such main components as:

It is advisable to start the structure from one company. Buy a drill included in the kit, which includes the adapter.

After that, connect it to the purchased tool. If you use different designs, then you should choose models with connections in the form of hinges. This design will easily combine ice drift with an electric screwdriver. Connect the cartridge directly to the screw. The work will end at this, and you will receive automatic ice drift from an electric screwdriver. Of course, instead of the latter, you can use another tool, for example, a drill or a gaykort.

If you want to update the BUR of domestic production, then you should contact the use of a special lowering gearbox. He will warn the excess untwisting of the cartridge during the drilling of holes in the ice layer. The same detail will make it possible to use not too powerful tools to improve the drill. Thus, you will be able to save a tidy sum.


Many lovers of winter fishing turn to the use of ice.block with a nozzle of high.quality electric screwdriver. This tool allows you to make such a hobby easier and more trouble.free.

Buyers who contacted the installation of an electric screwdriver on a drill noticed the following positive qualities for the resulting device:

  • Such units are hardy, powerful and effective;
  • The autonomy of the devices functioning from the battery is also pleased;
  • High.quality models were pleased with the lack of excess noise and minimal vibrations that do not interfere with fishing;
  • In branded specimens there is a large torque;
  • screwdrivers for drills are charged quite quickly;
  • It is very convenient to use these tools complete with ice discovery. you do not have to spend extra strength during drilling of a large number of holes on ice;
  • The presence of a built.in flashlight in many models in many models, which is very useful in the dark in the dark, could not but please.

Consumers and some disadvantages in modern screwdrivers, united with ice discovery, namely, namely, namely: namely: