What crosscut saw for your home?

Many people working in various industries buy crosscut saws to work with wood, aluminum and plastic. Usually the tool is not exposed to strong stress, the help of a saw is resorted to only occasionally. But it often requires high precision and a clean cut. Technical specifications can vary greatly, but our rating includes models for all kinds of work.


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The DeWALT DW714 sliding compound mitre saw has many positive qualities. And they’re great with an affordable price. The model is the deserved winner in our ranking. Experts were pleasantly surprised by the powerful motor (1650 W) brush type. It makes the tool exceptionally productive. Wide precision bed allows precise facing of workpieces. To quickly set the desired cutting angle, the manufacturer installed a cam-operated rotary lock mechanism.

The D-handle makes crosscutting saw work comfortable and fatigue-free. Some users miss the laser and depth of cut adjustment. But a useful addition to the saw will be a stop for processing long workpieces.

The Makita LS1040F

A high level of safety is the hallmark of the Makita LS1040F mitre saw. The manufacturer took care of the protection of the operator with double insulation. That’s why it is possible to use the device even without grounding. The mitre saw has a powerful 1650 Watt motor with a high rotation speed of 4600 rpm. The machine can saw such materials as wood, wood-fiber panels, aluminum profile or plastic.

The experts like the effective backlight and the electronic motor protection as additional functions. The package includes a saw blade, dust bag and screw clip. Due to its low weight (11.6 kg) the model becomes a mobile tool, it ranks second in the rating.

Bosch PCM 8 S

The Bosch PCM 8 S truncation saw with a broaching device is in the top three. The model is characterized by its low weight (11.4 kg) and compact dimensions. The tool is not equipped with the most powerful (1.2 kW), but powerful (4800 rpm) motor. High performance in combination with a 216 mm saw blade. Large workpieces can be cut precisely and accurately with the flexible side extensions.

The laser beam becomes a good assistant in the work, depending on the desire of the operator it can be included on the left or right. The crosscut saw comes with a work clamp, a dust bag, 4 extensions, a sharp-toothed blade, and a clear instruction manual.

Hammer STL 1800/255 P

Good user reviews helped the Hammer STL STL 1800/255 P coping saw to get into the ranking. High motor power (1.8 kW) and high saw blade rotation speed (5,000 rpm) are special features. The tool is capable of cutting not only wood but also metal products. Thanks to the two support extensions, it is comfortable to handle long bars and boards. Experts note the impact-resistant housing, which is not affected by small mechanical impacts.

Users are satisfied not only with the performance of the model, but also with the quality of assembly, perfect burr-free kerf, convenient clamping mechanism. Together with the saw the buyer will receive a blade with a diameter of 255 mm, a dust bag, a screw clamp and 2 extensions.


Crosscut saw ELITECH, designed to work with wood, has a number of technical advantages. For high precision, this model is equipped with a laser pointer, which is powered directly from the mains. If necessary, you can install additional cast supports for greater stability and extension of the work table surface.

An important function of this tool is the presence of the broach, which allows you to cut wide workpieces. The maximum possible sawing depth is 75 mm, and the cut can be made at different angles up to 45° in direction and magnitude. In the reviews of the owners positively noted the presence of a smooth start, a regulator of sawing, the accuracy of the marking of the working table. Rarely, but there are complaints about the quality of assembly, so users who have chosen this model for the home, recommend checking the products more carefully when buying, because to abandon the proposed characteristics and cost is simply not reasonable.

Selection criteria

The appropriateness of purchasing a combined model depends on the complexity and amount of work that will be performed. The purchase of such a product should be technically and financially justified, otherwise it is likely that the expensive high-tech device will stand idle after the repair or construction of the sauna in the apartment. It is possible to refuse from purchase of the device in that case if high accuracy of cutting is not so important. For rough work, an ordinary circular saw, which is much cheaper than the combination options, is quite suitable.

If the decision to buy a combination model is still made, you should pay attention to such technical characteristics of the tool as the engine power and the rotational speed of the working shaft. These two important indicators have a direct impact on the performance of the saw and the speed of work.

The weight of the future model must also be taken into account. Usually electric tools in this category weigh from 15 to 28 kg, that is why it is better to buy a lighter version if you plan to regularly move the model in the workshop or surrounding area. If you choose a saw for professional work, you should pay attention to the availability of additional options. Of course, they do not have a significant impact on the work of the tool, but to simplify the use and improve safety, of course, can. Features include laser tape measure, backlighting, variable speed control and soft start button.

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Where to use

Trimmer saws are used in joinery, furniture making, baseboard cutting, siding, laminate, flooring. In addition to wood, wood-based composites or plastic materials, even thin metals can be cut, provided that the power of the tool is matched to the task at hand.

Among the variety of mitre saws, there are models designed for vertical part processing, others can perform cutting at an angle to the horizontal. Combination equipment with slitting function is also available, which allows the tool to be widely used on construction sites, in carpentry or furniture workshops, and in home workshops.

Manufacturers produce crosscut saws for home with different technical capabilities, a set of additional functions and, accordingly, different price levels.

When choosing a tool, first of all the purpose is taken into account:

  • Household models are easy to use, low maintenance, affordable. They are used for hobby applications.
  • Professional saws have much more functionality and higher cost, which, however, is quickly recouped by high-quality, high-speed processing parts.

Main features to consider when choosing a saw:

  • power. from 800 to 2500 watts;
  • disc diameter. 190-355 mm depending on the power, the higher it is, the larger the disc size can be;
  • rotation speed. 3500-6000 rpm;
  • Cutting dimensions. the optimal depth of cut is not less than 50 mm, width 80-180 mm;
  • broachable. horizontal movement possible, secured by special guides to increase kerf width up to 310 mm.

Additional useful features make it easier to work with the trimmer and extend its service life:

  • Soft start avoids overloading the motor;
  • automatic shutoff eliminates a jamming emergency;
  • laser marking helps to visually determine the line of the cut;
  • local illumination increases the level of light in the working area.

Cutting at any angle: the rating of crosscut saws with broach 2020

Trimmer saws with a broach are indispensable in the carpentry workshop and on construction site for cutting wood and composite materials. What to choose a crosscut saw with broach saw? We selected 5 best models from the most inexpensive with a basic set of features, but good quality, to the professional machines of premium class and collected them in one rating of crosscut saws with broach.

Trimmer saws with a broachable cut allows you to make a perfect line of sight for structures that will later be mated. For example, it’s easy to line skirting boards, baguettes, or moldings so that there are virtually no gaps between the pieces. The word “broach” means that the saw does not simply lower onto the workpiece, but can “drive” over it. This allows the use of wider workpieces and produces a very precise cut that is difficult to achieve with a manual circular saw.

We have selected 5 best models that are suitable for both home use in the garage and for professional applications in the woodworking shop. We have compiled all the models into one rating of walk-through crosscut saws.

A mitre saw, or end saw, is a construction tool that allows you to make a cross-cut of workpieces at a specific angle. There are several things to consider when choosing a unit.

Engine type

Crosscut saws come equipped with 3 types of motors:

If possible, the last two variants are recommended, because of their high power reserve they are suitable for any job.


This element is responsible for the connection between the blade and the mitre saw motor. Gearbox can be:

Which variant to choose depends on the user’s goals and abilities. You have to take into account that you have to change belts in the machine more often, but it is cheaper. Gears will wear more slowly, but when they do fail, it will cost a lot of money to repair or replace the entire gearbox.

The efficiency of a sabre saw depends on the quality and thickness of the cutting disc.

Circular saw blades

Great attention is usually paid to the choice of circular saw blades because they determine the functionality of the package crosscut saw. They differ from each other:


On average the motor capacity of a crosscut saw can be about 2.5 kW. If you seldom use the machine, a medium power model up to 1.5 kW with compact equipment is the right choice. For serious jobs, it is better to buy units with maximum motor capacity.


When choosing a sliding compound mitre saw one must pay attention to the speed of the unit, because it determines the quality of the cut. In general, the rate varies from 3200 to 6000 rpm, some models provide for adjustment of frequency.

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Trimming saws with a high or medium cost support a lot of additional features. Among the main ones can be listed:

For the tool itself is responsible for a soft start, it protects the motor from overheating and increases its durability.

What crosscut saw to choose for installing doors

Very often end trimmers are used for installation of doors for accurate cutting of trims and other elements. Choose models that support several positions of the cutting angle. 45, 90, 30 °. Laser pointer will be helpful to increase accuracy.

How to choose a crosscut saw?

Modern models are equipped with sufficiently powerful motors and heavy-duty saw blades that allow them to cope not only with wood, but also with such materials as plastic, metal profiles and pipes, various kinds of composite materials. It is worth mentioning that the trimming saw can perform the cut not only in straight line, but also at an arbitrary angle. You can also find units on sale where the angle of inclination changes both in the horizontal and vertical plane. Even grooving is possible with this tool.

The main working elements of the product are an electric motor, a saw blade, made of high quality steel with increased strength. They are connected to each other by a gear unit with a trigger. The whole unit is fixed on the base frame, where the workpiece is placed. The base frame is equipped with a turntable to regulate the cutting angle as well as a stop. The most expensive devices have this element made of light-weight aluminum and magnesium alloys, which allows reducing significantly the weight of the tool without losing the reliability indicators.

The functional unit is connected to the base plate by a swivel arm and a spring-loaded pivot. Expensive models of crosscut saws are equipped with an asynchronous motor, which has a high level of reliability, does not work very loudly and consumes power economically, but they are rather heavy and do not have too high power. Collector motors in the area of the ratio of dimensions and power are more attractive. they can deliver up to 5-10 thousand revolutions per minute. However, such motors are rather noisy and require regular maintenance.

Gearbox transmits engine torque. In such devices it comes in either gear or belt drive. The first type may seem more reliable, but if they fail, the entire gearbox unit will have to be completely replaced. This is the reason why manufacturers often give preference to belt drives. It uses a special belt. He can sometimes break or tear, but to replace it with a new or return it to their place is not so difficult, so you can cope with this at home and. In addition, the belt dampens radial and axial vibrations and thus significantly prolongs the life of the motor bearings.

In selecting the units for inclusion in our rating, we took into account mainly the factors listed above, but also the price-performance ratio and the user reviews. We have tried to give you an overview of not very expensive products so that you can find the best crosscut saw for you at an affordable price.

Metabo KGS 216 M

Features: tool diameter. 216, power. 1500, speed. 5000 rpm, cutting depth at right angle. 65, at 45 °. 36 mm. Cutting depth adjustment. The saw has a saw head tilted 47° to the left and 2° to the right. Table adjustable 47° to both sides. The table is equipped with reamers for long workpieces, and there is a special clamp to hold them securely in place. Equipped with a laser guide and powerful LED lights for accurate sawing. Clamps on the work table hold the board securely. Spindle lock allows you to safely change the consumable, there is no need to remove the protective cover. Body made of aluminum alloy for durability. In general, it is not a bad option from the middle price segment with the necessary set of features. Soft start and speed limiter would have been a nice addition, but they are not offered by the manufacturer.

Hammer STL1800/250C

electric saw with 250 mm cutting element and power of 1800. To maintain cleanliness in the workplace you can connect an industrial vacuum cleaner, it is much more efficient than the usual bag to collect chips. table can be swivelled 45° in both directions for mitre cuts. Base and table made of aluminum. There are special clamps and reamers for fixation.

The main feature is the multipurpose design, which makes it possible to use the machine as a circular saw and a mitre saw. This makes it indispensable for a small joinery workshop.

Graphite 59G806

The unit is equipped with a pulling mechanism, making it indispensable for sawing long wood pieces. Main saw handle is anti-slip coated for a firm grip. Integrated laser pointer is indispensable for precise sawing. Dust bag included. Quick-directional angle adjustment mechanism saves time. Base is made of aluminum, making it lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Spindle lock for easy and safe change of cutting element. Main features: power 1800, blade diameter 210, kerf depth 65 (90°) and 35 (45°).

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This unit is ideal for sawing large-sized workpieces due to the broaching mechanism. However, there is a slight disadvantage: due to the lack of a soft start, a loud noise is heard when starting.


High-powered tool (2000 W) with a cutting diameter of 305. Cutting depth under 90°. 90, under 45°. 55 mm. Cutting angle can be adjusted horizontally by 45° in both directions. The table expander allows for cutting large size workpieces. Laser for precision. For extra stability can be mounted on a workbench. Soft-start function as the model is equipped with a powerful motor.


Unit designed for sawing large wood pieces. Equipped with a 1500W motor and quick braking system to ensure good productivity while maintaining a high level of safety. Laser cutting line marker for precision work. The swivel angles cannot be shifted while working, a special locking mechanism is responsible for this. For particularly wide cuts, there is a horizontal swivel function. Workpiece is securely clamped with clamps and U-shaped stops. The base of the saw has holes for attaching to a workbench.

How to choose?

Today’s construction market is represented by a huge assortment of crosscut saws, which differ not only in design, but also in technical indicators. That’s why choosing the right model is difficult. Specialists recommend that before buying a tool to study its capabilities, as well as determine the amount of work planned. If the equipment is to be used only for domestic purposes or rarely, the simplest modification, complete with the usual kind of functions, will do. For frequent and good cuts in different materials a professional saw is the right choice, a universal saw with a wide range of features.

In addition, when choosing such a device, it is important to pay attention to several important parameters.

  • Safety. It is better to give preference to a tool that has a locking option against accidental start-up and a protective hood. These products are much more expensive, but they completely exclude injury when sawing.
  • Dimensions and weight. The saw must be ergonomic and mobile. This ensures comfortable operation. Small and lightweight saws are well suited for cutting workpieces at height. Despite their size, they have a high performance and are not inferior to large face saws. Professional versions are always oversized because they have more power.
  • Cutting depth and width. For high-quality processing of workpieces choose devices with a blade diameter of at least 20 cm. At the same time, the larger it is, the more convenient it will be to work with the equipment.
  • Material of the frame and working unit. This determines the duration of the saw’s operation. The purchase of devices, the main parts of which are made of durable metal, is considered the right solution.
  • RPM and power. Powerful saws are suitable for fast work, because they have a higher number of blade revolutions. In simple versions, the power is equal to 1.6 kW, it is enough to perform various works. Professional saws have a capacity of more than 1.8 kW, but they require a good electrical wiring.
  • Approximately how long will it last. Household tools have shorter tool life than professional saws.
  • Manufacturer. Even though different brands of equipment may have similar technical specifications, they differ significantly. This is due to the fact that manufacturers use different materials and assembly technologies in the manufacture of the tool.
  • Cost. Budget-priced products are usually designed for soft wood. the more expensive models have universal discs that can be used for cutting hardwood, metal and plastic. Therefore, it is recommended to buy inexpensive saws as training equipment and for simple work in the installation of fences or house construction.

It is also important to choose the right saw blades. These items may vary in bore, overall cross section, and tooth shape. The internal cross-section and seat is usually equal to 3 cm, but the index of the external cross-section can vary from 21 to 30 mm. In addition, the discs are selected in accordance with the power of the motor. Larger discs are not recommended for powerful models, as they can make a messy cut during cutting.

The Difference Between A Crosscut And Rip Saw

The larger the size of the outer crosscut, the more teeth on it, which reduces the load on them. Such cross tines last longer. Blades with few teeth are usually used for longitudinal cuts. Selecting discs on the saw, you need to pay attention to their markings, which are spelled out on the surface. It indicates the direction of rotation of the cutting element, the maximum rotation speed, and compatibility with this or that model of device.

For work with plastic, buy discs with trapezoidal teeth. If you plan to cut hardwood, the discs, which have arbalet or tungsten carbide tips on the teeth, will be suitable.