What Does A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Mean

Makita ELM331

What Does A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Mean

The mowing area recommended by the manufacturer is no more than 400 square meters. Such a measure will extend the life of the lawn mower by several years and avoid unplanned expenses for the purchase of new equipment.

Makita ELM3711

The third line in the rating of electric lawn mowers is occupied by the Makita ELM3711 model, the cost of which is the most attractive for a potential buyer. Otherwise, it is characterized by rather average characteristics, which, nevertheless, are enough for comfortable and effective work.

The mowing strip is 37 centimeters wide. The lifting height of the blades and, accordingly, the bevel, is set manually using a special three-level lever. The cut grass falls into the soft 35-liter grass catcher or is thrown back. The manufacturers of this model do not recommend treating lawns with an area of ​​more than 500 square meters at a time, as this has a negative effect on engine resources and can lead to a reduction in service life. The total weight of the electric lawn mower is 14 kilograms.

Husqvarna LC 347VLi

Self-propelled rear-wheel drive lawnmower from among the novelties of the season, which caused a lot of excitement around its appearance. The new model brought modernization both in terms of appearance and operational conditions. Self-propelled mode has a smooth speed control (in the range of 3-4.5 kilometers per hour), hitherto set only in premium models. The mowing width is 47 centimeters, and the blade overhang can vary from 20 to 74 millimeters. The lawnmower is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery. There are no wires at all. It is possible to install a mulching nozzle, which (if necessary) will have to be purchased separately.

The disadvantages of the Husqvarna LC 347VLi include a high noise level (about 94 dB) and not the most ideal dimensions. If men can manage 26 kilograms of lawnmower weight, women are unlikely to be able to cope with it.

The best wheeled electric lawn mowers: price quality

Often, the ratio of price and quality becomes a determining factor in the choice of equipment. The same is true for lawn mowers. A high price is not always a guarantor of quality, just as quality does not always correspond to the stated price. Interestingly, more expensive electric lawnmowers are often equipped with a central cutting height adjuster. This height can be changed manually, using a lever, without stopping the electric motor, that is, inseparably from the work process.

Huter ELM-1100

Small and inexpensive fighter with an overgrown lawn, impressed consumers with quiet work, agility and productivity. The body parts of the wire mower are made of plastic, which significantly reduced the weight of the unit, but at the same time negatively affected the reliability. Fortunately, the Huter ELM-1100 was equipped with a 1,100 watt engine, which resulted in increased performance coupled with a high degree of mobility. The cutting width of the blades was 34 centimeters, and the adjustment height was limited to three modes within 28-60 millimeters.

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For collecting grass, the Huter ELM-1100 has a 28-liter rigid collector, but if you wish, you can adjust the grass discharge backwards. Based on the results of the review, we can say that the model managed to bypass serious individual flaws, inheriting only an inconvenient power cord from the mains.


How to choose a self-propelled gasoline mower. Gasoline Lawn Mower Specifications

Self-propelled gasoline models are currently quite popular due to their special advantages:
the ability to process large areas, the calculation for a fairly long time of work;
the highest power in comparison with analogues. Manufacturers offer equipment with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. In the first case, the power of the device will be much higher, but in the second version, the fuel consumption is about 30% lower;
the level of noise from operating equipment is significantly reduced, environmental friendliness is increased, and the service life is increased;
pay attention to the way the motor is positioned: if the motor is at the rear, the mower will be more agile.

Choosing a lawn mower model: what you should pay attention to

The self-propelledness of the mower is certainly an advantage, because the operator only has to set the direction of the equipment, practically without using force. Check if the model has a gearbox, it will help you control the driving speed.

All self-propelled gasoline mowers are usually divided into rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. If the surface on your site is flat, without visible changes in the relief, the first option is perfect for you. Front wheel drive mowers are designed for terrain with an increased amount of interference and various unevenness.

If your area is large enough and the processing area is large, you should pay attention to the volume of the fuel tank. Then you can finish the planned work at one time, without additional refueling.

The working time on the site also depends on how wide the mowing width of the lawn mower is. However, the wider width will prevent you from cultivating the grass in certain areas, such as between flower beds or on small paths. Therefore, the wide model will be relevant where there is a continuous lawn on the site.

Choose models with soft grip covers. Thus, you will significantly reduce the effect of vibrations on your hands, which means that you practically will not feel fatigue.

An additional important function is the garden vacuum cleaner, which creates a powerful air flow by lifting and transporting cut grass, leaves and small branches into the collector.

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Safety is an important part of working with a mower. Modern models are equipped with an immediate shutdown function if the operator releases the throttle. The engine must be stopped immediately to avoid injury.

Pay particular attention to how the mower disposes of the cut grass:
the easiest way to throw waste back or sideways. You will have to harvest everything cut manually.
The second option is the presence of a grass catcher on the equipment, it is removed and washed as it fills.
The third option for using mulching, in this case the equipment itself makes dust from the mown grass, introducing it into the soil in the direction of travel.

Electric trimmers

The electric trimmer is operated from a household electrical outlet. To his merits can be attributed:

  • Light weight,
  • Environmental friendliness (no exhaust gases and noise).

Disadvantages of an electric trimmer:

  • Tethering to the network (outlet),
  • Presence of stable voltage,
  • The everlasting cable on the lawn,
  • Low power.

And the cable itself has a limited length: you can’t mow far from home.

Electric trimmer

Battery trimmer the same as an electric one, but the motor does not work from the outlet, so you can mow at any distance from the house. This is his basic convenience. However, the mowing area is determined by the capacity of the battery.


Hand lawn mowers (trimmers) fit for regular lawn mowing in a small area even with an uneven surface, because they can mow at any angle. The trimmer is a bar-holder, at the lower end of which there is a cutting device with a line. And in case of high power, also with a circular cutter. The mower hangs on a belt on the operator’s shoulder, literally making it easier for him to work.


The trimmer can be equipped with electric or gasoline engine. Electric is located at the lower or upper end of the boom, and gasoline only at the upper.

The guard limits the cutting edge and protects the mower’s feet from injury. When working, the left hand holds the boom handle (adjusting, if necessary, the cutting height), and the right handle with the engine control button.


The main advantage of trimmers the ability to mow grass in uneven areas and close to bushes and trees. But it will not work to maintain the same cutting height.

What are lawn mowers?

By way of movement lawn mowers are divided into:

  • Manual (trimmers), which are held in hand when mowing,
  • Wheeled manual ones that need to be carried on the lawn,
  • Self-propelled.

By type of drive motor distinguish mechanical, gasoline and electrical lawn mowers.

Mechanical wheeled lawn mowers easy to operate, no electricity or gasoline is needed, but considerable muscular effort is required. They are environmentally friendly, quiet and allow you to adjust the cutting height of the grass. The cutting mechanism is a cylindrical knife driven by wheels. Such a tool is good for caring for a young lawn, since the low speed of rotation of the knife prevents pulling out grass with a fragile root system.

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Mechanical wheeled lawn mower

And we will consider gasoline and electric lawn mowers below.

What lawn mowers are there and how to choose the right one

Creating a beautiful lawn and keeping it in order is not an easy job. And to make it easier, you need a reliable lawn mower assistant. There are many good and different models on sale. And although they all have the same purpose, they differ from each other in a number of parameters. Let’s try to figure them out.

Lawn mower

Petrol trimmers

The petrol trimmer is designed for large areas. Therefore, it is especially in demand by summer residents, and owners of country estates, and employees of city utilities.. However, working with it requires some preparation.

Petrol trimmer

This type of lawn mower has an enviable mobility, increased power and practicality. It can be used for mowing not only lawn grass, but also weeds and bushes. And professional models are able to cut stems up to one and a half centimeters thick.

However, even with a small fuel tank volume, such a unit:

  • Weighs quite a lot,
  • Requires the preparation of a mixture of gasoline and oil,
  • Pollutes the environment with exhaust gases,
  • Makes noise.

But it can work in any weatherat.

The convenience of mowing grass with a trimmer is determined by several points, and one of them is the location of the engine.

Trimmers bottom engine on sale a lot. Most often they rechargeable, low power. They overheat quickly and therefore require frequent breaks in work. They have poor protection against moisture and mechanical stress. They cannot work in the morning dew and immediately after rain, otherwise a short circuit is possible.
Bottom trimmer

Trimmers top engine more practical, more correctly balanced and more powerful, require less effort for mowing, which means more comfortable operation. They have good cooling (they overheat less), and therefore more performance.

Top engine trimmer

Among the trim tabs with an upper engine, I would like to highlight knapsack. Their motors are attached to their backs (like a schoolbag), which significantly reduces the load on the arms and much less restricts movement.

Knapsack benzotrimmer

Nice trimmer option anti-vibration system. It reduces vibration stress on the shoulders and hands, protects the hands and back of the mower.

Powerful petrol trimmers to reduce the load on the hands equipped with an ergonomic handle, similar to a bicycle handlebar. On the right handle there are buttons for controlling the operation of the tool. When buying a trimmer, make sure that the handle and the location of the buttons on it are comfortable for you.