What electric screwdriver to use for ice pick. DeWALT DCD777D2T

electric screwdriver for ice pick. what choose in 2020.?

Hi all! You love winter fishing, but you are tired of drilling holes by hand? A cordless electric screwdriver can make your life easier. You can easily attach an ice drill to it and drill 100-150 holes with one load, depending on ice thickness. It’s true that not every model is suitable for this job. About what characteristics an electric screwdriver should have to confidently cope with drilling, and will be discussed in this article. Read it all the way to the end, because below are specific high-quality models that can handle the required load, but have the lowest price. This article is updated regularly, so it is always up to date.

I work as a sales assistant for power tools, so I know my way around. Besides, I sometimes go winter fishing myself, so I have an idea of the conditions in which the screwdriver will have to work. In general, figuring out these conditions, testing some models and talking to other fishermen, I realized what to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice drill, so that it would cope with the case with honor. Let’s proceed to the description of the required characteristics.

Rating of the best screwdrivers for ice drills

Our top list includes only the best screwdrivers for ice drills, which have optimal characteristics. Each model has received most positive user reviews. In compiling the rating, we did not forget to consider the pros and cons of each model.

What electric ice-throwing screwdriver would you choose or recommend??

Best tools for low price

Here are the best screwdrivers for the ice drill at a reasonable cost.

Makita DDF451RFE

This hammerless tool is distinguished by its reliability. The model has several speeds, high-quality backlight and convenient buttons to control the device. The side handle of the device is ergonomic, and the rugged housing allows you to use the device in all climatic conditions.

Makita DDF451RFE

To Note! Can be powered by either 4 or 5 Ah battery.

  • Type of drill. electric screwdriver;
  • additional option. drilling;
  • backlight yes;
  • auxiliary handle. yes;
  • compatibility with batteries, the capacity of 4 and 5 Ah. yes;
  • length. 238 mm;
  • weight. 2.1 kg.
  • Good power;
  • comfortable grip;
  • pads against runout;
  • reliability;
  • affordable price;
  • long service life;
  • possibility of use in all weather conditions.


This model is characterized by quality and reliability. The product has several speed modes. The device withstands high loads, so it is suitable for professional use. The model is equipped with an additional handle for easy use. The device has a powerful motor with a reliable protection.


The product is characterized by a wide range of equipment. The screwdriver itself comes with two batteries, the capacity of which is 5 Ah each.

The best price/quality ratio is the main advantage of the product. The main disadvantage. in case of failure of an electric screwdriver, it will be almost impossible to restore its operation.

  • type. a drill-electric screwdriver;
  • additional option. drilling;
  • backlight. yes;
  • additional handle. yes;
  • limitation of the start button. yes;
  • dimensions (DhV). 200×208 mm;
  • weight. 2.0.8 kg.
  • low weight
  • high durability;
  • increased endurance;
  • two batteries 5 Ah each are included with the device;
  • good torque figure;
  • high resistance to negative temperatures;
  • high-quality backlight, which allows you to use the product in the dark;
  • good power;
  • does not overheat.

Makita DDF458RFE

This is a powerful device that has a handy handle and a backlight for use in the evening. The product has a good torque value and several modes, which makes it easy to make a hole even in a thick and thick layer of ice.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • type. electric screwdriver drill;
  • additional option. drilling;
  • backlight. yes;
  • auxiliary handle. yes
  • the restriction of the start button. yes;
  • compatible with 4 and 5 Ah batteries. yes;
  • dimensions (HxV). 225×259 mm;
  • weight of the tool is 2.3 kg.
  • housing has reliable protection against moisture;
  • good power indicator;
  • multifunctionality;
  • availability of an indicator that shows the battery charge;
  • convenient side handle, which facilitates the drilling process;
  • the possibility of using the battery capacity of 4 and 5 Ah;
  • excellent assembly without backlash;
  • handy case;
  • ergonomic handle.

Best tools for average cost

Here are the best screwdrivers for the ice drill,

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5.0Ah x2 L-BOXX

This tool is distinguished by its rich equipment and functionality, which allows using it in various conditions. In addition, the model is characterized by the safety of use, because it has a reliable protection against overload. The product has several setting modes, so you can set the most suitable variant.

Rating of screwdrivers for ice drill

The following will show the best screwdrivers for fishing as a drill.

Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3 cordless electric screwdriver.0 Ah 18 V x1 Case

Gearbox and gear housing in metal. The best electric screwdriver for ice picks. Excellent battery life, fast charger, backlight, quick-action chuck. Makita 18V LXT cordless system, battery charger.

extra handle;

affordable price;

compatible with 4 Ah batteries;


electric, screwdriver, pick, dewalt

Bosch GSR 18V-110 Li-lon 5 Ah x1 L-BOXX Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Powerful electric screwdriver with high torque of 110 Nm. Quick-action chuck. GAL 18V-40 quick charger, 5 Ah battery capacity. Brushless motor, weight 2.55 kg., Includes drill bit for concrete.

2 GBA 18V 5.0Ah;

removable battery;

2 speed;

L-BOXX 136 carrying case.

Cordless Impact Drill Electric Screwdriver AEG BSB 18BL LI-602C

This device is probably the answer to the question of which electric screwdriver is best for an ice drill. Made in China, suitable for use in freezing or cold climates. 140 Nm torque, 32,000 rpm impact function. Lithium-ion battery pack, drilling.

AEG PRO18V battery system;

auxiliary handle;



DeWALT DCD991NT Cordless Electric Screwdriver, no battery

Original DeWALT assembly, no heat when working long hours, budget choice. Metal gear housing, LED lighting, brushless motor. Magnetic holder and belt clip. Compatible with the line of cordless tools of the brand.

light weight;

high power;

tstak case;

3 speed;

DeWALT 20V MAX cordless system.

Cordless drill Metabo BS 18 LTX Quick 2013 5.2Ah x2 Case

Can be purchased with a full package, expensive but well worth the money. quick-action chuck, easy drilling in stone, backlight. Batteries withstand operation at maximum speed. High torque, ergonomic handle.

hook for attaching to the belt;


Work in a drill stand;

2 batteries;


Makita DHP451RFE cordless impact drill

Comfortable in hand, powerful. Among the top 5 screwdrivers capable of working in cold weather. Backlight, three operating modes, quick-action chuck. Blow function. 25500 rpm., rechargeable Li-ion battery, voltage 18 V.

Makita 18V LXT cordless system;

drilling with impact;

engine brake;

removable battery.

Cordless impact drill Metabo SB 18 LTX BL I 0 box, without battery

Fast, powerful and productive Metabo electric screwdriver. impact mode, quick-action chuck. sturdy handle. High speed, handles metal quite well.

auxiliary handle;

removable battery;



STANLEY SBI201D2K cordless electric impact screwdriver

Brushless motor. Quality materials, affordable price. There is a Chinese variant of assembly. Judging by the torque value of 160 Nm, there is no need to deliberate which electric screwdriver to choose for the ice drill. Rubberized handle. Lithium-ion battery, easy bit loading system. Magnet on the top rear of the housing, chuck for bits.

low battery indication;

2 batteries included;

power button lock;


RYOBI R18PD7-0 cordless electric impact drill/driver, without battery

Torque of 85 Nm, brushless motor, inexpensive price tag. Works on concrete and brick, voltage 18 V, impact mode. 23400 bpm. Ergonomic handle, attractive design.

drilling depth limiter;

additional handle;

removable battery;


Cordless Electric Screwdriver Zubr DB-20 A5 Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 20 V x2 case

Professional device, handy torque adjustment. Metal gear housing and chuck, balancing board in the battery. Decent build quality. powerful, long-life tool.


Dewalt cordless screwdriver is better than using a regular screwdriver ��.

battery charging time 0.5 ч;

Impulse charger;


bit, carrying case.

What power an electric screwdriver should have

If you select the tool by performance, it should be guided by the voltage. Power must be at least 18V. For drilling through thick ice, many people buy the more powerful 36-volt models. This characteristic determines the power capabilities and the ability of the ice drill to penetrate the thickest layers.

electric, screwdriver, pick, dewalt

High-torque screwdrivers are expensive and weigh a lot. For budget models, manufacturers have found a way out. an adapter with a built-in gear reducer. The device reduces output rpm, it results in reduction of load on the tool itself. Adapter on the drill side has a special shaft and hex head for an electric screwdriver. With it, it is possible to turn any screwdriver for manual use into a complete power tool. Just have to match their sizes.

Experienced winter fishing fans note that in most cases the power of the electric screwdriver is enough, the main thing when drilling holes is convenient in handling. They are shaped like a cylinder with smooth edges and no dangerous cracks or splinters. unnecessary noise is not created, which scares fish away.

Necessary characteristics of an electric screwdriver for work on winter fishing

electric screwdriver for ice pick which one to choose? When buying, pay attention to power ratings, number of batteries, and adapter characteristics. Ignoring the rules will not give the expected results from the device.

What power should be an electric screwdriver

Minimum performance values of the equipment for the combination with the ice axe must exceed 60 Nm. The average cost of the device is 8-35 thousand weight together with the battery. 3 kg.

Some inexpensive variants have an adapter with a gear reducer, used to reduce output speed and reduce the load on the device. When choosing such a device, you can save money on expensive power tools. Adapter with built-in gear will cost 5 thousand.

Technological properties

How many batteries do you need

Most fishermen use 2 batteries for a one-day procedure. Sometimes even one battery is enough for 10 or 20 holes, but the performance indicators depend:

While fishing, the batteries must be kept in a warm place to prevent cooling and reduce the capacity of the charge. The screwdriver does not need heat, but after a long stay in the cold and placed in a warm car, the parts are instantly covered with condensation. Moisture is the first enemy of electronics.

Important! Before buying batteries, check their expiration date. If the power supply is 2-3 years old, there is a risk of irreparable loss of capacity.

Equipment with 2 batteries

Which adapter is the best for an electric screwdriver?

the special device is designed for connection of the auger’s axis and the screwdriver’s drive. The adapter has an additional handle. for the left hand, so that it was more convenient and safer to drill. Do not forget about the limiter to help prevent the tool from falling into a hole with a large diameter when it comes out of the chuck.

Important! The description of the equipment indicates the possibility of combining the hardware. Not all adapters can be built into the electric drill, some versions may not fit.

Average cost screwdrivers

The list includes devices with the price up to 20 thousand roubles. What you can choose an electric screwdriver for fishing:

  • Bosch GSR 18V-60. the company’s products are known for their durability, quality and performance indicators. Can be used at home and outdoors, deservedly popular among ice sports enthusiasts. The equipment shows low percentage of noise and vibration while using. Depending on the work material, you can make adjustments to the speed of rotation, and if the drill jams, the motor locks automatically. Comfortable handle prevents slipping out of the hands while drilling. Batteries operate at temperatures up to.20 degrees. The disadvantages of the device include the lack of a secondary handle.
  • Denzel BLDL-IB 18-02. equipment is equipped with a brushless motor with an increased service life. The device has an additional workspace illumination, charge indication, discharge or overcharge protection. The device is equipped with a speed regulator, electric brake. The unit with a reinforced design is sold together with 2 batteries, a case and a recharger, other additional accessories.
  • DeWALT DCD709S2T. Chinese device of quality and reliability, used for various tasks. Brushless motor prevents overheating, max speed is 1650 rpm. Disadvantages of the unit consider a small battery capacity of 1.5 Ah, the lack of a secondary handle and overpriced.
  • RYOBI R18PD7-0. a modern device with an advanced motor, built-in computer, electronically controlled clutch. The equipment has a key switch lock, the performance is equal to 85 Nm. The kit does not include a battery and charger, they are purchased separately. Additional accessories to the device are represented by a drilling depth limiter and a second handle.
  • The DeWALT DCD791D2. with 70 Nm power, optimal for combination with mechanical drills. Lightweight and small-sized device is easy to carry, included standard accessories: 2 batteries, charger and case. The motor without brushes ensures good performance, does not cause overheating. The equipment has additional lighting.

Important! Medium-priced devices are sold more often than cheap and expensive analogues. Professionals and amateurs prefer to choose modern equipment that meets the safety criteria, certain parameters.

Drill for winter fishing

So, winter fishing is a process that takes place during the cold season, that is, when the bodies of water are covered with ice. In order to reach the water, the fisherman needs to drill holes with a special device, and place the rod floats with bait in them. To create a hole, such items as a crowbar or a drill are used, with the latter being considered more popular and convenient. Among the conveniences of use are:

  • the ability to punch holes in ice that is thicker, while expending less effort and time;
  • the hole is shaped like a cylinder with smooth edges without any chips and cracks, which can be dangerous;
  • the use does not create unnecessary noise, which is important because it frightens the fish and thus the fishing process can become unsuccessful.

The design of the auger is simple, it consists of a clevis, which is a knee-shaped handle with a special chuck to clamp the cutting part (knives, drills) they can have a sphere shape or be straight. Its use requires not small effort.

To make drilling the ice thickness easier, craftsmen have designed automated devices, upgrading conventional devices, using as an additional element an electric tool (electric screwdriver). By combining two devices, a number of qualities are acquired:

  • time saving, as a rule, more fruitful fishing requires more than one hole, and their drilling takes a lot of time, with the help of an electric supplement the procedure is faster, thus there is more time and effort for the fishing itself;
  • ease of use, no additional effort or skill is required;
  • the ability to work with all types of ice, including dry and dense;
  • the tool is also kept at a low noise level;
  • versatility, it is possible to use an electric screwdriver for their intended purpose.

Of course, such a development has qualities that cannot be considered positive, among them:

  • battery failure, this occurs in cases where the temperature drops below the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • Unstable operation, this happens if you start the auger counterclockwise, after a few turns the adapter is loose and begins to slip inside the chuck.

But, despite this, automated ice drills are very popular among fans of winter fishing.

Automatic Ice Drill Construction

An improved ice drilling device consists of such parts:

The adapter, or adapter, is an integral part of such a design, it acts as the connecting element between the auger and the electric screwdriver. If necessary, everyone can make an adapter himself for this purpose requires a steel rod of appropriate diameter. Next, one edge of it should be sharpened into a tail for fixing and drill holes for fixing the adapter with the ice drill pipe.

What is the best adapter for a screwdriver?

Strange as it may seem, your ice drill will require a special adapter that allows you to connect the axle of the drill and the drive shaft of the electric screwdriver itself. And this adapter must have a special handle, which you will hold with your left hand, and the handle of the electric screwdriver itself you will have in the other hand. It is worth taking care of insurance. a special limiter, which will not allow the ice drill to fall into the hole if it pops out of the chuck. Not every adapter will fit your drill. It is better to clarify this point beforehand in the description to the device.

Our selection includes screwdrivers that have the right torque and very reliable and durable mechanics. If you already have at home an inexpensive and relatively powerful electric screwdriver for home use, it does not make sense to buy another one separately for fishing. it is better to try an adapter with a reducer. Perhaps it will be the best electric screwdriver for ice drilling. The rating of the models presented below will allow you to choose which cordless electric screwdriver for the ice drill is better and has a reasonable price.

Zubr DAI-18-2-Li KNM4

This electric screwdriver attracts, above all, a low price. less than 9,000 and quite high power. its torque is 60 Nm. That should be enough for drilling with an auger of 100-110 mm in diameter. Two 18-volt Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5A⋅h are included. They should be enough for 15-20 holes. The small carrying case with charger is easy to use and can be protected with thermal insulation if desired. The machine has compact size and low weight of only 1.7 kg. What is very important. the battery packs are flat and very easy to hide under the jacket during fishing.

Bosch GSR 18

This model has a slightly higher motor power of 63 Nm, but also weighs considerably more. Two 18-volt batteries with a capacity of 2A⋅h each are also included. Users note a tendency for the chuck to self-twist as a disadvantage.


The power of this electric screwdriver reaches up to 70 Nm, which can be called optimal for use with an ice drill. But the price is significantly higher compared to its weaker counterparts. Two batteries each with 5A⋅h and 18V are also included. With this kind of capacity, one set is enough for a day’s fishing.

Makita DDF481RTE

This electric screwdriver is aimed at professional use, which is why it has such a high power of 115 Nm, it is hoped that it will be enough for a lot of deep holes. The main thing is to keep your hand from being dislocated when biting into the ice. It comes with 2 batteries, each with 5A⋅h capacity and 18v voltage.

Makita DHP458RFE

This model differs from the 481RTE version in its ability to chisel very quickly, which will be very useful for home repair, but not for fishing. Despite a similar price. about 20,000, this electric screwdriver has much lower torque. 91 Nm, and battery capacity is only 3A⋅h.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

A well-known brand that makes, among other things, specialized solutions for ice drilling. Many ice fishing enthusiasts prefer this particular manufacturer because of the quality of all units of the unit. 110 Nm power and 2 Li-Ion batteries are included.

Ice Drill with Electric Screwdriver Dnipro-M. Test

Practical Recommendations

To make the ice-thrower equipped with an electric icefishing gun work for a long time, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules of operation, maintenance and storage. Improper handling can damage any high quality tool, battery, or adapter.

Where to keep your battery in the cold

Batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, do not tolerate being out in the cold for long periods of time. To prolong the life of your device and prevent it from discharging quickly, you need to keep it warm. The simplest solution. to put the battery in the inside of the winter jacket.

To prevent accidental falls or bumps, there are special protective packs. It can be a small size plastic case or holster. They can be fastened in the chest area under the jacket, ensuring careful and warm storage of the battery.

electric, screwdriver, pick, dewalt

How to Take Care of an Electric Ice Pick

Drill with an electric screwdriver will serve faithfully, without failure and breakdowns, for a long time, if it is properly cared for:

  • Do not throw it on ice or snow.
  • The battery must be kept warm after drilling.
  • At the end of winter, it is recommended to carry out maintenance of the tool, replacing the lubricant and checking the main nodes of the mechanism for wear and tear.
  • The adapter should be wiped dry after fishing to avoid corrosion of the metal.

Ice auger with electric screwdriver should be transported disassembled. Ice auger is transported in its case separately from the tool and adapter.