What chain oil for a chainsaw chain.

Chainsaw oil

Hi all! In this article I will tell you what chain saw oil to use. The information presented here is based on both my personal experience with saws and my experience as a sales consultant for this technique. this includes communication with customers and with service craftsmen. Plus there will be theory, of course.

You use a special oil for two-stroke engines to make the fuel mixture. There are a great many of them today. However, manufacturers, especially serious ones like STIHL or Husqvarna, always write which oil to mix with gasoline for their chain saws. They are made under the same brand name, so for example STIHL oil for a STIHL saw and Husqvarna oil for a Husqvarna.

How to Add Bar and Chain Oil to Your Electric Chainsaw

Manufacturer representatives often say that they do not know how a chain saw will work with other oils but they can guarantee that their machines will run properly when the fuel mixture is based on the product they have written in the instruction manual. By the way, if there is a malfunction in the piston group during the warranty period, you may be denied a free repair if it turns out that you added something other than what the manufacturer indicates.

If the instructions do not specify a particular brand, then gasoline can be mixed with any two-stroke oil that is available in stores. I still recommend to buy products from reputable manufacturers, like STIHL or Husqvarna, but also e.g. Echo, Hitachi, Makita. Naturally, you can safely take the goods not only of those manufacturers who produce gasoline, but also those who specifically specialize in the production of fuel and lubricants, such as Ravenol.

Masters from service stations I’ve talked to praise all the same STIHL and Husqvarna oils.

Choice of engine oil

The oil that is intended for the 2-stroke engine must meet the following requirements.

  • Lubricant should create minimum ash in combustion. Ideally, it should burn completely.
  • Lubricant must have good gasoline solubility and be free from impurities that could block the very narrow carburetor ports.
  • The oil must have high anti-corrosion, anti-wear and lubricating properties.

There are certain standards of oils, intended for 2-stroke engines: TC-W3 and 2T. Lubricant corresponding to TC-W3 standard is used for water-cooled engines (boat motors, jet-skis). 2T oil is used as a gasoline additive for air-cooled two-stroke engines (lawnmowers, mopeds, chainsaws, etc.).д.).

These oils may be coloured green, red or blue. This is so that their presence in petrol can be readily determined.

If low-quality lubricant is used, the entire engine piston group can fail due to fouling under the piston rings. As a result, they will not compress, and scoring will occur on the cylinder walls. Also improper greasing of crank bearings leads to their overheating and eventually to their seizure. Important: it is forbidden to use diesel oil to prepare the fuel mixture, because it does not meet any of the above-mentioned parameters.

chain, chainsaw

Can I use engine oil for chain lubrication??

Engine oil does not adhere as well as oil that is too thin, so the lower part of the bar is not well lubricated, and this can cause fast wear on both the bar and the chain. Therefore, this is not an option.

Where and how to fill up

There is a special container for filling up the oil in the chain saw. The volume of the container is calculated on the basis of the dimensions of the chain saw’s fuel tank. Specialists recommend that you fill the oil tank at the same time you fill the fuel tank with oil. This prevents breaks in operation for refilling the lubricant. After oiling the machine, let it run for 5 to 10 seconds at no load. During this time, the lubricant distributes itself evenly over the entire chain.

Chainsaw not oiling? Check this FIRST!. Homestead Tips

Older models do not have an oil system. Chain lubrication is done by dipping the chain into a container with oil. A grease gun or brush can also be used. In such cases it is practical to use the aerosol form of packing.

Begin by checking that the oil is supplied to the chain. Summer grease thickens at low temperatures, which reduces the lubricating power of the product. That is why you should fill up the saw with winter oil in cold weather. You can use dehydrated kerosene to make the summer oil thinner. Dilute the lubricant in the ratio of 1:4.

chain, chainsaw

Adding a product of another brand of oil to a reservoir with residual oil from one manufacturer is allowed, but on condition that the mixture is used immediately. Do not leave it in the oil can for a long time.

Inadequate oil penetration into the chain gives off an unpleasant smell, smoke when cutting wood. Overheating causes metal expansion that causes the chain to stick in the groove. Therefore, checking the supply of lubricant is done on a regular basis.

Used oil for chain lubrication

It’s the worst. Recycled oil is basically the same as engine oil, but it contains microscopic metal particles, which it has absorbed by the engine. These particles can clog the oil channel and they also clog between the chain links and the tire and chain itself and work there as an abrasive, which causes tire and chain to simply wear out, and even tear the chain. That is why we say “no” to the used oil, too.

An overview of brands from different manufacturers

Today there are many tempting offers on the market from a variety of manufacturers of special oils that can operate at high temperatures and provide excellent lubrication performance in the gearbox. The most popular ones are presented in the following list.

  • Forest Plus has high adhesive properties and can be used at ambient temperatures down to.15°C. Shelf life of the oil is 3 years if a number of conditions are observed. Sold in 1-liter and 5-liter containers 5 л 1140.
  • Bio Plus products are vegetable based. Degrades quickly once in the soil. Can be used at temperatures as low as.15°C. Packaging: 1 and 5 liter containers.
  • Synth Plus is made on a synthetic basis. Withstands high loads and can be used at particularly low temperatures down to.25°C. Packaging. 1 and 4-litre containers 4л 2970.
  • Champion Adhesive Oil is designed for a wide temperature range. Available in 3 and 10-liter containers, very convenient for use in forestry 10 л 2200.
  • Husqvarna Vegoil is one of the most economical solutions for chainsaw lubrication. According to the manufacturer, it consumes 40% less as compared to other materials.

Using a special oil to lubricate the chain mechanism of an electric chainsaw will ensure its trouble-free operation for a long time. This will allow you to work quickly, efficiently and with a high level of safety, which will ultimately lead to significant savings on repairs and maintenance of the entire tool.

Mineral or synthetic oil. which one is better to add to petrol?

Two-stroke oils can be mineral or synthetic. Just like a car, synthetic is always more expensive than mineral. its most important advantage is that it keeps the chainsaw cylinder free of carbon deposits. That’s what makes it last longer. So if you want your saw to last as long as possible, use synthetic oil.

But it’s worth noting that if you’ve already been using mineral for a long time (at least 100 engine hours), you can’t use synthetic. The reason is that synthetic oil, possessing cleaning properties, will wash off the soot layer from the cylinder walls, and its pieces, having fallen off, may cause damage. So if you’ve been using mineral oil for a while, that’s what you should use.

Chain lubrication oil

In other cases, it is possible to change your chain oil to anything but waste oil. However, there is one more nuance Users often have a question.”Why is the consumption of chain oil more than that of fuel mixture?? Because the consumption of the two is linked to each other?”It is worth bearing in mind that chainsaw manufacturers calculate the oil consumption for chain lubrication by pouring their proprietary. And the consumption of any other oil may be higher or lower.

Many chainsaws, starting with semi-professional chainsaws, have the ability to adjust the flow of oil for chain lubrication. This is done by adjusting the capacity of the oil pump.

If there is no such adjustment, the settings come originally from the factory. How to check if your chainsaw is using the right amount of chain oil? Start the chain saw, throttle up and bring it to a board, log or other horizontal surface. Chain lubrication oil particles should fly off the running chain and leave a thin, even trail of oil.

“As a chain saw owner with many years of use and experience, I recommend to everyone. don’t skimp on the chain oil! Never use used oil, such lubricants are of no use. The higher the quality of all fuels and lubricants, the longer your chainsaw will last, especially if it’s not cheap”.