What Can Be Done From A Tiller

Tiller’s all-terrain vehicle

Given that the cultivator spends a considerable amount of time in the garage, many farmers tend to use this technique in other work that is not related to agriculture. This is how the idea came up to make an all-terrain vehicle from improvised equipment. over, it can be a snowmobile, and a swamp vehicle, and even a car capable of moving in mountainous terrain. If you approach the work with all seriousness, you can even make a tracked all-terrain vehicle out of a tiller. As a result, the device will work even in late autumn and winter, and not stand idle in the garage, which can be harmful to equipment.

Interestingly, the Tiller-based all-terrain vehicle comes out very good.

In order to cope with such work, you should use a motor cultivator with a 2 or 4 stroke engine. In this case, the equipment must be equipped with an air cooling system.

Experts recommend not to overfit the tiller. Otherwise, it will be difficult to return it to its original form. It is best to use an all-terrain cultivator attachment. This will reduce the operating time, and the tiller can be turned into a snow and swamp vehicle in a matter of minutes.

Where is used

Initially, this type of equipment was created as an assistant for the farmer. On a motor-cultivator, you can plow the land, transport goods, collect garbage, hay and leaves. However, the useful qualities do not end there. On its basis, you can create a snowmobile that will help those who live in the North.

A good and properly modernized cultivator does not care about dirt or snow. Even on difficult sections, this technique can accelerate to 75 km / h.

The all-terrain vehicle is especially useful in rural areas, where there is no asphalt, but there are frequent showers and snowfalls. In this case, the snow and swamp vehicle can become a real savior. At the same time, when the season comes, the all-terrain vehicle can be upgraded again into a regular tiller, which will plow the land, clean the area and perform a lot of other useful things, allowing the farmer to save time and energy.

Snow driving

On the basis of the tiller, you can also make a snowmobile. This is a great option for using agricultural machinery in the winter. Usually they are inactive in garages, but after a little modernization, the cultivator becomes an excellent all-terrain vehicle.

What Can Be Done From A Tiller

For work, you need a tiller, a welding machine and powerful wheels, which, if desired, can be replaced with tracks. Such a snowmobile will have a very high cross-country ability and will cope even with difficult snow drifts. Assemble the snowmobile clearly according to the drawing.

But before starting the modification, you need to carefully consider the use of technology. The recommended power and type of construction depend on this. In addition, be sure to consider the carrying capacity of the device. This is especially important when the snowmobile is planned to be used for transporting heavy loads on snow.

In order not to make a mistake in the calculations and not to spoil any details of an expensive tiller, you should first study the drawings, and then make a layout out of cardboard. This will allow you to move in the right direction and assess your capabilities. For a good master, there should be no difficulties in making a snowmobile from a tiller with your own hands. Even caterpillars can be made independently, with certain equipment at hand, as well as the skills to work with it. At a minimum, the master needs to be able to handle the welding machine.

Features of work on an all-terrain vehicle

In order for the technique to work correctly and not fail at a crucial moment, some nuances must be taken into account. There can be many design options, but for the high-quality operation of the tiller in the form of an all-terrain vehicle, it is necessary that the equipment be equipped with an independent suspension. It is advisable to supplement everything with low pressure pneumatic wheels, which, if desired, can be replaced with tracks. As for the frame, it can be of any type. Here the master chooses the option that suits him more for a specific type of wheels and the purposes of using the all-terrain vehicle.

It is quite simple to create a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller. For this, the side members are connected to the rack and a special steering sleeve. Next, the cameras from the truck are used. It is better if it is with low pressure. It is necessary in order to conveniently hook the wheels. Next, the suspension and the motor are attached, which is taken directly from the tiller. Then you can attach the brakes, clutch and release the exhaust gases. The result is a great all-terrain vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes. This technique can accelerate to 75 km / h. At the same time, the all-terrain vehicle will show excellent cross-country ability, including through swamps and difficult trails.

How to choose a technique to create an all-terrain vehicle

As for the type of all-terrain vehicle that can be suitable for creating a snow and swamp vehicle, then almost any option can be chosen. But not all equipment of this type can be easily upgraded. Experts most often use the Neva to create all-terrain vehicles, since these motor-cultivators are the most versatile.

The main thing in a tiller is a cooling system. If you plan to transport goods or people on an all-terrain vehicle, you should pay attention to models with a powerful engine. To create a snowmobile, it is better to take the equipment that is equipped with a four-stroke engine. The thing is that such engines start much better in any weather. over, the four-stroke power unit will not cause problems even in sub-zero weather, namely at this time it is planned to use the snowmobile.

Regarding what exactly the engine should be, it is impossible to say unequivocally. Both gasoline and diesel power units are suitable for working on an all-terrain vehicle. Each case has its own pros and cons. The thing is that gasoline is more expensive. But diesel fuel freezes in freezing temperatures, so it is not suitable for a snowmobile.

Models of equipment for moving on snow or off-road also do not play a big role. Now both reliable Belarusian versions and good Chinese equipment are being sold, which are distinguished by an affordable price with quite acceptable quality. The main thing is to choose those models that are popular. In this case, if repair is necessary, you will not have to spend a lot of time searching for spare parts.

If you plan to create a tracked all-terrain vehicle, it is best to pay attention to the one-piece frame. The national team will have to work hard to achieve the desired result.

How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller: features of work

The question of how to make an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller with your own hands is very relevant for farmers and even owners of small plots. This technique is an assistant for all occasions, since it is very easy to attach additional equipment to it, which makes the cultivator as functional as possible. Traditionally, this technique is used in garden plots and vegetable gardens. The tiller has a lot of work, as a rule, since he can plow the land, collect leaves, and collect hay in a heap. But for a certain time the technique is idle. For this period, you can take her with other works. For example, you can make an all-terrain vehicle out of it. A little work is enough to turn the farming equipment into a versatile snow and swamp vehicle. At the same time, it is very easy to work with some equipment. There are models that are modified with a prefix. This option is as easy to use as possible.

It is more convenient to make an all-terrain vehicle from the Tiller Neva. A feature of this technique is that the manufacturer allows you to install universal attachments on it. This makes it possible to modify the cultivator as quickly as possible. Thus, a swamp buggy from a tiller can be made in a matter of minutes. However, to transform farm equipment, you must have an all-terrain tiller attachment at hand.

Manufacturers offer various additional equipment for this type of equipment. But such attachments are not cheap. For those who are not ready to spend thousands of rubles on turning a tiller into an all-terrain vehicle, you can try to make equipment with your own hands. There are no particular difficulties here, but some skills are still necessary. First of all, the master needs to understand the technique and be able to work with the welding machine.

Do-it-yourself all-terrain vehicle from Tiller

There are different modifications of all-terrain vehicles from a tiller: on a caterpillar track or using low-pressure tires. Assembling a karakat. an all-terrain vehicle with low-pressure tires, is much easier than a tracked all-terrain vehicle, the design of such a vehicle is extremely simple.

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As a rule, homemade products are made using scrap materials, an all-terrain vehicle can also be made with minimal financial costs.

The main parts of the structure:

  • Frame
  • Suspension and bridge
  • Steering column
  • Wheels
  • Motor

The frame will fit from motorcycles IZH or URAL, or you can make it yourself using thick pipes. The frame is the backbone of the structure, it must be strong to withstand heavy off-road loads.

The suspension should be independent to increase cross-country ability and maneuverability. The side members must be connected to each other using a steering sleeve and a brace, all connections must be articulated.

The steering column is taken from any car, suitable for trucks.

Wheels will fit from KAMAZ, or you can make it yourself. It is necessary to take two discs of the required diameter, made of sheet metal, weld them onto the sleeve on both sides. After the camera is attached using a conveyor belt.

The motor is taken from the tiller, a power of at least 12 HP is required, because the weight of the entire structure is quite large. The engine should be positioned closer to the drive wheels to make it easier to adjust the torque transmission mechanism. You can also mount the engine in such a way that it is easy to remove and move back to the chiller.

Did you ever need to create an all-terrain vehicle? For what purpose?

Tiller potato digger

Potato diggers of various types are very popular among farmers. These devices save people from hard manual labor, speeding up the harvesting process several times. The tiller digger has a very simple design. It can be made from metal that remains after the construction and repair of the house.

For work you will need:

  • Angle Grinder;
  • Welding machine;
  • Electric drill;
  • Heavy hammer;
  • Anvil;
  • Profile steel pipe 20×40 mm;
  • Armature 12 mm;
  • Tin (preferably stainless);
  • Bayonet shovel without handle.

The attachment to the tiller is made in suspended or trailed (modular) design. The hanging tool only digs up the tubers, leaving them lying on the surface for subsequent manual harvesting. The modular type potato digger not only extracts the crop from the ground, but also collects it in a mobile container on the chassis.

The digger is made in the following sequence:

  • Drawing up a drawing. The width of the digger should be within 25-30 cm.The angle of attack of the point is taken perpendicular to the opener so that the tool does not burrow into the ground.
  • The reinforcement is cut into pieces of a given length. Using a hammer and anvil, they are given the required bend.
  • A container for tubers is assembled from a profile pipe and tin. The chassis or runners are welded to the container frame. Runners are made from pipes, and the chassis is taken from an old stroller, cart or lawn mower.
  • The holder and reinforcement rods are welded to the shovel. The drawbar is welded to the holder, which is fixed to the assembly container. Connections are made movable by bolts or hinges.
  • Rust and weld build-up are removed. The finished product is treated with an anti-corrosion agent and painted.

Adjustment and adjustment of the digger is carried out using stands and steel ties.

In the kit for the digger, you can immediately make a disc hiller. This tool will be needed when planting tubers after they have been buried in a trench made by a plow. Hillers are made from old lids from pots, shaped pipes and bolts. A trolley is assembled from pipes and small wheels, onto which holders for lids are welded at a certain angle. After sharpening on stone, the discs are mounted on holders.

What homemade products for a tiller can you do yourself: amazing inventions and adaptations

Homemade products for the tiller are invented and made by almost all owners of this technique. The purpose of these actions is to expand the functionality of the unit with minimal financial investment. In the basic configuration, the cultivator has extremely limited capabilities. Installing various options on it can turn a small car into a full-fledged mini-tractor. Often, home-made devices are in no way inferior to factory-made analogues. In order to improve the tiller with your own hands, a set of tools that are available in every workshop of a country house or summer cottage is quite enough. The materials you need can be found in a landfill, in a barn, or at a scrap metal collection point.

Tiller blade

The dump is a necessary device that is needed at any time of the year. The front knife is used for snow cleaning, terrain planning, digging holes and moving bulk materials. Such equipment for the Neva tiller is of good quality, but not everyone can afford it. Do-it-yourself dumps require minimal financial investment. By installing the front knife on the Neva tiller, you can solve many household tasks. With levers and hydraulics, a homemade shovel can also be used as a loader.

To make a blade, you will need the following tools:

  • Roulette;
  • Welding machine;
  • Electric drill;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Spanners;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Barrel 200 l;
  • Reinforced rubber;
  • Sheet steel 5 mm;
  • Profile pipe 40×20 mm;
  • Paint and brush;
  • Bolts and ties.

Before making a dump, it is necessary to calculate the correspondence of the power of the tiller to the size of the bucket. Excessive loading leads to rapid wear of parts and mechanisms of the unit. Depending on the weight and power of the machine, shovels are made 60-100 cm wide and 20-30 cm high.

Do-it-yourself snow removal homemade products for the tiller are made in the following sequence:

  • Marking the barrel, sawing it into 3 identical parts vertically. Cutting 1 piece into 5 cm wide strips.
  • Fastening 2 blanks with bitumen and rivets. Aligning the edges of the product. Bucket reinforcement with transverse struts.
  • Securing strips of sheet metal along the edges of the shovel. This is done with welding or bolts.
  • Drilling bolt holes. Attaching a rubber strip to the bottom of the bucket.
  • Shovel hitch making. It is done by attaching a piece of pipe and a semicircle of sheet metal to the blade by welding. Holes are made on the sector to adjust the angle of attack. A self-made snow plow is attached to the tiller bracket with an adapter from a profile pipe.

The finished product must be cleaned and painted. All bolted connections must be lubricated regularly to prevent corrosion.

tiller do it yourself

The advantage of a homemade tiller is its price. If it is assembled with high quality, then its characteristics will not be inferior to the factory.

It is necessary to determine which area will be cultivated by the tiller and what features the soil has. It depends on what power the engine should be.

The motor will fit from other agricultural equipment (from a chainsaw), but in this case it is necessary to supplement it with a forced cooling system. You also need to create a frame to which the engine, wheels, handle will be attached.

detailed information on how to make a tiller with your own hands can be found here:

What can be done from a tiller

The use of specialized equipment allows solving a wide range of tasks. However, some owners want even more features from the tiller.

Homemade products are constantly inventing something and showing what can be done from a tiller. Upgraded adapters turn into mini tractors, you can also create a snowmobile, swamp vehicle, ATV. Replacing the wheels with a caterpillar track, you get a motorized towing vehicle.

These and many other amazing homemade products, how to create them, drawings, etc. are available at the link: https://specmahina.ru/motoblok/samodelki-iz-motobloka.html

Homemade loader from Tiller

A loader from a tiller is a necessary thing in the household. Buying a ready-made forklift is very expensive, it is only necessary if there is constant work with the transportation of goods, clearing the area, etc. Mostly forklifts in the household are used to remove snow and transport various goods, so it will be cheaper and more rational to make a forklift with your own hands.

Craftsmen are constantly coming up with new versions of this equipment, so there are many modifications, among which there is a suitable option for everyone. A loader can be assembled from special parts, or you can use what many have in garages. Parts from old cars and motorcycles are suitable.

the tiller must be equipped with a powerful engine. The heavier the loads, the more powerful the equipment should be. Even Tillers with 15 HP motors. They lift no more than 250 kg. Counterweight required.

You can take the drawings of the fracture mini-tractor as a basis. The frame is made of a channel, the fracture unit is a fist from a VAZ, a steering column and shortened axles from any car, a P40 hydraulic valve, a bucket can be made independently, or you can use a ready-made.

Homemade variator for tiller

The variator allows you to smoothly change the speed without sudden jerks, saves fuel by transmitting torque. Tiller motors are often used as a generator to provide electricity to living quarters, local areas, and also to operate lathes.

A homemade variator can be made in different ways, the easiest is to use a ready-made variator, which can be altered for a specific tiller. Another way is to use finished parts from gearboxes and other mechanisms. Also, parts can be made independently, subject to the availability of special equipment (hot stamping is required for discs). Schemes for creating parts and assembling pulleys are easy to find on the Internet.

You can make a variator from wheel hubs, the main thing is to make a hole diameter suitable for the crankshaft. In addition to pulleys for the variator, a belt is required, which is one of the most important parts. The belt must be strong and all parts of the variator must be regularly lubricated.

Reducing unit noise

Even the most modern and expensive cultivators make a lot of noise during operation, especially at higher speeds. This factor greatly tires the operator and can serve as a reason for the deterioration of relations with neighbors. A homemade muffler will help solve the problem. This is a task that any craftsman with initial skills in handling iron can handle.

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In order to make a muffler for a tiller with your own hands, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Roulette;
  • Welding machine;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Electric drill;
  • A hammer;
  • Aluminum clamp;
  • Stainless steel 2 mm thick;
  • Metal shavings.

Having collected everything you need, you can begin to improve the exhaust system.

This is done in the following sequence:

  • Make 2 tubes of oval section from stainless steel. The diameter of the pipes should differ by 1-1.5 cm. Fasten the joints of the pipes with a welding machine.
  • In a pipe with a smaller diameter, make the maximum number of holes with a diameter of 8 mm. Wrap it with metal shavings. Coil the shavings with steel wire.
  • Insert the smaller tube into the larger one. Fix them in position with steel bars and welding.
  • Attach the muffler to the exhaust pipe and secure with a hose clamp.

The noise level after such an improvement will decrease several times. The service life of a homemade muffler will be at least 5 years. So, content with little, you can significantly improve the conditions for agricultural and other work using a tiller.

Improvement of the chassis

The first thing that tiller users think about is how to make a cart with a seat for it. The use of equipment in a normal mode with the use of levers involves the application of great physical efforts. However, the use of a trailer reduces the stability of the vehicle. This problem can be eliminated by expanding the wheelbase. This is done using extension cords that are attached to the axle shaft with pins or bolts. Having solved the problem with stability, the operator is faced with another question: the unit is poorly controlled. The tiller differential helps give it good maneuverability. This device is made by analogy with the nodes of cars. Homemade unlockers for the tiller are made using ordinary household tools. an angle grinder, welding and a grinder.

The low weight of the tiller is the reason for poor adhesion of the wheels to the ground. Slipping is common when picking up virgin soil, working on wet ground, or driving on snow. To avoid slippage, weights are attached to the tillers.

These devices fall into the following categories:

  • Wheeled. They are discs that are mounted on wheels or hubs. Discs are made monolithic from metal, concrete or hollow filled with sand. The weight of the wheel weights can be 30-70kg.
  • External. They are made of any heavy material (steel, lead, concrete). Attached to the body with hooks or bolts. Some craftsmen weld a frame from a corner to the body. Sandbags, bricks, scrap metal and other heavy objects are placed in it.

The tiller’s passability can be improved by installing lugs. The easiest way to make lugs is to make a rim from a strip of metal and weld the blades onto it. The rim diameter should be larger than the rims and smaller than the tires. Fitting the rim is carried out with the tires flat. After the lug is installed, the wheel is inflated.

You can improve the transmission by installing a homemade variator on the engine. The system of belts and discs will allow you to smoothly change the speed of the unit, without jerking and vibration.

Other rework options

In addition, it will also be possible to make other techniques from the tiller. For example, you can get a dumper, pneumatic drive or vibrating plate. Also, some craftsmen make a loader or snowmobile from a tiller. Many people use tillers to harvest corn.

What materials may be needed?

To remake a tiller, you need simple tools as well as blueprints. Only when everything you need is at hand, you can start work on the alteration.

Tools you need:

  • A set of keys and drills;
  • Electric drill;
  • Welding machine;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Various fasteners;
  • Set of screwdrivers.


Many fishermen no longer want to go fishing with a conventional drill, so some of them decide to convert the tiller, which is not needed in winter, into an ice ax. You will not need to apply special efforts for this. You just need to rearrange the Zhiguli wheels, as well as make a nozzle to set the drill in motion. After that you can safely go fishing. In the summer, the tiller will be used again for its intended purpose.

We make a wood splitter

Among other things, a log splitter can be made from a tiller. To do this, you need to carve a cone on a special machine, as well as a thread. After that, the already finished cone must be mounted on a shaft with suitable bearings. Then a flange and an asterisk must be installed on the end of the shaft. It can be taken from a motorcycle wheel.

The cone can be fixed to the shaft with a bolt. After that, a spacer made of pipes, as well as a pair of nuts, must be installed between the motor and the shaft itself. This will help tighten the chain. In order to make supports for the shaft, you can take supports from the “Zhiguli”. The motor must be taken from the tiller. With this redesigned structure, you can easily cope with splitting firewood.


As a result of the alteration, such a technique will turn out to be quite compact and convenient. However, to cope with this work, you first need to make drawings. All work with drawings must be done in great detail. this will greatly facilitate further work. After that, you can do the construction itself. First you need to make a frame, you can use a channel. After that, you need to attach the beam (up to 11 meters) to the frame. Springs and springs are not needed. For a simpler option, you can use a homemade axle on which the wheels are mounted. The result is a chassis. Further, using a special machine, it is necessary to grind out all the mechanisms that will be needed for movement, as well as brackets and mounts for hydraulic cylinders.

When all parts have been purchased, you can start assembling. Then it is necessary to connect the power take-off shaft of the tiller, as well as the oil pump through the cardan. After that, you need to connect all the hydraulics with high pressure hoses. Further. the finished structure must be painted, as well as all the details must be lubricated, after which it must be tried in work.

Towing vehicle

Sometimes, when buying a factory motorized towing vehicle, you have to face many disadvantages. Therefore, most often they are made by hand. They are quite durable if you use a tiller for this. This design will do its job perfectly, and will also save fuel. In addition, it will be possible to attach compartments to such a structure in order to fold the necessary tools.

Tips for making a karakat

To assemble a homemade karakat, you first need to decide which technique you can take the frame from. A frame taken from a Ural motorcycle is perfect. Next, you need to make a suspension, as well as a rear-wheel drive. Then you need to use a corner to connect the steering column, side members and a special bracket.

After that, you can start attaching the wheels. You can take rubber from cars such as “Ural” or “KamAZ”. The last is the motor from the tiller, as well as all additional systems. it is necessary to connect the brakes and the clutch, as well as to take care of the gas emission system.


This design serves to make it easy to move around in the snow. This will require wide enough wheels. The caterpillar can be obtained from an old snowmobile. She can go under the wheels of the tiller. The snowmobile itself is made from a frame, tracks, some suspension elements. The mount can be used from the tiller. This makes an excellent snowmobile, which is also suitable for hunting in the swamps. Therefore, the result is both a swamp vehicle and a snowmobile.

How to properly construct a mini tractor?

Breaking a tiller into a mini-tractor is carried out in several stages. First you need to tackle the frame. It is made of durable metal, which is cut into pieces of the required length, and then welded together. When the frame is ready, you can start assembling the undercarriage.

If the motor is placed in the front, then the width for the wheels can be left the same as in the chiller. In order to attach the wheels to the rear, you will need an additional axle. It is made of the required length, an ordinary piece of pipe is suitable for this, the main thing is that the width fits. Bushings and bearings must be installed at the ends of the pipe. They can then be fitted with wheels.

If the motor is decided to be located at the rear, then the width of the wheels must be increased, otherwise the mini tractor will not have the necessary balancing. So, you need to remove its wheels from the tiller, after which you need to make the bridge a little wider.

To operate the mini tractor, you can take the handles from the tiller. However, this will make the converted tractor look like a motorcycle and a little awkward to drive. For convenience, it is better to install a regular steering column.

The driver’s seat can be made from a sled frame that needs to be welded. In addition, you must not forget to put the headlights, as well as the dimensions. After the complete assembly of the minitractor, it is imperative to lubricate all parts, and also run it in.

From all this it follows that almost every person, even a little familiar with the technique, can convert a tiller into a mini tractor.

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Re-equipment of modern tillers

I would like to note that with certain skills of a locksmith, due perseverance and the presence of all the necessary consumables from an ordinary powerful tiller, you can make a multi-functional tractor in miniature with your own hands using a pre-drawn up project. However, there is no limit to improving homemade products from a tiller, and each person, with a great desire and small financial investments, will be able to make a whole multifunctional harvester to facilitate work on a personal plot.

In order for a self-made tractor, assembled by hand, to serve without breakdowns for a sufficiently long period, it is important to choose the right gasoline tiller, the power of which will be enough to withstand additional loads. Plus, it is desirable that the unit be with the most extended wheelbase. In this regard, the Tillers of the Cascade or Bison model range are perfect, which have established themselves among consumers as reliable and practical devices.

Such powerful and high-quality tillers will be able to plow a vegetable garden or pull a trailer full of load behind them, or, if there are tracks, drive on impassable off-road or mow grass on the lawn, as well as perform many other useful works on a personal plot.

Homemade products for the tiller. improving the mini tractor

Many summer residents and land owners have already appreciated all the advantages of a modern tiller, which greatly simplifies the process of soil cultivation. Such a device has a powerful petrol or diesel engine mounted on a wheelbase. Due to its design, such equipment helps people to perform many tasks in the garden or in the vegetable garden. But as you know, modern man always strives to improve any technique, this also affected tillers, which are equipped with additional home-made devices that significantly expand the functionality of the mini tractor.

Additional tiller equipment

I would like to note that most homemade products can be divided into several broad categories. standard attachments and a major reconstruction of the tiller, when a motorized unit will act as a basis. Most gardeners and gardeners have access to the following enhancements for mechanized tillage devices:

  • Snow removal system;
  • System for moving bulk building materials: sand, crushed stone, etc.;
  • Lawn mower for mowing lawns and removing weeds;
  • The system of planting and digging potatoes, which greatly simplifies the cultivation of this vegetable crop;
  • Plow and devices for hilling green spaces.

But before improving the tiller, it is important to understand that the device must have a sufficient power reserve. Although in most cases, gasoline and diesel devices were developed at the production stage with a margin of power characteristics and it is simply stupid for a home craftsman not to take advantage of this.

If we consider tillers powered by electricity, then they may not always be able to, come up for experiments. It is for this reason that homemade products are used for equipment running on liquid fuel.

Universal Tillers. an opportunity for experimentation. Scope of using homemade products from Tiller

Already many DIYers who have converted their tiller into a homemade multifunctional tillage, mobile or traction device have been able to fully appreciate such improvements. All kinds of homemade products are used to clear snow, collect cut grass, cultivate a garden, plant and harvest potatoes, transport various goods and in many other areas of agriculture. In general, the improvement of a powerful tiller is limited only by the financial capabilities and imagination of its owner.


The device for hilling beds can be made from two metal discs. They must be of the same size with a diameter of at least 50 cm. It is advisable to pre-sharpen the edge of the discs for better soil intake.

Fastening them to the frame should be thought out so that it is possible to change the distance between the discs in accordance with the width of the bed.

You can also consider new versions of all kinds of devices that facilitate the work of caring for the garden as homemade products for the tiller:

  • Cultivators;
  • Milling cutter;
  • Knives and flat cutters.

Their drawings can be easily found on the Internet and taken as a basis for a future product.

What is it?

As the name suggests, tiller. This is a tractor, that is, a power source that can work with several attachments, like a four-wheeled agricultural tractor. A true tiller has the same durable, high quality construction you would expect from a traditional tractor: 4WD, automotive clutch, commercial gasoline or diesel engine, and attachments. The big difference with push is that it is smaller, has only one axle, has a set of rudders, not a rudder, and obviously you are following it, not driving it.

Go this way

Backstrokes were made in America. Gravely was the largest American manufacturer of tillers, and several other American companies made them since the early 1900s. But the larger tractors produced after World War II dried up in the market for many driving away, and even Gravely stopped production around 2003.

American manufacturers also never made significant innovations to this equipment sector. Even in the last days of their production, Gravely still lacked reversible rudders, while Europeans adopted this extremely practical design in the 1960s. Now almost all Tillers are made in Europe, mainly in Italy, which boasts more than 15 brands. Two Italian brands found in North America. These are BCS America (based in Portland, Oregon) and Grillo, with BCS being the most famous as they have been imported since the mid 1970s.

What can be done from a tiller engine

Self-propelled rake

Despite the presence of a factory rake, many farmers prefer to make them themselves, taking into account the characteristics of their economy: the size of the meadow, the relief.

As materials for the rake, metal pipes and hardened rods are used. Alternatively, you can use the factory hand forks by welding them to the base. For the convenience of work, it is advisable to install small wheels or paws-skis at the edges, which will relieve the load on the entire structure.

How Do I Maintain A Bypass Tractor?

Simple and robust tiller design provides high strength and low maintenance.

Typical maintenance consists of changing the oil and filters, like any equipment; annual lubrication of the control cable; Occasionally check the tightness of high tension fasteners, such as bolts that hold the attachment in place. and replacement of worn parts. Mower blades, tiller teeth, etc. as needed. Possible repairs after hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of use of items such as clutches and PTO couplings; gearboxes almost never fail.

With relatively simple designs that use most of this equipment, even this repair can usually be performed by anyone with decent mechanical ability; many instructions and are available online. If necessary, the equipment can be delivered to the dealer for repair. In this case, tillers have the advantage of not needing a huge truck or trailer to transport them; Thanks to the adjustable handlebar design, allowing them to be folded into a small package, any tiller can fit in an SUV or most station wagons.

Last but not least, the main advantage of tillers. Exercises. How many times have you heard from the doctor “Walking. Better form of exercise ”or“ You should really walk more ”? How many Americans buy a health club membership and walk on a treadmill and then go home and get on a mower? Mouthpieces allow you to do your job and do good exercise while you do it. Truly the best of both worlds for the hobby farmer.

The attachment is attached to the tractor using a power take-off (PTO) flange with a built-in drive shaft; two nuts are the standard method for changing attachments, but a quick hitch system is optional on most manually operated tractors to reduce attachment change times to 30 seconds or so.

Now, you may be wondering how this machine can operate with a mower in the front and a tiller in the back. Are there front and rear PTOs? Not really. A distinctive feature of modern European tillers is the reversible set of handlebars, which puts the operator either on the machine side of the machine for tillage implements or on the engine side of the machine for most other implements, including mowers, snow removal, bumpers, etc. Moving the handles takes a few minutes. depending on the tractor model, and the pivot arms can also be locked 15-degree off-center in any mode, allowing you to step off to one side of the row bed from the thorny spot, brushing, etc.

Land cultivation attachments

For cultivating the land, craftsmen have developed a number of devices that are superior in quality to factory products.

Most often, a do-it-yourself plow is used as a device for a tiller, since the for the factory one are quite high. For its manufacture, sheet metal with a thickness of at least 4 mm should be used, from which the knife itself and pipes with walls of the same size are cut directly, for the frame and fastening.

Is the tractor suitable for my farm?

You’ve finally got a few acres in the country, and you’re looking to start a farming business: perhaps livestock, an acre of vegetables, an orchard, or even a berry farm. But there is so much that needs to be done to bring the earth into shape. You have to peel this whole brush, smash all these branches, down to the ground. The list goes on. You will need something to mow, something to chip, and something to handle the plot, which quickly becomes a lot of engines to service!
Fortunately, there is a great, often overlooked option that is currently a mainstay for smallholder agriculture in Europe and Asia, but largely forgotten in North America: the tiller.