What Angle to Cut the Baseboard

The installation of fillet on the ceilings seems quite easy, but requires specific techniques for the successful completion of the repair. Often we cut the corners of the ceiling plinth completely wrong, which leads to a reduction in the terms of its operation and low quality repair work. Proper docking, evenly fixed edges. Quite an achievable result, if you use the recommendations of experienced specialists.

Varieties of Finishing Products

This material is intended for decorative decoration of the ceiling area, visual separation of it from the walls and sheltering the joints of diverse decoration elements. Almost any option for decorative design, interior design involves the use of such details. Otherwise, the room will look unfinished.

To fix this part, fillets are used that are attached to the ceiling with glue.

What Angle to Cut the Baseboard

The choice of mounting option depends on the type of product:

  • From PVC. The cheapest, but also the most brittle, prone to defects, but easy to use, it can be cut with a knife.
  • Polystyrene foam is also inexpensive, fragile, requiring a hacksaw for metal, although it is easy to cut. Another option is slightly more expensive. From extruded polystyrene foam, it is more difficult to cut, but it crumbles less.
  • Polyurethane. The most expensive and moisture resistant, durable and flexible. It is more difficult to work with it; it deforms at high temperatures.
  • Wooden. Dense and heavy material, cut only with a hacksaw.

Installation Finishing: Features

Many owners of houses and apartments are often in the midst of repair work puzzled by the question of how to properly cut the ceiling plinth in the corners. The problem is that there is no technical ability to make an incision at an angle of 45 degrees. To perform such manipulations, important correct docking at the boundaries of the external and internal corners of the canvas, which is quite problematic.

The specifics of the ceiling version. Not only in the sheer position of the canvas.

For the most accurate cutting, a special corner element is used, which is inserted into the edge of the baseboard. It will help to hide errors when cutting. This element will emphasize the angles in the room, the choice of such a part must be approached responsibly.

Corner cutting

How to cut ceiling skirting in the corners? The secret to a quality cut is to make incisions on both the outside and inside. An internal notch matters if we make an external angle.

Usually they use professional equipment. Miter saws or electric rotary hammers for industrial use. But proponents of home repair can do with conventional tools. The main requirement. At the end of the work, the result should be a clearly visible texture for the cornice, reflected on its front or back side.

Angle cutting technology

So, at what angle do you cut the ceiling skirting board and where does the formation of the angle begin with home remedies?

First you need to measure the angle that is between the walls. For this you can take pieces of foam from the technique. Typically, the angle is 90 degrees. A strict perpendicular. In this case, you need to trim the edges of the product at an angle of 45 degrees.

In case of irregularities and mismatched joints in the gap between the ceiling and the walls, it is necessary to divide the angle radius in two. In this case, do not confuse the details. The baguette for the left side is notched on the right, and the one on the right is the other way round.

Before cutting ceiling skirting boards in the corners, they form an angle inside the material in the upper space. This solution is based on the fact that the lower side protrudes above the upper. When executing an external corner, the procedure is performed in reverse. The texture of polystyrene foam materials helps smoothly and accurately adjust the details. If you are using wooden or plastic elements for a baguette, then you will have to work with them more carefully.

Miter cut method

The most popular mounting option is using household tools. Stuslo is a well-known assistant to the carpenter, helping to make cutting at the right angle. This is usually a tray, wooden or plastic, with vertical slots for the blade at angles of 45 and 90 degrees. How to cut corners of a ceiling plinth with a miter box?

To begin with, you should attach the material to the ceiling, install its bar in the miter box.

Holding the working material with the right hand, choose the position of the hacksaw at the level of 45 degrees and cut it off.

Toolless cutting

How to cut a corner of a ceiling plinth without a miter box? It is possible to perform the calculation and section manually.

By attaching the product to the place where it will be mounted, you can immediately take into account all the errors on the walls.

Masters Recommendations

They know best how to cut ceiling skirting boards in corners, experienced carpenters, joiners and builders. Most advise to make cuts on the side and try on the strips to the ceiling, if necessary, cut them in the direction of contact of the part to the surface.

After making a rough dock, the finished finished fillets are screwed to the wall. Seams are sealed. Installation of the plinth is completed.