What can be sawn with the jigsaw electric. How the jigsaw works

sawn, jigsaw, electric

Secrets and tricks of working with the jigsaw

The jigsaw is the most affordable tool for sawing wood, and it is also the most compact and lightweight. That is why it is used even in cases when it would be better to use a circular saw, band saw or scroll saw for the task. Knowing about some tricks of working with it, many complex cuts will be able to do with a jigsaw with a fairly high quality.

If you need to make a cut with the jigsaw in a hard-to-reach place where they cannot turn, for example, in a corner, then you can move his file backwards.

It makes it possible to make the cut by moving the tool in the opposite direction.

Sawing with plastic on the soleplate

One of the reasons for sawing with a jigsaw with chipping is its blade. It does not press the edge of the kerf, thus allowing it to break during the reciprocating motion of the file. This is done with a simple plastic escutcheon.

The overlay on the sole is cut out of plastic sheet. You need to make a kerf for the file. It is simply clamped to the board and sawn with it. Glue the sawn overlap to the sole with double-sided adhesive tape.

How To Use A Jigsaw | Tips & Tricks

sawn, jigsaw, electric

The jigsaw then makes an even cleaner cut than with the masking tape.

Rules for a straight cut

To make a good, straight cut, you must therefore follow these rules:

  • Carefully choose a saw that is suitable for your source material.
  • Prepare all necessary auxiliary items.
  • Clamp the workpiece carefully.
  • Pay attention to the correct position of the workpiece so you do not have to correct any errors. in some cases the blade is placed face down.
  • Practice the technique of operating the device with the help of professionals or by means of a video tutorial.
  • Carefully observe the safety instructions.

In fact, the processing of products with a jigsaw. not such a difficult task, which is under the power of any beginner carpenter. Even if an even and neat cut is not obtained immediately, do not despair: you need to sensibly assess what nuances, maybe, you are not paying attention. And you should not ignore the advice of professionals, who can speed up the process of mastering the art of how to saw with an electric jigsaw, and reveal some secrets. Try and improve!

Circular and oval profiling

Before how to correctly saw with a jigsaw elements of round or oval shape, a marking is applied. Then make a hole in the material, which will be the starting point for sawing the workpiece. It should be larger in diameter than the width of the cutting blade. The work itself is performed with a narrow saw.

Sawing curved details is a slow process. The circular saw is often used. It is an additional device that allows you to cut elements of the correct circular shape. When using it, first determine the center of the circle. Then an additional fixture is fastened at this point. Then saw a circle of the required diameter.

During the work watch the position of the saw blade only. When sawing out curved workpieces, the jigsaw’s jigsaw face or laser is no longer needed. They are used as a reference when making straight cuts.

Sometimes a hole is not pre-drilled in the material. It is made with the saw of the power tool. To do this, the edge of the jigsaw blade is set behind the marking. Then turn on the tool and tilt it carefully until the cutting blade comes into contact with the material. Then the bevel is raised to cut through the workpiece. Then, the jigsaw is turned off and placed on the material with the jigsaw soleplate. Then it is switched on again and slowly, without excessive pressure, move to the marking, on which the sawing of the desired part is carried out.

When irregular shapes are to be sawed, the jigsaw must be placed on the saw table with the sole of the jigsaw upwards and stationary. Then they take the workpiece and saw the part according to the markings. Do not move the tool, but the element to be cut. This way of sawing allows you to accurately control the position of the workpiece.

sawn, jigsaw, electric


Marking is an important detail, because it is necessary to avoid chipping on the front side of the part. Note that chips are often made on the side of the sheet that is nearest to the operator. This is most often the case for chipboard and particleboard. On this basis, the marking should be made on the back side, and the blade should be placed with the front side facing away from you.

Tip. The cutting process can be simplified by a laser guide to ensure the correct line for the trimmer.

How to Use a Jigsaw

For accurate sawing it is necessary to mark without allowances, and to guide the saw near the marking line. For convenience, the workpiece should be secured with a workbench clamp or saw table.

Additional functions

In order to choose an electric jigsaw that has all the features you need, but is not overloaded with extra features at your expense, you need to understand these features.

Pendulum motion

Nowadays the pendulum stroke has become an attribute even of the most budget models. When you turn on this option, the blade begins to move not only up and down, but also back and forth. This speeds up the cut, but at the same time diminishes the surface quality. The length of the pendulum stroke is adjusted by a switch located on the side of the device. It makes sense to turn this option on when making large amounts of cuts and to turn it off when making curved cuts or cuts that require special precision and surface quality.

Angle of soleplate tilt

If the budget allows, it is better to choose a model that has this function. Turning the blade at a certain angle around the longitudinal axis, you can make a cut at an angle of 30, 45, 60 degrees. With professional models, these positions are not fixed and the angle can be changed smoothly based on the protractor.

Jigsaw with pendulum stroke and variable blade tilt angle

On inexpensive models, the sole is fastened with an Allen key, on more expensive models. in a quick way, with a special clamping lever.

Soft start

For the beginner, who does not yet have much experience, it is better to choose a model that has the ability to soft start. It allows you to start cutting at minimum RPM and increase it steplessly. This allows you to accurately start the cut on the intended line, avoiding blade tilt or sideways movement.

Speed maintenance under load

It is worth choosing an electric jigsaw with such a function, if a large amount of work with hard wood or metal is planned. Function protects motor from overload by stabilizing speed with electronic circuitry.

Chip blowing

This option should certainly be chosen by those who intend to engage in sawing. Chip blowing system blows sawdust out of the work area using airflow from the engine cooler fan, providing good visibility.


Backlighting of the working area is very useful in poorly lit, cramped conditions.

Laser pointer

Device with laser pointer is a good choice if you need to make a lot of straight cuts.

This option saves time on marking by only marking the start and end points of the cut on the workpiece and guides the jigsaw along the laser-illuminated straight line.

Sawmakers for jigsaws

To date, the highest quality cutting tools for electric jigsaws are produced, for example, by “Bosch”, “Hitachi”, “Makita. From inexpensive, for example, saws under the brand name “Ermak.

Most blades have alphanumeric designations. One of them is a trademark of a producer. the others give information about the function of the saws. details on this are better to be found at the source, at manufacturer’s website.

Saws marking

The first letter. T or U. Type of saw blade mounting.

  • First number 1,2,3,7. working length of saw blade.
  • 1. short (up to 75 mm)
  • 2. medium (75. 90 mm)
  • 3. long (90-150 mm)
  • 7. very long (over 150mm)
  • The second and third digits define the purpose of the saw.
  • Subsequent letters:
  • A,B,C,D. saw tooth size.
  • F. bimetal saws. Such saws have extended service life, saw more quickly and of higher quality.
  • P for a precise angle. These saws have a thicker blade so they cut material perpendicular to the surface.
  • O. curved cuts
  • R. reverse tooth
  • The X is the universal saw for all materials
  • HM. carbide saw blade

This classification is relative and not always respected therefore the most reliable way to choose the right saw is to know its characteristics.

Overview of the Bosch jigsaw for shape cutting jigsaw

For example, the purpose of the saw brand “Bosch”. “T101VR”:

“T-shaped” shank, medium (second) saw length, fine tooth, clean back cut. Material to be cut. plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, laminate, laminated wood, plexiglass, plastic.

Useful functions of the jigsaw

Now for more details on the important functions of an electric jigsaw, which not everyone uses.

Almost every jigsaw is equipped with a pendulum function. But not all craftsmen know what this switch on it is for. It is worth noting that the pendulum stroke can be adjusted from 0 to 3.

When the pendulum stroke is off the saw moves up and down. And when the pendulum stroke is on, the saw begins to work faster, and its work is accompanied by a horizontal pendulum amplitude.

The pendulum stroke is convenient to use if you need to quickly make a cut of a board. In addition, the result is that the saw does not wear out as quickly. If we talk about the disadvantages, then the disadvantage of using this function is that the quality of the cut is significantly reduced. It is best not to turn on the pendulum saw while making curved lines.

Surely not all craftsmen know that with a jigsaw you can saw at different angles. Some people still use this tool only to make right-angled cuts.

To saw the board at the required angle, you just need to change the inclination of the sole plate. Turn the jigsaw upside down, then undo the screws at the bottom of it, and put the sole plate at the desired angle. Then the screws are tightened again and you can safely get to work.

In some cases it is necessary to make the cut as even as possible. Of course, you can draw a level line for the trimmer beforehand for this. But that’s not all. It is very important that the board is perfectly flat.

The jigsaw with his hands

The simplicity of the device has led many craftsmen to start making them themselves. The electric jigsaw is assembled from such materials:

  • Collector electric motor;
  • wires;
  • PVC pipe;
  • angle piece for the pipe;
  • blade;
  • metal plate;
  • board;
  • wire
  • buttons;
  • power supply;
  • plywood.

The process of assembling the electric jigsaw looks as follows:

  • The flywheel is put on the motor shaft. Strengthen it with a piece of cold welding.
  • Two wires of 15 cm each are soldered to the contacts. Insulate the joint with heat shrink.
  • A hole is made in the PVC pipe for the button. In the corner for the installation of the power connector.
  • Putting the electric motor in the pipe.
  • The blade is applied to the metal plate and traced around the contour.
  • From the metal plate we get a “t” shaped piece with a groove inside.
  • Make a through hole on the board with a core drill for the pipe.
  • Fix the metal plate on the other side.
  • A crank is made of wire. Mounted on the blade and the handwheel.
  • The button is connected to the wire and inserted into the planting hole. It is fixed with thermal adhesive.
  • A corner is installed on the pipe.
  • Install the power connector. Solder wires and mount the power connector with glue.

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