What electric pruning saw to choose. Specialist recommendations for tool selection

Rating of the top 12 best sabre saws 2021: review and characteristics of cordless and mains models

Sabre saw. review and rating of the best devices. Selection criteria, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of mains and battery models. Key features of electric sabre saws.

Sabre electric saw is a universal tool that allows you to cut wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

How to choose a saber saw, what to pay attention to when choosing and what model to give preference to, we consider in this review.

Rating of the best sabre saws. Top 12

Category Place Name Ranking
Best inexpensive chain saws for home and country houses 1 Bosch PSA 700 E 9.4 / 10
2 Einhell TE-AP 1050 E 9.0 / 10
3 STANLEY SPT900 8.6 / 10
Best professional corded sabre saws 1 Bosch GSA 1300 PCE 9.9 / 10
2 Metabo SSEP 1400 MVT 9.8 / 10
3 Makita JR3070CT 9.6 / 10
4 Metabo SSE 1100 9.5 / 10
5 Zubr ZPS-1400 E 8.9 / 10
Best cordless sabre saws 1 Makita DJR187RTE 9.7 / 10
2 Makita DJR360Z 9.6 / 10
3 Makita DJR186RFE 9.5 / 10
4 Metabo ASE 18 LTX 5.2Ah x2 Case 9.4 / 10
5 Greenworks G24RS 0 9.2 / 10

Bosch PSA 700 E

Our top scroll saw rated Bosch PSA 700 E. Not the most powerful sabre saw, 710 W, but it is powerful enough to put the saw through its paces up to 2700 strokes per minute. Enough for a quick cut of wood up to 20 cm thick. Sawing at high RPM is not very smooth, but if you reduce the speed, it works better. At the same time the unit does not squeal and does not whistle. The high quality, reliability and reasonable price of the Bosch PSA 700 E make it probably the best sabre saw for countryside work.

Einhell TE-AP 1050 E

At the recommended price, which is purely symbolic, but still below the “psychological threshold” of 10 thousand, this saw is able to attract attention not only by the bright colors. after all, it “in asset” and a powerful motor (1.5 kW), and the availability of pendulum stroke in the gearbox, enabled by the side lever. over, the saw head is pivotable, so the user can always work with a comfortable grip, regardless of the direction in which the saw blade needs to be guided.

Stroke length of blade. 29 mm, max. frequency 2700 strokes per minute. Changing of saws is keyless, adjustment of the stop is also done without tools. With a weight of 3.75 kg the saw may seem a bit heavy, but for such power (and, accordingly, the size of the motor) this is quite reasonable weight.

Nevertheless, despite all “pluses” of design, this saw is strictly domestic and not professional. The thing is that motor cooling is not effective enough for long-term hard work. the motor can overheat, that is why you should consider buying it first of all for occasional, but not constant use.

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Our review of the best STANLEY SPT900 reciprocating saws continues. This budget saber saw, made in the characteristic black and yellow coloring (the funny thing is that the “more expensive” brand DeWALT, with which such design is associated in the first place, belongs to the “budget” company Stanley Black Decker, Inc.), it weighs moderately (3.2 kg) and sits well in the hands due to the “clingy” rubber coating. But close acquaintance gives away its “budgetness” at once. Motor here is not the most powerful (900 W), pendulum stroke is absent, and gearbox durability is typical “household” one, far from the norms adopted for professional tools. This is directly hinted at in the manual, which sets the service life of 5 years, and a warranty of 2 years.

Adjustment of the stamped sole protrusion. not keyless, to change the setting you will have to arm yourself with an Allen key. It is not very convenient if you have to change often, but we won’t call it a disadvantage after all, remembering, how often in “keyless” saws, even more expensive ones, the platform adjustment “creeps” under pressure by itself. Here, at least, it is possible to tighten properly. But the vibration level at full speed is definitely too high here. the low price is ensured, alas, also by big tolerances for mechanics balancing.

Normal domestic model for single works. it has enough power reserve for that, so there is no sense to buy something more expensive if you don’t saw constantly.

Top 10 models: pros and cons

Manufacturers offer models, which can be compared primarily by the depth of cutting wood and metal, as well as by battery power. and above.

Bosch GSA 12V-14 Solo

This is an inexpensive (7800 ) and sufficiently high-quality electric saw of a well-known manufacturer. Depth of cut for wood. 65 mm, for metal. 50 mm. 12-volt lithium-ion battery that charges in half an hour. Popular among users who note the ease of use, good included saw blades and the presence of light. However, the power of the device is low, so this saw is not suitable for professional work.

PROFESSIONAL GRAFTING TOOL with Ω, U & V Blade | Multipurpose Gardening Tool (Grafting & Pruning)

Ryobi ONE RRS1801M 5133001162

One of the cheapest models (5200 ) which is very popular. Sawing wood up to 180 mm, metal up to 6 mm. Battery is both lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium, 18 V. Buyers note the ease of operation, low noise level, no vibration during sawing and an affordable price. Among the disadvantages are sometimes called low power and lack of smooth speed adjustment. But users are unanimous in saying that this model is great for any home job.

AEG BUS18BL-0 4935464032

Saw a very deep cut: wood up to 255 mm, metal up to 20 mm. Battery is lithium-ion type, voltage 18 V. Backlight, air-cooled motor and electrical speed control system. Buyers are generally satisfied with the performance of the tool, no major drawbacks were found. The average price is 14700

Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact

Relatively inexpensive (10500 ) and powerful enough electric saw with a cutting depth of 180 mm in wood and 6 mm of metal. Equipped with a 18-volt lithium-ion battery. The handle is rubberized for comfort and safety during operation. Buyers note the comfortable grip and low weight of the saw, but note that you need to work only with gloves.

Makita DJR181Z

Another model in the same price segment (10200 ), designed for woodworking only (cutting depth up to 255 mm). rechargeable Li-ion battery, voltage 18 V. The power saw has a quick-change system for the saw blades as well as a push-button start button. Handle surface lined with soft material for added comfort during operation. Almost all customers agree that this model is an example of one of the best value for money.

Ryobi ONE R18RS7-0 5133003809

This electric saw is a little bit more expensive (12500 ), but works at a greater cutting depth. 210 mm in wood and up to 18 mm in metal. rechargeable Li-ion battery, voltage 18 V. Features a powerful motor that guarantees high cutting speeds.

Designed with special technology that minimizes vibration even during tough cuts. Buyers note the high output, but some point out the relatively high cost of accessories, including saws.

Bosch GSA 18 V-LI C 0.601.6A5.002

expensive electric saw (24800 ), with cutting depth in wood up to 200 mm and in metal up to 18 mm. Brush motor, with keyless tool change system. Lithium-ion battery, voltage 18 V. Powerful LED illumination, air vents available.

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The set also includes 3 saw blades that allow you to start working immediately after purchase. Users also comment on the perfect balance with the 5A battery and the almost total absence of vibration.

Einhell GE-GS 18 Li-Solo

One of the most inexpensive models (4900) with a shallow depth of cut in wood up to 90 mm (not meant for metal work). Lithium-ion battery, voltage 18 V. No backlight, electric speed control available. The model comes without a battery, so it must be purchased separately. Nevertheless, customers generally speak highly of it. the quality is quite acceptable, and the price. one of the most profitable.

Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact 602266500

This electric saw from the more expensive price segment (19000 ), is used for cutting wood (up to 180 mm) and metal (up to 6 mm). Equipped with 18 V lithium-ion battery. Buyers note the low weight (4 kg), comfort during cutting, long battery life without recharging. Some of the disadvantages are: no spare brushes included.

Kalibr ESP-800

Optimal combination of price and quality Country: Russia (made in China) Average Rating (2022): 4.6

Sabre saw KALIBR ESP-800 is designed for straight and curved cutting of different materials including wood, plastic, metal, chipboard, etc. Its versatility and affordability make this electric tool the best choice for the home. With its help it is possible to work in the most hard-to-reach places. due to the compact size and low weight (2.4 kg) it is quite easy to operate the tool. Soft ergonomic handle and lockable start button make it effort-saving, even during extended use.

A distinctive feature of the presented sabre saw is the ability to adjust the number of strokes of the blade, within the maximum possible figures (2800 oscillations per minute). Powerful enough for metal up to 10 mm thick and wood up to 105 mm thick. Depending on the selected material, one of the two included saws is installed. In the reviews, users point out such advantages of the model as a convenient replacement of the cutting blade (by means of a quick-action fastener) and satisfactory quality of assembly.

Benefits of sabre saws

The electric sabre saw has some distinct advantages over other cutting tools.

  • Experts primarily point out versatility. The saw can be successfully used by gardeners, carpenters, installers, roofers, car mechanics, etc. д. Wide range of applications due to ability to work a variety of materials. It’s enough to choose the right blade to work with wood and metal, plastic and foam concrete, composite material and stone.
  • The reciprocating saw has a unique design. The narrow, long blade can reach the hardest-to-reach places.
  • The tool is light and compact enough to make it possible to saw by weight.
  • By selecting the proper saw, it is possible to make a curved cut.
  • According to experts, the sabre saw is safer than chain and circular saws. The work produces less sawdust, sparks, and dross.
  • The strength of electric pruning saws is their durability.

Makita JR105DZ

Easy-to-use saw suitable for cutting in all material hardnesses. Compact size and light weight.

Rubber-coated handle increases operating safety.

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Saw operates on 10.8V 4 Ah battery. Saw blade performs up to 3300 cuts per minute at a stroke of 13 mm.

Sufficient for cutting wood up to 50 mm.

The unit operates from the 220 V mains supply when connected with a 2.5-meter mains cord.

Work area is illuminated, making it possible to work in any lighting conditions. Two 100 mm saw blades included in the set.

  • Cutting height. 50 mm;
  • stroke size. 13 mm;
  • 3300 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 10.8 В;
  • cable length. 2.5 м;
  • saw weight 1.3 kg.

Makita DJR187Z

The device is equipped with a quick-change clamping saw, due to which it takes only a few seconds to change the tool.

With a stroke of 32 mm, wood (up to 255 mm) and metal (130 mm) can be cut effectively. battery-powered saw can be handled comfortably.

Variable speed, ergonomic rubber grips and saw blade guard for safe operation.

In low light you can turn on the LED backlighting of the working area.

  • power. 670 W;
  • Cutting height. 255 mm;
  • stroke of 13 mm;
  • RPM. 3000;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • size. 439x230x83 mm;
  • saw weight. 3.7 kg.
  • low weight;
  • Fast cutting of metal sheets;
  • battery powered;
  • minimal vibration;
  • does not heat up during long working hours.

Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 0

You can saw large quantities of wood, metal sheets, plywood, concrete blocks and bricks in a short time with this sabre saw.

The model has a well-thought-out design that significantly reduces vibration during operation. Multiple gripping positions possible.

How to Select Pruning Tools

The saw is suitable for cutting depths up to 100 mm. Quick-change chuck makes quick work tool changes possible. Weighs only 2.5 kg, so you don’t tire your hands for long.

Bosch Keo

High-performance, efficient saw. Designed for home use. Indispensable in construction and gardening.

runs on a 1.3 Ah 18-volt battery.

The set includes a high-quality saw blade that, with a speed of 1600 cuts per minute and an amplitude of 20 mm, makes cuts up to 80 mm deep.

Weighs only 1 kg, so can be used for extended periods without interruption.

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Makita DJR185Z

Indispensable in construction and garden work. Suitable for cutting any density of materials.

Easy to use and high performance through a powerful motor that runs on a 5 Ah battery pack.

Tool does not slip during work thanks to rubberized coating. Smooth start-up significantly reduces the load on the engine when starting.