What can be done from a motor from an electric screwdriver


The lathe will work if the screwdriver is fixed in a wooden stand and placed on a horizontal surface.

What an old electric motor from a washing machine is capable of!

Note! Such devices are suitable for amateur work, but not for professional needs.


Instead of a motor, you need to mount LEDs in compliance with the current strength, the flashlight is ready.

Manual generator

A hand generator is a device similar to a wind generator. The manufacturing procedure is identical to the assembly of the wind turbine. At the last stage of work, instead of a nozzle with blades, a handle is attached to the screwdriver.

Drilling machine

Such a machine will turn out if you fix a screwdriver with a drill in an upright position on a moving bar. Install this structure on a horizontal stand or metal frame. The machine can be powered from electricity or a battery.

Garden Grass Shredder

When assembling a shredder using a screwdriver, such a device will work like a food processor.

  • A hole is made in the bottom of the cone-shaped container, into which the shaft will be mounted.
  • The container is installed on a wooden or metal stand.
  • Knives or blades are attached to the shaft inserted in the bottom.
  • Connect the toggle switch.
  • A hole is cut out on the side of the container and pipes are inserted into it to eject already crushed products.

Such a device will become a good helper in the country or in a personal plot.

Bicycle drive

  • Remove the motor from the screwdriver.
  • By connecting it with a bicycle sprocket.
  • Install the mechanism into the bike.

What can be done from a motor from an electric screwdriver. What can be done from an old electric screwdriver with your own hands: from a battery, a motor, an engine

grass trimmer (electric trimmer)

To assemble a grass trimmer yourself, you need to:

  • Remove the motor from the screwdriver and attach it to the plug.
  • Prip the wires and stretch them through a pipe about 2 meters long.
  • Make a hole in the pipe and install the grass trimmer button into it.
  • Blade knives are attached to an electric motor.
  • The bottom of a plastic bucket is suitable as a protective visor.

Note! To create a well-functioning grass trimmer, you need to take a motor with a power of at least 0.5 kW.

Homemade technique ideas from an electric screwdriver

The entire range of screwdrivers is divided into mains and cordless models. Both types of products are powered by electrical energy, which drives an electric motor in rotation. Only the electric motor itself for network devices is designed for an alternating voltage of 220 V, and for battery technology for a constant of different values, for example, 12 V, 14.4 V. These design features, together with technical characteristics, largely determine which homemade products from an electric screwdriver will turn out to collect.

Electricity is one of the main types of energy used by humanity. Household appliances, industrial equipment, machine tools, and power tools operate at the expense of electricity. At the same time, work is performed by electric motors of various designs and powers, which are powered by alternating or direct types of current. For this reason, the following technical devices can be assembled on the basis of an electric screwdriver or from its individual parts:

  • garden shredder of grass and branches;
  • grass trimmer (electric trimmer);
  • marching hand generator;
  • engraver (mini-drill, dremel, drill);
  • wind generator;
  • lawn mower;
  • angle grinder;
  • mini-machines: drilling, grinding, thicknessing, lathe, sawing, sharpening;
  • tool for knitting reinforcement;
  • gate opening drive;
  • means of transportation for children: ATV, bicycle, scooter;
  • small ice screw, yamobur, construction or kitchen mixer.

The powerful impact model can also be converted to a concrete rammer using a special nozzle.

The implementation of each option takes different time and requires additional (insignificant) costs, or does without them at all.

Electric bike or electric scooter

Screwdrivers also help with the creation of scooters or electric bicycles. These vehicles will really appeal to elementary school children or preschoolers. They are created like this: a chain drive is installed between the drive sprocket of the wheel and the spindle of the screwdriver. The latter receives energy from the battery of this power tool. It should be noted that with a small total mass of the most advanced vehicle and its child driver, it was possible to reach a speed of almost 20 kilometers per hour.

Grinding machine

It is required to mount the screwdriver on a stand and equip its rotating part with a grinding disc.

Cool idea! Do not throw away broken drill machine!

Electric screwdriver machines

Craftsmen have made many machines of different purpose from an electric screwdriver. They quite cope with everyday tasks.

If you need to work professionally, then you cannot do without more serious equipment.

Drilling machine

To do this, you need to install the tool on a stable frame with a vertically movable bar.

Electric snowmobile

How much fun winter days bring to children! Skis, skates, sleds. How many times do kids ask adults to ride them on a sled? It is difficult to deny children such a pleasure. Home craftsmen approached this issue more thoroughly and made the sled “self-propelled”.

All that is needed for this is source of torque. This source, or rather the base, will be an electric screwdriver with a working battery.

First, the iron construction of the “sleigh” itself is selected. It can be a real sled with steering. Or maybe homemade products that are installed on frames and also have a handlebar, sometimes a bicycle one. But be sure to install a handle on the steering wheel, which will serve to turn the engine on and off. Outwardly, it will look like the brake handle on a sports bike.

Since home craftsmen come up with different designs for snowmobiles, there are also different systems for attaching an electric screwdriver to an iron platform. Only by generalizing it is possible to bring together the principle of installation and action, which looks like this. On the back of the sled, a wheel is installed using a special metal structure, and an electric screwdriver above it. In fact, an electric screwdriver provides torque to the wheel through a system of two sprockets and a chain. The shaft of the electric screwdriver rotates the drive sprocket. The sprocket transmits the rotational motion through the chain to a second sprocket that is mounted on the wheel. Thus, the electric screwdriver makes the wheel spin and push the sled.

DIY Powerful Electric screwdriver | N20 Gear Motor

It remains only to bring the control system to the steering wheel. The control is a cable system, one end of which is connected to the power button of the electric screwdriver, the other is attached to the handle on the steering wheel.

By squeezing and releasing the handle, we turn on and off the mechanism of the electric screwdriver.

Of course, it will take effort and time to cope with such a job. Purchase a sled or base material, the battery-based electric screwdriver itself. But the efforts that you make will more than pay off with childish joy and those emotions that are not described in words and are not calculated in monetary terms.

Manual router from an electric screwdriver

To convert an electric screwdriver into a manual router, you need a sheet of plywood or chipboard, a clamp, fasteners and a feather drill (crown) for woodwork. To fasten the future router with a plywood clamp, a stand and an emphasis are made. Their dimensions depend on the dimensions of the electric screwdriver.

Using a drill, a hole with a diameter of 40 mm is drilled in the center of the rack. It will provide access for the cutting part of the router to the workpiece being processed.

Secure the electric screwdriver to the rack with a clamp. In this case, a small gap (2-3 mm) must be left between its cartridge and the stand. Fix the cutter in the chuck.

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A homemade hand router has little power. Its spindle rotates at low speed. Therefore, the router can be used for machining small workpieces.