What carburetor to put on a chainsaw Ural

Adjustment of the Ural 2T chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw Ural-2T-Electron is as follows. The amount of mixture fed to the carburettor can be changed with a screw This will limit the turn of the throttle control lever. Mixture quality can be changed by adjusting the carburettor switch on the carburettor.

Adjusting the carburetor of a chainsaw Ural-2T may also involve adjusting the idle speed. The engine should run evenly and steadily at idle, while the saw chain should remain in place. It is important to ensure that the engine does not emit a large amount of smoke. It should have good injectivity. This suggests that the engine should develop revolutions quickly and easily when sharply pressing the control lever.

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Adjustment of idling speed can be performed by starting and warming up the engine at small and medium revolutions. Minimum steady revolutions are set with the screw At the same time the chain should not move on the bar. If the engine smokes too much, it indicates a rich mixture. It is necessary to turn the screw until the RPM increases and the smoke decreases.

The speed in the next stage should be set to a minimum. For this purpose, you should turn out the screw Regulation of the carburetor chainsaw Ural 2 Electron is carried out on the same principle. The next step is to check the responsiveness of the engine. To do this, the throttle control lever must be pressed all the way in. The engine must be able to rev up. If there is a power drop, turn the screw back to the desired value. The rpm will then decrease. To increase the RPM, partially turn the screw and check the engine for acceleration. Adjusting the carburetor of a chainsaw Ural Electron in the next step involves fixing the screw number with locknuts.

Technical characteristics

The Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw has the following technical parameters:

  • The engine is a two-stroke, single-cylinder, gasoline-powered;
  • vibration velocity on the control handles is equal to 7.9×10-2 meters per second;
  • the power of the machine is 3.68 kilowatts;
  • weight of the machine is 11.7 kilograms;
  • Fuel mixture consumption is 632 grams per one kilowatt-hour;
  • The dimensions are 46x88x46 centimeters;
  • The working length of the saw mechanism is equal to 46 centimeters;
  • the diameter of the cylinder is 55 millimeters;
  • Fuel mixture consumption at maximum power does not exceed 632 grams per one kilowatt-hour;
  • fuel tank capacity is 1.6 liters;
  • The power of the motor after running in operation for twenty-five hours is not less than 3.68 kilowatts (five horsepower);
  • The capacity of the lubricant tank is 0.24 liters;
  • motor’s crankshaft rotation speed at maximum power is 6200±200 per minute.

How is the carburetor on the chainsaw Ural?

The construction of the carburetor can not be called complicated, which is clearly an advantage of the Ural 2 Electron chainsaw. The main nodes responsible for the performance of the carburetor should include:

  • Float chamber, made in the form of a tank. This element is used to maintain the fuel level at an optimal level before mixing with the air.
  • Channels through which the fuel mixture flows. From the float chamber, the fuel is initially transported to the nozzle, and then enters the atomizer.
  • Diffuser, which is a narrowed tube. With the help of this element increases the rate of air mass flow to obtain a quality fuel mixture.
  • A special tube, resembling an aerodynamic design. It is the carburetor’s main element through which the air masses pass This tube is equipped with a special flap, which regulates the amount of supplied air.
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Ural and Druzhba are very similar and were produced at the same company, but still have differences:

  • The Ural is more powerful, 5.5 horses versus the Druzhba’s 4;
  • The Druzhba chainsaw is heavier by 1.2 kg;
  • The Ural’s drive allows the saw bar to rotate 90 degrees for easier tree-felling work;
  • Handles of Ural are taken out from the top, it allows you to work for a long time in heavy snow and creates less stress on the back of the woodsman;
  • The Ural has a chain lubrication system while sawing, which greatly extends the life of the saw;
  • Hydrocline is included in the standard set of Ural Electron 2 saw, it allows to fell trees in a set direction.

Не советую ставить на Урал один карбюратор. Испытания нового коллектора.

Modification of the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw: eliminating the factory deficiencies

Since the KMP-100 carburetor was the only one produced in the USSR, several million of them were made. With such mass production and many years of production, the product could not be crude and unfinished. All deficiencies were taken into account and finalized at the beginning of production, and factory, design and technological shortcomings KMP-100 and KMP-100U had no.

All their problems arise from improper use (poor quality fuel) or simply from physical wear and tear over time.

Carburetor KMP-100U requires modifications when the engine from a chainsaw Ural 2t Electron is used for other purposes. Like a boat motor, for example.

In this case, it is not the carburetor that needs modification, but the system of idle speed adjustment, located on the gas handle.

Setting the carburetor of a chainsaw Ural 2 electron

Often, after buying a new tool there is a thought. how to ensure its maximum durability without damage and costly repairs. Correct running-in of the chainsaw will help to guarantee such operation. To understand what is the running-in, how to do it correctly, and what it is actually needed for, will help to know the following information:

The new chain saw has been designed so that the friction in the chain saw’s inner-workings is minimized. In more simple terms, this means that all the moving parts need to “rub” into each other for continued, trouble-free operation. During this period you should put variable loads on the saw. Do not run the engine at idle for long periods, but alternate periods of light and moderate load.

Important! It is not recommended to use the saw at maximum loads until the running-in period is complete.

As a rule, the running-in of the chainsaw is made as follows:

  • During the first 5 to 6 hours of the break-in period you should let the machine run dry. This means you should only start cutting after the chain has reached a certain speed and you must regulate the cutting pressure carefully. Only after a few hours it is allowed to go from low to medium loads and be sure to alternate them with the idle mode.
  • for better running-in of the piston group, in the fuel mixture is created an increased concentration of lubricant in the ratio of the fuel, approximately 1: 15. Such proportion will allow the internal assemblies of the engine to assimilate to each other as painlessly as possible.
  • It is defined that for a good running-in of the chainsaw it is enough to work out about 4. 5 full tanks of petrol.
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Technical characteristics

The Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw has the following technical parameters:

  • The engine is two-stroke, one-cylinder, gasoline-powered;
  • Vibration velocity on the control handles is equal to 7.9×10-2 meters per second;
  • The power of the device is 3,68 kilowatts;
  • weight of the device is 11.7 kilograms;
  • Fuel mixture consumption is 632 grams per one kilowatt-hour;
  • dimensions. 46x88x46 cm;
  • Working length of the saw unit is 46 cm;
  • cylinder diameter is 55 millimeters;
  • fuel mixture consumption at maximum power does not exceed 632 grams per one kilowatt-hour;
  • Fuel tank capacity is 1.6 liters;
  • Motor power after running-in for twenty-five hours in operation is not less than 3.68 kW (five horsepower);
  • The volume of the container for the lubricant is 0.24 liters;
  • the motor’s crankshaft speed at maximum power is 6200±200 per minute.

Adjusting the carburetor chain saw Ural

After a long time of using the saw it can start malfunctioning. In this regard, the carburetor should be readjusted.

First of all, in order not to permanently mess up all settings, you should read the instruction manual of the saw. For people who do not have experience in this case, it is categorically not recommended to engage in the adjustment of the carburetor, without first becoming familiar with the technical documentation of the product.

After getting acquainted with the papers and learning the basic provisions of this process, you can proceed to the tuning.

The engine idling speed adjustment requires the following points to be performed perfectly:

  • The motor must run steadily at idle speed, while the working chain must not rotate on the bar.
  • during normal engine operation, there must not be excessive smoke emission (a small amount of smoke will be emitted in any case).
  • A properly tuned engine should exhibit good gas mileage. This means that a sudden pulling of the throttle and holding it for 2-3 seconds will cause the engine to rev up quickly and, after the throttle is released, should also quickly return to idle.

It is advisable to adjust the idle speed in this order:

  • Start the engine and let it warm up for 2-3 minutes at a low and medium rpm.
  • Use the idle speed adjustment screw to set the minimum rpm at which the operating circuit will not rotate. If the engine is emitting too much smoke, turn the quality setting screw back a little. This will reduce the emission of smoke and there will be an increase in engine RPM, they must be returned to their original value by adjusting the idle speed.
  • After this adjustment, you should test the motor for injectivity, (an example of good injectivity is described above). If the engine does not pick up revolutions, throbs or lags, it is necessary to twist the mixture quality screw a little (to enrich the mixture). The engine rpm may decrease and this is normal. Then with regulation of idle speed again to bring the engine to the required level of work and again to check injectivity of the engine. After all adjustments are finished, the idle speed screw should be finally fixed.

The device of carburetor of Ural chain-saw

While operating a Ural chainsaw different problems with carburetor operation may occur, because of using mainly low-quality fuel or violation of operating rules.And in order to try to restore the performance, it is necessary to know the structure of the carburetor of a Ural chainsaw.

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Photo 1.Schematic diagram of Ural-KMP-100U chainsaw carburetor.

1-inlet valve, enriching button.2, intake valve-3, carburetor diaphragm-4,

Screw small throttle-5, full throttle-6, stop spring-7, choke-8,

main system atomizer-9, diffuser-10, throttle lever-11, carburetor body-12,

throttle valve-13,LPG system atomizers-14 and 15, LPG fuel system channel-16,

check valve-17, return spring-18, valve seat-19, valve lever-20, fuel tank of regulator-21,

pump diaphragm-22, body-23, pump cover-24, feed pump cavity-25. Marking by arrows in the circuit diagram:

1-fuel inlet, 2-communication with atmosphere, 3-air flow, 4-pressure from crankcase.

Principle of operation of the KMP-100U carburetor

The principle of operation of the KMP-100U carburetor is as follows:

Fuel from gasoline tank through fuel line and conduit.1, marked with a red arrow (see the principle diagram ) is fed through the valve-3, in the cavity 25. Fuel is then fed through inlet valve 1 to the fuel valve seat 19. Until the chainsaw engine is started, no fuel flows into the pressure regulator cavity.21 as the hole of the seat.19 is blocked by the lever.20.

When the engine starts, air rarefaction occurs in the nozzle and acts on the carburettor diaphragm.4. The diaphragm flexes upwards and moves away from the seat.19 lever-20, opening the way for the fuel to the cavity 21. Fuel flows from cavity 21 to the atomizers.9, 14 and 15 through the channels, the flow cross-section of which is regulated with the help of screws 5 and 6.

the atomized working mixture (fuel) flows into the crankcase due to the vacuum. Fuel flows from the crankcase into the piston headspace when the piston is in motion. Check valve 17 (see principle diagram) prevents the penetration of air into the cavity 21 when the chainsaw engine is running at idle through the channel with the atomizer 9. Before starting the engine, fill the carburettor cavity with fuel using the enrichment button.9.

We recommend reading on this site http://stroivagon.Ru and other articles on this topic such as:

3-rubber seal of throttle control screws for small and full throttle,

4-carburetor fastening bolt,5-carburetor button.

Photo 3.The device carburetor chainsaw Ural.

The carburetor of the Ural chainsaw consists of the following components:

1-bolt, 2-fuel filter, 3-spring, 4-bolt, 5-spring of booster pump,

6-corner, 7-A full throttle screw,8-small throttle screw,9-rubber gasket,10-membrane of carburetor,

11-gasket,12-gasket,13-membrane,14-hull,15-aluminum part,16-cover,17-air damper lever,

18-throttle lever,19-carburetor housing. Ural chainsaw carburetor is a reliable device, but requires mainly replacement of internal membranes and gaskets. If the chainsaw is not used during the summer and there is no gasoline in the carburetor, then the diaphragms can fail. Therefore, it is recommended that the carburetor be disassembled and the membranes be stored in a closed container with gasoline.

Or you can not disassemble the carburetor, but at least once a month to make a start the engine and warm it up for 3-5 minutes.Repair of the carburetor basically comes to replacement of the repair kit, which consists of membranes, gaskets and adjusting screws of small and full throttle. On how to repair the carburetor our next article.