What are the battery-powered angle grinder.

How to choose a cordless angle grinder: review of top models

Angle grinders are often also called simply “bolgarki” because the first of them came to us from Bulgaria. Divide network and cordless angle grinder. the first need to connect to the network, and the latter work independently. Features of the second category we will consider further, and at the same time highlight the five best models of cordless angle grinder.

Cordless angle grinders are gaining in popularity along with the growth of power and reduction of the average price. They have several advantages compared to the mains:

  • Portability. for application there is no need to have a nearby power grid, and this is often the main factor in choosing a cordless angle grinder, because you often have to use it in places without electricity.
  • Without wires is much more convenient to work. cordless angle grinder allows you to work in any hard to reach places.

In general, it is easier and more pleasant to use a cordless angle grinder than a heavy and noisy chain grinder. Thanks to its relatively low power, it won’t try to jump out of your hands when you’re working. But it has disadvantages in comparison with the network one:

  • the cost is higher for comparable quality.
  • Higher weight due to the battery.
  • Lower power.
  • Battery charge runs out quickly. there are seldom models that can run on one for more than an hour.

With the network tool is much better to saw metal and generally carry out work of large volume and high complexity. The cordless one is needed primarily for those who use an angle grinder only from time to time.

Top 10 best cordless grinders

Most affordable price. Optimal choice for the home Country: Russia (made in China) Average Rating (2022): 4.4

battery-powered, angle, grinder

For dry grinding and polishing of metal parts and stone products perfectly suit cordless grinder Elitech MSHU 18BL 191602. The machine is equipped with a 18 V Li-Ion battery, which provides optimal spindle speed for efficient work in the range of 0-8500 rpm with the possibility of three-step adjustment 4500/6500/8500 rpm.

The owners of this model of angle grinder in their reviews note the best functionality of the tool and ease of operation. Ergonomics of the main grip and auxiliary handle provide a secure grip and allow long hours of work without operator fatigue. Presented in our ranking angle grinder Elitech MSHU 18BL 191602 comes in a convenient shockproof case, which facilitates storage and transportation, and the most attractive price makes it profitable to buy for home.

Advantages and disadvantages of battery-powered angle grinder

Let’s start with the positive aspects of this tool.

  • Low weight. Even though a portable angle grinder has a battery, it weighs less than models powered from the mains. Most of these models weigh between one and four kilograms. The angle grinder with mains power weighs at least three kilograms.
  • Mobility. This is the main advantage of battery-powered grinders. They can be used without mains electricity.
  • Relatively low noise level. The battery-powered angle grinder during operation emits a noise level within 35 dB. It is less than in standard models.
  • Low power. This is an advantage in certain circumstances. After all, a low-power tool is easier to hold and perform complex cutting.
  • Easy operation. No one will argue with the fact that working with a light angle grinder without a wire outlet is much easier than a cumbersome network angle grinder.

In some cases, batteries from an angle grinder can be used on other portable power tools and vice versa. This can also be considered a plus.

Now about the disadvantages of cordless angle grinder, of which there are many.

  • Cost. Mobile angle grinder cost more than network models. A quality 18 volt, 3─4 Ah machine costs 15─18 t. р. (data as of June 2019). Standard models are considerably cheaper.
  • Low power. Here the small capacity is seen as a disadvantage. Working with metal of great thickness for mobile grinders is undesirable.
  • Short battery life. In most cases it is possible to make 50─60 cuts. Aware of this weakness, many manufacturers sell their cordless angle grinders with two batteries. A full charge takes about 2─4 hours.
  • Small range. Compared with conventional angle grinders, the choice of portable models is smaller. It is due to less demand for them. The smaller selection of accessories and spare parts for them is due to the same reason. And the repair of such an angle grinder in the service center will cost more.
battery-powered, angle, grinder

Now let’s look at some models of portable angle grinder offered in the market. Return

Top popular household grinders

This is a quality model that works for a long time. Thanks to it, a person can easily work in different conditions. The maximum disc diameter is 125 mm. Rotation speed is 8500 rpm. This angle grinder is powered by a single rechargeable battery, which is present in the kit. Diameter of the mounting hole is 22 mm.

To ensure long life, the electric motor is equipped with an electronic overload protection. There is also a starting current limitation and a locking start button, which prevents accidental pressing. For more comfort during various operations, there is a two-position handle. The equipment is sold in a handy carrying case, which makes it easier for a person to transport or move the device.

The housing is of high quality, no backlash in the equipment. The angle grinder copes with high loads, ensuring efficient and fast work performance. Length 362 mm, weight 2.5 kg. The operating voltage of the battery is 18 V. Charging is fast.

battery-powered, angle, grinder

Cord to Cordless Angle Grinder Restoration Conversion

Quiet motor compared to corded models. The only drawback is the inconvenient location of the start button during cutting operations. It is also necessary to additionally tighten the pressure washer, for which the kit has a key.

This model can cut, grind and sand any surface. Metal, stone and tile can be cut and worked easily. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a high-capacity battery, which combined with a brushless motor guarantees convenience and high performance in various works. Battery indicator shows the battery status in real time. It also features a spindle lock function, which enables the tool to change the tooling in less than a minute.

Comfortable side handle for quick and precise operation. Safety is ensured by the safety guard, so sparks and particles of material do not fall into the eyes or on the skin. The complete set of the tool is standard: the manufacturer has put 2 storage batteries and a key for the rapid replacement of the grinding or cutting disc.

The model can be transported in a bag, which is also included. When you purchase a Bort BWS-18Li-125 angle grinder, it is covered by a 2-year warranty, which can be increased by registering the model on the manufacturer’s official website. In this case, the term will be 5 years.

  • two batteries included;
  • Saws metal parts well;
  • affordable price;
  • low weight of 1.7 kg;
  • two speeds of work;
  • quiet operation;
  • ergonomic handle.

It is the budget model that guarantees fast execution of any type of work. Maximum speed of the disc. 6500 rpm. A quality motor is installed, which allows you to use the product for a long time and increases productivity.

Three-position handle provides comfort during grinding or cutting of metal parts. Allowed disc diameter. 115 mm, standard fit. 22 mm. The equipment is capable of cutting almost any material up to a thickness of 28 mm.

rubber coating of the handle prevents accidental slipping. The safety guard makes sanding and cutting safe. Thanks to its low weight and compact size, it will be easier for a person to transport the device.

This model also has disadvantages. For example, the kit does not include a battery, so you need to buy it separately. The product is also difficult to work with one hand, because the buttons are located on the bottom, which is designed for the use of 2 hands. Another problem of this device is the lack of a soft start, which creates a little discomfort during operation.

  • low price;
  • comfortable handle;
  • High power;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • long service life
  • mobility;
  • low weight.

This is a modern angle grinder designed for 125 mm discs. The external design is of high quality. The model integrates many advanced and design solutions, which are well reflected in the ergonomics. When designing this model, engineers paid special attention to safety. All the features you need, from the soft starter to the anti-vibration system. During cutting or grinding, the noise level is not as high as in some other models.


Robust brushless motor guarantees long battery life. The user does not need to set a medium or minimum speed because the product operates continuously at 9000 rpm.

Key switch is conveniently located so you can stop the motor in one second. High-quality air-cooling system is available for long operations, so the device does not overheat.

Small form and dimensions allow for work in all areas and hard-to-reach places. Hook-and-loop clutch protects the operator’s hands should a tool ever get caught. Handle is rubber coated and ergonomically shaped. Only 1 weight.8 kg.

  • Good autonomy with minimal power loss;
  • comfortable in operation;
  • modern design;
  • 3 year warranty;
  • the hood is easy to turn;
  • compact size and weight;
  • can be used with one hand;
  • soft start;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • air cooling.

This is a reliable model of a popular manufacturer, which is suitable for both domestic and professional work. The maximum speed of the rotating disc is 10,000 rpm, which has a positive effect on performance. In the design of the equipment decided to install a powerful electric motor, which operates for a long period at maximum speed.

Top 16 cordless bolsters on Aliexpress

Which cordless angle grinder from Aliexpress would you choose or recommend?



Compact 110-disc sander, powerful enough and handy in every respect. Power of the tool is 1200 watts, battery capacity. 7500 mAh. Battery and charger included. Cutting disc to be purchased separately. The machine has a comfortable ergonomic housing, can be used for various works and has a brushless reliable motor. Inexpensive for its characteristics, but not a very popular model, which, however, we still recommend to consider buying.

Kodx DHF8.1

Kodx DHF8.1

A machine that is suitable for the use of some of the most common 125 mm cutting discs. The model is comfortable to use and works well with batteries from a Makita angle grinder. By the way, visually very similar to the design of angle grinder from a well-known company. The model has a European certificate of quality. According to the reviews it is a fine machine, but it has its own characteristics.

WORX WX800.9

WORX WX800.9

Ideal for those looking for a reliable tool that won’t let you down when you need it the most. The version is powerful, beautiful, with an ergonomic housing, perfectly able to withstand even heavy loads. The main drawback of this particular model is that it comes without batteries and charger, but the price is quite high. However, the model is still worthy of attention, because the main thing for someone is to buy a very reliable device, and this angle grinder is just of this kind.



Angle grinder, which comes with two batteries, which is very convenient. no need to buy anything extra. And both batteries have a good capacity of 4000 mAh. In addition, it is equipped with an overload and overheat protection, so that it can be used in the safest way possible. Brushless motor, rugged, may not be the most powerful (850 watts), but it is enough for common household works.

Drillpro Grinder

Drillpro Grinder

angle grinder designed for use with 125 mm diameter discs. Model is compatible with Makita batteries. Not the most popular, but still worth looking at. Available in two colors, blue-black and yellow-black. Powerful, robust, overload protected, with improved safety cover, perfect grinder for many applications.

  • brushless motor
  • compatible with Makita batteries
  • low cost
  • Improved protection shroud
  • easy operation

Simniam Brushless Angle Grinder

Simniam Brushless Angle Grinder

Affordable angle grinder for use with 125 mm disc. The model is equipped with a handy auxiliary handle, 800 W motor. Compatible with Makita batteries. Angle grinder is ordered quite often, but judging by reviews it is not highly reliable.


Wireless angle grinder with variable speed control. Powerful model with a 2000 watt motor. not only enough for home use. Designed for 110-125 mm blades, the most popular and necessary. Bright black and yellow design will allow you for sure not to lose the angle grinder even in cluttered conditions. The model also has an information display and two batteries included. Protected from overload. Idle speed: 4600 rpm./4,600 rpm.

The Wolike Drillpro

Wolike Drillpro

Not ergonomic, but robust and not overpriced. The angle grinder is perfect for home use. It has a reliable brushless motor, power. 800 watts, designed for the most popular 125 mm discs. In addition, it is equipped with adjustable speed (4 values). It is a safe bet to buy if you need a long-lasting and reliable repair or construction assistant.

Tips and tricks for choosing a cordless angle grinder from Aliexpress

When choosing cordless grinders, you should pay attention to these parameters:

  • Choosing a cordless angle grinder pay attention to the battery capacity, the more the better. This is due to the fact that most models have the ability to adjust the speed, and hence the power, but with a smaller margin. As the battery capacity increases, so does its service life.
  • The second important parameter is the battery charging time. Charging time depends on the battery capacity and averages from 1 to 2 hours.
  • Another important parameter is the overheat protection system. There are both “soft” and “hard” start systems (similar to the starter), the first mode is safer for the user, while the second is more effective.
  • Motor power and disk diameter. The more power the motor has, the higher the speed of the disc, the more productive the tool will be.
  • Giving preference to one or another model, you should consider how often you plan to use the angle grinder, and in what conditions. If you will use it only in the home, you can take a low-power, but if it will be frequent use in the conditions of the workshop, it is better to take a more powerful.
  • Pay attention to the idle speed. The higher the RPM, the faster the grinding will be.
  • If you plan to sand wood, wood fiberboard, particle board, then pay attention to the availability of speed adjustment.
  • If you need a cordless angle grinder for work in hard-to-reach places, pay attention to whether the power button lock is included in the design.

Important! Before you order a cordless angle grinder on Aliexpress, be sure to look at customer reviews and seller rating. Thanks to this, you will avoid low-quality and defective products. All angle grinders must have a manufacturer’s warranty and quality certificate.

Selection criteria

When choosing a suitable model, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • Battery capacity in ampere hours. power and usage time depend on the value.
  • Voltage. by comparing it to the capacity, you can roughly determine the operating time at maximum without recharging.
  • Diameter of the circle. the maximum cut is just under half the diameter.
  • Speed control. enables processing of different materials.
  • Extra grip. for comfort.
  • Safety guard. for increased safety.

Makita DGA504 RME

Top best battery-powered bolsters can not do without equipment from the Japanese manufacturer Makita, famous for its incredible quality and a huge working life. The battery of this model charges in just 45 minutes, but these figures were not obtained by compromising its capacity, but by clever design solutions.

Makita cordless angle grinders are famous for their awesome motors, and this model is no exception. the brushless motor is equipped with excellent overload protection and it is extremely difficult to break it. But the charge indicators are not good. sometimes they show a full charge, when in fact there is no more than half of it left. Otherwise, this angle grinder can compete in performance and comfort level of the operator with devices that cost 5000. 10000 more expensive, and therefore in the average price segment it has virtually no equal.

Proxxon LHW/A 29815, 10.8 V, 50 mm

  • Max. disk speed 16000 rpm.
  • Max. disc diameter 50 mm.
  • Diameter of grinding hole 10 mm.
  • Variable speed adjustment.
  • The case included in the kit is.
  • Weight 0.8 kg.
  • Battery capacity 2.6 Ah.
  • Working voltage 10.8 В.
  • Charging time 1 hour.
  • Charger type impulse.

We face the smallest and lightest angle grinder. The network ones do not even make. Despite its toy size, it is very useful in fine work. removal of old paint coating, sanding. And you can cut something. a rod, a thin-walled tube. Fast motor provides clean work, and the shape of the tool allows to operate in hard-to-reach places.

battery-powered, angle, grinder

Top professional products

Machines for serious work are distinguished by increased service life, quality performance and ruggedness reserve of all units and assemblies. Such a tool is justified for demanding works that bring profit, but those who want to buy it and for themselves. you will not experience problems with it for sure.

Makita DGA508RME, 18 V, 125 mm