What Can Be Used Instead Of Trimmer Line

Among the features of nylon are:

  • High strength. However, to maintain this indicator, it is important to ensure the correct storage conditions. It is not recommended to leave the material in the sun or keep it in a room with low temperatures;
  • Ease. Thanks to this quality, it is possible to develop high speed using the inertia of rotation of the trimmer head;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress. The material has a long service life, and damage to the cord is possible only if very hard obstacles are encountered in its path;
  • Low price. The material is consumable, so it is beneficial that manufacturers set low for fishing line.

Often, additional materials are present in the composition, and sometimes the manufacturer decides to use cheaper polyethylene. The disadvantage of this solution is that such material wears out quickly, so it is recommended to give preference when choosing a fishing line that is made of original nylon. it will cost more.

Thick lines with a cord diameter ranging from 2.6 to 3.3 millimeters are made from graphite and steel rods. In this case, the manufacturer receives a two-component cord, due to which it is possible to increase the strength and increase the durability of the material. Heavy gauge string lasts longer than standard thin line.

Technical properties and cord diameter

Fishing lines are sold in special packages. At the same time, only two main parameters are indicated on the pack:

  • String length;
  • Transverse section.

To begin with, before buying a fishing line, you should decide what diameter it should have, as well as how thick the consumable should be. In fact, this is the same parameter with which it is possible to characterize the operation of an electric or gasoline scythe.

Fishing line storage rules

  • When the spring and summer seasons have passed and the need for a trimmer is no longer necessary, it is necessary to carefully pack the equipment in polyethylene. Additionally, it is recommended to soak the strings with fat or glycerin. After that, put the fishing line in the package in a dark place where the temperature does not drop below 5 degrees Celsius. You can also store your fishing line in the refrigerator.
  • It is not recommended to store the material on batteries or radiators. Excessive heat can disrupt the technical properties of the line. The cord must be stored away from sunlight. To avoid them getting on the material, you can pack the line in black polyethylene or use sealed containers instead of a bag.
  • When the grass grows season again, you need to take out the package, unwind the required amount of fishing line and wipe it from grease. Only then can the string be charged into the coil.

Line heads are designed for:

  • Lawn mowing;
  • Leveling vegetation in garden plots;
  • Household cleaning;
  • Cuttings of weeds, thickets in the country in the spring and summer.

Depending on the type and amount of work planned, it is recommended to select a line. So, for cutting young and short grass, you can use a round cord of small thickness. If you have to fight overgrowth in a personal or summer cottage, then it is better to give preference to a thick fishing line that has the shape of a square or a star.

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Some trimmers make noise during operation. Remarkably, the noise figure can be reduced by choosing the right line. To reduce the level of unpleasant sound, it is recommended to buy a line with turns. Such a string will cope with vegetation of any quality, as well as make the device more efficient and quieter.

What Can Be Used Instead Of Trimmer Line

Which line to give preference to when choosing?

When buying a fishing line, it is important to decide what the trimmer will be used for in the future. If the owner of the device plans to harvest hay or wants to start mowing meadow grass, then he will need a powerful unit, as well as metal discs. In this case, the line simply will not cope with the task.

There are the following types of woods:

Types of cords

Of course, the option to come and show the line to the seller is reliable, but it is not entirely correct. And this is explained by the fact that the choice of fishing line depends not only on the trimmer head, which is used in the design, but also on the power of the unit.

Line shape

Initially, manufacturers only produced round line. However, over time, manufacturers have expanded their range by starting production of the following modifications:

  • Square and hex. With the help of the sharp corners that are present in the section, it is possible to organize a more efficient cut of vegetation. Great for mowing grass in large areas;
  • Round. The most common form that answers the question of which line is better. It is considered universal. over, today such a line is additionally divided into smooth and turns. This form is distinguished by its quiet operation;
  • Ribbed. Effectively and quickly cope with grass and other types of vegetation. The advantage of this shape is that it reduces the load on the engine.

In addition, it should be noted that there are lines with a cross-section in the form of a star and other unusual options. The shape affects the look of the grass cut. It is noteworthy that some smart people decide to replace the special fishing line with ordinary wire. It is unacceptable. The use of wire can lead to not only damage to the device, but also injury, because metal is able to cut even the thickest shoes of the owner of the unit.

How to store fishing line?

Line selection is an important process. But it is also important to learn how to store it correctly. Otherwise, the condition of the rig may deteriorate, as a result of which the line will quickly wear out and will need to be changed.

Of course, those who buy a coil of fishing line 15 meters long are unlikely to ask the question of storage, but in cases when it comes to purchasing a bay of 250-500 meters, this point should be dealt with.

If you do not follow the storage conditions for the cord, you can lead to the following consequences:

  • The fishing line will lose its original properties, wear out quickly;
  • The productivity of the device and the quality of work will decrease;
  • The string will break quickly, which will require more trimming.

All the consequences cannot be called pleasant, so it is worth figuring out how to ensure efficient storage of the material and, if possible, extend the service life.

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Fishing line installation: pros and cons

Sometimes a regular fishing line is installed in the drum of a garden trimmer, instead of a special one. it’s just a waste of time. The fishing line is too soft and wears out many times faster than the traditional version. She can really cut grass, but such a non-standard application is not suitable for her. Fishing line can be used exclusively as a backup if nothing else is at hand.

It should also be borne in mind that it must be thick enough. It is best to insert a line that is at least two millimeters thick into the mower. By the way, it may be difficult to install it if the trimmer model provides for winding on a coil.

Installing plastic ties: pros and cons

If during the work the line suddenly ends, and there is still a lot of work, then it is not necessary to look for a new one. Its function will temporarily be performed by plastic clamps. They are quite tough and can handle just about any grass.

The disadvantage is rapid wear and tear. The effectiveness of plastic clamps, in this non-standard application, is also low. However, this alternative can always be used.

What you can use in place of the standard trimmer line: 3-way test

A garden trimmer is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any summer resident. This device facilitates the process of maintaining the territory. With the help of lawn mowers, you can quickly mow all the grass near the house, while practically without any physical effort.

Many users are interested in how they can replace the standard trimmer line. On the Internet, you can see many different ways, but not all of them are good in practice. Below are the most common options for replacing traditional line.

Installing a metal cable: pros and cons

The most common idea, on the topic “How to replace the trimmer line?”, Is the use of a steel cable. In fact, in terms of efficiency, the metal cable is much better than the standard cable. It is almost unaffected by wear and mows the grass just as well. And yet you need to understand that manufacturers do not just use polymer fishing line, and not an iron cable.

Unfortunately, the downside to durability is the increased wear on the mower transmission. Due to the fact that the line breaks, it does not overload the mechanical part of the device, but simply wears out with use.

If desired, you can use a steel cable, but it is important that during operation it does not touch the protective casing in any way. The ends of the cable must be welded so that they do not unravel.

Conclusions on effectiveness

Summing up, it is worth saying that manufacturers use special fishing line for a reason. It is optimally suited for working with this tool: it mows the grass well and does not overload the device mechanics. If it is over, and there is still a lot of work, it is better to buy a new one. For temporary use, of course, you can install a metal cable, but at the first opportunity it must be replaced with a special fishing line. Otherwise, it will adversely affect the technical condition of the tool.

What to put on the lawnmower instead of fishing line

Very often, trimmer owners and lawn mowers want to increase the productivity of these garden tools. This is due to the fact that when purchasing a lawn mower, few people think about the power, the radius of the grass bevel, and other equally important characteristics.

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Having acquired a tool, many face difficulties when mowing small bushes and tall grass. Therefore, the question of what can be put on the trimmer instead of fishing line is more relevant than ever.

In principle, a slightly larger diameter line can be installed on the trimmer and lawn mower than the one recommended by the manufacturer. You can also try to use a steel cable for these purposes, but here you need to be extremely careful, and additionally fix it.

Even the slightest bounce of a stone towards the operator or others from the cable (or a piece of the cable itself) can threaten unpleasant consequences, such as injury. What else can be used instead of fishing line on the benzotrimmer?

Can I use a cable instead of a line on the trimmer

Of course you can. However, at the same time, it is worthwhile to understand all the insecurity of this venture, and the ultra-fast failure of the transmission of the petrol trimmer. Indeed, a steel cable is a hundred times stronger than a fishing line, even a special trimmer. It will not tear as often from grass, branches and stones, so it will last much longer.

At the same time, you need to understand that the line breaks when the trimmer is working not just like that, but from a strong load. As a result, the lawn mower engine does not stall, while dynamic shocks to the mower transmission are absorbed. In the case of a steel cable, the entire load will fall on the transmission, as a result of which it will quickly fail.

If you really want to try using a cable on a lawn mower, then at least you need to install it correctly. First, you must not wind a long rope around the reel. Make it so long that it does not hit the trimmer guard when the spool is turned.

Be sure to clamp the cable with washers in the middle and place one drop of welding at its ends so that it does not bloom. As a result, the cable should not have any protrusion, and welding at the ends will protect it from unraveling. However, even this way, it is very unsafe to use the cable on a lawn mower or trimmer. It is much easier to use ready-made factory nozzles.

What can be put instead of fishing line on a lawn mower and a petrol trimmer

If it turns out that there is no special trimmer line at hand, then you can use the most common fishing line. Usually they take a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm, but you can try to put a fishing line and thicker.

The only thing you will have to face in this case is the difficulty of winding the line. The fishing line is too soft, so everything here largely depends on the design of the reel. If the line has to be wound, then this should be done in a small piece.

It is much easier to install a fishing line on a trimmer, in the case when its reel is not wound (just thread the desired piece of fishing line or cable through the hole, and then snap the reel).

Factory trimmer and lawn mower attachments

Today on sale you can find ready-made nozzles for a lawn mower and a trimmer, which make it possible to increase the efficiency of this tool several times. Attachments can be made in the form of knives, with a chain or steel cable.