What can be made from lawn mowers

Plasterboard bar

The bar counter can also be built from plasterboard. Compared to chipboard, plastic and wood, drywall provides more opportunities for the implementation of bold design ideas. Such a bar can be positioned anywhere, make it in any desired shape and decorate as you like.

It all starts with the installation of the frame, and the corners are recommended to be made from a solid profile so that the structure obtains maximum rigidity. The guide and transverse profiles are secured with crabs. When the stability of the frame is not in doubt, proceed to the installation of drywall sheets of the required size. The walls of the rack can be either completely smooth or contain niches, then the frame must be built taking them into account. After filling the joints and installation points of self-tapping screws, as well as grinding, the structure is painted in the required color, the plinth and lighting are installed, if any.

Drywall bath screen

In this case, only moisture-resistant drywall is suitable. After marking the walls and ceiling, a frame of their profile is constructed. It is fastened to the floor and walls with dowel-nails, the vertical posts are fastened with self-tapping screws. If the screen has a straight, L- or U-shape, then you just need to cut drywall with the necessary parameters.

For curved screens, drywall is bent by notching or slightly soaking it. For increased strength, it is best to use a double layer of drywall. Don’t forget about the need for a revision window for quick access to communications.

The outer and inner corners are formed with a steel profile, the unprotected edges are treated with a sealant, the joints can be pasted over with a serpyanka. Most often, the screens are finished with tiles, but painting is also possible, then the putty and grinding of the surface should be taken into account more carefully.

Plasterboard column

A column can decorate a room of virtually any size, help zone a space, or even hide utilities. The column is placed near the wall or in the corner, the frame is attached to the floor and ceiling. To give the drywall the desired shape, it is rolled with a needle roller, slightly moistened with water and, according to a previously prepared template, give it the desired shape. Installation begins only when the material is completely dry. There is also a dry way to shape the drywall: cut from the back into small segmental strips.

When all the drywall is mounted, the finishing stage begins: putty, sanding, painting or finishing with decorative plaster. You can use plaster or polyurethane stucco molding, and one of the most effective ways to decorate this interior element is to use Venetian marble.

Chest of drawers, curbstone and kitchen set

Experienced craftsmen create unique furniture from drywall, which, in terms of functionality, is not inferior to analogues from more familiar materials, but at the same time it can be created quickly and taking into account all personal requirements. Kitchen furniture should be made of moisture-resistant plasterboard and always using a frame. The size and number of drawers can be provided at will.

The chest of drawers can be assembled without a frame, using arched drywall and fantasy. Parts of the desired size and shape are cut out of drywall, which in the future will serve as the bottom, walls and shelves of the chest of drawers. In advance, on pieces of drywall, it does not interfere with identifying the location of the partitions of the future chest of drawers or bedside tables. You can connect all the details of the structure with superglue. As boxes, you can use plastic containers or make them from the same drywall. This is followed by putty, sanding, priming and decorating. You can, for example, paint a dresser and draw flowers or patterns on it.

Plasterboard sofa and bed

Even sofas are made of drywall! If you put a mattress, pillows and a bedspread, then you can even sleep on such a sofa, but for the most part, this design is only decorative and is not intended for regular rest. The possibility of creating such pieces of furniture from drywall only once again emphasizes its versatility.

Drywall shelves and racks

Soviet walls and similar more modern pieces of furniture are a thing of the past. The storage system today is increasingly organized with the help of spacious wardrobes and shelves. Both of them can be made of drywall, but now let’s dwell on creating shelves. They can be of different sizes, serve to store different things: books, decor items, equipment, and also be used in the pantry.

Before proceeding with the creation of drywall shelves, it is better to very clearly imagine the end result, and it is better to depict it on paper. The shelves can have not only angular, but also curvilinear shapes, repeat some geometric shapes, the structure of a tree, etc. There can be a lot of options for implementation, and several interesting examples are presented in the photo.

Depending on what role the shelves or shelves will play, the features of their installation will differ. If you plan to create a shelf for photos or souvenirs, then a lightweight frame sheathed with one layer of drywall will be enough.

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If the shelf or rack will be used for the location of heavy things (plants, equipment, books, an aquarium), it is better to reinforce the frame with additional profiles and sheathe it with two layers of drywall, or even better, instead of the usual profile, use a welded bracket.

To make the corners of the shelves perfectly even, it would be nice to reinforce them with a thin steel profile, and stick a plaster mesh on top.

The internal cavity of the shelves can be filled with mineral wool or other heat and sound insulating material to avoid the booming sound of hollow structures during their operation.

Shelves and racks are often supplemented with LED lighting, which decorates the interior, creates a pleasant atmosphere and performs its direct function. illuminating the room. Shelves and racks can be organized anywhere: office, living room, bedroom and even kitchen, but in this case it is better to use moisture-resistant drywall. Drywall shelves are functional and practical, and require less maintenance than similar wooden structures.

Coffee table

Even a small coffee table can be built from drywall, which will be mobile at the same time. Initially, a frame of the required dimensions is constructed from the profile, and at the next stage it is sheathed with plasterboard. When the base is ready, you can start finishing, and here everyone is given a huge field for imagination: the table can be painted, pasted over with textured paper and made to look no different from similar pieces of wood furniture. There are a lot of decor options. over, you can leave a niche in the tables for storing all sorts of little things, however, then the hassle of covering the frame with plasterboard inside will be added.

Slopes for windows and doors

The organization of door and window slopes also requires plastering, but to avoid this lengthy and messy procedure, drywall is also useful. The process looks the same as in the previous version: pieces of drywall of the required size are cut, and then glued with a drywall mixture to the surface and fixed with a rule. Further work consists only in filling the seams and finishing the surface.


How to use rose petals to your advantage

If you have your own private house or summer cottage, then you probably have already planted roses in the garden in front of them, which will delight with their beauty and grace for a long time. One day they will wither, you should not regret their loss, you can build a lot of useful and necessary from pink petals. This article will discuss what can be made from rose petals, how to make and store them.

How to make rose water

  • To make rose water, take 50 g of rose petals and fill them with 1 liter of cool water, then add 250 g of sugar and leave the resulting mixture for 2. 2.5 hours.
  • Shake the jar well, and then strain the water, which you need to keep in the refrigerator in the future. Wipe your skin with rose water every night. You can also add it to your bath. This bath should be taken for 15-20 minutes, the water temperature should be about 38 ° C.
  • To moisturize the skin, add an additional 1 tsp to the water. olive oil or a glass of milk.
  • If you have dry skin, apply rose petal lotion after bathing. For its preparation we need: 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. l. glycerin and 3 tbsp. l. water from rose petals. Mix everything and pour into a convenient jar with a resealable lid.

Sachet of rose petals

It can be used as a washcloth or as an air fragrance. Dry the buds of the “queen” of flowers, put them in a deep container and saturate with oil, making the sachet even more fragrant with roses. You can also add other flowers, various herbs and spices. When ready, transfer the collection to a small linen bag and tie it tightly. Homemade sachet is ready to use.

Rose petal jam

To prepare this unusual delicacy, we need:

  • 1.5 kg of sugar;
  • 700 g rosehip petals;
  • 2 small lemons or 1.5 tsp. lemons;
  • 3 glasses of water
  • For the preparation of this jam, it is better to use young, only blossoming flowers, collected in May, during the first flowering. Keep buds cold.
  • Before you start making our jam, sort out the flowers and separate the petals from the stamens, and discard the dry and sluggish petals. And the good ones, rinse with cool water and dry with a paper towel.
  • Cover 700 g of petals with sugar and add lemons or a little citric acid. Let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours. In the meantime, prepare the syrup. Mix 3 cups of water with remaining sugar and simmer until thickened.
  • Pour this syrup over the petals and bring to a boil over medium heat. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring constantly and skimming. After that, pour the finished jam into a sterilized jar and tighten the lid tightly. Store in a cool place.


How you can use rose petals

The first thing that comes to mind is simply to dry the flowers by hanging them down in buds for a couple of days. And then take a bath with them and put them in a vase so that they remind of the person who gave them to you.

If you fantasize a little, then you can somehow decorate the bedroom in an unusual way, make cosmetics, cook soap, make a delicious treat, etc.

Rose petal bath salt

To do this, grind the cakes to a powder state and mix them with salt without adding flavorings, then drop a couple of drops of other oils, for example, neroli. Place the salt in a jar, screw the lid tightly on and let it brew for a week.

What can be made from cookies and condensed milk? Recipe with photo

This time we offer you to cook the famous “Potato” cake, which is so loved by adults and children.

  • Butter. 100 grams.
  • Cookies. 400 grams.
  • Condensed milk. 100 ml.
  • Sprinkle cocoa. about two tablespoons.
  • Walnuts. to taste.
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Read the recipe for your favorite cake here:

  • Place the cookies in a food processor bowl and crush them into small crumbs.
  • Mix melted (and cooled) butter with condensed milk.
  • Add crumbs and finely chopped nuts to this mixture.
  • Knead a fairly dense dough with your hands and divide it into small pieces (each should weigh about 70 grams).
  • Combine three tablespoons of the remaining crumb with cocoa. Shape the cake into a potato shape and roll in a sweet breading.

Place the blanks on a flat dish and refrigerate. After an hour, you can put the kettle on and invite friends to the table.

No bake cake

What can be made from cookies? This question, perhaps, has been asked by every housewife more than once. And we decided to share with you a simple recipe for a homemade cake that has a pleasant taste and has a festive look.

  • Cookies. 450 grams.
  • Cottage cheese. 350 grams.
  • Milk. 300 ml.
  • Sour cream and sugar. three tablespoons each.
  • Cocoa. one tablespoon.

If you carefully read our instructions, you will find out what can be made from cookies. You will find a recipe with a photo of a simple and delicious dessert below:

  • First, prepare basic foods. To do this, moisten the cookies in milk, and mash the cottage cheese with a fork.
  • After that, put a layer of cookies and a layer of curd mass in a mold in turn. Repeat this procedure until you run out of food.
  • In a small saucepan, combine the sugar, cocoa, and sour cream. Put the dishes on fire and cook their contents over low heat for several minutes.
  • With cooled icing, grease the sides and surface of a homemade cake.

Don’t forget to put dessert in the refrigerator for at least one hour. During this time, the cookies will become soft and soaked in cream.

Anthill cake

You can prepare this delicious treat for a children’s party to please the birthday person and his guests.

This time we will need the following products:

  • 500 grams of soft biscuits.
  • One can of boiled condensed milk.
  • A glass of walnuts (you can use peanuts or almonds instead).
  • Three spoons of poppy.

The recipe for the original cakes is quite simple:

  • Break the cookies with your hands, turning them into large crumbs.
  • Grind nuts in a coffee grinder.
  • Combine prepared foods in a deep bowl, add condensed milk to them and mix everything well. If it seems to you that the “dough” is too hard, then add a little soft butter to it.

Divide the workpiece into several parts and give each the shape of an anthill. Chill the cakes and then serve them.

Biscuit roll

This homemade dessert can be served immediately or stored in the refrigerator until the desired hour.

  • Cookies. 150 grams.
  • Mineral water. 75 ml.
  • Cottage cheese. 60 grams.
  • Butter. 50 grams.
  • Cocoa. three tablespoons.
  • Powdered sugar. 60 grams.

Read the recipe for a delicious roll here:

  • Place the cookies in a saucepan and crush them with a potato press.
  • Dissolve the cocoa in warm water, and then add the drink to the crumb. Then stir the food well.
  • Use a blender to whisk the cottage cheese, butter and sugar.
  • Spread cling film on the table. Put chocolate dough on it and roll it into a layer about one centimeter wide.
  • Place the filling on the base and smooth.
  • Roll the blank into a roll and transfer it to the refrigerator.

After an hour or two, the dessert can be taken out, cut and served to guests with hot tea or coffee.

What can be made from cookies: a recipe with a photo

Today we want to tell you about what can be made from cookies. If you are waiting for guests and want to surprise them with a delicious treat for tea, then the recipes collected in this article will come in handy.

Chocolate sausage

What can be made from cookies and condensed milk? This time we will prepare an undeservedly forgotten dessert that was so popular during the youth of our parents.

  • Shortbread cookies. 600 grams.
  • Condensed milk. 400 grams.
  • Butter. 200 grams.
  • Cocoa. seven tablespoons.

The recipe for this delicious recipe is very simple:

  • Break the cookies with your hands or use a blender. Remember that the resulting crumb must be large enough.
  • Stir the butter and cocoa until the result is a homogeneous mass.
  • Combine prepared foods and condensed milk.
  • Make sausages from sweet dough, and then wrap them in cling film or foil.

Send the blanks to the freezer for one hour. When the specified time has elapsed, unfold the dessert, cut it into slices and put it on a dish.


What can be made from Jubilee cookies? Before you. a variation on the theme of the famous Italian dessert, which is made from simple and affordable products.

  • Three packs of Jubilee cookies (400 grams).
  • 250 grams of mascarpone cheese.
  • 200 ml heavy cream.
  • Two spoons of natural ground coffee.
  • Three tablespoons of cocoa.
  • 100 grams of caster sugar.
  • Tablespoon of cognac.
  • Make coffee without sugar (we only need one glass), cool it and mix with cognac.
  • Whisk the cream along with the icing sugar until the food is a fluffy, stable mass.
  • Combine the whipped cream with the mascarpone and stir the food again with a mixer.
  • Place the cookies on the bottom of a small rimmed dish. Cover the base with an even layer of cream.
  • Soak the rest of the cookies in a coffee drink. Apply a few more layers, alternating between base and cream.

Decorate the surface of the dessert with cocoa powder or grated chocolate. After that, put the cake in the refrigerator and leave it there for a couple of hours. Cut the finished dessert into equal pieces and serve.

How to Make a Lawn Mower / Grass Cutter at Home

Storing little things

Anyone who has happened to look for a screw or screwdriver missing somewhere knows that this is far from a trifle. For small tools and small parts, so that they are no longer lost, you can make practical stands from scraps of polypropylene pipes:

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This is not a small thing for you!

Similar structures, only from pipes with a larger diameter, are easy to build for storing materials. rails, bars, metal fittings, etc.

Simple organizers for storing small supplies

Please note that structures can be either vertical or horizontal. depending on the available space and your ideas about convenience.

5 ideas for a country house

Don’t rush to close the page! Yes, I know that many people find the idea of ​​using polypropylene pipes in their home design strange and not very attractive. But believe me, there are some ideas that are worth at least taking a look at.

For a country house, you can make very unusual things from PVC pipes.

I chose from all the variety offered by the Internet only the most-the most (in my opinion, of course) unusual ways of using PVC pipes in a country house.

Washbasin or sink for a summer kitchen

Without water, and in the summer kitchen, there is no place and no syuda, and near the garden it will come in handy: rinse fresh herbs or radishes, wash your hands. And again, polypropylene pipes will come to our aid. not only to supply water, but also to build an easy mobile sink.

Yard amenities

Such a design will turn out to be noticeably lighter than a wooden or metal counterpart, which means that it can be easily transferred to where it is needed. All you have to do is connect the hose. and you’re done!

Gazebos and awnings

Adults, however, also need to think not only about summer cottage affairs, but also about rest. This means that we need a gazebo, a tent or at least a canopy where you can hide from the sun and sit in a good company with a cup of tea or barbecue.

Gazebo, tent or shed. everything can be made from polypropylene pipes

I don’t know what about the reliability and winter hardiness of such a frame. maybe you shouldn’t aim at something fundamental right away. But the simplest canopy, as they say, hastily, can be built for an experiment. And then time will tell.

Aviaries and summer houses for chickens

Many have already appreciated the advantages of dacha chicken farming. And perhaps the most difficult thing is to find a budget solution for building a chicken coop and walking, especially when it comes to seasonal rather than year-round maintenance. But PVC pipes help out here too:

Do you need a summer enclosure for chickens and hens? PVC pipes will help out!

The options for such structures may be different. Including, there are quite clever mobile solutions, which is very practical: chickens very quickly turn a green meadow into a trampled desert, so that regular moving will benefit both them and the landscape.

The structure can be not only stationary, but also mobile

For those who are interested in ideas for more solid chicken coops, I can recommend publications:

  • Ideas of original chicken coops for every taste
  • How we built a chicken coop in the country
  • Chicken coop economy option. proven over the years!

Houses and other fun for the playground

In general, adults always have things to do in the country. But the children are more difficult: do not go to mother’s flower beds, you cannot go to the pond, it is dangerous on the street. What then to do? There is no such question if the elders took care of a good playground for their child, where there is also a place for interesting crafts from PVC pipes.

PVC pipes are not only houses

I think that the idea of ​​a house (or rather, its frame) made of pipes has already occurred to many. But, as you can see, the possibilities of the universal “building material” are not limited to this. Houses and sheds from the sun, play pavilions and mini-attractions. you can do everything that you have enough imagination and skills for. For example, these are the game stands:

Fun with water and sand is interesting for children of different ages

Fun with water and sand can keep the kids busy for a long time. And since the design is mobile, it can always be rearranged where the beloved child will be under supervision.

Let there be light!

Good lighting is also essential for comfortable work. And if there is no ready-made lamp, but there are scraps of polypropylene pipes, a wire, an electric plug and a socket, a light bulb and very skillful handles, nothing prevents you from making a suitable lighting device yourself.

Workplace lighting is essential

If you are a creative person, you are unlikely to like such simple models, but everything is in your hands.!

Creative lamps made of polypropylene pipes

For those who are interested in the idea, but do not feel confident in the role of an electrician, the following publications may be useful:

  • Electrician for girls
  • Electrician for girls. “Cosmetic bag”
  • Wire brand and cross-section

Screens and partitions

A similar idea was at the very beginning of the collection when it came to fences and garden screens. Now take a look at how it can be implemented in the interior:

Stylish screens and partitions made of PVC pipes

In my opinion, it turns out very decently. It is easier to make a screen out of pipes of the same diameter, but from rings of different sizes “lace” comes out more interesting, of course. And you can also do it like this:

It is possible to assemble pipe cuts not only of different diameters, but also of different lengths

The option shown in the photo on the right may not be suitable for every interior, but we have to admit: the idea is interesting and deserves attention.