What attachments for chain saw. Features of the nozzle

Attachments on chain saws or how to expand the capabilities of the machine

Almost every private homeowner has had a chainsaw for a long time now. After all, without this tool it is impossible to prepare firewood for the winter and trim the garden. In addition to sawing wood, this gasoline-powered unit can be used to perform various works. To get all of these jobs done, you’ll need chainsaw attachments that are installed instead of cutting headsets.

To expand the capabilities of the tool, you need to buy special attachments for the chainsaw. Using these attachments on gasoline units is advisable for a number of such reasons:

chainsaw attachment Circular saw wood grinding disc 150mm, 180mm new

  • Power of the machine. Chainsaws are equipped with powerful internal combustion engines, so where low-powered electric motors on electric tools are powerless, gasoline motors will always cope with any task
  • Convenience. If there is a chainsaw in the economy, then there is no need to buy different electric tools. A chainsaw motor can even be used to power a boat
  • Simplicity. To install the nozzle on the tool, you do not need to remake anything, as all these devices are designed specifically for gasoline-powered units
  • Autonomy. If any purchased power tool requires binding to the outlet, the gasoline-powered machine can be worked in the field. whether it is an attachment in the form of an angle grinder or a drill

Often sawyers ask what else they can make with a chainsaw. After all, this tool is often used in the summertime for making firewood, while the powerful unit spends the spring and winter on a shelf in the garage. To get the most out of the tool, you need to buy attachments for it, and use it for its intended purpose.

That’s interesting! To expand the capabilities of the tool, every chainsaw owner can do it with their own hands, because you only need to buy the necessary attachments in a tool store.

To make the right decision about expanding the capabilities of a chainsaw, you need to decide what kinds of work you plan to do.

Boat motor

Attachment with 150 mm two- or three-bladed propeller is designed for mounting on small rubber boats. The attachment provides a speed of about 20 km/h, consuming at the same time 1 l/h.

Of course, you can not win the race with such a motor, but it is quite suitable for leisurely travel on water. Tackle is quite popular among fishermen, especially considering that its weight rarely exceeds 8 kg. So you can take the improved saw to the water in the trunk of a car.

A serious disadvantage of the attachment is that for travel you have to operate the tool for hours at maximum speed, due to which it quickly wears out. So it is not worth using the nozzle on a daily basis.

There are not many nozzles of this type on our market. As an example, the universal model ML-1 for STIHL, Husqvarna, CARVER, FORSA and PARTNER chain saws (price. 5300)

To put the screw in, you have to partially disassemble the saw by removing the drive sprocket. But it’s no problem if you follow the included instructions

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A mower, a bark remover and a boat motor

Another quite effective tool is the mower. It has a rotary design and is equipped with a knife. That’s how the grass is mowed. They are most commonly available for STIHL-branded machines. For other chain saws you can order this one from STIHL. The factory model will cost you 2,200

There are a lot of chain saw attachments on the market today. One of these is for removing bark. With the tool you will be able to clean logs, as well as remove limbs of different sizes, perform work where an axe could be used, as well as make sharp stakes. This accessory lets you make log locks. Installation is carried out in place of the tire. It has a protective housing that fits both STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaw models. Price starts at 15,000

The boat motor nozzle for the chainsaw is quite popular among anglers. It can be installed on displacement and planing boats. Transom height should not be more than 38 cm. This attachment is quite easy to install. It comes with a manual, following the tips from which you will be able to handle the installation. The price ranges from 1200 to 2200

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Boat motor

Attachments for chain saws greatly expand the functionality of the tool. How do you not use a saw?! You can turn it into an engine for a small boat with this attachment. Of course, you can’t make a full motor because of the technical features. But for trips on lakes or quiet rivers at low speed is quite possible.

A propeller is used as the operating element. It can have two or three blades. The power to the screw comes through a gearbox and an extension cord from the pulley. The device is mounted instead of a drive sprocket.

Chainsaw accessories and attachments

Chainsaw. phenomenal in its capabilities. There is hardly any other tool that can compete with it in terms of breadth of use. Chainsaws are primarily designed for cutting wood, but their use is not limited to that. They are commonly used as a versatile drive for a wide variety of applications. Chainsaws are used to cut metal and rock, drill holes, pump water, pull out stranded vehicles, swim, etc.п. Chainsaws’ potential is realized by means of various attachments and fixtures.

There are several factors that contribute to this wide range of chain saws. First of all, it is the presence of a powerful (in relation to its weight), compact, reliable and unpretentious gasoline engine, capable of working in the toughest conditions. The diaphragm type carburetor and the sealed fuel system, allows the saw to operate in various positions, except that it can be turned upside down completely. A successful centrifugal clutch design reliably prevents chainsaw systems and components from overloading and breakdowns. Easy power take-off is also important; you can easily connect any device to the output shaft of the tool. Finally, the advantages of this chainsaw include autonomy, which allows it to be used anywhere.

However, it should not be forgotten that amateur chainsaws are not designed to work all day in an intensive mode.

chain saw attachment

A chainsaw with a chain saw attachment

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Chainsaw accessory

Gasoline cutter made from a chainsaw

Its main component is a bearing assembly with a shaft, on one end of which is a driven pulley, driven by a V-belt, on the other. mandrel for fixing the cutting discs. Depending on the brand of the latter, the gasoline cutter can cut metal, stone, brick or tile. The end of the nozzle is designed with a groove for attaching it to the saw.


Clearing bark, knots and outgrowths from a log, selecting longitudinal or transverse grooves in it, making cups in logs for log house construction, giving rounded surface flatness and many other operations can be performed with the help of nozzles, called debarkers.

Debarkers are subdivided by design into drum and disk. the first ones are mainly used to remove bark from logs (bark cutters), the disc ones are used to cut assembly slots, cups, cavities, etc.п.


Working with a filing machine

The working part of the devices consists of a drum or a cutter fixed in a bearing unit. Like most chain saw attachments, the debarkers are driven by the V-belt drive. They are fitted with an idler pulley on their axle. By varying the sheave diameters and the engine speed with the gas pedal, one can get the optimal rotational speed for the working tool, which would provide the necessary machining parameters.

The picture below shows debarkers with different shapes of tools: slot cutter (a), planer (b) and spherical planer (d), shaper cutter (c).

Debarkers with different tool shapes


Pumping nozzle designed to pump water can be used for emergency water supply at home, watering the garden, draining the flooded basement and the foundation pit, etc.п. It represents a usual centrifugal pump, equipped with a bracket with holes for fastening to the chainsaw and a pulley to drive the pump turbine in rotation.

Chainsaw Pump Nozzle

attachments, chain, features, nozzle

Pump from a chainsaw

attachments, chain, features, nozzle

The principle of operation of this attachment on a chainsaw is similar to that of all centrifugal pumps. A hose is connected to the central connection (1) which is then lowered into the water. Attach the pressure hose to the nozzle (3). Before you start, fill in the plug (2) with the water necessary for the pump to start pumping. When driving the pump turbine in rotation, a reduced pressure is created in the suction pipe, sucking the water, which is then output through the pressure hose.

Motor Drill. A useful device in any household, but it is relatively seldom used, which makes its purchase not always advisable. Chainsaw accessory bits are less expensive than chain saw accessory bits.

Drill from a chainsaw. Two different nozzles.

The auger rotation speed when drilling must be relatively low, so a reducer is used to reduce the number of revolutions. It can be made as a V-belt or worm gear (preferred).

Drill head


A chainsaw winch can be used for various operations: pulling stalled cars, moving trees, lifting and moving construction materials, towing boats and boats to dry land, for various emergencies.

A chainsaw-powered winch

Its pulling force depends on chainsaw power and can reach 1500-2000 kg, and with an additional block. even more. To perform its functions the winch must be equipped with additional accessories: a winch for increasing traction force and changing the trajectory, hooks, anchors, slinging straps for attaching to a tree trunk, rock, ground or a car.

Wood splitter for splitting firewood with a chainsaw

There is a special accessory for chain saws that allows to turn the saw into a device for cutting firewood quickly and efficiently. This is very important at home, when after sawing thick wood there are large stumps left. It is almost unreal to cut them with an axe. You can use a hand-held chopper, but this process will stretch for a long time, and will require considerable time and physical effort.

The average cost of such nozzles is about 100 dollars. The design is used to work with stumps that can be up to 40 cm thick and vary in length from 40 to 80 cm. Watch this video clip to see what the tool is like in action.

This tool is designed specifically for STIHL chain saws of the following models:

It can also be used for chain saws from other manufacturers, but their minimum power must be 2 horsepower or 1.5 kW. It is important to use tools with an external sprocket.

The nozzle is very easy to use, just as it is easy to mount on a chainsaw. You need only remove the bar and chain, and attach the shrub head.

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Interesting! Woodchopper has a spiral shape that effectively cuts into all types of wood, splitting it into pieces.

Replacement equipment of the household category

This list includes devices designed for the care of ornamental shrubs and lawns. The brushcutter head helps you get rid of hedges and young growth in no time.

The detachable rotary grass trimmer attachment is inferior to a domestic lawnmower only in terms of ease of operation. Its design allows you to perform the processing of lawn areas with sufficiently high quality and extremely tight deadlines.

angle grinder

This is a fairly popular type of attachment, also called an angle grinder.

The product consists of the following elements:

The design is easy to install and use. Some people create similar attachments on their own. Mobility and the ability to use without electricity are important advantages of this angle grinder.

The chainsaw engine is under quite a lot of stress, so experts do not recommend using this attachment for saws under 2 kW.