What are wood sanders

Model Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE

Grinding machine with a power of 400 watts. The equipment includes 2 handles. AVE adjustable power take-off. Rotational speed of the disk is 12000 rpm. Platform stroke 4 mm with a number of vibrations of 24000 rpm. The device is designed to work with a disc with a diameter of up to 150 mm. Weight 2.4 kg. Equipped with vibration absorption system.

wood, sanders

  • Long service life in intensive use. This property is due to the use of reliable components.
  • No vibration during woodworking. Sophisticated system absorbs all vibrations for improved sanding quality and ease of use.
  • Low noise. It is possible to use this grinder on objects with increased requirements for sound insulation.
  • Secure retention of the disc with Velcro. Simplified platform change with Velcro.
  • Convenient adjustment of the speed of rotation of the grinding disc.
  • Bulkiness limits the use of the product in cramped conditions, for example, in the corner area of ​​the room.
  • Large mass makes it difficult to manipulate the machine.
  • The dust collector does not collect all the dust. an additional vacuum cleaner must be used.
  • Strong heating at high speeds.

Output. An excellent choice for long-term entrepreneurs. It can be used in furniture production. Branded German quality of parts is a guarantee of long-term use. Significant advantage over other devices in the same class. increased power, which provides excellent performance.

Model Makita BO3711

Inexpensive sander for small jobs. The power is 190 W. The vibration frequency of the sole is 300 Hz (about 22,000 vibrations per minute). The sole stroke is 2 mm. Equipped with a frequency control system. Device weight 1.6 kg.

  • Gentle processing of softwood. The machine does not leave scuffs and other defects.
  • Low noise level. You do not need to use headphones or earplugs during operation.
  • Good vibration absorption. Vibrations are not transmitted to the handle, which ensures comfort during woodworking.
  • Securing the sandpaper with clamps allows you to use different types of sandpaper.
  • Small mass makes it possible to work for a long time and not feel fatigue.
  • The short power cable limits sanding options. It is necessary to use an extension cord or somehow extend the wire.
  • Relatively bad at collecting dust. It is often required to additionally use a separate vacuum cleaner.
  • Poor quality of the complete sandpaper punch. tears, not punches the paper.

Output. A distinctive feature of the Makita BO3711 model is its low productivity, which is compensated by the excellent quality of grinding. The low cost makes this grinder a good choice for home use when work can be done at a leisurely pace. Suitable for people who are engaged in the amateur manufacture of furniture or some other wooden products.

Model DeWALT DWE6411

Surface grinder, medium capacity, 230 W. Platform vibration frequency 200 Hz (approx. 14000 rpm). The sole travel is 1.6 mm. Emery paper can be fixed with Velcro or clips. Device weight 1.28 kg.

  • Ergonomics that governs ease of use. This clipper does not cause fatigue over a long period of time.
  • Long power cable allows free manipulation of the machine without the need for additional extension cords.
  • Low noise level provides comfort during the sanding process. No hassle is caused by using this sander.
  • The possibility of attaching the sandpaper to the platform using Velcro or clamps expands the possibilities of using the machine.
  • Vibrations are not transmitted to the body, and work can be done for long hours without discomfort in the hands.
  • No adjustment of the vibration frequency of the sanding pad.
  • Lack of your own dust collector. To compensate for this disadvantage, the kit includes a dust bag, which has an integrated adapter for the vacuum cleaner.
  • Relatively high cost for this class of grinders.

Output. DeWALT DWE6411 differs from other surface grinders by gentle wood processing. This is due to the lower vibration frequency and amplitude of the sanding platform. However, this in turn reduces performance. Therefore, this machine is recommended for use in non-urgent work when a very high quality of grinding is required.

Model Metabo BAE 75

A hand sander designed for all types of wood. The power is 1 kW. The standard sanding belt width is 75 mm. The device is equipped with an electronic control of the speed of the main shaft and a system for maintaining a constant belt speed. Weight 4.7 kg.

What are the types of sanders?

  • Excellent package including hex key, longitudinal stop, dust extractor adapters, additional handle.
  • Sophisticated ergonomics ensure comfortable operation. Even long-term sanding does not cause fatigue.
  • Low noise level expands the usability of the machine.
  • The presence in the kit of a device for transforming the machine into a stationary grinding machine.
  • Long, flexible power cable.
  • Heavyness. Long-term grinding of vertical surfaces leads to fatigue, which in turn reduces productivity.
  • Poor center of gravity. at the top. This is a common reason for the clipping of the machine and the formation of ugly serifs on the grinded surface.
  • The wheel that controls the number of revolutions of the main shaft turns hard. This makes it difficult to set the desired parameter.

Output. A budget model that is suitable for both home and commercial use. In the latter case, good maintainability will be a very valuable property. Metabo BAE 75 600375000 differs from other draw frames in more thought-out ergonomics, thanks to which people without much experience can work with this machine.

Model Makita 9403

1200 W sander with large dust bag. Belt width 100 mm. Supplied with an additional handle. Belt movement speed up to 500 m / min. Weight is 5.7 kg.

  • High power means excellent performance. The machine is suitable for high-speed processing of large wooden surfaces.
  • Low noise level allows you to use the device on any objects. This does not require wearing headphones or taking any other safety measures.
  • Ease of grinding. Installation on the machine with the second handle makes it possible to increase the duration of work and improve the quality of processing.
  • Good dust collector. Conveniently located and does not interfere with work. Collects all dust without residue.
  • Simplicity of design facilitates maintenance and belt replacement.
  • The sole wears out quickly. We have to take frequent breaks from work in order for the platform to cool down.
  • Large mass. Difficult to work on vertical surfaces.
  • Lack of adjustment of the belt speed. Therefore, the execution time is highly dependent on the hardness of the wood. Hard wood is sanded slowly and sometimes requires re-sanding.

Output. In terms of performance, it can be classified as industrial designs. An excellent choice for craftsmen performing apartment renovations, namely, looping floors, including parquet floors. massive than other grinders, but much quieter than many competitors.

Model Makita BO5041

300 W two-hand sander with large dust container. It is possible to use grinding discs with different abrasive grain sizes. The rotational speed of the disk is 12000 rpm with a platform stroke of 3 mm. Weight 1.4 kg.

  • The presence of two handles ensures reliable holding of the device and ease of handling.
  • The strength of the attachment of the grinding disc to the contact platform. Sanding disc does not fly off even when stuffing dust with Velcro.
  • The powerful dust collector sucks in almost all the wood dust that forms during the sanding process.
  • Anti-vibration system makes it convenient to work with the device and reduces fatigue.
  • Small weight allows you to freely manipulate the machine and perform movements of any complexity.
  • Not very convenient location of the speed controller.
  • Small dust bag. In the process of work, you have to often interrupt to empty it.
  • Low performance with relatively high power. Hardwoods often require re-processing.
  • Poor maintainability due to difficulties in dismantling the main components and difficulties in purchasing spare parts.
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Output. A good solution for regular work. Can be used for polishing wood surfaces and preparing for full polishing. Suitable for long-term grinding of joinery, but clearly lacks the power for processing beams and logs.

What to evaluate when choosing

  • Grinder power. For the category “household tool” 1 kW is sufficient. is unlikely to be needed.
  • Speed ​​regulation range. The larger it is, the wider the scope of application of the grinder. Such CMM work with all types of “skins”, therefore, they are suitable for processing various materials. metals (removing rust, preliminary polishing), wood (stripping, cutting off the remaining knots, etc.).
  • Linear parameters of the tape (mm). For household models, the standard width is 76, but along the length there is a certain size range (standard). 457, 533 and 610. The last samples are larger, but with their help it is more convenient to process workpieces such as a board, log, timber or flooring with a large area.
  • Centering mechanism. In the process of work, the tape is constantly shifting (“leaves” from the rollers), and it has to be periodically corrected. The presence of a special device greatly simplifies this task, since the adjustment is performed automatically, and you will not have to spend time on it.


What can be done with similar models?

  • Removal of foreign deposits (scale, rust, oxides).
  • Removing a layer of old paint.
  • Cleaning of wooden surfaces (plank and parquet floors, external walls, etc.).

With certain skills, brush grinders are used to artificially age wood products.

How to choose a reliable wood sander. all parameters and types

The processing of most types of wood, due to its not too dense structure, is not particularly difficult. But if it is necessary to achieve high quality, to prepare the material for subsequent coating (for example, with varnish), then you will have to spend a lot of time and effort using only traditional methods (plane, file, sandpaper). Unfortunately, not every home has a wood sander.

And first of all, for the reason that not everyone is familiar with its capabilities. This article will not only help you understand that a good owner really needs a wood sander, but also tell you how to choose it correctly.

Examples of

“Makita” (series 9741). power 0.86 kW; brush diameter 13 mm; the number of revolutions. up to 3,500; weight 4.2 kg.

“Makita” (AG1014P). low-power equipment (1.4 kW) with a speed of up to 3000. Weight. 3.3 kg. Accordingly, and

Orbital Sander Basics | Beginner Tool

Brush models

They are distinguished into a separate group, although this is just a type of tape CMM. The working tool is a shaft-mounted brush that does the roughest work.

Useful Tips

Practice shows that if the rules for choosing a grinding machine are basically clear to everyone, then you cannot say the same about the criteria by which an abrasive cloth is evaluated. It is this question that confuses many.

What to evaluate when choosing

An increase in these characteristics leads to an increase in the cost of the grinding machine. In fact, these are already professional models. And it is up to the buyer to choose them for home or not.

Popular models of belt sander

Manufacturer Model Power Belt dimensions (width / length) Belt speed Weight Price
Interskol LShM-76/900 900 watts 76 mm / 533 mm 250 m / min 3.2 kg 55-90
Makita 9911 650 Wt 76 mm / 457 mm 270 m / min 2.6KG 100-150
Bosch PBS 75 AE 750 watts 75 mm / 533 mm 350 m / min 3.5 kg 120-160
Interskol LShM-100 / 1200E 1200 watts 100 mm / 610 mm 400 m / min 5.6 kg 100-150
Makita 9404 1010 Wt 100 mm / 610 mm 440 m / min 4.7 kg 200-270

angle grinder. angle grinder

The well-known angle grinder can also be used for sanding wood. It copes well with the coarse grinding function. Of all the tools available, this one is the most productive. If you need to quickly level large wooden surfaces. sanding the floor, walls, logs. this is the job for an angle grinder. Minus. the surface turns out to be very uneven, it takes a long time to align all the pits and humps. If it still “passes” on the log house, then the result is unsatisfactory for any carpentry work. If you can buy another tool, you should not use an angle grinder to sand wood.

For wood, use red emery wheels. this is a special abrasive

For the angle grinder, there are special attachments for sanding wood. The best option is flap discs or discs with different grit sandpaper. When installed, the working plane is below the protective cover, it is safe to work, you can move in any direction. Carefully it is necessary to handle places with protruding heads of nails and screws. We lower the tool from above, carefully move it. The grinding wheel easily breaks with a sharp movement, so be careful.

By varying the grain size of the grinding wheels used, it is possible to carry out coarse and medium (intermediate) grinding. The work will take less time than if you use any other sander for wood. But it may take more time to bring to a flat surface, since, with a lack of experience, there will be more flaws.

When sanding wood, the sandpaper becomes clogged, the speed of work decreases. In addition to a decrease in speed, there is another sign. the smell of burnt wood. It is not necessary to change the disk right away, you can restore its operability. To do this, grind the metal for a few seconds. Everything adhered. resin, wood fibers, dust. burns, the surface is cleaned, the processing speed increases again. This Focus, by the way, can be used with other grinders as well.

If you often have to clean and change the wheels, a Velcro attachment is installed on the angle grinder. Replacing the sandpaper is much easier and faster. unpinning / sticking is a matter of seconds. But working with a nozzle is more dangerous. Due to its height, the grinding area is above the level of the protective casing, it does not perform its functions. During the start, it happens that an unreliably fixed circle or even the nozzle itself flies off. They have a small weight, injuries are not serious, but they are all the same injuries. An angle grinder with a smooth start helps to reduce the risks, but, anyway, you need to work with gloves, protective clothing with tightly buttoned sleeves, boots that cover your legs, and goggles.

Eccentric (orbital)

In addition to all the general parameters described, the choice of an eccentric wood grinding machine has its own nuances:

  • The amount of eccentricity. That is, the amplitude of the deviation in a circular motion. It can be from 2 mm to 8 mm. The higher this figure, the higher the processing speed, but the lower its “purity”.
  • Outsole diameter. There are 90 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm. Professionals prefer to work with a sole diameter of 150 mm. They have the highest performance and for this size there is a large selection of sandpaper of different grain sizes, there are no problems with spare parts.
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Orbital sander for wood: it is important to choose the right eccentricity

  • The presence of a platform braking system. This option distinguishes a good tool from a bad one. Needed to prevent spontaneous rotation and smoother starting.
  • Vibrating

    The sole of the vibration sander can be rectangular or triangular. During operation, it makes circular movements with a small amplitude. it vibrates, which gave the name to this type of equipment. This wood sander is used for fine finishing. for varnishing or painting, but has a low performance.

    A vibrating sander for wood with a rectangular surface allows you to process large areas, but with its help it is not possible to sand wood near vertical planes and walls. it starts to beat against an obstacle. Triangular in this regard is more suitable for working in corners and hard-to-reach places, but you still cannot bring it tightly to the wall.

    The vibrating machine is used for finishing

    Another disadvantage of vibrating systems is the so-called “lambs”. If a grain of sand or other solid fragment gets under the surface, it leaves small circles on the wood. “lambs”. Removing these marks is difficult. It is necessary to use sandpaper of increasingly fine grain, gradually removing scratches. But if in the process something gets under the sole again, the process is repeated again. Therefore, before work, the surface is thoroughly cleaned and the plyosos is usually connected. for quick and timely removal of extraneous fragments.

    What type of sander to choose

    To summarize, we can say that for housework and construction, ideally, two grinders are needed. for a rough and a fine finish. The most commonly used pair is tape eccentric. If you are planning to make furniture, then you cannot do without oscillation.

    If you do not like the result of a belt sander, you can purchase two orbital ones with different eccentricities. For rough grinding, a tool with an eccentricity of 6-8 mm is suitable, for finishing grinding and even polishing. 2-4 mm. The only drawback of this solution is that good eccentric sanders are expensive.

    If the budget is limited, and the farm has an angle grinder (angle grinder), rough grinding can be done with it, and for intermediate or fine grinding, use orbital or vibration. Just keep in mind that vibration is the least productive, albeit the cheapest. If possible, buy an orbital one. it is more versatile and gives better results.

    How to choose a sander for wood

    On the farm, you often have to grind something, clean off the old paintwork. Most of the work is with wood. Few manufacturers sell perfect pieces. Perhaps a carpenter. And if there are perfectly processed boards, then their price is such that you will inevitably want to polish them yourself. Even taking into account the fact that the work is boring and uninteresting. Therefore, a wood sander is one of the tools that should be in the home arsenal.


    When choosing belt grinding, you need to look at the following parameters:

      Length and width of the tape. Belt width. from 6 mm to 100 mm. A narrow blade can handle small parts, a wide blade increases productivity. The length of the tape depends on the model. It is clear that the longer the tape, the longer it works without replacement. When buying a second belt sander, try to find a model with the same length. fewer consumables are required.

    The width of the tape can be different

  • Power consumption. from 500 W to 1200 W. The higher the power, the higher the productivity and endurance of the tool, the longer the working period.
  • Centering mechanism of the tape. It can be manual (in household models) and automatic (in professional). Holds the tape in place. reliable. automatic.
  • Additional handle. The tool is heavy, it is not always convenient to hold it with one hand. An additional handle (removable or stationary) allows it to be better controlled and work in a non-standard position (on verticals, inclined planes, on the ceiling).
  • Additional handle allows for tighter control of the tool

  • Adjustable belt speed, minimum and maximum values. The speed of grinding depends on the speed of the belt. But at high speeds, the processing is quite rough. By changing the grain size of the sandpaper, it makes sense to change the speed of its movement. Also, the selection of speed is influenced by the rigidity of the wood. Therefore, it is convenient to have an adjustment of the belt speed, since you can choose the desired operating mode.
  • You also need to pay attention to how convenient it is to change the tape. There are also models that allow you to quickly change the brushes. Sometimes spare brushes are even included.

    Technical selection criteria

    Any tool is divided into classes that differ in work resource (and price). So a sander for wood can be household or professional. Household ones are designed for short continuous work with interruptions. Basically, it is recommended to work no more than 3 hours a day, periodically taking breaks of 15 minutes.

    Professional models are designed to work for 8-12 hours, breaks are rarely needed or not needed at all. The working resource of such a tool is many times greater. For this, durable and reliable (read. expensive) materials are used. In addition, the performance of such equipment is much higher, as a rule, there are more adjustments.

    To choose a wood sanding machine, you need to pay attention to the technical parameters

    When choosing, the first thing to decide is what class your car should be. I must say that some manufacturers have a good household class, and some also have semi-professional lines. This is an intermediate class, as a rule, for private use it is optimal in terms of price / quality combination. Some models are even used by professionals.

    Types of cars

    There are several main types of grinders for household use on sale. Each grinder has its own design features and mechanism of action.

    For carpentry, joinery, construction and repair work, the following types of power tools are selected:

    • wood belt sander (LSHM) is designed for rough and aggressive surface treatment, including plastic, metal;
    • Brush grinders allow you to highlight the texture of the wood, removing more soft fibers, remove layers of varnish, old paint. The working part is a roller on which a metal or abrasive nylon brush is put on;
    • an orbital sander (VShM) is used for a softer finish. Gentle working thanks to circular motions and small working tool amplitude. The outsole is rectangular for easy cleaning of corners;
    • delta sander is a type of flat orbital sander with a triangular sole. Such a device is suitable for processing hard-to-reach places and small areas, as well as depressions, corners, irregularities;
    • an eccentric sander is a power tool that allows you to bring the surface to be treated to an ideal state, including plywood. This task is accomplished by the rotational and oscillatory movements of the sanding pad. The device has a high degree of performance, but cannot be used for cleaning inside corners and small surfaces.
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    The wood grinder is an indispensable tool for processing walls, floors, interior items and other decorative items. It is able to speed up the process of grinding and polishing surfaces made of natural material several times.

    Draw frame

    In a wood belt sander, the working element is represented by a belt fixed around two rollers. During their movement, the tape, fixed on the sole, is brought into working condition and rotates at the required speed. It is the speed that is considered an important indicator of the operation of this device and it depends on the power, which can be in the range of 500-1200 watts. There are tools equipped with an additional speed regulator, which allows you to select the most optimal option for each type of surface.

    The sizes of the belt are different, depending on the modification of the grinder. The most functional device has the highest rate. At the same time, the weight and dimensions of the structure will also be significant. When choosing a power tool, special attention should be paid to the grain of the tape used. For ease of use, it is necessary to have several types of tapes with different grain sizes. One of the varieties of a belt sander for wood is a brush device that performs the most coarse processing.

    Possibilities of an angle grinder, discs for it

    An angle grinder (angle grinder) can also be used for sanding wood. With its help, you can make rough processing.

    This tool allows you to quickly clean up wooden surfaces, in particular, sand the floor and walls. This versatile machine is capable of performing a wide variety of operations, with the appropriate wheels for each: cutting, grinding and roughing (grinding).

    an angle grinder can cut metal, stone, wood. But it is undesirable to saw boards and other wood, otherwise the tool will overheat. Saw blades for wood for an angle grinder resemble modern saw models, but other alloys are used for their manufacture. The only drawback of the angle grinder is the presence of various irregularities after work, which then need to be leveled for a long time.

    For grinding work, special red wheels are used. A good option is to use flap or disc wheels with the appropriate grit for each application.

    Considering that the working plane is located under the protective casing, performing specific actions does not pose a danger to a person, which makes it possible to move the tool in any direction. The main thing is to be careful when working with surfaces on which there are protruding caps of screws, nails.

    Note! To make it easier and faster to replace the sanding paper, it is recommended to attach the sticky attachment to the angle grinder.

    Oscillating wood sander

    This electric tool is a multifunctional renovator that is also capable of sanding wood surfaces. It differs from other instruments in its budgetary price and very low power consumption. It can be used to handle sharp corners and places near vertical walls. To carry out this manipulation, a special triangular platform is installed on the grinder, to which a grinding wheel is attached on a self-adhesive base. In addition, the device makes it possible to effectively clean the floor from glued linoleum, tiles, create slots, cut communication mowing lines.

    During operation, the sole moves in a horizontal plane with a minimum amplitude, the platform tops deviate by an average of 2.5 mm (1.7 degrees). Due to these movements, surfaces are processed. Such a device can be used for grinding corners and other hard-to-reach areas. The machine does an excellent job not only with removing wood, but also with smeared or dried glue. In general, the oscillating apparatus is used for finishing in places where other machines cannot cope due to their low performance or a sanding spot.

    Vibrating sander

    The sole of the vibration-type technique can be triangular (ironing) or rectangular. During processing, it performs circular movements with a small amplitude. The machine is used for those cases when it is necessary to obtain a high-quality surface, for example, to restore furniture before applying stain, varnish. Sanding is required especially carefully, since all flaws will be clearly visible through the transparent layer of the topcoat. At the same time, the device has low performance.

    Note! Choosing a rectangular sole is better for finishing large areas, and for corners and hard-to-reach places it is advisable to use a triangular shape.

    When working with a vibration sander, it is imperative to remove debris, any solids, grains of sand, so that small circles. traces. do not form on the surface. To remove such defects, you will need an abrasive wheel with the smallest grain size. The treated wood surface must be well cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

    Five types of wood sanders

    Wood, as one of the most popular and convenient finishing materials, does not cause any particular difficulties in processing.

    But in order to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, for example, under varnishing, ordinary carpentry tools will not work. The wood sander can speed up and facilitate the alignment.

    This multifunctional device is presented on the market in various modifications, differing in design and application features.

    Criterias of choice

    When purchasing a specific model of grinding equipment, you should take into account the tasks that the power tool must perform in the future. The choice of professional or household equipment depends on this.

    Professional wood sanders are ideal for long, active and continuous work. They will cost much more than household tools. For use without significant loads and long-term work, it is worth giving preference to simpler grinders. If the choice is between a professional device and an ordinary one, then it is better to purchase the first option, despite its high cost. If the second one was chosen, then when working with it, it is recommended to subject the device to higher loads less. Pause every 3 hours. Only adherence to simple operating rules will extend the service life of the tool.

    It is also important to consider the type of work for which the sander is selected. For smooth surfaces, the best solution would be to buy a belt sander. If there is a need for grinding or polishing decorative wood products, then it is recommended to purchase eccentric models. The ratio of the cost of consumables and the forthcoming costs during the operation of the device must also be taken into account.

    If you intend to use a grinder indoors, then you should pay attention to equipment with a built-in dust collector or the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Considering that a lot of dust will form during the sanding process, you need to prepare for its appearance everywhere. Manual cleaning of the premises takes a lot of time and effort.

    The length of the cord plays a significant role when choosing a model of a grinder. Since it is inconvenient to work with the device on a short cord, and an extension cord is not always possible to use.

    Battery-powered tools are on sale, which are relevant when working in the country and in houses where electricity has not yet been supplied. The cost of such models is high.

    When choosing a device, you should test the location of the handles, check whether it is convenient to switch modes, how hard it is to hold the typewriter in your hands.