What Are The Bits For A Screwdriver

Screwdriver bits: which are better
Bits for a screwdriver: which is better. Standard and non-standard nozzles, their features and purpose. What to look for when choosing.

Which bits for a screwdriver are better: standard bits and their types

The very first thing to understand when choosing a bit for a screwdriver is that it must fully correspond to the notches on the screws. The so-called slots. The screw on the bit must hold tightly. Otherwise it will dangle, which is fraught not only with a quick failure of the bit itself, but also with injury to a person. The bit is selected by the self-tapping screw, the varieties of which are very many. Therefore, the master’s supply of various attachments of this type should be rather big. But let’s be consistent and to begin with, let’s deal with the bits most demanded in repair. There are not so many of them as it might seem at first glance.

  1. Bits Ph (phillips). Popularly such slots are called simply a cross bit for a screwdriver. They differ from each other in size, which is indicated in numerical terms. Ph1, Ph2, Ph3. The first is the smallest cross, the second is the most popular (they are twisted by black screws on drywall) and the third is the largest, which is used for large screws.
  2. Bits PZ. Designed for posidrive screws, which require a lot of effort to tighten. Such bits are equipped with additional slots placed between parts of a standard cross. They are practically not used for apartment renovation. This is the lot of builders who work with wood.
  3. Flat screwdriver bits. Despite the fact that they are there, almost no one uses them. It can be said that it is impossible to tighten screws and screws with one slot. This is the lot of screwdrivers and nothing more.

what are the bits for a screwdriver

Bit sizes for screwdriver photo

Both those and other bits can be produced in some interpretations. For example, regular Ph2 bits can be of different lengths, which can be up to 100mm. In addition, they can be equipped with special stops, which, when working with drywall, do not allow screws to be screwed deeper than necessary. And that’s not all, except for bits of various lengths, there are a lot of holders for them, which are worth talking about in more detail.

Screwdriver bits: which are better

Almost every master builder dreams of a tool that could perform a number of different technical tasks. Unfortunately, a completely universal tool does not exist, but there are various attachments that greatly expand the capabilities of a particular tool. Take, for example, a screwdriver, the direct purpose of which is to tighten screws and screws with nuts. But if a special attachment is installed on it, then it will be able to polish the surfaces, and even install rivets. About such attachments for a screwdriver and which bits for a screwdriver are better to choose, we will talk on this page of the website stroisovety.Org.

Screwdriver bits photo

Screwdriver bit holders: varieties and features

The holder is such a thing by means of which you can install any bit on a screwdriver, regardless of its length. There are several types of holders.

  1. Magnetic bit holder. They are popularly called extension cords. They can be 50mm, 100mm, and even 150mm in size. As a rule, they have a neodymium magnet mounted inside, which attracts not only the bit installed in the holder, but also the self-tapping screw installed on it. This is a very handy thing that does not allow the self-tapping screw to fall off the bit during operation. In principle, magnetic bits can be purchased without a holder, but in this case it is simply a magnetized iron.
  2. Holder for long screws. If anyone has tried to screw a self-tapping screw 75 mm long or more with a regular bat, then he probably knows how inconvenient it is. The screw is loose and constantly strives to fly off the slots of the bit. To prevent this from happening, and the bit does not jump off the screw, its holder is equipped with a sliding tube. It moves to the sides of the screw, preventing it from loosening during the screwing process. As the screw is screwed in, this tube comes back.

Photo Magnetic Screwdriver Bits

This is for the holders. As you understand, the options described above are by no means the only ones. If you look carefully in the catalogs of various manufacturers or just walk around the construction market, then you can certainly find other, so to speak, highly specialized devices of this type. Over, in addition to them, there are really useful devices that can radically change the scope of the screwdriver.

Screwdriver bits. Types and features of marking

A ready-made set of bits for a screwdriver includes a large number of those that are unlikely to be needed by an ordinary owner, which means that money will be paid for unnecessary things. The most rational way out is to purchase only those bits that are really useful in the household, and for this you need to first understand their classification, labeling and purpose.

  • 1 Bits for straight slot
  • 2 Cross tips
  • 3 Hex bits
  • 4 Star-shaped inserts
  • 5 Non-standard insert shapes

Screwdrivers for straight slot appeared the very first, back in the distant 16th century, and were most actively used until recently. Bits for this type of screwdriver are marked with the letter S (slot or slotted). In Russian, the marking means a slotted bit, and a number is always indicated next to the letter, indicating the width of the screwdriver blade. Some products also contain slot width information.

The classic slotted bit is still used very often today. It usually indicates only the slot width, which can range from 3 to 9 mm, and its thickness is not described, since it has a standard value in the range of 0.5–1.6 mm. The surface of such screwdriver bits must have increased hardness and protection against erosion.

Bits for straight slot appeared earlier than others

The second type of slotted bit has a golden color due to the TIN (titanium nitride) coating. They are characterized by increased strength and may vary in width (4.5–6.5 mm). The TIN bit marking contains information about the thickness (0.6-1.2 mm).

The third type of slotted nozzles has an elongated shape. Long products make it possible to tightly place the nozzle inside the screw or screw, which means that more delicate and accurate work can be done with a screwdriver. Their length ranges from 5 to 10 cm.

Cruciform bits began to be actively used in the middle of the 20th century. Their popularity is due to the fact that when tightening screws with a straight slot, the screwdriver can slip out, which negatively affected the assembly quality of many products, including furniture and even cars. The crossheads are marked with the letters PH in honor of Henry Philips, who acquired the patent for the fasteners and became the reason for their proliferation. After the letters, the marking contains numbers indicating the diameter of the outer thread of the fastener. The ratio of the number of the cross-shaped PH of the insert and the diameter of the external thread:

  • 0. Up to 2 mm;
  • 1. Up to 3 mm;
  • 2. Up to 5 mm;
  • 3. Up to 7 mm;
  • 4. Up to more than 7.1 mm.

Phillips bits are marked PH

The classic cross-shaped type of bits for drills and screwdrivers are products marked from 0 to 4. The most popular in domestic conditions is the cross with number 2, which allows you to work with different materials and differs in the common size. Bits of grades 3 and 4 are more often used in industry, in the automotive industry and in other industries.

The cruciform type of fastening is the most common, and therefore there are a lot of such bits for a screwdriver on the market. They can be TIN coated, which gives the product a golden color. Such attachments can withstand heavy loads, and therefore are considered more functional and reliable. On the market, crosspieces of this type are presented in three versions:

  • Ph 1;
  • Ph 2;
  • Ph 3.

Elongated cross-shaped products are used for tightening fasteners in hard-to-reach places, they are very effective in unscrewing any, even old fasteners. The attachments are available in three standard sizes (1, 2 and 3) and are available in lengths from 50 to 150 mm.

The cross bits also include models marked with PZ (Pozidriv). They are designed to work with wooden objects and are most often used in furniture assembly. They differ from standard PH products in that the edges of the working surfaces in them are parallel to each other and have the same thickness along the entire length, and the slot itself is much deeper than that of analogues. This design provides a tighter, better contact between the screwdriver insert and the screw to be screwed in, less wear on the fasteners and a longer service life.

Bits for the PZ screwdriver can be specially cut to ensure their maximum service life. Pz products are available on the market in a wide range, including TIN coated hardened steel bits and extended bits that can be anywhere from 5cm to 15cm in length. These are the best home screwdriver bits for tough conditions and great durability.

The hexagonal shape of the notch appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and was named Hex socket, which has survived to this day, such inserts are marked with the letters HEX. The most important characteristic of these bits is the distance between the sides of the hex bit. There is a kind of protected slot from unauthorized disassembly, it is distinguished by a special pin in the center of the slot and is marked as Hex-Pin.

Hexagonal bits appeared in the early twentieth century

Classic hexagonal bits for self-tapping screws are products ranging in size from 1.5 to 10 mm. They began to be actively used in the USA, and then around the world. The nozzle may have a small hole inside, due to which the fasteners do not slip during operation with a screwdriver. Bits with holes are up to 6 mm in size.

On the market, you can find Hex- brand long hex bits. They are rarely used, although they differ in ease of use and durability, since they are made of high quality steel. The dimensions of the elongated nozzles are from 3 to 8 mm, and the length is up to 10 cm.

Star-shaped bits are marked with the letters T or TX (Torx). They are actively used in mechanical engineering and in the production of household appliances. Next to the letter on the products there is a number indicating the size of the nozzle. The distance between the beams of the asterisk. The classic star-shaped slot shape is most common in the USA and Western European countries due to its high reliability.

The star-shaped inserts in the screwdrivers provide excellent adhesion of the bit to the surface of the fasteners, due to which significant forces are not required to twist. The star-shaped shape reduces to a minimum the likelihood of the screwdriver slipping off, because the load is distributed immediately on 6 edges, which also reduces the wear of the nozzle. The most common bit sizes are type “star” are the models marked TX8-TX40.

Star bits are most commonly used in mechanical engineering and household appliance manufacturing

There are nozzles on the market called Torx Plus, in which the sprocket has sharp beams that are shorter in length than standard ones. Such inserts require caution when working, although they are made of high quality steel and have a long service life. Torx Plus grades are available on the market in standard torx sizes from T10 to T40.

Star inserts are also available with titanium nitride coating, elongated and with a hole inside. Tin coating for TX10-TX40 products provides them with greater reliability and long service life. The hole inside the sprocket improves the fastening quality, but inserts of this type are used mainly in production. Extra long bits make screwing easier and come in lengths up to 10 cm.

Slotted screwdriver inserts are specialized products that are practically not used in standard construction and repairs. They are marked with the letter R. Robertson square, have four edges and come in 4 different sizes. In most cases, they are used to assemble furniture. On the market you can find extended R bits up to 70 mm in length.

Forks are the second type of custom bits. They have a flat slotted blade with a slot in the middle. They are marked with the letters GR and are available on the market in 4 sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, standard and extended type. The second type of product can be up to 100 mm in length.

Three- and four-bladed bits are also unusual. Three-bladed are marked with the letters TW and have 3 blades on the sting. Most commonly used in the assembly of household and digital appliances, as well as in the aerospace industry. Four-bladed ones have 4 blades, they are used as rarely as three-bladed ones.

When choosing bits for a screwdriver, you always want to know which one is better, but there is no universal advice on buying them. Owners are advised to use products only from well-known manufacturers and not to purchase cheap Chinese fakes, because they not only will not allow repairs to be carried out normally, but also can damage the fasteners used.

Manufacturers analysis

In order to understand the range of products and choose the right bit for your screwdriver, you should get acquainted with the most famous manufacturers.

Aeg manufactures Coldfire bit sets to enhance metal strength.

Dewalt provides an extensive range of accessories, both individually and in sets.

The DT 7246 includes a PH2 with a torsion bar. Also very popular is the model called DT 71517 with bits and angle attachment. The number of revolutions is 1500 rpm, the tightening force is 150 Nm.

Bosch deserves worldwide recognition for its high quality. Extra Hart are characterized by increased strength and long-term operation, painted in gray. Max Grip with titanium nitride substance improves grip, golden color.

Whirlpower is, in many respects, one of the most demanded brands. The firm was founded in 1983 in Taiwan. The quality is time-tested, which is why many experts prefer this particular brand. The geometry of the working part is perfectly machined. All attachments are thermally treated and protected with a special coating.

Quality assessment criteria

When choosing nozzles, you need to focus on the features of the work performed. One of the reasons for the rapid deterioration of equipment is misuse. It is one thing to screw self-tapping screws into wood when assembling furniture, and another thing is the installation of metal structures, where the equipment experiences increased resistance during the screwing process. An impact screwdriver must be provided with special equipment, since standard equipment will not be able to withstand the shock load.

To correctly approach the choice of bits, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

The material of manufacture affects the strength and durability. For conventional modifications, steel R-7. R-12 is used, which is distinguished by excellent resistance when interacting with any type of metal. Chromium and vanadium coatings are added to protect against corrosion. The strongest are tips with a titanium-nitride coating of a golden hue. Bits with titanium and tungsten plating have also shown themselves well in practice. For overly active use, experts advise diamond-coated nozzles, due to which the chance of grinding the edges of the working area decreases.

Processing technologies. Milling and forging are the most demanded methods. When milling, the top surface is removed to give the work area the desired shape. Forged tooling is characterized by increased strength, the material is not disturbed during production.

Hardness bit material for a screwdriver fluctuates in the region of 58-60 HRC. Soft attachments wear out faster, they are most of all intended for rigid mountings, as they are resistant to damage. Hard ones will last longer, but rather fragile.

Design features. The magnetized work surface makes positioning in the slot easier, but sometimes this magnet is superfluous. For an impact screwdriver, bits with a torsion part are suitable. The attachments are able to smooth out impact by withstanding high loads during operation.

Bit types

  • Direct
  • Cruciform
  • Hexagonal
  • Star-shaped

Special bits can be classified into the following groups:

  • Triangular
  • With plasterboard end stop
  • Spring-loaded and others

Combined ones are different in that they have different shapes of the working part at both ends. The cost is one level higher than other types.

Several bit standards are also distinguished:

  • Ph (Derived from Phillips). Cruciform bits, which have a conventional size from 0 to 4;
  • Pz (Pozidrive). The angle at the top is 50 degrees; the products are an upgraded model of those previously described; differ in the presence of 2 or 4 additional slots at the base;
  • Sl (Slot). Straight slot, varying in width; the number in the marking means the slot width;
  • Torx (also found TX). Spline in the form of a hex star. It is relevant for structures requiring a high level of strength.
  • Hex. A bit that is used to fix screws with an internal hexagon; usually used to assemble furniture.

Screwdriver bits: which ones are better to use?

The modern market for construction tools offers the consumer a wide selection of screwdriver bits from different manufacturers, so the question of which bits are better for a screwdriver is relevant for every buyer who chooses a screwdriver and replaceable bits for it. This is important, since the service life of attachments, tools and the quality of work depend on the correct choice.

When buying a bit by the piece, Whirl Power products look more preferable, which can be easily identified by the branded green sticker. They have earned great respect for their hardness and magnetic properties. The bit fits well into the chuck and does not fall out when the tool is tilted down. In addition, it can hold a metal screw or screw, which is very important at the initial moment of screwing it into a hard-to-reach place.

5. Bits of type “T”

Torx hole bits have a hexagonal star tip. They are indispensable for the repair of imported household and automotive equipment. The bits have a wide range of sizes T8-T40, the value of which indicates the diameter of the bit in millimeters. Manufacturers produce bits of smaller diameters, but they are designed for hand-held screwdrivers with interchangeable nozzles, which are used in the restoration of mobile phones and other microelectronic equipment. Torx hole bits are available in two types. With an internal hole (hollow) and solid, which must be paid attention to at the time of purchase.

1. Cruciform nozzles

Philips manufactures tips with the PH mark. They have 4 standard sizes. From РН0 to РН3 according to the increasing diameter of the screw head. The most popular of these is the PH2 with a cruciform head. They are used more often than others in household work. The larger size PH3 is used in the repair of automotive and other equipment, the assembly of large-sized furniture, and it is less in demand. Small sizes РН0 and РН1 are used in assembly and repair of electronic equipment, assembly of small parts and accessories.

Bosch manufactures Phillips tips with the Tin mark, which means a titanium nitrite coating on the tip to increase its hardness and life. In appearance, they differ in that they have a yellow tint. Bits also have different lengths, from 25 to 150 mm. To perform work in hard-to-reach places, special flexible extensions up to 30 cm long are produced, which hold the bit at a certain angle to the longitudinal axis of the screwdriver.

What are the bits for a screwdriver

Are you a jack of all trades who does all the housework yourself? Or are you a professional who works in the construction industry? Then you know that you can’t do without a shurovert bat. With the help of the attachments, you will tighten what you did not tighten with the screwdriver, and it will also speed up the pace of your work. That is why it will always come in handy in the household.

Specifically, a bit is a nozzle with which you can unscrew or tighten screws. There are several basic types of bits. For example, such:

  • Cross Ph, suitable for ordinary screws;
  • Cross Pz, used for yellow passivated screws (sometimes white), differs from Ph by additional notches in the form of a cross;
  • Hex, used for socket head bolts;
  • With internal hexagon, used for bolts with an external hexagon.

There are also tips that are coated or sprayed with titanium, nitrite or other hard materials.

There are no universal bits, for every screw, you need a bit that fits with it in size. Because even a couple of millimeters difference will negatively affect your bit. If the dimensions are inaccurate, the attachment will very soon wear off and stop working. To find out that it does not fit is very simple, just put the bit on the screw that you plan to use. With an inaccurate combination of sizes, the bit will wobble, and you will hear an unpleasant sound when twisting. The best solution is to choose a bit according to the size of the screw (in most cases the size and type of the bit are written on the screw packaging).

For productive robots, we advise you to take a set of bits, so that in further work there will be no difficulties in selecting attachments for the screw. The best option when working is using a screw holder as it will hold and secure the screw securely while working.

Note that the price of a bit directly depends on its quality. Since the price of nozzles depends on the material from which it is made. Better ones are made of materials, for example, an alloy of molybdenum, tungsten and chromium-vanadium, which cannot but affect the price of the product. Also, the name of the manufacturer will always be stamped on them, such as the size of the bit. Therefore, if you carefully approach the problems of choosing a nozzle, you will receive a quality product that will bring pure pleasure from work.

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