What engine can be put on a mole cultivator

engine, mole, cultivator

Patriot motor

In addition, you can install a Patriot electric motor for the Mole walk-behind tractor, The only thing is that you need to take care of electricity in your area so that the device can work stably.


As practice shows, you need to take with a pulley shaft of 20 mm (there is another type of engine for 19 mm). It is also important to have an oil bath at the air filter, because such a device is used specifically for areas where there is increased dustiness.

Instructions for replacing and installing the engine on a uniaxial tractor

This is a perfectly acceptable option for those who have extra funds, but we will consider the option of directly installing the new engine on the Mole frame structure.

Let’s take an example of the 4-stroke Forza 160F engine, which has 4 hp. This choice is not accidental, because it runs on standard AI-92 gasoline, which is more preferable than the mixture used on the Mole’s factory engine.

This engine for a single-axle tractor Krot also has increased technical data, which naturally affects its cost. average

This engine has the following technical characteristics:

  • the type of fuel used. gasoline;
  • maximum power. 4 hp;
  • total weight. 13 kg;
  • length. 40 cm;
  • width. 33 cm;
  • height. 35.5 cm;
  • fuel tank volume. 3.2 l;
  • oil sump capacity. 0.6 l.

These technical data are an order of magnitude superior to those of the “native” motor.

Now you can start working, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • On the Mole walk-behind tractor, you need to unscrew the fasteners of the factory engine, which consists of four bolts. You also need to remove the jamming and gas wires.
  • Removing the factory engine from the frame.
  • The problem is that the old holes on the frame do not line up with the mounting holes on the new engine. We need to mark the points that we will drill on the frame structure.
  • We take a new engine and put it on the frame. We put the belt on it, then we move the motor further along the frame to the desired belt tension. it should turn freely. We leave the engine in this position and mark the places in which two through holes will be made. You also need to ensure that the motor pulley and the gear pulley are on the same plane.
  • Next, we drill holes along the pre-marked grooves. By the way, to connect the engine to the frame, you need to use bolts 3.5 cm long, which is the optimal value for our purposes. Longer bolts simply won’t fit between the frame and the underside of the engine.
  • We tighten the two bolts all the way, connect the clutch, gas and jamming system.

The only difficulty is that the size of the pulley on the walk-behind tractor does not match the shaft of our new engine. You can replace the pulley, but there is the possibility of some revision of the old one. you need to slightly bore the hole of the pulley so that it fits under the motor shaft.

engine, mole, cultivator

Мотокультиватор Крот.Motor-cultivator Mole

It is important to maintain the alignment of both pulleys here, so it may be necessary to install centering stands.

Thus, we have got a single-axle Mole tractor with a rather powerful imported engine. At the same time, its weight became slightly higher, but the performance characteristics increased significantly.

In the course of work, the new engine recycles the soil much deeper and more intensively, in comparison with the factory unit.

At the same time, it is better not to immediately start intensive work, letting the engine run a little, getting used to new conditions.

What kind of electric motor can you put on a Mole cultivator?

The design of the Mole walk-behind tractor frame allows you to install other engines produced at various factories on it. At the same time, the alteration of the frame will be minimal, consisting in a few simple manipulations.

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Motor cultivator device

The Mole motor-cultivator, as well as the Caiman, Patriot, Texas, Foreman, Krosser, VIKING, Forza walk-behind tractors, is quite popular in the post-Soviet space, which is explained by the simplicity of its design and rather good performance.

There is absolutely nothing superfluous in the complete set of this walk-behind tractor, but its device is made in such a way that it is able to cope with the main agricultural work. digging beds, cultivating the soil, etc.

In addition, the design of the main working units allows it to withstand fairly long-term loads, ensuring stable operation for many years.

For more information about the Mole walk-behind tractor, see

The very design of the Mole walk-behind tractor consists of the following components:

  • Frame structure, consisting of two half frames, bolted to the gearbox.
  • Tubular handles, as well as a special bracket for attaching additional attachments, located at the back of the structure.
  • The main controls are located on the handles. adjusting the engine speed, as well as the clutch.
  • Tillers can be put on the output shafts of the gearbox, as well as wheels that allow the use of a single-axle tractor with a plow, or for transporting various loads.
  • On the frame structure there is a motor for the Mole walk-behind tractor, which is connected to the input shaft of the gearbox through a V-belt transmission.
  • In addition, the design has built-in wheels that allow the unit to move freely. When starting work with a walk-behind tractor, these wheels must be removed from the structure, or raised and fixed in the desired position.

As we can see, the device is quite simple and does not include unnecessary frills. In principle, everything that is needed for high-quality work on the ground. all this is in the design of this unit and in the Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, LANDER, Champion walk-behind tractors.

engine, mole, cultivator

As for the factory engine of the Mole walk-behind tractor, its device is a 2-stroke engine with one cylinder and air cooling.

Its volume is about 60 cm3, with a power of 2.6 hp. and 6000 rpm. It starts with a regular cable, according to the principle of a chainsaw plant.

You need to fill it with a special mixture consisting of gasoline and engine oil. These characteristics are rather modest, so many people want to change it to more powerful models.

Replacing the factory engine can be done independently, because the design of the Mole, as mentioned above, does not present a certain complexity in its understanding. Most often, they resort to replacing them with 4-stroke versions of engines, because they have higher performance than 2-stroke.

Andy’s DIY: Engine swap on a rotor tiller

Of course, there are some modifications, such as a single-axle Mole tractor with a 4-stroke Honda engine, but its cost will be significantly higher than that of a standard Mole. Therefore, we are considering the “worst” option, when we have a single-axle tractor with the most standard factory engine, with a capacity of no more than 3 hp.


A good option is obtained from the installation of the SadkoDE-220 engine on this single-axle tractor, the power of which is about 4.2 hp. Shaft diameter is 19 mm, cord starts.

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In principle, these are the most optimal engine options that can be installed on the Mole. In principle, you can try to install other models, but it is important to remember that their power should not be too high.

In principle, 6 horsepower is quite enough for such a walk-behind tractor design, because the use of large powers can bring an unnecessary load on the gearbox, which can cause it to fail quickly enough.

How to convert a Mole to an electric motor, installing a Lifan Engine on a uniaxial tractor. replacing it with an imported one

The agricultural industry is gradually entering the means of small-scale mechanization, which makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of carrying out land works.

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An important role in this is played by motoblocks from various manufacturers, distinguished by their compactness and relatively high power, depending on the type of engine used. In our country, traditionally popular are domestic units, familiar to many since Soviet times.

In particular, we are talking about the Mole walk-behind tractor, which is the first model, the serial production of which was established in the USSR.

However, many are not happy with the factory engine included in the kit, wanting to replace it with a more powerful one.

This does not mean at all about the poor performance of the “native” motor, but some want to put a more powerful unit. Consider this issue from all sides, taking into account the technical features of the complete set of the Mole walk-behind tractor, and also find out which engine can be put on it.

the single-axle tractor Mole is distinguished not only by its unpretentiousness and acceptable performance, but also by the ability to install a variety of engines on it.

This became available because the Mole’s frame structure has a fairly simple structure, on which other power units can be freely installed.

At the same time, manipulations are reduced to making holes with the help of a conventional drill, which is in the household of the majority of the male population of our country.

With such a rework, you can achieve a significant increase in the performance of the walk-behind tractor without buying a new unit. All costs will be reduced only to the purchase of an internal combustion engine, suitable for technical data.

Thus, it is possible to achieve virtually identical performance indicators with foreign-made walk-behind tractors without spending a lot of money on it.

Who is the manufacturer

The Mole units are made in Russia. This agricultural technique is made at the Moscow plant of JSC “MMP im. V.V. Chernyshev “. The company has been producing engines for military aircraft since the 30s of the last century.

Motor-cultivator KROT (mole), replacement of the engine 6 HP

At summer cottages, garden gasoline four-stroke or two-stroke equipment is widely used, for example

The first “Mole” walk-behind tractors were produced in 1983. This technique is designed for soil cultivation. Later, the manufacturer began to produce attachments that significantly expand the capabilities of walk-behind tractors.

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What engines are suitable for the “Mole” cultivator

Due to the difficult start and low power of the engine installed initially, the owners of the “Mole” walk-behind tractors often change to more powerful imported counterparts. There is nothing difficult in replacing the engine, since the frame design allows you to install motors from different manufacturers on it.

The main thing when replacing an engine is to correctly select its power. And very little alterations will be required. any owner of a walk-behind tractor can handle them. Typically, the two-stroke engine that the Moles are equipped with is replaced with a more powerful four-stroke engine. Most often, to replace the engine on the “Krot” motor-cultivator, they take imported analogues.

Motor Sadko de 220

Diesel engine manufactured in Slovenia. It is compact, fuel efficient, durable, and can withstand diesel loads. Its power is 4 horsepower, and the engine displacement is 211 cubic meters. see It is installed on compressors, walk-behind tractors, motor pumps, mini-tractors, cultivators, etc. Sadko de 220 is able to work stably under any climatic conditions.

The purchase of new gardening equipment is a joyful but responsible event. First you need to spend time on

  • diesel fuel is used, it is considered more economical than gasoline;
  • four-stroke fuel supply;
  • the key shaft is rotated counterclockwise at a speed of 3,600 rpm;
  • minimum oil consumption is ensured by a counter that prevents dry start;
  • thanks to the decompression valve, the engine starts without any problems with a manual starter;
  • there is a system that regulates the speed of the crankshaft and prevents abrasion of parts when the oil level drops.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 33.2×34.8×41.6 cm.The motor weighs 26 kg. Air cleaner type. dry. The fuel tank holds 2.5 liters. Shaft diameter. 28 mm.

Motor Patriot Patriot SR177F

The Patriot SR177F gasoline engine is suitable for a wide variety of equipment. motoblocks, generators, cultivators, lawn mowers, motor pumps, boats, etc. It is an economical and powerful motor (9 horsepower). This is a four-stroke engine with an overhead valve arrangement, which is economical in fuel consumption.

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The motor is started with a transistor magnetic starter. The shaft rotates at a speed of 3600 rpm. The shaft diameter is 25.5 mm, its length is 72 mm. Engine displacement. 270 cubic meters. m. Air cooling is used. The fuel tank holds 6 liters. The oil sump holds 1.1 liters. Launch. manual.

Lifan 168 FB motor

This popular gasoline engine is suitable for MK “Krot” and other brands. Its manufacturer is the Chinese company “Lifan”, which is known all over the world for its high-quality engines of various capacities and designs.

The quality of Lifan is explained quite simply. the company does not develop its own development, but only copies high-quality motors from other manufacturers, most often Japanese ones. Lifan produces many engine models that can be used for agricultural machinery. Modification 168FB is most suitable for the “Molecultivator.

Lifan 168 FB can be installed not only on “Mole” walk-behind tractors, but also on “Cascades”, “Beams”, “Neva” and on other equipment running on gasoline.

  • the exhaust and air filter covers are made of plastic;
  • complete with a spark plug wrench and instructions, no pulley included;
  • oil. Husqvarna SAE 30 for four-stroke engines;
  • it is allowed to use a reduction gear with automatic clutch.

The single-cylinder engine has a capacity of 6.5 horsepower and a volume of 196 cubic meters. see This is twice as much as the motor that comes with the cultivator. The motor shaft, 2 cm in diameter, is located horizontally. The bore is 6.8 cm and the piston travels 5.4 cm.

The fuel tank holds 3.6 liters, which is double that of a standard motor mounted on a walk-behind tractor. Ignition. semiconductor contactless. The engine is started manually. Dimensions (cm): 39.5x36x36. Weight. 16 kg. Lifan 168 FB runs on AI-92 gasoline. Motor parts are freely available at reasonable prices.

What engine can be put on the “Mole” cultivator: replacement options

Motor-cultivators “Krot” are popular among owners of small land plots. This inexpensive and reliable technique has a simple design that many farmers make adjustments to. Among the improvements made is the replacement of the engine with a more powerful analogue.

How a uniaxial tractor works

The domestic uniaxial tractor is distinguished by a rational design. there is nothing superfluous in it. In this case, the cultivator can be equipped with attachments, which allows it to be used for a variety of economic purposes. The equipment is reliable and capable of withstanding prolonged loads.

  • Frame consisting of two semi-frames and bolted to the gearbox.
  • Tubular handle and bracket. to accommodate attachments.
  • Control levers. The handle is equipped with controls. you can switch the clutch and engine speed. Some models of “Mole” are additionally equipped with a reverse switch.
  • Pneumatic wheels attached to the gearbox output shafts.
  • Two-stroke single-cylinder engine. The cooling system is air. The motor is attached to the frame, it is connected to the gear shaft using a V-belt type transmission.
  • the single-axle tractor is equipped with cutters. two outer and two inner. A coulter is also included. If necessary, it is equipped with a hiller, potato digger, plow, pump, mower.
  • The V-belt transmission connects the engine for the “Mole” walk-behind tractor and the gear reducer with each other. The latter has a chain drive and is bolted to the frame. There is a fuel tank above the engine and gearbox.
  • To switch the clutch, the mini-tractor has a special handle. the same as on mopeds. The clutch is in the off state, when it is turned on, the belt is tensioned, and the torque is transmitted without slipping.
  • On the output shafts of the gearbox, there are working cutters with which the soil is processed, or wheels. they are needed for transporting goods and for plowing the soil with a plow. Milling cutter. a rotor with special knives, which, rotating and moving forward, cut and crumble the soil.

To move the motor-cultivator is equipped with built-in wheels. Before starting work, they are dismantled or, by lifting, fixed in the desired position. Run-in is carried out within 15 hours, giving a partial load.

  • weight (empty tank). 51.5 kg;
  • processing width. 40-60 cm;
  • rotor diameter (including knives). 32 cm;
  • inset depth. 25 cm;
  • dimensions (LxWxH). 100-130×35-80×71-106 cm;
  • productivity. up to 200 sq. m / h.