What disk to saw wood with an angle grinder. Safety rules when working with an angle grinder on wood

Angle grinder attachments for woodworking

Angle grinder, being a universal tool for the home craftsman or professional, is used in carrying out a variety of operations on cutting materials, grinding, scraping various surfaces, etc.д. Sooner or later every owner of this tool asks the question: whether it is possible to work on wood with an angle grinder, and what attachments are needed for this?

Angle grinder. a very wide range of tools of the same class, called angle grinder (angle grinder). The device can have a huge power and work with a disc of 230 or more millimeters. Or differ in compact size and modest abrasives in 115 mm.

The disadvantages of large and heavy tools are obvious: it is difficult to use them for a long time. In addition, you need serious skills and experience to process wood accurately. It is elementary difficult for a beginner to control a massive and powerful angle grinder. However, if a large area of processing or the need to remove a significant amount of material, such an angle grinder is very good.

The small angle grinder also has disadvantages. The ratio of the diameter of its disc to the size of the body does not allow you to process hard-to-reach places. In addition, it is difficult to select a large volume of material with such a tool because of low power and overheating.

Many craftsmen to work with wood prefer an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm. This is explained quite simply:

  • in this class are angular grinders in a wide range of operating powers;
  • it is easy to choose a tool with comfortable dimensions and weight;
  • There are many nozzles and accessories available on the market that are designed for a standard 125 mm blade bore.

In addition, the average power angle grinder provides relative safety for beginners. It will not make you quickly get tired, allows more accurate control of his movements, reduces the likelihood of marriage on valuable parts.

Sawing plywood with an angle grinder

To cut plywood angle grinder often use wood discs. Because of the large accumulation of dust, you need to work in a well-ventilated room, so as not to breathe the burning smells. It is better to saw along a pre-marked line, pay attention before the end of the process, so the wheel does not jam the sawed off part of the sheet.

Cutting OSB with an angle grinder is safer and better with the right disc. The ideal disc would be the so-called three-toothed wood saw blade, which is designed to work at high RPM. It will be a plus if the angle grinder has a speed regulator.

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Hello! The article is definitely useful. As I had to use a disc for cutting wood with an angle grinder. While the disk was new, the wood was cutting well, but then when cutting deeper, the wood smoked. The external checkup showed that there is no tooth separation, which causes wood fuming and disc clamping. How to use the disk, I have to think. Thank you for your article! Regards Vasily.

Discs designed for different types of use differ in their construction and the materials used in their manufacture. Because of that, the general characteristics of different kinds of such products are different, so that they need to be considered separately.

Circular disc for angle grinder wood, 125 mm

Cutting models

There are several types of products in this category:

  • Circular. considered “dangerous” saw blades;
  • Chainsaws. made with chainsaws intended for chain saws;
  • with small number of teeth. are the safest in comparison with their circular counterparts
  • tungsten carbide is the safest type of this tooling.

The chain drive can be used for both sawing and deburring

For your information! Circular discs come in two versions: a “dangerous” and a “less dangerous” version. The “less hazardous” models feature an anti-jamming guard provided by the teeth separation.

Chainsaw modifications are less dangerous to use, t.к. their design includes a non-fixed seating of the saw chain on the blade surface.

220 Volt Tool Selection Specialist

“If the saw chain jams during use, the disc mounted on the angle grinder continues to rotate and the tool is not torn out of your hands, giving you an emergency stop”.

The disc with a small number of teeth cuts wood well, both along and across the grain

Discs with a low number of teeth come in two varieties:

  • with 3 teeth. used with small “lathes” up to 150 mm in diameter;
  • Discs with 4 teeth. used on large sized angle grinders with 230 mm diameter.

The distinguishing feature of the tungsten carbide models is the absence of teeth on the cutting surface of the product. Cutting element are segments arranged on the circumference of the disc.

Important! The tungsten carbide models are able to saw through various metal products (nails, self-tapping screws, etc) without damaging the cutting edges.д.), which can end up in the workpiece without damaging the cutting elements and their integrity.

Appearance of a tungsten carbide blade mounted on an angle grinder

disk, wood, angle, grinder, safety, rules

discs for roughing work

For debarking wood, manufacturers offer several different types of nozzles, depending on their design and the materials used in their manufacture.

Sanding disc with crumb topping

By design, such nozzles can be made in the form of:

  • a disk with spikes or crumbs on its surface;
  • a cup with twisted wire cutting elements inserted around its circumference;
  • disc with wire coils mounted on its surface.

Technical director of the repair and construction

“Deburring nozzles are used to remove paint and other coatings applied to a wooden surface, as well as for roughing out a leveled wooden surface.”.

disk, wood, angle, grinder, safety, rules

Nozzles for “angle grinder“, which have elements of twisted wire in their design

Models for sanding and polishing

For grinding and polishing, there are special bits for wood and other materials (metal, plastic, glass, etc.).д.).

Set of polishing accessories for angle grinder (125mm) Zubr model “3591-125-H7

Cool idea from a angle grinder! I wish I’d known about it before!

There are two types of nozzles used for this purpose:

  • the basis of the design is a metal base, which is mounted on the shaft of the angle grinder, and discs made of sandpaper of different grit or polishing materials (felt, fabric, etc.).д.), which, in turn, are attached to the base with the help of “Velcro”;
  • petal abrasive wheel.

Petal sanding discs are available in different grit sizes, which allows you to pick up the right one for a particular type of processing

Wood cutting disc for angle grinder: features

For the manufacture of such products uses a special material. tungsten carbide. This is because: when working with an angle grinder, there is a risk that it could come out of your hands, so the wheel material must have high strength characteristics. The use of tungsten carbide can significantly increase the safety of work, but the cost of such products is quite high.

Cutting discs for angle grinders are of a wide variety of types

discs of this type may have different arrangement of teeth. Variety of types of products on this feature allows you to pick up the most suitable for a particular situation. The shape and frequency of the teeth are also very important. The most common size for working with wood is 125 mm. In case you have decided to choose the most universal variant of cut-off wood saw blade for 125 mm angle grinder, then it is recommended to buy a product with beveled teeth.

Useful information! Circles that have straight teeth are best suited for working with soft species of trees. Boards of coniferous species are also processed with such nozzles.

These products may have teeth, which in their shape resemble a trapezoid. They are characterized by a wider operational scope and are used for cutting boards of medium density. The following materials can be cut with such a wheel:

The most universal size of the cut-off saw blade is 125 mm

Wood saw blades for angle grinder of this type have some design features, which are caused by their purpose. For example, during work, products are easily overheated, so they have special slots, which can be empty or filled with copper. Such a measure makes it possible to compensate for the thermal expansion of metal that occurs at high revolutions. The width of such slots may vary, but not more than 2 mm. As for their depth, it does not exceed 20 mm.

To recap!

Under the processing of wood means also its cutting (sawing). Sometimes when making piece parts, you have to deal with their fitting in the place of installation even before you begin to grind the sample. Some “craftsmen” (and there are many of them among friends and on the Internet) advise to use circular saw discs for such operations. Categorically forbidden! Here are just the main reasons why this should not be done.

  • “The angle grinder is a high-speed machine. And although the metal from which cutting discs are made is strong, it does not last long in this mode. precisely, the cutting edges (teeth), which are fixed by the soldering method. They fall off and fly away at high speed during intensive work. The consequences are not difficult to predict.
  • Not all discs in size (primarily the outer diameter) are suitable for installation on the angle grinder. So, the blade guard would have to be removed. The same thing. you can forget about the safety of the employee.
  • The structure of the wood (even hardwood) is rather loose. Consequently, there is a high probability that the saw blade may jam due to constant vibration. No one can predict how the angle grinder will behave in such a situation, given its power and speed. But the fact that it is quite easy to tear out of hand. unequivocally.
  • Constant changes in mode (for the same reason. the viscosity of the lumber) lead to systematic overheating of the motor angle grinder. With such a use “angle grinder” will not serve long.

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That is why wood processing with it is only superficial. rough stripping, sanding, brushing. And for cutting should use the sawing tools and mechanisms (hacksaw, circular saw, jigsaw and so on).

The attachment to the angle grinder to grind wood, is an expendable, a device used in the processing of lumber.

In turn, the angle grinder (angle grinder). it is an electric hand tool, which can be equipped with different types of nozzles, which determine the nature of the material to be processed (grinding, sawing, polishing, etc.).д.).

Features of wood disk usage

Unlike circular saw blades, the wood saw blade for the angle grinder is more docile and easy to use. And the chance of it jamming while cutting wood is minimal. If you use circular saw blades, the chances of injury are very high.

When cutting wood or wooden workpieces with an angle grinder saw blade, you should always use the simplest safety equipment: gloves and a mask (or goggles).

Also in some situations it makes sense to reduce the speed, if the model used angle grinder allows you to do so. For a detailed review of which power sander disc is best for cutting wood, please see the video on our website.

Can I cut wood with an angle grinder with a metal nozzle??

Most of these discs have a fine tooth, mandatorily augmented with pobedite or diamond chips. It allows to work both with metal and natural stone. It is dangerous to use such nozzles for wood, but there are models of discs whose design is close to optimal for soft material cutters. So, to saw with an angle grinder wood with a disk on metal is possible in cases where two conditions are met:

  • The wheel has a sparse to medium tooth (a coarse tooth increases the risk of wedging).
  • Segments or other inlays on the head surface are made of tungsten or carbide.

This design will minimize unwanted effects in the course of work, but according to safety rules and it is not enough for the use of angle grinder in such operations.

Grinding: accessories and process

Grinding plates are discs that are produced by layering several different covers. To improve the abrasion characteristics of the treated surface, the initial layer is made of rubber, sometimes replacing it with hard plastic. The layer of the second level of the nozzle, allows the adherence of the working part of the plane to the ground surface, it is made of foam rubber. The main, working layer is a sheet of sandpaper.

The use of sanding plates allows to work with high quality on already painted surfaces. Rough polishing of untreated surfaces is also possible.

Disks petal type, suitable for the same purpose, only in the rough sanding is faster. This type of disc is the sandpaper blades attached to the working surface of the disc.

For paint stripping, it is better to use special equipment with stripping functions. The steel cup, with fixed steel fibers of rigid wire, is excellent for abrasion, additionally sanding the wood.

Large-diameter saws are ideal for cutting large boards, panels and beams. Recommended for use with professional, high-powered tools with reliable oil protection.

Makita Standart B-29234 260×30 mm

High-quality accessories for angle grinder Makita Standart B-29234 provides a clean and precise cut when cutting hard and soft wood, as well as its derivatives.

The model is equipped with 40 hardened steel teeth, the seating size of the disc is 3 cm, the outer diameter is 26 cm.

This saw blade is recommended for use with professional angle grinders.

The device allows you to work at speeds up to 5870 rpm.

The accessory comes in a quality and ergonomic package.


How to use Your Angle Grinder on Wood

  • outside diameter. 26 cm
  • seating size. 30 mm;
  • Number of teeth. 40;
  • speed. 5870 rpm;
  • disc type. carbide;
  • material used for wood.

Makita Standart B-29290 305x30mm

The Makita Standart B-29290 model, made of carbide materials, will produce a precise and clean cut when working with boards, planks, skirting boards and other elements in finishing and construction.

The accessory is characterized by long service life, a special ATB tooth shape, a hardened blade with 80 teeth.

disc with own thickness of 1.8 mm enables cutting of up to 2.3 mm.

Recommended for use with corded and cordless angle grinders with 3 cm bore.

Technical specifications:

  • outside diameter. 30,5 cm;
  • seating size. 30 mm;
  • number of teeth. 80;
  • speed. 5000 rpm;
  • disk type. carbide;
  • material. wood.

Zubr Expert 36907-305-30-100 305×30 mm

Zubr Expert 36907-305-30-100 saw blade with trapezoidal teeth and negative angle is suitable for performing precise longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood, aluminum, laminate and plastic.

Teeth of this model are reinforced by carbide-tungsten carbide plates (BK8), grinded automatically by three-sided grinding of each element for a perfect geometry.

With its own 2 mm thickness, the accessory enables a cutting width of 2.8 mm.

The model has a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm.

technical characteristics:

  • 30.5 cm outside diameter;
  • seating size. 30 mm;
  • number of teeth. 100;
  • Speed 5000 rpm;
  • carbide blade type;
  • material. wood, plastic, metal.
  • Works with a wide variety of materials;
  • Gives a clean and smooth cut;
  • perfect workmanship;
  • high productivity.
  • The advantage;

DeWALT Extreme DT4260-QZ 305×30 mm

DeWALT Extreme DT4260-QZ high quality carbide saw blade ensures a clean cut when working with plywood, veneer, softwood, and hardwood.

This tool is also suitable for cutting soft non-ferrous metals.

Can be used with corded and cordless angle grinders with 3 cm bore.

With 1.8 mm thickness, the element achieves a 2.6 mm cut.

The tool features improved balancing to prevent warping, vibration and provide improved cutting precision.


  • outside diameter. 30,5 cm;
  • Face size 30 mm;
  • Number of teeth. 60;
  • Speed. 5800 rpm;
  • type of disk. carbide;
  • material. wood.

CMT 294.060.11M 260×30 mm

Circular saw blade CMT 294.060.The 11M, suitable for use with an angle grinder, is the ideal solution for cutting soft and hard wood, plywood, veneer, various panel materials.

Guarantees clean and precise cuts in longitudinal and cross cuts.

The accessory is compatible with cordless and cordless angle grinders with a 3 cm hole.

Thickness of the disc is 1,8 mm, width of cut is 2,5 mm.

Model has a maximum speed of 7300 rpm, weighs 1900 g, and features slots to reduce vibration and noise.

Technical characteristics:

disk, wood, angle, grinder, safety, rules
  • outside diameter is 26 cm;
  • seating size. 30 mm;
  • Number of teeth. 60;
  • speed. 7300 rpm;
  • Disk type. carbide;
  • Processing material. wood, board.